iPhone 5s vs. LG G2: quick look

by: Brad WardSeptember 23, 2013

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LG’s latest flagship is the G2, a device that’s dominating benchmarks and winning acclaim for its industry leading 2.65mm thin bezel and latest-gen 5.2 inch 1080 IPS LCD display. iPhone 5S is the latest flagship from Apple and, for the most part, exhibits a near identical aesthetic and form factor to its predecessor, iPhone 5. Boasting the world’s first mobile 64-bit ARM processor, a more impressive camera, the same display as iPhone 5, and fingerprint reading tech, is it enough to satisfy consumers’ need for ever better mobile devices?

You can decide for yourself which one is better in this Apple iPhone 5s vs. LG G2 quick look comparison. Let’s take a look, shall we? Or jump straight to the video.

Design and build quality

The iPhone 5s is clad in aluminum, featuring chamfered edges, and, as usual, build quality is fantastic. The iPhone 5s also has a unique home button that is made of laser-cut sapphire crystal with a stainless steel detection ring circling it.

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Looking at the LG G2, you get a device with one of the thinnest bezels ever seen on a smartphone. In true edge-to edge form, the bezel comes in at 2.65mm thin with the tried and true plastic design. The G2 feels well-built, and, as for unique design features, due to the extremely thin bezels, the volume and power buttons are placed on the back of the phone.

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In terms of display, there’s not much new happening here. You get the same 4-inch display found on the iPhone 5, capable of 640 x 1,136 resolution, rated at 326ppi. That being said, it still looks brilliant, and makes iOS 7 really shine with excellent brightness. Text, images, and video are all great. As for outdoor viewability, iPhone 5s produces an astounding 562 nits of brightness, making it great even on sunny days.

Depending on your screen size preference, some may find the LG G2 more favorable with its 5.2-inch IPS LCD display, with full HD resolution, rated at 424ppi. The display itself is one of the most advanced displays on any device out currently, and produces an exceptional color palette, and produce 450 nits brightness – great for outdoor viewability.

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In the iPhone 5S, we have 8-megapixel optics, featuring f2.2 aperture. It also sports a two-LED flash system, one cool and white, while the other is warm and amber. The camera  has 15% larger active sensor area than the previous generation, some new iOS 7 features for nicer images (auto image stabilization, burst mode that takes 10 frames per second) and 720p video recording at 120fps.

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The LG G2 has 13-megapixel optics strapped on the back, also featuring optical image stabilization technology. Aside from OIS tech, the G2 also has auto-focus, LED flash, tracking zoom, and a plethora of other shooting modes and settings to help you in taking the perfect shot.


The iPhone 5S has a non-removable Li-Po 1,570 mAh battery, with up to 10 hours of life on LTE and Wi-Fi browsing. Of course, it’s actual battery length solely depends on how much you use it.

As for the G2, we have a larger 3,000 mAh battery to compensate for more demanding specs. However, the G2’s battery has a “step design” to take advantage of more space in the device. Battery density has also been increased to improve battery life, too. You can read all about that here.

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Other Specs

The iPhone 5S features a Apple A7 64-bit 1.7GHz dual-core chip, which the company claims will offer 40x CPU performance and 56x faster graphics than the original iPhone. It also features 1GB of RAM, and it comes in 16, 32, and 64GB sizes. Finally, it has a fingerprint scanner, which can be used to unlock the device. You can find the full specs here.

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The LG G2 has a quad-core Snapdragon 800 2.26GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and it comes in 16 or 32GB sizes. You can find the full specs list here.


Apple’s iPhone 5S comes with iOS 7, which has been pretty much completely redesigned. It also comes with a handful of new features, which can be read about here.

The G2 features LG’s own UI, and has some interesting custom software, such as KnockOn, Answer Me, Plug & Pop and Guest Mode.

Hands-on video

Wrap Up

And there you go! That’s what the iPhone 5S and LG G2 look like against one another on paper. It’s a pretty drastic difference, but again, we’re talking about two very different OS’ here that require very different levels of hardware.

What do you think about these two devices? Let us know in the comments!

  • VasyaPupkin

    useless article

  • Valtheus

    Why do you guys keep comparing 5S to all flagship android phones? At least make one article comparing iPhone 5S to other flagships all together ffs. Not that anyone cares for that matter.

    • VasyaPupkin

      It seems like they have a KPI – number of articles per day. That is why there are so many crap articles. I still remember the “Price and availability date” article without price and date :)))

      • Balraj

        Lol lol lol lol

  • rozroz

    could someone please explain WHY WHY WHY the Androids have that annoying delay when swiping??? it’s still obvious in the 5S vs G2 video comparison.
    i definitely wanna switch to android soon, but this still feels so lame.

  • zen

    LG G2 is seriously kicking some ass. Compared the two phone hands-on and bought the G2. The screen form factor and usability just outshine iphone 5s. Very happy with it. Brilliant screen, nice android tweaks to make it easy to use specially the one-hand-operation keyboard !

