iPhone now officially the underdog down under

by: J. Angelo RacomaDecember 12, 2012


Android is on a roll. Recent sales figures indicate that Android is becoming more and more dominant in terms of sales and activations. According to recent IDC figures, Android owned 75% of the market in the third quarter of 2012, with Apple taking a distant second spot at 14.9%. Android shipment growth also almost doubled, with a 91% growth, compared with Apple’s 57% for the iPhone.

In some markets, though, Android is just warming up. In Australia, for instance, Android smartphones have only started overtaking the iPhone. This year so far, 67% of smartphones sold down under were Android devices. Summing up total smartphone usage in the country, Android has overtaken the iPhone, with a 44% market share, versus the iPhone’s 43%, as reported by Australian market research firm Telsyte.

Now this might be a marginal advantage, but given Android’s trajectory, it’s likely that Google’s mobile platform will retain its lead moving forward. However, it’s not going to be as simple for Android device manufacturers. Australian carriers are reportedly leaning more toward the iPhone, given that research has shown that iPhone users are more likely to extend their contracts with carriers.

Of course, another concern here will be numbers. Australia is a big country with a small population of just about 22.6 million. Of these, there are 10 million smartphone users (or smartphones). That’s smaller than California (37 million) or Texas (25.7 million). And it’s nowhere near the population of India (1.2 billion) or China (1.3 billion). With these figures, any advantage by either platform is not likely to make a dent in the greater scheme of things.

But still it’s good to see Android jumping past its biggest competitor in terms of market share. That’s only one side of the coin, though, as Android tablets still have a long way to go before overtaking the iPad in worldwide sales and usage.

  • This Article along with many others published just like it makes no sense. Your publishing an article on MANY handsets vs ONE phone. It’s not like your publishing a article on ONE particular handset out-selling the iPhone or One Particular handset is top dog. Of course Android OS is going to out-sell the iPhone, It’s software is being pimped out to at least 500 companies to include toy companies. I’m pretty sure that if Apple starts licensing it’s OS to other companies Android would cease to exist. I have both OS’s so from my standpoint Other than customization Android sucks. Examples: Lack of being on the most current OS, Bloatware up the yin yang, Viruses, unable to ROOT without a computer, Lack of ways to sync media to the device, Rooting limited to only Windows computers, functionality sucks, not to mention it took Android 5 years (4.1) to scroll smoothly (Project Butter) but apple has been doing it since day one, and last but certainly not least Phone companies on top of manufacturers are adding their bloatware to the phones. All facts not opinion. I have a Current Item from a leading company and I’m still waiting on the 4.1 update. But with my iOS devices Apple release a update I get the update. So please report on something more substantial.

    • gse

      Wow you’re another oblivious idiot. That’s how Google wins you retard! They allow their OS to be used by other companies, while Apple wanted a monopoly so they won’t do that. And you’re very ignorant saying that it took Android 5 years, and Apple was smooth from day one. That is really very bias. Apple in the beginning is laggy as well you retard. It is even worse if you jailbreak it. Funny, if you root your android you can achieve smoother results but it’s the other way round for the iphone at first. And the high end Android handsets already have smooth scrolling since gingerbread(2.3). I’ve used my Galaxy S2 with no complain and right now I’m using Android 4.0. I see no reason to update it since it’s smooth already. Sure, I think Apple MAY win if they distribute their OS to other makers, but they don’t, and because of that, they lose. Stupid.

      • Ok first off check your bravery for your name calling before you talk your way into something you can’t get out of. Second I have a Galaxy Tab, Rooted, Galaxy Note 2. I also have a iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 along with a iPad (latest) I understand your a Android fan but I’ve had an iPhone from launch. 2.3 up to 4.0 does not have smooth scrolling. That’s why in 4.1 they implement Project Butter. That is what smooth scrolling is. I write programs for phones and computers which kinda makes me know what I’m talking about. Now let me teach you something about smooth scrolling take you phone out and go to any screen rub your finger back and forth semi fast and watch the lag and unresponsiveness. Your Welcome! Next you don’t win when your not getting any money for your OS and the reason google CAN’T license Android is due to It will Violate the Linux Kernel that is the base of the OS. I even went as far as taking the kernel out and you know what I got? Garbage. Just a bunch of code and strings that needed LINUX to operate. Last as far as devices go Apple is still the leader that’s why it has a large share in the Global LTE footprint.

