Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 5, is said to have over 200 new features. Apple has noted a few of the main features on their website and more than a few resemble Android. In other words, Apple has copied some features from Android devices to catch up to the competition, especially after Apple has recently fallen behind in mobile OS market share standings. The top five copied features are as follows:

Notification Center

Otherwise known as the Notification Bar, this iconic Android feature has been the centerpiece of the operating system since 2008. With a little name change, Apple offers the same idea with a new user interface and 2 widgets.

Twitter and iOS 5

Apple announced that iOS 5 will be Twitterific. With the new operating system, users get Twitter all over their phone. Even since Android 2.0, developers have had the ability to add their apps to the sharing menu and integrate themselves into Android’s social sharing abilities.


Without a doubt, without any question, Android is the Father of Widgets on mobile devices. As noted before, iOS 5 will sport the ability to have 2 widgets. A location-oriented weather widget and a basic stock widget can be placed within the notification bar.

Over-the-Air Updates and Wireless Sync

Android users enjoy the ability to use third-party apps to wirelessly sync music, movies, data, and more. In addition, Android updates have been coming over-the-air (OTA) for years and years. Most Android users would say that they never plug their phone into a computer because there is no need to do so, except for massive music and movie transfers, but it’s still easy to stream. However, until iOS 5 is released, plugging in your iOS device may be a daily activity.

The Cloud

For over a decade now, information in Google Apps have been stored in the cloud and can be accessed from virtually anywhere free of charge. Although iCloud may be boasting of the same features, what some users fail to recognize is the hidden cost behind iCloud. If you plan on storing over 5 GB of data, Apple plans on hitting you with a yearly fee of somewhere between US$20 and US$100.

With Ice Cream Sandwich coming in a few weeks, you might want to think about just how new those 200+ features are. Not to mention what’s to come in Ice Cream Sandwich. I’m sure you’re in for a sweet surprise.

In all fairness and honesty, it’s important that we remember that companies borrow from others to improve one another’s ideas. However, when companies “borrow” from Apple, they get sued.

Matthew Sabatini
Matt has been an Android fanatic since the original Motorola Droid. In addition to designing web pages, running his own company, and going to school, he finds time to write for Android Authority. Matt still owns that good old Droid 1 and a Xoom Family Edition.
  • Jason Brown

    Wow and you only just realised all of this, way to come to the party late

  • Guest

    Soooo? What’s the point? If you like Apple, get an iPhone. Otherwise get an Android device. It’s not rocket science, now is it.

    • Vinz

      Do you actually read the article?? It’s not about getting iphone or not.. But it’s about how Apple sues other company when its technology is copied, but it’s fine when Apple copies other people idea..

      • mk

        THATS foolish on the google’s part if they dont sue Apple….i’m a true android fan, using S2 and Note 2 alongside and i think they shud sue apple…for the very 4-5 things u listed.

      • Wetware.

        what’s wrong with copying android?
        it’s what it’s there for.

  • Rui Pedro

    what a stupid post… want a list of features android copied from apple? (or tried)… just look at the first beta shots of android, like BB interface, and when the iPhone came out… they changed to a grid of icons… is android interface fake? yep.

    but lets just let them make things look good… notifications on android are awesome. Now, they are even better on the iPhone (looks beautiful). So, happy me :)

    • Jon Garrett

      the grid of icons is an invention of Xerox you ass., apple did NOT invent that. they stole that idea too.

      • Guest

        I think we can all agree that most companies “borrow”.

      • Rui Pedro

        they did??? And android did too, right? Because android looks like a grid of icons… And what about google stealing Sun Java technology? Oh, they borrowed it, too?…

        And what about multitouch? Oh android borrowed it too..

        and what about pinch to zoom? oh…

        and what about google copying everyone? Yelp, Facebook, twitter… And what about the patents google violates?

        But NO!! Apple did steal the idea of a notifications bar, and made it better.. this is what matters!

        • Premb93

          yup u r right apple steals it and make it look the best thats why its apple android sux!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Bill_taylor

            No, thats why you do…

        • AppleFUD

          I think the point you are missing is that every company copies every other company. . . some more and some less. However, Apple is the only company crying “copycats” all day long, thus people want to throw it in their face whenever it is blatantly obvious that they copied someone else.

          Customers don’t care and most companies don’t care. . .. but apple thinks once they make a product no one can make one, thus all other smartphone manufacturers should close their doors because apple made a dumb smartphone, then a dumb tablet, etc.

          Major companies deal with this stuff and cross license all the time. . . not apple. Nokia had to take them to court to pay for what every other cell phone manufacturer in the world pays for. . . . .they are just a bad apple ;)

        • Dicmccoy

          You’re just another one of the Apple Sheep! Just because it says Apple you automatically think it’s better? You need to get your head out of your ass or maybe it’s up Steve Job’s ass! Your comment about Apple’s notification bar is better than android’s? You’re a retard. Apple will never have a better notification bar than android. Can apple have toggle on the notification bar? No! Why do you ask? Because it’s too complicated for all of you retarded iPhone users. Apple does not want their customers to have to make decisions. They must think that if their customer have to make a decision then their heads will blow up, and I think they’re right. If you come to a fork in a road, will you go left or right? Too complex right? So Apple tells you to go left because they believe you should not have a choice and it will be too difficult for you to make up your own mind versus Android gives you the choice if you want to go left or right. Therefor your lame iPhone that you overpaid for still won’t touch my HTC Desire w/Miui Rom and overclocked to 1.2ghz. By the way with MIUI i can change my notification bar to anything I want to by downloading another one in the Themes Menu. Can your iPhone5 do that? NOPE! Apple does not believe in innovation they believe in Communism. If people didn’t copy everyone’s ideas and didn’t believe in choice then we would only have 1 refrigerator but instead we have a choice on which brand,size and color of refrigerator.

