Is this the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3?

by: AlexanderJanuary 17, 2012

Looking through the videos from all of the press conferences and keynotes from last week at CES it looks we, and many other blogs missed something. Check out their YouTube video (shown below) around the 7-minute mark, and tell us what you think.  To me it looked unfinished, but could this be a prototype of what we could be seeing at Mobile World Congress next month, if that is when Samsung Announces the Galaxy S3 lineup?

The specs of this new super phone has been rumored for some time now, and most of them seems to agree on…

  • 2GB of RAM
  • 4.6″ SAMOLED Plus HD 1280×720 screen
  • 12 MP camera
  • 32GB storage
  • Android 4.0 (latest version of ICS, probably 4.0.3)

Those are some nice specs right? I mean a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED Plus HD display? How much more beautiful can they make it then the Galaxy S2? Oh and then 2GB of RAM? now that is some hardcore multi-tasking. The processor has been rumored as a Tegra 3, an Exynos dual core 1.8GHz and an Exynos dual 2GHz at various points, it’s mostly likely going to be Exynos since that is Samsung’s chip, but we will see.

Boy am I getting excited about this, who else is excited to see what goodness Samsung is going to unleash with the Galaxy S3? Mobile World Congress just can’t come soon enough.

  • AppleFUD

    Pretty sure the phone in the video is the SII or rather, a variation of the SII.

    It would be dumb of Samsung to continue with the home button on ICS devices especially with apple yet again suing them for design patents in Germany–that’s really the only real design similarity between Samsung devices & the iphone.

    Considering Samsung just released the SII in the US I don’t expect the SIII for at least several months–probably closer to the next iphone release.

    Personally I don’t see much of a benefit from the current SII to a Tegra 3 instead of waiting for the next gen Exynos.

    • Fulaman

      Correct that phone is the Galaxy Note in the video.

      • It doesn’t look like the Note, since the bezel is so small compared to the Galaxy note

      • Gigabait

        Plus, the front facing camera is at the right corner of the NOTE. This phone’s FFC is on the left

    • Tony NoName

      Obviously this is just a model mockup in the video used in the commercial to represent a generic phone. Then they switch it in the next scene sequence to obvious SII. So now…… WTF…. you don’t see the difference between a dual core and Quad Core? Current SII is Dual Core Exynos at 45nm. Only two Fab lines are producing all Exynos 45nm. Samsung has now completed converting the rest of their fabrication lines to their 28/32nm process. Using Tegra 3 or any other chip like OMAP in Nexus has been to get them through the chip shrink transition, where a line is out of commission for 6 months for retooling.

      They are already ramped up in Texas producing Quad Cores for Apple’s next iPad. So why wouldn’t they have all their own chips now being produced on 28/32nm process? No doubt S3 is going to be using 4412. Which was fully ramped up several months ago.

      Home button dumb? WTF? lol…. Samsung invented the single Home Button on the SGH-Z610. Home Button is a carry over from Multimedia Phones out years before CrApple ever considered stealing it for iphone!

      Samsung was seen as stealing gesture based touchscreen from Neonode. Yet it was CrApple who boldly ripped off Neonode’s Slide to Unlock feature and then even had the gull to patent it. So why don’t the iDiots go back in time and sue Neonode for stealing their slide to unlock gesture too? haha….. Next thing we know CrApple will come out with a HDTV running iOS and cry foul for Samsung claiming they had the first Smart TV. Which Samsung did by the way.

      Samsung for the Win…… not because they’ve managed to brainwash their iJehovahFreak fans (with Orwell’s 1984 DoubleThink patented methods), but because they actually own factories and are second only to IBM (yeah the last corporation CrApple tried to destroy is still here) with the best R&D Department Spending on the planet. They also have all their own factories besides fabricating most of the most expensive parts in CrApple’s own iOS devices!!!

  • Sreeni Ra

    This design look so like Apple and The evil minds at Apple are not gonna like this. Sammy gear up your Lawyers. You are gonna be having a very busy year ahead ;)