        • Jared Persinger

          4.0 on the droid razr maxx hd didn’t have lag hardly at all and now since the update there is none whatsoever

        • blueseeker

          Iphone 4/4S are not laggy, but they stutter all over the place with iOS 5.1/6. The same will happen probably to iphone5 after iOS7 will be released.

          The iphone smoothness is a myth if we don’t talk about the last iphone/iOS version.

        • Melad360

          Lol before you try to sound smart and all, learn to differentiate “your” and “you’re”.

        • EKfine

          what are you talkin about? i dont see any lag or stutter on my s3 even before with ics. ofcourse youre gonna get fast updates on ios coz how many phone does apple have? plus the updates on ios sucks. lol it brings nothing new on the table. ios 6 was plagued by bugs and crapness. if you want fast updates on android get the nexus you stupid idiot. iphones is for kids who just want to play games on a small screen. my wifes galaxy s2 on gingerbread is better than any iphone out there. lol

          • Lara

            How can you see lag on your s3 “before ics”? The s3 was RELEASED with ics. Derp

        • MasterMuffin

          Trying to be smart, but you can’t even tell the difference between “your” and “you’re”… And you obviously know something about this stuff, but I can hear some apple bias in your comments….

        • First Android phone I owned: HTC Incredible(2.2 Froyo), scrolled as smooth as my coworkers iPhone… we compared them side by side on scrolling and even he agreed that they were equally smooth.
          Second Android phone I owned: HTC Incredible 2(2.3 Gingerbread), scrolled as smooth as my Incredible did and I experienced no lag. Of course I have no reason to “scroll up and down real fast” to try to create lag…
          Third Android phone I owned: Samsung Galaxy S3(4.0.4 and current phone): This device runs smoother than any iPhone I have ever touched. Since you spoke of your credentials, I will tell you mine. I have touched many iDevices as I work in IT support for an international law firm and I work on iDevices on almost a daily basis. Just had to factory reset an iPhone 5 not 3 weeks after the user purchased the product because it was randomly typing characters, freezing up, and rebooting itself. I know, that’s impressive isn’t it?!?
          I also own a Motorola Xoom FE and it runs just as fast as iPad and iPad2 and is pretty comparable to the iPad3 as well. Not bad for a product that is nearing 2 years old. I am confident that my Nexus 10 that I just ordered will be as fast/smooth as the iPad 4 and of course, since it runs Android, FAR more user friendly. Can you say “back button” and “menu button”?

    • Ivan Budiutama

      First, I think the article compared Android OS and iOS. Since it also mentioned Tablets.

      Second, according to this:

      let’s say out of 72.4% share is owned quarterly by Samsung which makes them hold 72.4%/4 = 24.13333% and let’s say that out of 24.13333% of overall Market share 50% out of them are Samsung Galaxy s3 (Probably more since the phone is so crazily popular) that will make us: 12.06666666% which is a bit lower than all market share of Apple’s iPhone which probably separated by 4s and 4 and 5 maybe a few of 3 and 3gs. HOWEVER, the point is, Apple barely defeat 1 Samsung Phone which make your argument a bit invalid here.

      Third, functionally sucks? really dude? I use my 4.65″ Galaxy Nexus for 80% Text operation (SMS, Email, Messenger) nicely done even faster than my old 3.5″ ZTE Blade or my friend’s iPhone 4s. Because the two-thumbs typing on big screen is so much comfortable and fast, not to mention that my email push is much better than my friend’s Blackberry using RIM’s Blackberry services connecting to the same exchange server to the same server. Also the ebook reading is so much delicate again thanks to the big screen. Oh, also sharing everything with Bluetooth is so simple and easy. Which function(s) are you referring to as sucks?

      • As far as sales go your incorrect. iPhone 5 out sells the Galaxy s3 by far Samsung did lead earlier this year Q3 due to no one buying a 4s because the rumor of the iPhone 5’s release in September. Even to this date Every carrier except T-Mobile states that the iPhone is their top selling individual phone. Facts that are all over reports. Watch the Q4 reports

        • MasterMuffin


        • Lies. Q4 numbers haven’t been announced yet as it isn’t over. Try again pal.