          Funny story, my dad was telling me that the iPhone had this amazing camera on it. It was so fast and crisp, it took multiple pictures like nothing. He then says I wish our phones had that. I told him to check this out. I whipped out my HTC Desire w/MIUI Rom and showed him my camera. I pressed the menu drawer button and showed him the burst button in the menu. Then I showed him all you have to do it just hold the camera button and it will do the rest for you. It takes a picture every second with out you having to keep on pressing the camera button. Pretty easy I think. Then he looks at the pictures and says WOW those pictures look just as good as what the iPhone takes. Considering my phone only has a 5mp camera and the iPhone has a 8mp camera. But maybe the iPhones camera is overrated just like the rest of their shit. Yes their interface maybe “polished and smooth” but it lacks features and customization. And frankly you overpay way, way, way too much for their crap! I hope everyone fights back and sues the shit out of Apple!

    • AppleFUD

      You do realize that apple’s first designs for a phone were just like the blackberry, don’t you? Maybe you should look at their design filing in the EU ;)

      You apple fans love to use that BB comparison but you forget that BB was the king at the time and everyone was trying to emulate them. Capacitive touch screen were too expensive. . . thus the design.

      FYI, palm had a grid of icons in the 90’s. . . a grid of icons isn’t an original idea. Xerox had it before apple got a GUI–oh wait, that’s where apple got their GUI ;)

      • Bradsings

        Dang it!! Where’s the “love it” button? It’s about time someone mentioned Palm!

  • Everyone is stealing from Google ~ FaceBook is copying G+ and I’m sure Skype will try and be as awesome as Google+ Hangouts, if they’re lucky…

    Oh well ~ just showing that everyone knows Google is at the top ~

    • Rui Pedro

      yeah right… google buzz came first, and twitter after that?

      google invented the social network, not Facebook?

      google invented multitouch, right?

      Oh, and by the way? Why the hell is everything from google full of ads? Boring….

      • Guest is my name – not

        buzz was a fail, lets not mention it.
        He never mentioned Google+ was first social network but things are clear Facebook IS copying Google… proof? Search Mark Zuckerberg on G+
        Who mentioned multi touch? Not even Apple invented it.
        And no not every product of google is full of ads, perhaps because you didnt try much of Google’s products because you were too busy hating Google.

        • Bill_taylor


          • Freebee

            pedros a fag

          • Travass

            pedro works for apple thats why he is a fag

          • Jonjuan88

            Yes… The Phandroid has been revealed. A fat, 14 year old who hangs out in his parents’ basement, getting fatter and playing World of Warcraft on a 7 year old Windows XP machine. All the cool kids at school have iPhones and iPads, but his parents saved a few bucks and got him a Hauwei comet. So his lack of self-esteem has created the mental gymnastics necessary to bend reality. Ooooh, widgets are so awesome and just what customers were asking for on devices with small screens — can I get a tiny app on a small screen? Please?

            Ha ha ha! Android doesn’t even have a convenient way to do screenshots, and has voice recognition no better than my Samsung feature phone from 10 years ago! Oooooh, voice dialing, that’s as good as Siri and Google invented that!

            Phandroids are deeeeeeeeeeeelusional!

        • Sup

          Vote for Guest is my name (Y)

      • Jonjuan88

        Google invented the search engine. Up until that point, we were all looking up hosts in the book provided by DARPA and typing in IP addresses manually. Then along came Google and Al Gore, and they invented the modern day Internet.

        Then in 2008, Google invented the smart phone. Apple just came out with the iPhone in 2011, because they don’t innovated at all.

        In fact, the 1984 Mac was a copy of Windows 95. How? Time machine. Anyone who owns a Mac knows what I mean. Steve Jobs had time machine before the rest of us, and used it to go into the future and copy Google and Microsoft!

        • Anonymous

          Lol u fucked up, I am not a Ifan but iPhone came out in 2007. Android came out in 2008. Lol, had u posted on engadget, they would have eaten u alive lol. It’s cool, we all fuk up sometimes…hehe

          • linky

            Get a clue… Jonjuan88 was being sarcastic.

  • darkskuld

    too bad google didn’t patent this…then they could sue apple.

  • AppleFUD

    apple has been copying Android since Android came out–folder, multi-tasking, etc. . .
    It’s what apple does, copy everyone then scream as loud as they can that everyone is copying them. That’s what liars usually do to deflect.

    Where do you think the idea for the iPhone came from in the first place? In 2001 the co-founders of Google were carrying around sidekicks and their first major goal with Google was to develop a mobile internet connected device, and whom were they hanging around during those years? That’s right, Steve Jobs.

    • Brandon Hite

      Where do you think Google came up with the idea to be Google? Trying to innovate on other ideas that already existed. They weren’t the first search engine. Nor were they the only to do what they did with search.

      Android wasn’t even theirs originally either, they just bought it from a few guys. You act like Apple sits their twiddling their thumbs until they catch wind of something another company has developed or released, then makes one of their own then releases it.

      And you bring up the point that we don’t care who copies whom, it’s all about Apple suing other companies.. And? Apple has a right to protect the products it releases. Apple did develop WebKit. That basis for mobile internet connectivity. Released in 1998. And open-sourced. Just because they protect some of their products and developments doesn’t mean they’re awful people.

      So really, this whole article is a bunch of feed for Android-trolls to link to for their Apple Facebook friends to read. In reality, tracing the true “origin” of nearly anything in technology, whether it’s the release, development, or idea, is fodder for thought, but not much more.

      BTW, I realize Apple fanboys do the same. No way am I defending that. So don’t even bother.