    • Balraj

      I read online that one part of lg g2 screen is not responsive.is it true? Can you scribble something through on drawing screen n check
      Just curious… :-)

      • gue

        It seems to only affect the Korean model so no worrirs

        • Balraj

          Oh ok ok
          I’m waiting for nexus 5 so that I can decide if it’s g2 or nexus 5
          Waiting s***s

      • Keith Taylor

        I have had the G2 for about a week now and can tell you there is no lag or unresponsiveness at any level

  • fatyss

    How can a dualcore iphone 5S cpu win against qualcom cpu s800 at speed 2.3ghz per core , is this true , if then apple is goinga right direction i have to admit (look at anadtech for benchmark).

    • Ben Edwards

      Benchmarks really don’t matter in this day and age of flagships…

    • NeedName

      it’s rare that all four cores in an Android device get used, they are generally only using two cores 99% of the time.

  • Balraj
  • fanboy1974

    The LG G2 was the phone that made me switch to iphone after being loyal to android for 4 years.
    1. All the bloat and crap on the verizon model.
    2. The pull down menu was so cluttered and LG went backwards by going with 4.1.2 settings style.
    3. The phone still had a little lag.
    4. The battery was not as good as the Note 2 I had. And with verizon changing the standard mold battery cases are slim to none. Speaking of cases there was no guarantee that all cases would fit the Verizon models.
    5. The screen was beautiful in doors but take it outside and you will see this matrix of dots in direct sunlight.
    6. The ir blaster had to be used head on and had no range.
    7. Cheap plastic.
    8. Out dated software out the box. And how long would it take to get Kitkat?

    I’m at the age where I’m tired if crack flashing roms on a phone I need to use everyday. And with Verizon not friendly to unlocked bootloaders or Nexus devices I decided to go iphone and Nexus 7.
    Not one hint of slowdown with the iphone 5s and there’s even a battery case with swappable galaxy s3 batteries.

    • Andreas Larsson

      So why did the g2 make you switch? It’s not the only android out there you know :p

    • squirtle

      Well my G2 had none of those troubles so…nice try fanboy

    • bryan

      Sounds like verizon is what made you switch by ruining the phone by just being verizon. I havw the tmobile variant and works amazingly

  • Bexon

    Im looking to buy LG G2, need advice.

    • Oli72

      Get the nexus 5. It will be a G2 pure Google. I have a Nexus 4 getting the Nexus 5 for business phone

      • Bexon

        Generally Nexus is phone ( probably ) made by LG and it will be a phone similar to G2 just with cut corners. Advantages of Nexus will be update and price.
        if anyone have good or bad experience with G2 please let me know.

        • Oli72

          So far so good. LG is a quality phone.

  • oldiphonefanboy

    Gave up on the same old iphone with very little difference other than buying their latest gimmick for the lg g2 with real hardware updates and with more workplace potential for all my software and office needs. Also a huge improvement reading my nook and kindle books on this phones screen.

  • Oli72

    The G2 is a whale the iPhone 5 is a Tictac. That’s like putting a Tictac in a whale mouth. G2 is in an exclusive league.

  • Ben Edwards

    I know it’s only a small thing, but the new home button on the 5S just doesn’t look right to me without the little square inside it.

  • rozroz

    hey, what about the Android using 30fps vs IOS that use 60fps?

    that makes all the fluidness when using Iphone. any news about Android switching to 60fps?
    and also that 50ms touch delay that the Android has vs the Iphone.
    when you scroll up/down fast your finger’s always late in the midway,

    but on Iphone your finger is EXACTLY where you scroll.

    anyone knows if they’re gonna take those issues into consideration?

    these things are super important for me (and they are super noticeable on Iphone 5 vs Nexus 4 reviews).


    • Kash Gummaraju

      Lol you must be stuck in the past. Ever heard of stock android? Ever heard of 2gb ram? Ever heard of the new snapdragon processors? Guess not. Well let me illuminate your little “iOS is better” world down there, You can remove the useless animations on an Android which removes all lag and with 2gb ram and a snapdragon 600 processor you can never lag unless way too many ram and storage space intensive apps are being run in the background. With Android you can eliminate all lag with launchers, roms, and developer settings. With iOS 2 gens later the phone lags out and begins overheating. With android you won’t stick with the phone for 2 more gens. Funny my finger is EXACTLY where I scroll. I have never noticed lag in any direction I swipe or scroll.

      Hey what about that same old design?

      What about all those features that you got from android? Yeah we’d like that back, but don’t worry we don’t sue people, because we’re an open source OS

      And also those hardware specs? When are those going to change?

      But on Android you can have the OS bend to your tastes

      Anyone know when Apple is going to take these issues into consideration?

      These things are super important to me (and they’re super noticeable in every iphone vs any android smartphone reviews)


  • sumikopalexande

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  • Luis Solano

    I’ve had this phone since it first came out. It is incridible! Love it! The screen, the camera and video recording is amazing!! I have a lot of friends that have the galaxy S4 and new iphone 5s and they are very jealous of my LG G2. they tell me that they wish they would have bought one. I have owned many phones including the Iphones and LG G2 kicks ass all the way.

  • Eddy

    The G2 is easily a competitor for every other high-end smartphone out there. The “weird” button layout works for us, and it’s paired with some smart touch functions that are well thought out. The phone looks and feels great, and just works as a smartphone should.