Even though the U.S. launch has been fumbled by carriers and Samsung so far, the Galaxy S3 is rolling out in more and more markets as we speak and the South Korean Android maker is trying to make the most of its 2012 Android flagship handset.

Pocket-lint reports that Samsung is especially interested in accommodating the needs of current iPhone owners who may consider switching to Android, or more specifically, to a brand new Galaxy S3.

One of the obstacles smartphone fans can encounter when deciding to move from one mobile platform to another is the difficult process of accessing their digital content purchased on the old platform and other personal data. While apps can’t be ported from iOS to Android and vice-versa, and iPhone owners would have to buy new apps for the Galaxy S3, they would be able to move all their other iTunes content and access it on the Samsung phone.

As expected, there’s an Android app to take care of that process and Samsung is making it free for certain Galaxy S3 buyers. Developed by Media Mushroom, Easy Phone Sync is available to download from Google Play right away and once installed on the Galaxy S3 it will help users sync their newly purchased handsets with iTunes.

With Easy Phone Sync, Galaxy S3 owners would be able to get their contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, podcasts and playlists from the iPhone via iTunes and transfer them to the new device.

In addition to the Android app, users would also have to download a PC or Mac component and install it on their computers in order to sync iTunes with the Galaxy S3. As always, there’s a catch to get the app free of charge: you have to be based in the UK, but hopefully that will change in the near future.

Have you replaced your iPhone with a brand new Galaxy S3?

  • Stan

    I have been using my S3 for over a week now and because i use all my services through Google it was an easy swap. And you dont require a locked down application like iTunes to transfer music and photos. Too easy!

    • AppleFUD

      iTunes is apple’s key to locking in users. . . . can’t stand iTunes myself.

      Nonetheless, I’m sure there are many who cannot figure out how to get their content out of iTunes and therefore stay with apple devices, thus this is a smart move IMO.

      • Stan

        It’s tricky isn’t it! I hate when itunes goes and automatically arranges your music and albums and then if you want to manually access the files you need to sort through folders like AA->032->12->3244.mp3 oh man does my head in! haha. I liked the simple drag and drop of what i want on my phone through an explorer window or the android transfer utility, or now so wirelessly through keis! i could never get wireless sync with iTunes to work. Ahh well, hopefully my S3 doesnt catch on fire like the one online the other day! lol

  • jack

    this doesn’t work at the device doesn’t support ums :(

  • eric auer

    Been thinking about going back to an android phone especially to s3 been looking at this phone for months on the Internet. The iPhone 4s sucks on sprint network. When I had the original Evo it was great never had a problem with network and dead calls. I dot think Sprint can handle the iPhones

  • Mca

    On Google Plays, it says this software is incompatible with AT&T S3 version. Anyone knows why?

  • January

    Nothing about the switch is easy. The galaxy is clunky, hard to use and more. The apps seem unfinished and half the time unusable. My android friends say it’s not androids fault its the developers… fair call but I need the apps to use the phone how I want and they work fine on iphone its just the android version doesn’t work. No good to knew and it makes the phone unsuitable. Also the whole you can do anything on android is not true either. There’s as few things I want it to do I’ve been told it just can’t or it needs to be rooted… want the fact you had to jail break iphones to have it do simple things part of the android fan gripe?? How is that different from having to root android phones havehave our do donors

    • zeum

      LOL what a fanboi flame out. I just got a gs3 to replace my iphone and can say that your talking out of your ass because evrthing you said is the opposite. switching was a breeze and i feel like a whole new open world is in front of me. no more little tiny iprison :)

  • January

    That below was typed on android. Stupid errors and things that don’t make sense because I’m sick off retyping everything…. never had that issue on iphone
    Even cut and paste is an effort

    • FtZ

      You can just get a better keyboard that suits you… there’s many options on android.

  • Disappointed

    This software is appalling, it doesn’t work well between mac and phone at all. If I am able to get anything synced, I can guarantee that it won’t sync a second time without some major hoops being jumped through. Rubbish and I can’t believe that Samsung ‘offer’ this as the accepted option but don’t offer support for it.

  • rwc2504

    iTunes to Galaxy SIII is really simple, dont pay for airsync! Simply take a micro SD and put it in an adaptor, plug into your laptop or PC SD slot and load your songs on the SD card. On your GSIII load doubletwist app, replace your micro SD in your GSIII and when you want to listen to music simply open your doubletwist app and it will play your music. Very simple and FREE.

  • Emilio

    I know this post is over 3 months old but couldn’t resist it. I too started to use iPhone until a friend showed me the S3. Just got one and love it 100% over the iPhone. Everything is excellent. This application was a breeze to use and transferred all my contacts via the explanation here on top. I’m extremely happy with the change and the way it displays everything. You want apps? they have them all and some cases better. If you are debating, Jump in, you will not regret it. And to Chris, thanks for the tip, it worked great.

  • spelcd

    does anyone know if the easy phone sync app is available in australia?

  • Nick Darby

    Just used Easy Phone Sync app in Australia. All worked OK. Contacts all there, music all there. Just trying to find where notes went :)

    • saira jabin

      did you ever find where the notes saved??

  • Nick Darby

    Just one note. I had to restart the phone after installing the app on Phone and PC, then all ok. Easy Phone Sync on the PC could not find the phone till I turned the phone off and on.

  • Tainale

    This does work, now I am not so depress about changing from iPhone to Android. After doing this I could say it was a smoth transicion.

  • I have the iPhone 4s. Both my kids have one and I also have the newest iPad. I’m “thinking” of upgrading again and going with the Galaxy sIII. I love my iPhone, but years ago before I had android and I liked it as well. However, this is the first phone I’ve considered jumping Apple for…..suggestions????

  • LaSeNgErO

    totally worked for me, thank you so much for this, just restarted my s3, viola, phone detected, just chose what to sync and did it without any hassle, it didn’t even take me five minutes to do it, I highly recommend this app when switching

  • iphoner45

    Switch from iPhone to Android ? Don’t be afraid to lose important contacts, photos, or text messages with this iPhone to Android transfer tool

  • iphoner45

    Switch from iPhone to Android ? Don’t be afraid to lose important contacts, photos, or text messages with this iPhone to Android transfer tool