  • Ralph Jones

    A site that blatantly steals another site’s logo should probably be hesitant to write an article about one OS copying another.

  • Craig Scanlan

    …..and yet, I still won’t be able to directly access the files on an iphone without hacking the shit out of it….

    So Android still wins…

    • Erieze Lagera

      Hacking is not a good reason to let Android win. It only show that apple secured it’s data from hackers. And that’s how Android shows its vulnerability

      • Legendary

        Android has a set of features natively. iOS you have to hack the phone and add software in order to get those features. How is that a vulnerability on Android’s part? It’s not like you need root access to use those features on Android.

      • Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? Locking up the file system so that the authorised user can’t even access them is not securing the phone. A 5 year old can do that. As a popular Australian technology magazine said when the iPhone 4 came out – “Android is for tech enthusiasts. The iPhone is for people who think they’re tech enthusiasts.”

        The thing is that since Apple locks down so much default, anyone that jailbreaks opens their phone to all kinds of issues. Without jailbreaking try going to the command line and move your SMS database file to another location (It’s YOUR phone, so it’s not hacking) – that’s right you can’t do that. But you can do that on Android. Try transferring Word documents to and from your device without email – that’s right you can’t on the iPhone.

        • Jonjuan88

          Oh, well… If a nameless Australian tech mag said that, I am going to flush my iPhone down the toilet and get a Hauwei Comet today!

          I read in a popular Napalese tech mag that Android is for people who wipe their ass before they shit.

          Ha! Whatever. I am a software engineer, and all of my colleagues use iPhones and iPads. Most Java developers use Macs because Windoze can’t handle large Eclipse projects, without turning off all the tools that make Eclipse worth using. When I used Windows, I had to use a text editor and compile on the command prompt using ANT, because our Java project was “too large” for Windows!

          The point of great technology is to make the complex seem simple. iOS succeeds at this, as do all Apple products. Android fails. I have to help my neighbor with her Evo, and she only does the basics. Indeed, Android app developers are literally starving and eating toast for dinner, because Android users are deadbeats who don’t buy apps, don’t buy content, and steal most of what they use. Runs in the Android family. Android appeals to thieves because it was created by thieves. Yes, Apple takes other ideas and makes them better. For every 1 idea they have borrowed from Android and innovated, Android has stolen 20 from Apple — be it iOS or the Mac.

          Widgets were not a priority on iOS, even though Apple had them on the Mac for quite some time, back when Android was a startup working on a blackberry rip off. What did Apple do instead? They did what consumers wanted — security, FaceTime, media, games. They provided a fast and easy user interface. The Android community sprinkled glitter on turd, hoping that people would look at widgets and animated wall paper as innovative, while still, most Android users cannot use Netflix, Hulu+, or Skype, due to fragmentation, lack of DRM, and lack of standardized media libraries. This is both a failure in engineering and product management! What kind of techie are you? All the Phandroids I know are lowly PC techs that install MS Office on some accountants Win XP machine for a living!

          Android is just a family of operating systems. iOS is an ecosystem of interconnected products. It will integrate with a computer (windows or Mac), tv appliance, iPad. Android tablets and smart phones still can’t use the same apps, because Google didn’t think about it. Google has a tendency to whipe their ass before they take a shit.

          Android has nothing like AirPlay or Home Sharing, and double twist is not even close. Double twist is ersatz iTunes for Phandroids who secretly with they bought an iPhone!

          Now, despite the statistics Phandroids throw around, even Google admits they have less Android users than iOS. You can look this up on any fair study of OS market share, not the ones that just look at sales in a few quarters in the U.S. only. Apple device sales are cyclical — people buy them quickly when they first come out, and in the next quarters, they don’t sell as well. Gartner has never been correct about anything — they predicted Windows Server and the Zune would dominate. Phandroids delusionally throw around studies and biased surveys that claim Android is dominate, as Apple is building a factory in Brazil to meet huge global demand — they can’t make enough of these. I still see a line outside the AT&T store to get an iPhone 4s, which has been out for over two weeks now! Who the fuck lines up to get a Droid device? They have to dump them. The only thing going for Droid is you can get a device for next to nothing, but then lay out the nose for a data plan. Google’s cloud strategy forces people to eat up heir data plan, just to play music? They truly are catering to the carriers and device makers — want to upgrade to Gingerbread or ICS? Tough shit — get a new device because we are not going to port those to that Android phone you bought 8 months ago… But if you pay $200 you can get out of the contract. Android users get RAPED!

          As far as getting into every file on your smart phone? Consumers don’t want that. Even professional software engineers like me don’t want it. Do you even know what abstraction is? The future of computing is not about fiddling with files, and if you want to fiddle with your iOS device, jailbreak it. Just like if you want to fiddle with your Android device, you root it, which has the consequence of blocking you from downloading movies from the Android market, as well as apps from Amazon. Yep — plenty of players in the Android world don’t condone rooting, and you are blocked from certain apps and media if you do it. So much for open and free, eh?

          • Td

            nothing is perfect on either. albeit ios is fast and fluid, one thing i hate the most is..fuck the sync feature! that shit is annoying, seriously. why can’t you drag-n-drop files like it should be?

          • Anonymous

            O.o you can….simply go on iTunes and click “manually manage music and videos”

        • Jonjuan88

          Uh, douchebag — Microsoft makes 8 times as many apps for iOS as they do for Android. You are living in a Windows 95 world where people fiddle with files and directories. Let me guess — PC tech? You make a living by supporting people who can’t use overly complicated technology?

          That’s exactly why consumers prefer the iPhone and iPad.