    • HellG

      Apple fanboy copycat hurray! let me waste my time to enlighten you
      1.”android is being pimped by 500 companies” and how many of them really sell and make a deference in market share? what? 3 or 4?
      2.”Lack of being on the most current OS” am not gonna tell you that you are an idiot for not getting a nexus but rather that a gingerbread phone is more feature rich than an iOS 6 device
      3.”Lack of ways to sync media” http://www.play.google.com thank you come again :)
      4.”Rooting only limited to windows” This tell me that you are indeed an iSheep that uses Mac but i’m afraid that i will tell you that most phones can be rooted through Windows Linux and Mac http://www.xda-developers.com thank you come again :)
      5.”blotware and viruses” blotware is indeed a problem with the carrier who only control phones that much in USA so the rest of the world dont really give a flying fuck, and for viruses you mean the adware that pushes ads? there are a secret tab that no body knows about that is called permissions that will tell you about all the magical things your phone will do
      6.” not to mention it took Android 5 years (4.1) to scroll smoothly (Project Butter) but apple has been doing it since day one” this alone want to make me stop replying to this crap but oh well, iOS has no true multitasking it pauses all processes to boost touch scrolling and it has nothing what so ever running in the background i can get you an old old feature phone that is as smooth as the iPhone, for google to keep widgets and TRUE multitasking which you will never have and still make the system fast thats an achievement so get your damn facts together
      7.”iOS devices Apple release a update I get the update ” you mean changing few icons here and there and say we got 200 new feature? or android “SLOW” updates that actually make a deference?
      You are one of the worst isheep i have ever seen that just copies bogus claims from left and right when he have no clue about what he is talking about and its sad that others gave you +1 for that crap.

      • You are purely delusional in your own world.

        Smartphone war is not features world, have you ever used your 200 new features daily? Only developers care how many features you got on your phone.

        Smoothly scrolling have nothing to do with multi-task. Android is not smooth even in 4.1 is because Google didn’t get the implementation right in the first place, and animation is not hard accelerated in many cases because different GPU.

        • HellG

          You are really talking about the 200 new features? which is not an android thingy but more of an iOS thingy? lolwut? yes i indeed use the new features almost everyday, google now is amazing and the new voice search is fast and accurate and i really enjoy using the lock screen widgets to check my gmail on the go,smooth scrolling has nothing to do with multitasking? really? so if your GPU is in use you should still expect the same performance from it? what do you mean hard accelerated? are you making things up? its either accelerated or not and different gpus claim would work on a WP/Windows RT device where the OEM has no access to the source code this is an open source OS with Samsung (for example) making the GPU them selves they can make the best out of it by making drivers that really take advantage of it, please stop making things up and act like you really know what you are talking about because believe me you have no idea about android

        • EKfine

          retard! haha…

        • EKfine

          Hellg was talking about IOSs 200 new useless features. you stupid retard.

  • latino564

    Are you serious? Almost all the things u mentioned are possible. You just domy understand how to use it. Maybe u should stick Withe ios, cause android seems too advanced lol. its sad actually.

    • Apparently just like your spelling, your argument is sub-par. I write programs for phones and computers which kinda makes me know what I’m talking about.I know exactly what the OS can do. Since your such an expert tell me how to root the phone without using SuperOneClick or Odin3. Your input is just like this article, sounds stupid. Read everything I wrote instead of skimming through.

      • heenan73

        But you obviously skimmed the article, as you consistently and repeatedly deny the facts. Apple isn’t about to go bust – they really don’t need you to twist the facts for them. Take a deep breath, READ the article, then maybe take a walk. You are overheating, and sounding increasingly desperate.

        Go on, Go, Come back tomorrow and read it again. Slowly. Go.

      • MasterMuffin

        For example, some phones can be rooted with zRoot which is an .apk file. Or you can also use Heimdall. And about spelling, are you a retard? You can’t tell the difference between “your” and “you’re”! Open your eyes and stop being such a iSheep

      • The guy that continuously uses “your” when he should be using “you’re” is talking down to someone about their spelling? So, you are clearly a major iDiot, why do you even read AndroidAuthority? Ah, to troll… you are(you’re) becoming very transparent now.

  • Milad Khahil

    It’s all about the Benjamin $ … Apple doesn’t look at volume

    IDC: Samsung leads shipments, Apple rules smart device profits
    Published on December 10th, 2012
    Written by: Ed Sutherland

    • Your absolutely right. Samsung is about volume and market saturation. They have a galaxy for high to low end markets but apple is punching out just high end products and until recent 1 per area. IE macbook, iphone ipod line, ipad. Believe it or not Samsung is a lot like google. They see what’s popular and copy it with minor tweaks here and there to say it’s theirs. IE the cromebooks look like macbook airs and other samsung laptops look like Mackbooks

      • heenan73

        What matters is that Samsung are great phones, and – compared to iPhone – excellent value for money. And that’s what matters. You make excuses till the cows come home – and probably will – but the consumers vote with their cash.

