Apple close to settling Brazilian iPhone suit

by: Nate SwannerMarch 11, 2013


Remember when we told you all about the Android powered iPhone? It didn’t look like the Apple iPhone, but that device did have the same name. Apple, as you can imagine, wasn’t too happy about it and filed suit to have the device name changed. We’re all used to this by now, Apple suing for one reason or another. The outcome on this one, however, is very different.

Recently, the Brazilian Institute of Industrial Property decided that Apple did not own the exclusive right to the iPhone moniker,  a huge precedent for the Android version built by Gradiente Eletronica SA. Without solid footing by which to have the device name altered or changed altogether, it now seems Apple is willing to enter into an “agreement”.

What is the agreement? Who knows. Maybe, as with HTC, both parties are willing to play nice. Gradiente, now IGB Electronica, filed a patent on the iPhone name back in 2000, a full seven years before the iPhone debut. This “agreement” could signal that Apple understands it has no leg to stand on, and will have to simply deal with the decision. As the largest country in an emerging market, this decision in Brazil is an important one which sets a solid precedent moving forward.



  • Jaime Larios

    It would be funny if Apple changed the name of their phone to Hiphone in Brazil haha.

  • Mike Reid

    >What is the agreement? Who knows.

    IMO Apple buys or “rents” name, and Brazilian company gives up the name. Simple.

  • Apple should change the name to icrap or ishit.

  • steve “blow” jobs

    All Brazilians BOYCOTT apple crap.