          But if we are talking about which platform works better in the working world, according to a New York based business newspaper (uh, the Wall Street Journal), 99% of Fortune 500 corporations are either using ios or planning to use it. It is quite common for companies to not allow users who have Android phones to have their work contacts, etc. on it, due to the myriad security issues. 250,000 Android users downloaded malicious apps in March 2011, and Google had to change their diapers.

          This notion that tech savvy people need something to fiddle with is ludicrous. This is a phone or tablet — a consumer device. I can run shell scripts on my Mac, which is a true Unix machine, do I want to do that on my iPhone? No. Likewise, I wouldn’t attach a snow plow to a Honda Civic.

          Even a geek like me finds your points meaningless and tiresome. Like every Phandroid, you find the 1 thing iOS can’t do and harp on it, while ignoring the hundreds of things that iOS can do that Android cannot.

          You clearly have not worked at a software company. You clearly don’t know about product management and consumer market research.

          Phandroids like to make fun of connecting to iTunes via a USB cable, but this is a case of them bashing something they don’t have and covet. With iTunes, I can do everything from accessing files, copying media derived from optical sources (CD/DVD) onto my device, etc. Even with the PC free updates, I still use iTunes and tether, because it also provide a wonderful way to arrange the screen and other tools that go above and beyond what the Android world has.

          How do you play music, video, or share your content onto your TV? Even Google TV (which is Android) does not integrate with Android smart phones and tablets.

          Android is a true clusterfuck with a bunch of wanna-be nerds (PC techs that think they are hot shit because they can hack a text file or push a PCI card into a mother board) who think this is the bee’s knees because of widgets or some other useless feature that no consumer wants,

          When iOS 5 came out, with widgets, I did a search for “iOS 5 widgets” and most of the results were people asking how they could remove them. Consumers don’t want widgets. As an engineer, I don’t think they make sense on a device with a small screen, and they sure as fuck don’t take priority over security, video chat, media, games, and screenshots! Talk about putting the cart before the horse — widgets and animated wallpaper, before screenshots and decent cut/copy/paste that works consistently?

          You can shove your Word doc up your ass! Android is a piece of shit and this lame game of blowing the handful of things that Apple didn’t feel were priorities and making mountains out of molehills is much like what an American cable news company would do — FOX? Are they still owned by that Aussie asshole who hacks into people’s phones? How many iPhones did Rupert Murdoch’s tech experts hack into?

          • Dexryu

            okay I won’t say apple is no good or android is no good
            they both have their pros . And cons but the subject is about the copy of the notification bar and why android people complain ? Easy cuz iphone fans like to rub any good thing about the iphone even if they don’t mention most will end up over paying for services or doing a JB .its just illogical that you sue people over details and then copy something that people knows it comes from the people you just sue because you can “make it better”.
            Both companies have copied thing or anyone dare say that apple doesn’t pay MS for lots of patents. Android did not invented the smartphone but neither did apple .
            Honesty apple is great product but they’re also very anti free market ,they got the multi touch first why try to monopolize it . I don’t believe in the so called iphone killers but i do believe in the iphone equivalent in android in most cases with things you would love in the iphone like otg ,bigger screen , not wifi limitations or non optional upgrades.

            “good artist copy great artist steal”

            I777-rooted & deoxed
            Running a cooked Rom with cwm

            Iphone 4 -ios 5 Jb redsn0w

          • Never say never

            well every human get that from their dNa

        • Jonjuan88

          How about that wonderful ROBOTO font in ICS? It’s a ripoff of the Helvetica font family. As usual, Google rips something off and makes it seem innovative.

          The funniest thing is that, all these tech journalists are spending a few hundred words talking about a *FONT* in Android 4.0, because the ice cream sandwich is covered with catch-up! Wow, so now all Android users can swipe notifications on their lock screen? Does it actually take them to the email this time, or just the inbox? I don’t know, because journalists had to fill up their articles on ROBOTO font, because ICS is so underwhelming.

          Ooooh, screenshots! Finally! Whoopee! What a great idea!

    • Paul Smith

      I agree i have a usb full of movies from my laptop, plug it into my galaxy note go to files find usb and start playing, iphone still hasnt got a file system because its just a phone

    • Paul Smith

      I agree i have a usb full of movies from my laptop, plug it into my galaxy note go to files find usb and start playing, iphone still hasnt got a file system because its just a phone

  • Ian Ranson

    Ironic how Google is being sued by Apple for ‘copying’ their ideas, ie. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S II


    Apple come crawling back to copy Android features when they realize iOS is a poor competitor in the market

    • Jonjuan88

      Ironic how Phandroid Googletwats complain about the litigious nature of Apple, when Google sued Froogles over their name, and Google sued the U.S. government because they chose Microsoft Exchange over Gmail. I mean, come on — the government isn’t going to host their email on some corporation’s servers. As much corporate cock as our government sucks, they still want to have their own email servers, with Exchange running on them, and not offloading it to the cloud, where “do no evil” Google can spy on the government… Yet Google sued the U.S. government and won $25 million that all of us taxpayers have to pay. Yes, Google can hire much better lawyers than the government.

      Even before the rash of lawsuits, when I would go to Costco and see the Verizon kiosk, with the plethora of Android phones, which were complete UI clones of the iPhone, I wondered why Apple wasn’t suing them to protect their IP, as all companies do. I looked at some of these phones — no widgets, grid of icons that looked exactly like the iPhone. They literally copied all the icons. Now, not all Android devices do this, but most do. Down to the green phone icon, which is identical. I know what they’re trying to do… They’re trying to say – “this chintzy piece of shit is just as good as an iPhone, but costs $50 less! You can buy a lot of chop suey for $50”

  • Anonymous

    Lol, duh. This is how business works. You come out with something awesome, I come out with something extremely similar with “upgrades”. Remember when Audi came out with those daytime running LED lights and now they’re on every single car on the road including Kias? Of course Apple is copying Android just like they copied Nokia with the front facing camera, just like Blackberry copied Web OS. If you want to stay relevant you have to move with the times. It would be irresponsible for Apple to completely ignore what Google brought to Android to make it so appealing. I’m sure we’ll see the next iPhone whether it be the 5 or 6 released in 2012 with a lot of Ice Cream Sandwich features.