        • kascollet

          Samsung phones aren’t excellent value for money. They just benefit from the same reality distortion as iPhones. Value stand in the Nexus 4 and maybe Xiaomi’s line.

          • Ivan Budiutama

            Well actually, in some country (like mine), iPhone 4s has much higher price (about $799) while Samsung GS3 is about $740 so yeah, a bit better deal, and Apple is still doing well here even with that price since people are still buying them for the “Brand” it is like “OMG, the bitten apple phone! it must be the godly best phone in the world, [put artist name here] uses it!!”. Sad but true.

          • kascollet

            799 vs 740 is not “much higher”, just 8%.Why talk about the 4S ? I guess you don’t have iPhone 5 yet ?

          • Whats funny is that the iPhone 5 cost $349 to make so it’s selling at double to make profits but Samsung’s Galaxy S3 cost $157 to make but sells at 4.7 times more for profit. Who’s getting raped? Everyone but Samsung owners are are getting deeper penetration.

          • Ivan Budiutama

            nope, not in my country, rumors said it will be about $850 when they released it here.

          • what country are you in? Just curious.

      • Jared Persinger

        With Motorola there is no such thing as a low end droid phone

        • Motorola Atrix is a low end phone along with several other moto’s the high end are the razr’s

          • Jared Persinger

            I thought the Atrix HD was a mid range device

      • heenan73

        added: you claim to work with phones and yet you say “They see what’s popular and copy it with minor tweaks here and there to say it’s theirs.” – you must know that’s simply a lie.

        There are disputes about certain patents; but all of the disputes combined cover a tiny part of the phone.

        You are beginning to sound like an idiot.

        • No! Your proving that your an idiot. Your showing me you know nothing about firmware, hardware and software design. The string and source code is littered with Linux. As far as Samsung being a great phone and It really isn’t. The software and firmware are awesome crammed into a $20 frame. Just like the Galaxy Camera It’s well over priced http://www.theverge.com/2012/12/3/3706206/samsung-galaxy-camera-review. The plastic phone days are over (look at the drop test). Also the iPhone 5 bench-marked way better than the PC your typing your typing your bullshit responses on. While the Galaxy bench-marked just a little above the 4s. Notice apple is not even in competition with Samsung but Samsung is in a all out ad war. I worked in Korea (still do in the U.S.)for 2 years at Samsung R&D and their motto is if a company comes out with a better product than their product is Buy, Dismantle, Copy, and Improve. That’s what’s happening with the litigation’s going on right now. They have the we should be able to copy mentality because in Korea the copyright and infringement laws are not as strict as they are in America. I for one believe in innovation but it has to be a line that cannot be crossed as far as piggy backing.

          As far as Google goes Profits with the margin not pie graphs. Apple is making profits off it’s OS, App Store and devices . Google
          isn’t. In simpler terms Google is losing money with Android they just don’t see it yet. I’ll explain. Google R&D for android cost money torun but Google isn’t selling the end result, it’s giving it away because it has too. On top of that they are paying manufactures to make flagship devices and selling them at cost. No profits to gain. So in the long run Google is giving money away with returns coming from one source Google Play.
          I’m done responding to you. You clearly display lack of intelligence in these matters. By the way Thank you for purchasing a Samsung Galaxy product. Some of the code that runs the software and firmware I designed. Hence why I have Samsung products. Food for thought. Why do you think MOST developers make apps and products for iOS over Android even though google have more handsets on the market. Not to mention the iOS exclusive Apps

  • kascollet

    The point is Apple is not willing to flood the market. They’re building a platform that makes huge profits (most of the mobile market’s PROFITS belongs to them, don’t we underrate this !) and therefore is sustainable. Only Samsung is a wealthy company in the Android scene, because they found a way to sell massive numbers in the high end/high margin devices. Every other maker’s business plan is a flaw today, even Google’s, and selling millions of crappy feature phones won’t help this.
    Go Google ! Make high end Nexus phones with Motorolla and find your way through.

    • So far Google hasn’t made any of their Nexus devices with Motorola Mobility. Samsung, Asus and LG are the makers of the Nexus 10, Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 respectively. Google’s business plan is a flaw? Tell that to their incredibly high profits and stocks.

      • kascollet

        Google’s benefits come mainly from the desktop PC search functionality, witch is slowly giving up to mobile platforms. In this mobile department, their (little) profits come from iOS platform as Android devices’ web usage lags far behind iOS. The quick release of Google’s services to iOS (YouTube, Maps, GMail, Google Drive… every land possible is covered) just illustrates how much they need this platform to monetize their services. That’s why I’m looking for more and better in-house Google/Nexus devices.

