Last week at CES, ASUS announced that the ICS upgrade for the Transformer Prime was live, some units were having trouble pulling the update from ASUS’s servers. It seems now some devices are having trouble with reboots after the update. Similar to the Galaxy Nexus problem we reported yesterday, the Transformer Prime seems to be randomly rebooting itself. Looks like there’s a mixed bag of users who are experiencing this problem making it difficult to actually pinpoint the problem, so ASUS can fix the problem.

Some users have reported being able to successfully exchange the unit with ASUS or their retailer of choice, but where this sounds like a software problem, exchanging may not fix the problem. Anyways be sure to visit the huge thread that XDA has on their forums about this issue, if you’re experiencing reboots make sure you are as descriptive as possible when posting about when the reboots happen. It’ll make it a bit easier to find out why this is happening.

Hit up the comments below and let us know if you’re experiencing these random reboots.

  • Guest

    mine does, it even rebooted just after a factory reset while selecting the keyboard to use :/

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had no reboot issues before or after upgrade. Had some minor issues with youtube app that a self-applied reboot solved.

  • Upirons

    My Prime is finally shipping today and I cannot wait any longer after 2 months of waiting. But now I think I will hold off on the ICS update because I want to make sure all of the other fixes are out first. Does anyone who has already upgraded to ICS think it would be better to wait another week or so?

  • Rprachun

    Updated to 4.0.1 last night…all hell broke loose. Reboots, screen freezes, wifi not on…unusable! Two factory resets later…no solution! Can one go back to 3.2.1 OS?

  • ally

    many reboots … when playing games or watching videos or just visiting websites …. ics is installed. it seems there is less reboots when being on “normal mode” compared to ecological one ….

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had ICS on my new prime for about a week now with no problems at all. Seems to be very stable so far.

  • enatang

    my first tablet is this TF201. bought it three weeks ago. got 4.03 update last tuesday morning. no problem whatsever. 4.03 has great features comparing to the older android!!! very easy to use. my 6 yr old already costed me >$20 on apps from amazon with this damned 1-click thing. but she likes them, no complain. 10-stars rating all around.

  • Hael007

    My prime started rebooting after ICS update, prior to the update I had no issues. The issue seems more of a software issue with ICS than it is with the prime…Samsung Nexus users are also complaining about random restart…I am replacing mine with another one from best buy and holding off on the ICS update until google/asus come up with a fix since there is no way to downgrade to Honeycomb once you update your tablet to ICS.

  • Wayde Prejean

    I received the prime on Friday and upgraded to ICS Friday night. I have seen 2 or 3 random reboots. Once I was on a Skype conference and once showing someone the Riptide demo. Other than that, I really love it and have not had any Wi-Fi issues.

  • Bieden

    Many reboots, happening in all applications; also when idle.

  • Gdub Com

    My tp is rebooting after I have been web browsing for a minute or two. I got mine after ics was available, so I installed it right after unboxing it. I have called asus customer care a few times, but none of their trouble shouting tips have helped yet. I have the 32gb gray.

  • Wireblade2v

    Mine too has been rebooting… please fix asap!

  • louielouie1688

    Called tech support and did a factory reset, a data wipe and still has problems with random reboots. I suspect bad wifi connection is causing the T201 to reboot. Unit is not picking up the wifi signals…causing the apps to faihel and OS to reboot? Does this sound logical? HELP Tech support! I really want to like T201 .. but this sucks!

    • msmo

      This sounds very similar to what I’m having. Basically if I’m swiping the screen “too much” it freezes, followed a few seconds later by a restart. It happens most often when in the Kindle store or when switching apps rapidly.

  • Mmathless

    While I took a long time to decide which tablet to buy and once I did it took a long time to get, I’ve got three more days left to return it noquestions asked, which I may have to do because of this rebooting issue. I love this tablet but the rebooting is so bad (I typed this three times before I got it finshed to send) and it’s untenable. I love this tablet but this rebooting issue must be corrected before I buy another Transformer. I guess as much as I didn’t want ot, it’s an I Pad for me. :(

  • Curmac

    Bought the tablet yesterday and love it when it works… Been seeing the same thing with random reboots.. maybe 6 or so if I been playing around with the thing going into ap to ap over the span of 4 hours or so. Seems to reboot more so when starting aps tho however i was browsing the net on it and it rebooted as well so who knows. I’m thinkin my self its a bad batch of hardware maybe memory or something. I have a Samsung nexus on ICS with no issues and have been using that thing for aps about 2 hours ever night over the past 2 weeks. Zero issues. I also have a friend with the TF prime and he doesnt experience these issues at all. Back to the store this thing goes..

  • mcourt88

    I have been dealing with this problem and found an update in beta testing. I followed the instructions and got it installed last night.


    Here is the link for those of you who want to try:

    • Tridox

      I tried it and so far so good it seems to have stopped. will keep checking to be sure

    • Stcroixdrew

      Unzipped…….having issue locating mnt/sdcard ….Ive been able to load zip to the Prime but does nothing afterwards once transfered to internal storage…..any assistance?

  • Melodie716

    I just received my Asus Transformer Prime on January 24 and on January 25 received notification to upgrade system. After installation my TF201 Tablet is unusable. It is rebooting constantly. I am waiting to hear back from tech support on how to fix the problem.

  • DZCoach

    When I turn on my TP after it boots up I get a message saying that unfortunately google+ has stopped. I close the message out and withing a few minutes the TP reboots

  • -t.

    Everytime my TP would think/process to load on FB or Browser it would freeze and shut down. I reset it per ASUS twice, and the problem was still persistant. I exchanged it for a different one, and now playing the postpone game to install ICS. Recommended the same to people that are waiting to receive it.

    • -t.

      Haven’t had a restart issue with Netflix though

  • Yep, was stable with honeycomb, not so much with ics. although if you get the ota update, then disable all asus stuff, in settings – apps, use it on balanced mode, mine seems to be more stable. Over 90 hours uptime now without a reboot. Hopefully the next ota will fix it so we can use all cores in performance mode.

  • Gdub Com

    I was having this problem, so I returned mine. Just got my new prime today, and it works great.

  • YES. worked OK before the update. now reboots randomly.

  • Phontech

    new Prime loaded ics first thing, so don’t if honeycomb worked well are not. Have random reboots no idea why.

  • Hi there, My TF201 does random reboots since i’ve installed Jelly Bean, but only when it’s docked. I found out that it reboots when my TF201 goes to sleep. I set in the settings automatic sleep after 2 minutes to off. Now my TF201 does not do any random reboots anylonger. I hope this will work for you all.