Is Samsung Leaving Android?

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 17, 2012
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Samsung Electronics Co. has plans of merging its ‘bada’ mobile software with an Intel powered platform as a way to expand itself away from the Android craze. In Q3 2011, Samsung was named as the biggest Android smartphone manufacturer in the world. Despite this, the company still united with Intel so that they can strengthen its mobile software edge.

In related events, a coupleof Linux software groups (both backed by Samsung and Intel) agreed to develop Tizen, which will be a new mobile OS. This OS was developed by merging the Meego and LiMo platforms. They hope to gain a wider industry as well as consumer support.

‘We have an effort that will merge bada and Tizen, a spokesman from Samsung confirmed senior VP Kang Tae-jin as he was telling Forbes magazine.

Through the open-source platform of Tizen, a multitude of devices such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-vehicle infotainment systems and internet-enabled TVs can be supported.  This is in the hopes of the company to attract the support of both manufacturers and developers to compete with the currently dominated Android and Apple software.

During the third quarter, Android was responsible for 53% of the global smartphone market while Bada only had 2.2%.


If ever this pushes through, will you still be using Android or switch to bada?

  • Bob

    No? Why would they leave their cash cow. They make so much more money off of Android, and don’t have to do any development for the OS, just shoehorn it into their hardware.

  • As they mentioned on the CES they just want to be on as many plattforms as possible. It’s just a way for them to sell more devices because the provider like to have phones with different operating system. And especially in some other countries those “not very popular” operating systems might be useful.

  • Abc

    Actually, as long as they don’t do anything “evil” with the OS, I am happy for them to develop and promote it alongside Android. I think I’m unlikely to buy anything other than Android myself, though.

  • BADA = BAD ideA.

  • Ah, fuck samsung….

  • Bob

    As android(Google) copied IOS(Apple Iphone) in the past…so will someone copy it in the future……

  • Cameron Hilliard

    They should stick with android