        • And Google is still the search engine of choice for most users on the mobile platforms. Google didn’t make Android for direct profit. They use it to gather market data making their searches more relevant to help them keep their spot as the most used search engine. They also use it to solidify their place in the mobile market with all of their services being integrated into the most popular OS on the planet.

      • By letting other OEMs make Nexus devices its less of a financial risk to Google. Its that simple. If Apple makes an error in quality or functionality it looks bad for Apple end of story.

  • heenan73

    In all markets, Apple is slowly declining in market share, and will probably stabilise at about 7% (varying a little by country). This is a result of their choice to be the ‘BMW’ of smartphones, leaving Android to be the GM, Ford, Toyota etc.

    Carriers and sellers like the iPhone, because the margins are bigger, and customers loyal and trusting. But as your stats show, that isn’t enough, and large volume, smaller margins is their daily lunch.

    Interestingly, many ‘analysts’ are still predicting Apple/Android neck-and-neck in 2016; but that’s laughable, as are their 2010 predictions that Apple would dominate Symbian, Windows & Android (about equal) in 2012, with RIM rising fast

    ‘Exclusivity’ was a clever idea at the time – the decision was made when the iPhone was streets ahead and dominated the market; it is, after all, about profit margins.

    But events have taken an unexpected turn. Other manufacturers – notably Samsung – have caught up MUCH quicker than Apple thought, and Microsoft/Nokia, instead of playing to their strengths in the mass market, have gone for higher end phones.

    Apple may – just may – have got it wrong. Their gamble was built on their cachet as the fashionista’s best friend, and that will certainly help. But will it be enough?

    Some Apple fans, like our rude friend 666 will deliberately misread the changes, and be able to convince himself (if no-one else), that nothing has changed, nothing will ever change. But not all Apple fans can ignore value for money forever; and fashionistas are fickle (remember when Sony ruled TVs?). We’ll see.

    • All that said Look at the Q1, Q2 Reports. What happened in Q3? People stop buying the iPhone 4/4S in anticipation of the iPhone 5. So yeah Samsung naturally won that. But reports are already coming in projecting the Apple has won Q4 they are just waiting on the Christmas reports to hit. I like both OS’s but hands down apple has the most secure devices that’s why the government and private companies alike are adopting it. Device vs Device Apple wins.

      • heenan73

        Apple engineer these uneven sales with their marketing; it makes comparisons difficult (which they like) and if sales are disappointing (eg iPad ‘mini’) they can then pretend they had stock problems during peak demand) which they like even more.

        Best to look at sales graphs and look at the trend. In a still-growing market, Apple is still growing – bur much slower than Samsung in manufacturers comparisons and much, much, much slower than Android in OS comparisons. Indeed, in some markets, iPhone market share is falling, and tablet market share is levelling out (already).

        Not nice facts for Apple Zealots, but – as they say – suck it up.

        Device vs Device Apple *used to win* – not any more.

  • tom

    What do we expect? Android OS is given away for FREE! How you gonna compete with that?

    • Marvin Nakajima

      Umm.. iOS is ‘free’ to the iPhone manufacturer too.. What is your point?

  • the iPhone is overpriced. It should cost $200 maximum and everyone would get one. Can’t see why we need to pay $799 minimum for it Androids are cheaper and very functional…

  • S

    The problem with iphone is that you can’t make a call with it

  • note 2

    Native email app on my Note 2 cannot accept/reject meeting invites sent from BlackBerry devices or Outlook.
    Samsung Kies syncing software is a terrible attempt of copying itunes.
    Try setting your native alarm clock to x:15pm or x:20pm. The voice cant tell time.
    Updates are ridiculous. Have to wait for carrier releases.
    Native keyboard is horrible.


  • in the end…

    Lots of debate here. Mainly one guy touting the benefits of iOS. It also sounds like he’s a developer. I don’t blame developers who like iOS users paying for apps. But that line of reasoning is like when all the local shops were out complaining about Walmart coming to their town. They’d picket and yell for people to buy local, but in the end the consumer speaks with their wallet. Walmart will stay and there is still some market for the local shops. It’s about marketshare. Walmart is bigger. That’s it. And their model is like Google: second to market and just improve on what the other guy spent millions on R&D to do. Then sell it cheaper since you don’t have to recoup R&D. Apple will survive as a specialty maker. And Android will dominate like Walmart.