  • Itouchmyselfatnight

    It might be “stealing” but the fact of the matter is when Apple does it, it is always better in general and it actually works well and smoothly.

    • Erieze Lagera

      You are truly right! Each of everyone is copying. But Apple does it better than the one they copied. That’s that truth.

      • Gino Lange

        Truth????hahaha, u apple fan are all a bunch of iFads

        • Anonymous

          that is the truth is the truth too hot to handle? true android brings the fetters first but that does not mean that it is implemented the best get over your self get a job or research before you post insulting posts because you do not know what you are talking about

      • Jonjuan88

        Yep. Apple copied notification center, and made it better. When you swipe a notification from the lock screen, you get to the email, or text message that generated the notification. Stock Android did not have this. Samsung Whiz had something almost like it, but when you swiped an email, it opened your email to the inbox, not the message.

        Apple has attention to detail, and Android is half baked. Of course, people without attention to detail claim something Apple borrows and makes better, is a direct copy. Uh, look at the way it is implemented, and it’s clear Apple took the ball to the end zone, whereas Google and pals were tackled on the 10 yard line. Or a better analogy, Google pooped, but didn’t wipe. Ha ha ha ha! How about ICS? Screenshots by clicking two hardware buttons? iOS has had that fora years. How about Android gaming? Anything like Game Center, which is bigger than Xbox live or Playstation live? How about iTunes? Or do most Android users just pirate their music?

        It takes a lot of mental gymnastics to believe that Apple copied Google and that Android is superior to iOS. Content is king, and that would make Android the court jester. Android is still missing so many apps! They put a priority on superficial UI crap, like widgets and animated wallpaper, instead of providing standardized media playback, DRM, and unified tools to attract game developers. Android is fine if you want to do the basics — email, text, talk, and social networking. How do you video chat with anyone, without FaceTime and Skype only being available on a few devices? iOS had FaceTime and Skype YEARS ago.

        So sucks it Phandroids. Go root your phone and install your Dallas Cowboys custom rom, and be blocked from downloading the few movies you can get as it is.

        Android is a buggy, contents starved platform, that aside from some glitter sprinkled on turd, is a few years behind iOS. Siri? Android has nothing like it! Suckers!

        • P Devallier


        • Stick

          It’s not “they copied and made it better”. That’s not an argument to say. The point of this is that, if someone takes apple’s ideas, apple sues the shit out of them. But if apple copies, everyone has to shut the fuck up and deal with it. It’s not right, and yeah. Fuck apple for doing this. It’s turning into a lousy company that can’t handle the fact that they have competitors now, so they go around suing. Apple would only sue a company if that company is popular and gaining very high sales of devices, like samsung or htc. They wouldn’t sue Blackberry since no one really cares about BB that much so they’re not a real competitor anymore.

    • Jonjuan88

      So many Android “innovations” we’re copied from the Mac, but most Android users are too cheap to own a Mac. Widgets were on the Mac before Android ever existed (other than the prototypical Android devices that were blackberry rip offs). Having a twitter shortcut on the home screen is different than twitter integrated into the OS.

      HTC sense UI’s pinch gesture on the home screen, which reveals a bird’s eye view of the home screens, is ripped off from exposé on a Mac.

      Google calls web apps “the cloud”. Uh, they’re web apps. Apple’s cloud strategy is what most people would expect — useful synchronization of thick clients. So if you are without Internet access, you can at least listen to music… Or enjoy the same song a few times without burning up your data plan.

      This is just more Phandroid b.s. Yes, and everyone is using Android devices, and iOS is a failure, and Apple doesn’t have any customers… Blah, blah, blah tech punditry. It’s like the politicians and the media — Phandroids are the same type of liars.

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  • Anonymous

    Anyone notice how much more beautiful the iOS versions are in the images above? Android interface seem so cluttered and clumsy. Wow, what a difference!

    Why get upset? Android has already copied every feature in iOS! This article seems a bit disingenuous, and hints at some underlying fear that iOS 5 may level the mobile OS playing field. Android may lose some of its bragging rights as iOS 5 implements features it claims as advantages. The fear of iOS leapfrogging Android is evident and it’s making you crazy. Just chill, dawg! It’s just competition. A little give a take. Android takes a little from iOS and right back at cha!

    • Jonjuan88

      I was hoping ICS would leapfrog iOS 5, but it is just barely catching up…

      Read any article on ICS and the journalist has to write a few paragraphs about the new font in order to get the word quota and get paid…

      ICS is catching up to what iOS has had for years — tablet/smart phone compatibility, screen shots, decent cut/copy/paste (does it work everywhere yet?)… They lifted the swipe notifications on look screen from iOS 5 (samsung whiz took you to your inbox, not the email that generated the notification).

      ICS is still far behind. Nothing like Siri.

      Then they did some things that just didn’t make sense. Unlocking a device by facial recognition didn’t work in their demo, but it is also a security issue — someone could take the device, point it at the user’s face and unlock it (imagine, someone at a competing company, sleeping on the airplane in the seat next to you)… That is, if it actually worked!

      The voice controls being always on is pretty dumb too. That’s going to go shitbound in cars and meetings. That’s why all voice activated devices prompt the user to initiate voice control. Even my car has a button on the steering wheel to press.

      Let’s get this straight — Both Apple and Google copy stuff, but Google is so copy cat, they are like some 5 year old brat that repeats everything you say. Android is an ersatz iOS. Where they have innovated, it has been underwhelming.

