Is Google planning an integrated password management service?

by: Kristofer WoukSeptember 17, 2012

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In a blog post today, Google’s Tim Bray lamented that instead of searching through Google, users will often go to a specific website to avoid the hassle of signing up or logging in with new services, and mentioned that Google may be working on a solution. Does this mean that an integrated Google password manager could be in the works?

In the blog post, titled ‘Less Pain, More Money,’ Bray says “Logging in is annoying and slows you down. My job these days is mostly about reducing that pain, ideally to zero by eliminating it.” He mentions the user frustrations with logging in and the significance of this issue, ending the post with “So if logging in gets simpler (or vanishes) we win and you win. It’s that simple.”

Services that make generating and managing secure passwords already exist — take 1Password and LastPass to name two, not to mention Google Chrome’s integrated but limited password management. These tools are useful but have their problems: 1Password costs $50, LastPass requires a $12/year subscription to enable all its features, and Google Chrome’s remembered passwords don’t do you any good if you’re using a different browser.

If Google were to introduce a system that worked like the above services but only required that you be logged in to your Google account, it could quickly gain the upper hand among password managers due to its ease of use.

Of course, this is all assuming that the solution Bray is talking about has anything to do with passwords at all. In another blog post back in June, Bray said that “Usernames and passwords generally suck and obviously don’t scale to the Internet, so we need to do away with ’em soonest.”

Would you use an integrated Google password manager? Or are you happy with your existing system?

  • google has a password manager (for android), however not a password manager service. It’s also difficult to use, I would love to see one integrated as a service for chrome at least

    • kwouk

      If you happen to use the Dolphin browser (or want to switch), it has a LastPass plugin that works really well.

  • Vyrlokar

    I personally use KeepassDroid. I use KeepassX on my Linux boxes, and cloud-sync the database. No need for anything else.

  • nikata che

    I use roboform, it can syn all the passwords in my browsers(I have IE9.firefox, chrome and Avant browser).I don’t think I will use the password manager in chrome browser,just as I don’t use the password manager of firefox. One robforom is enough and it compatible with all my browsers.

  • Richard Beasley

    Hell yes I would use it, should have been done from the get go, a no brainier.

  • Richard Beasley

    One program to open apps, use what ever browsers, log into what ever with a finger print or voice. May save me from running into a school bus, or off the cliff. When is my only question.

  • Richard Beasley

    Tried lasspass didn’t work, M what ever sucked, 1 pass for fifty dollars don’t have a clue if it works or not sorta high price if it doesn’t open a nav program when I need to get the hell out of the hood as in Right NOW>

  • Richard Beasley

    everyone says one pass sucks on google play

  • Frank Bank

    I love people