Verizon has never been too fond of the Nexus phones. I remember when Google launched the Nexus One, a Verizon exec was right there with Google, and saying they’ll have the Nexus One in spring (Nexus One was being launched in January on T-mobile). It never happened.

Why didn’t Verizon get the first 2 Nexus phones? Because they were afraid Google might succeed in making Americans want to buy unlocked phones from their website, instead of buying them from Verizon’s store and being locked in 2 year contracts. If Google would’ve succeeded, it might’ve meant that in the future people would also demand from the carriers to sell phones that work across all networks in USA. Insanity! That should never happen, at least from their point of view. All the carriers want to make sure you stick with them for many, many years. Luckily for them, Google’s strategy with the Nexus One failed, and now I don’t think they fear the Nexus phones anymore, which is why the following rumor might be true.

Nexus Prime finally coming to Verizon?

One of the very first rumors about Nexus Prime, before we even heard it might be called “Prime”, was that it will be a 4G phone, and it will arrive to most or all US carriers. This is similar to the latest rumors that seem to indicate that Nexus Prime is not only coming to Verizon, but Verizon may be the first one to get it.

A device called “Samsung Prime” has been found in some of Verizon’s internal documents, according to a tipster. The device is supposed to have a 4.5″ screen with a 1280×720 HD display. All this would be compatible with most of the earlier rumors that said the next Nexus device will be made by Samsung, and it will have a large HD display.

Could this be the Nexus model that will arrive in October?

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