      Widgets? They were copied from Mac OS X, which was the first consumer operating system to have widgets. The idea originated at MIT, but Apple was the first to put it into consumer use, and being a UNIX shop that hires MIT folks, it is indeed likely that they hired the actual people who came up with widgets, much like they hired the key engineers at Xerox PARC who came up with the GUI interface on the Alto. If you hire the people or acquire technology, it’s not copying. No one erases employees brains when they move on… It’s why people with experience have opportunities — they want to hire people who bring talent to the table. Google hires dweebs who got good grades at top schools, who have no experience, let alone pubes.

      Widgets also drain the battery, and users need to constantly tap dance around the UI to turn apps on and off…

      “True” multitasking? More like bad multitasking. The multitasking in Android is what comes stock with Java on Linux. They didn’t do much to implement it, and unless the user kills apps they launch, their battery will drain faster than a porn star’s bullocks. Battery life on Android devices is horrible. iOS has a much more intelligent multitasking that makes sense on a mobile device. You can download, listen to music, and run an app. You never need to kill an app. You just launch it, and when you launch another one, unless it is downloading or playing music, it will be persisted into memory. When you come back to it, it’s like you never left off… The true Linux community has been trying to do this for some time, indeed, for saving the battery on netbooks and laptops, as well as allowing the user to persist application state between power cycles. iOS has accomplished this, and now OS X Lion does this too. This is much more advanced that using stock Java on Linux multitasking, which only makes sense on desktop computers, maybe laptops… But definitely not on mobile devices.

      Animated wallpaper? No consumer wants it, and even most Phandroids I know turn it off because it drains the battery.

      Notifications? Well, Android had some good ideas, but Android still has no centralized way to turn on/off notifications from apps (or manage settings, for that matter). Nope. To manage settings for an Android app, you launch the app. On ios, settings for an app, such as location services and notifications, can be turned on and off from a central location

      So the geniuses at Google thought a panel with notifications was a good idea. It is. Wow, they actually had a good idea, but Apple made it better with the ability to swipe from the lock screen and actually go to the email or text message, not just open the email app, like Samsung Whiz.

      Games? Android has a shit selection, nothing like Game Center for playing online. Even Electronic Arts makes 10 times as many games for ios as Android.

      Music? Movies? TV shows? Don’t expect too much out of your Android device, especially if you didn’t buy one of the chosen ones that can run Netflix and Hulu. PBS does not make an Android app, and even my local PBS affiliate, KQED, only makes an iOS app. After all, do you think Android users will actually donate to public broadcasting? They want everything for free, and pirate content, so no one has been rushing to provide the Droid pirates with anything much here.

      How about system integration? How well does a Motorola Xune work with Google TV? Not well at all. iOS has very useful, powerful, and rock solid (flawless) integration with iTunes, the iPhone and the iPad. In fact, I can even screen share my iPad with Apple TV, and play video games on my TV from my iPad. Shit, playing a decent video game on Android is near impossible, and having it on your TV is not a reality…

      Business? The Fortune 500 corporations have overwhelmingly favored iOS over Android. iOS integrates much better with Microsoft Office (despite what douchy says about using the Android file system to dick around with Word docs). Android having the worst security record of any operating system in history (according to Symantec) has also kept it out of the business world. In fact, many businesses won’t let you put your business contacts on your own Android device, because they don’t want it to be hacked and stolen.

      Musicians? The iPhone and particularly the iPad have been used by many professional musicians, including Jordan Ruddess and Bjork. Alesis makes an I/O unit for the iPad that turns it into a professional music production device. Garage band on the iPad has been used to create actual, professional music. Korg, Yamaha, Roland, etc. all make ios apps. Korg has made 1 Android app. Android has empty bullocks when it comes to music production.

      Visual Arts? You can make and edit movies on both an iPhone and iPad. Android has no equivalent of iMovie, and the iPad has Final Cut Pro. Even the camera on the iPhone, despite the fact that a few Android devices have more megapixels, takes better pictures than any Android phone, and is now the most used camera on Flickr. While the panorama feature on ICS is neat, they still don’t have HDR, which is much more important, especially for landscapes. I use the HDR camera that comes stock with the iPhone, and it takes much better pictures that Android devices, even ones with more megapixels… Megapixels are meaningless and too much density is actually bad, because the pixels on the camera are too small to let in enough light. On the iPhone 4 they went with less megapixels, but bigger pixels that could receive more photons. Look at iPhone 4 pictures compared to any Droid camera and they look better.

      I could go on and on. You Phandroids can stuff your widgets up your butts. I have had them for years on my Mac. I have them on my iPhone and iPad. Whooptee fucking doo. I was watching Netflix on my flat screen TV, through my iPhone, while you were figuring out how to toggle your blue tooth on and off with a widget, to keep your battery from dying in 3 hours.

      Android is a piece of shit, and ICS is so underwhelming that Apple has completely beat the shit out of the Droid. All of the droid devices will be rounded up by the Jawa and shuttled around Tatooine In their sandcrawler…

      • The Truth

        Hail Windows 8!

      • iCrap

        I love it when Apple comes out with a new iPhone and says “This changes everything” or “The most innovative OS ever” and actually not much has changed, and especially when iOS 5 with its Notification Center came out, they said “The most innovative OS yet”. For fucks sake, android had the Dropdown Menu for such a long time. They just stole it and re-designed it so it looks cool and new and of course all the iWhores are so bling to realize that android had that before.

        I’m pretty sure Apple’s gonna sue Google for their new Notification dropdown in Jelly Bean, because maybe instead of “You have (3) New Messages” it actually shows from who you got it. I’m sure apple dislikes that too and starts suing after the whole samsung story is done.

        What a way to make your company unpopular. I really like(d) apple because of their awesome laptops, but now, meeh. They’re starting to piss me off. Who knows, I might get sued if I develop an App for a Mac and I get a lot of sales, they’re prob gonna find a reason why they have sued me.

    • Fleep

      LOL You fucking idiot. The iOS pictures above are from iOS 5 and the Android pictures from Froyo. It’s the same thing as if I would say, iOS 2 is fucking ugly compared to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, well no shit.

    • Paul Smith

      Its still just a phone. Galaxy note galaxy s3 or s2 all have file systems, just like a pc. And my very old htc legend got a google update to voice guidance well over 2 years ago, ios seems to lag behind all the time

    • Paul Smith

      Its still just a phone. Galaxy note galaxy s3 or s2 all have file systems, just like a pc. And my very old htc legend got a google update to voice guidance well over 2 years ago, ios seems to lag behind all the time

  • Yes, it’s true that iCloud (which used to be MobileMe, don’t try to make it seem like they are JUST getting into the cloud scene) does charge for over 5GB. The point you failed to make was that the storage for music and pictures in a specific roll do not use that space. Says so right on the site.

    This stuff has all been implemented slowly because the majority of people that use the iPhone are older or not as good with technology. It makes the transition smoother, and gives people the chance to learn new things. Everyone takes from everyone. It’s how you compete.

    • Reprobateuk

      The point is Samsung copied some stylistic touches from the iPad and got sued. Even though Apple steal entire features from competitors with impunity.

  • Grant Hodgkins

    Apple should get sued the **** out of. They deserve it now! they have tried to kill the competition too many times. and that video in the article proves that apple steals ideas

  • Boo

    yea.. copy it or not.. it’ll still just be an iphone. it won’t be web-flash enabled. it’ll chain your users down to the apps that they decide to allow and keep out the ones that compete against native iphone apps (including the better ones better developers come up with). if that kind of freedom is valuable you should skip the step of jailbreaking your iphone and just get an android

    • Brandon Hite

      What? You mean iPhone can’t have apps that navigate their music (Music app), schedule events (iCal), do math (Calculator), take photos (Camera), write (Notes), make calls (Phone), send SMS (Messages), keep track of stocks (Stocks), check the weather (Weather), sort contacts (Contacts), etc.?

      Oh, wait.. I just checked the Utilities section on the App Store. And there’s an Apple-approved alternative for each :)

  • Bumbleboo

    android might be the better piece of technology but they won’t be the iphone killer until they defeat them in advertising and marketting. take those gloves off

  • Garblemonkey

    hope google patents the crap out of their stuff so they can counter sue apple even harder. maybe then they’ll get flash on their iphone

  • lets not forget that android TOUCHbased phones took of after the iPhone was announced and googles work peoples (sorry don’t know exactly)took the iOS idea and android started to take of now thats what i call a COPYCAT!!!!

    • Legendary

      Android development started in 2003. iPhone development started in 2006. Just saying.

      • Anonymous

        read my my above post clearly again and again till you get what I said

      • Jonjuan88

        Yes and look at the Android device prototypes before the iPhone… They copied the BlackBerry. Once the iPhone was out, they copied that. The first real Android devices didn’t come out until 2008, a good year after the iPhone and even longer after the iPod touch. Uh, apple copied themselves — they took the iPod touch and added a phone to it.

        Look for yourselves. This is what the original Android devices looked like. Shameless BlackBerry ripoffs

        I mean, you have to be a really stupid fucking asshole to claim that Apple ripped off Android prototypes. Time to stick your head back underground, dumb ass Phandroid ostrich shit rat.

    • The iPhone was not the first touchscreen phone. Far from it. Also Android had started development (before Google bought Android) before Apple began development of iOS.

      • Anonymous

        No you did not read what I said correctly I said that the first android based touch phones took of after the iPhone was announced I was not saying iPhone was the first touch based phone at all I also know that android came before iOS I was merely stating that touch based phones took of after the iPhone was announced

      • Jonjuan88

        Right, and those first Android prototypes were Blackberry rip offs. Then they saw the iPhone and copied that. I’m sorry, but your tongue has to be pretty far up Andy Rubin’s ass to think that Android was the original. No one I’m their right mind would say that.

        The only reasonable case for going Android is because you can buy any sort of porny weed shitrat app in their market, along with plenty of malware. Google co-opted some ideals of the free software movement, but they have backed down on pretty much every philosophical point that at least made them seem decent.

        Google violated privacy rights. Google cooks up search results to the disadvantage of their competitor and are now being investigated by the FTC. Google pulls apps from their app market based on content decisions — look up “is my son gay?” app, which was actually aimed at helping parents understand their gay son… Google pulled it. Google backed down on Android being open source… Now they delay it, restrict what device makers can do with it, and Google TVs Android OS has never been open sourced (probably more because it would be embarassing). In coordination with Logitech dumping their Google TV abortion on the market for 1/3 of the original price, Google promised a new version of Google TV that would actually work, as much content they promised has been blocked by pretty much all major networks. They promised this update in summer 2011 and urged people to buy the Revue. Still no update, and we’re a month into fall. There is some buzz it will be out in “weeks”.

        They claim they put Flash into Android, because users deserve choice. Nope. They admitted to engadget, in a piece on Google TV, which is Flash dependent, slow and buggy, that they did it because that’s the only way they can get ads into video… With Flash. Do Android users have the choice to use Silverlight or Java FX? No.

        Google are pathological liars and robber barons, much like the founder of the university they hail from. They have huge egos and put forth big promises, but everything they touch seems to turn to shit. Even Bing is making huge stride and taking over Google’s search market share. I switched to Bing a few months ago, and I think it produces better search results. Bing has a 40% higher click through rate, meaning that people find what they are looking for on Bing, better than Google. Apple is the number one brand. Microsoft is now number two, and they took that spot from Google. Google is going downhill, and ICS is just and underwhelming piece of crap — slapping some new graphics on the turd, and playing catch-up with Apple. Just got screenshots?!? Jeeze, that’s pretty shitty…

  • Guest

    I remember my first phone(early 2005) and when i got a sms it showed up in the bar the top of the screen

  • Anonymous

    None of these features were created by google. Apple took their time to bring this stuff over, in the end, they did a far better job at it.
    The only feature i see here that was unique to android was the drop down notification system (which google doesn’t own, it has been done many times before)
    Twitter integration and OTA updates were obvious upgrades, it’s not like Google invented social network integration (once again, other devices have done ota updates before google)

    Also did you seriously try and say that apple stole iCloud? The idea of cloud computing has been around for nearly 20 years. Google didn’t create it and they do a very poor job of it. iCloud lets you access all of your iCloud files anywhere on any of your devices without having to download, your iCloud content simply appears on your devices after it is created or synced to one.

    And yep…apple stole widgets -_- (someone forgetting windows 7 or mac os x’s widgets?) They don’t want third party companies making widgets that drain battery, detriment the user experience etc…It was a design choice to leave widgets out of ios5, they did the same thing with flash. The vast majority of modern flash content is junk. Advertisements that move on your screen and flash games that can’t even be played on a phone or tablet. If a site was designed around flash, the designers were morons, the end.

  • None

    Why isn’t Google suing Apple for copying all its ideas? This is BULLSHIT! Steve Jobs even says he does steal ideas. GTFO Apple with your lawsuits

  • Frozzel

    just to set the record straight, iOS has had notifications since before android was even made public, so android made notifications better with a notification center and so did apple finally. Social networking integration on iOS has been around for along time but until now it wasn’t built directly into the os it was just built into the apps were developers saw fit. Yes wireless up dates are new to iOS but wireless sync has been around with both google and mobile me for about three years now, iCloud just improves on it and helps to further integrate it into Lion. If your not a Mac user this means nothing to you but from the Mac side of the fence its a huge plus and something that neither google or android can duplicate. As far the “cloud” goes Apple has had its apps in the cloud since day one, any purchase you make from your account have always been able to re-down load to another device with your log in. The 5 gig of free data is just for documents, which take up little to no space so for the average person Im sure this will be more than enough, does any body really need all those doc created ten years ago to be in the cloud or is it safe to say that you could just put the ones you need in the cloud. If you have to you can still store the non essential one in places like dropbox or even google doc. Lets move on to iceCreamSandwich, they just showed it and its not that great, what does it do, ends fragmentation, looks like both google and Apple have been playing catch up. No major frag issues on iOS, both iPad and iPhone work great with each other from day one, looks like it will be the same now on android if they can get the carriers to update, good luck with that one(why else would people buy new phones). The only other awesome thing about iCeCreamSandWich is facial recognition, really can’t see why Ill need it but it looks pretty cool if they can get it to work. The truth both google and Apple have been improving on each others features since day one, both have advantages of each other which is important to weigh in when deciding which to choose, me I have a mac, and it just makes sense to have an iPhone. we can compare the two side by side all day long and you will find the differences are very small, what one can do and the other can’t, theres an app for that, flash not on iOS, skyfire, once there was no netflix on android now there is, it just goes on for ever like this post, get over it.

  • toadpole

    Here’s a suggestion. To each his own. Some people like android, some people like iPhones. Leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    Which came first? Droid or iphone.

    Who copied who?

    I’ll wait.

    • Dexryu

      Easy one both are derived from winmo which did a strip bare copy of 98 called windows ce later used for windows mobile . Apple did the same with his mac software 10 yrs later and android using a Linux base a yr later

  • Anonymous

    Omg, all these squabbles over android and ios. In the simplest terms. IPhone are for people with a 2yr old tech mentality, while android was made for technology people. And Altho android did copy iphones touchscreen, apple did not invent it. Android just improved and advanced beyond the 2 yr. Old apple standard. And also, apple did not invent the tablet either, Samsung just made it more advanced.

  • Email

    Obviously, none of the posters ever had a jail token iPhone because the features were always there. Crappola article.

  • MedEvac


  • Anonymous

    Shutup Apple Fanboys.
    You don’t obviously know what you’re talking about.
    Shit.Apple copied Android notification pull-down menu and made it better?
    FUCK YOU. Android has a better notification pull-down menu.Plus iOS swipe to see the shit that made that shitty notification sucks. Instead of tapping a damn notification on the notification pull-down menu. You have to swipe which makes it more complicated(rough fingertips? Jonjuan88 was obviously a Apple Fanboy . A Steve Jobs kissass.
    Android is still missing many apps? Your mind is absolutely missing memories.
    AFAIK. Instagram for Android will be better than Instagram for iOS.

  • Anonymous

    Well fuck you now, Jonjuan88.
    You are a meaningless Apple Fanboy.
    Yes, Apple’s iOS is good.Maybe the best for you. But it’s CORE OS is locked so you can’t do anymore with it.Unlike Android.
    iPhone was not the first touchscreen device.
    iPhone was not the first touchscreen device to implement multitouch.
    Yes Google used a QWERTY Phone to test the ANDROID OS.
    Apple was only stealing ideas and if they do they PATENT THEM.
    So they can sue the hell out of anyone.
    Since Google already patented the notification bar.It will be approved.TRUST ME.
    Google will sue APPLE.
    You dumbfuck.
    Do some research. And LEARN SOME FUCKING RESPECT.