iPhone 5S

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C smartphones during a special media event, and in what follows we’re going to see how Apple’s high-end 2013 handset does against its main Android rivals in a raw specs battle.

The iPhone 5S is Apple’s next flagship device, which means it will compete in stores against flagships from various Android device makers.

While the specs battle doesn’t tell the entire story in such phones battles, we’ll only compare hardware between the iPhone 5S and various Android devices.

We picked one flagship device from Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and Sony for this particular battle – we’re looking at the Galaxy S4, LG G2, HTC One, Moto X and Xperia Z1, respectively.

In what follows, you’ll be able to see how the devices compare, at least on paper, when it comes to specs.

 iPhone 5SGalaxy S4LG G2HTC OneMoto XXperia Z1
Size (mm)123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3129.3 x 65.3 x 10.4144 x 74 x 8.5
Weight (g)112130143143130170
Resolution1136 x 6401920 x 10801920 x 10801920 x 10801280 x 7201920 x 1080
CPUA7 64-bit; M7 motion coprocessorSnapdragon 600 / Exynos 5 OctaSnapdragon 800Snapdragon 600X8 SystemSnapdragon 800
Second camera1.2MP2MP2.1MP2.1MP2MP2MP
Wi-Fi802.11 a/b/g/n802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Battery standby250 hours370 hoursN/A480 hours576 hours880 hours
Fingerprint scannerYesNoNoNoNoNo
OSiOS 7Android 4.2.2Android 4.2.2Android 4.2.2Android 4.2.2Android 4.3
Price (w/contract)Starts at $199Starts at $199Starts at $199Starts at $199Starts at $199N/A

As you can see in the table above, the iPhone 5S is the smallest and lightest of the bunch and sports two unique features, a fingerprint scanner and a 64-bit processor (coupled with a motion coprocessor).

However, the Android contenders come with some unique features of their own such as the Moto X’s contextual awareness and always-on features, the LG G2’s button placement and optical image stabilization features or the Xperia Z1’s waterproof features, 20.7-megapixel camera and advanced camera features. Not to mention that they all seem to beat the iPhone 5S in most categories, when strictly comparing specs.

Every Android handset beats the iPhone when it comes to screen (size, resolution and ppi) and battery standby. It’s likely that the iPhone 5S doesn’t have a battery bigger than the battery of the Moto X, even if it offers 25 hours of additional standby time when compared to the iPhone 5.

You’ll notice that some iPhone 5S specs have not been mentioned by Apple yet including RAM and the aforementioned battery capacity, which is something the company has always failed to mention with new smartphones in previous years.

iPhone 5S

When it comes to camera, it would seem that all the Android players are again ready to beat the iPhone 5S, but we won’t draw a conclusion just yet. In addition to counting megapixels, we’ll also going to have to look at actual camera features and camera samples to see who’s the real winner. In that regard, the HTC One and the Xperia Z1 are expected to put up a more than decent fight – and yes, there may be other handsets running a different OS that may have better camera powers.

When it comes to wireless connectivity options, you’ll notice that the iPhone 5S does not offer support for 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, nor does it have a NFC chip inside – everyone else has such features. However, Apple said on stage that its device will pack better LTE support than any other smartphone.

Starting prices for the U.S. market are similar for all these smartphones, but we’re only looking at on-contract prices. The full price of the iPhone 5S starts at $649 for the 16GB version.

Finally, we’re going to remind you that Apple doesn’t race in the specs game played by other handset makers – a policy that Motorola has also adopted for its Moto X – so comparing only the specs between iOS 7 and Android devices will not always tell the whole story.

With all that in mind, we’re going to let you draw the conclusion: who’s the winner for you and why? What’s your favorite?

  • Afnan Muhammad

    Xperia Z1 is the best

    • feaffefafaeffaeffea

      Kinda sucks they used TFT display..f

    • james blunt

      The only good specs are its 20.7 megapixles camera and water and dust proof other than that its suck compare to the Note 3 – big , powerful 3GB of ram , a 3200mah battery and Android 4.3 .

      • Afnan Muhammad

        Note 3 in phablet category along with Z Ultra

      • Grman Rodriguez

        If all you look is the specs ok, but it’s also a beautifully made device with that elegant (albeit not so feature-packed) Sony UI with a Snapdragon 800, 2gigs of ram which is still plenty and the triluminos display which we need to see how much of an improvement it is

      • Christian

        Yeah, Note 3 – big, powerful, and plastic!

        • john

          At least if Note 3 drop down nothing happens.. but your aluminum phone … scratches… fails….

          • NarutoNamikaze1010

            Agree and remember because they use plastic they can cover a bunch of people within days or sooner than days,

          • randomguy123

            Did you see the iPhone 5s drop test made by android authority??

          • john

            ” there’s one conclusion we have drawn from our drop tests over the time is that metal, unsurprisingly, trumps plastic.”. You must buy ifon5s and drop on concrete, after that you can write if that phone hasn´t scratches

      • Chatz

        and Z1 is made out of what?

        • john

          all phones not iphones are of plastic or sand!

      • Roberto Tomás

        Note 3 should compare to the Z Ultra. Both are pen tablet-phones.
        I’ve got mixed feelings about the hardware comparison. display goes to Samsung, but by an inch not by a mile. The pen input on the Z Ultra is clearly the better touch input. Sony wins on camera pretty clearly. They lose on RAM, but the RAM isn’t that big of a deal for another couple of years (4k video is why). The snapdragon available in the US variants of these phones are the same, and Samsung’s 5420 is not really very much different than a Snapdragon 800 that has been toned down to work in a phone. Waterproofing goes to Sony, but extensibility to Samsung. Basically, yea, Samsung wins in the comparison, but overall it is a game of inches.

        • Rauch

          are you shitting me? the pen inpun on the z ultra is better than a dedicated s-pen with a thousand pressure sensors?

          • Roberto Tomás

            the problem with the S-Pen is that you need the S-Pen. The Z Ultra will work with anything, from a real pen, to a key, to a carrot. :) When the S-Pen starts working as an input device to other PCs (ie, when I can do real art with it), then I’ll like that one more. Right now the hardware might be there but the software isn’t. Not to my knowledge.

    • james blunt


    • William Larsson

      the bezels on the Z1 are too big for my taste, the phone is way bigger than other 5″ phones.

      • Christian

        i’ll exchange small bezels for waterproofing any time if the day…

      • john

        buy gaalxy s4 or htc one or moto X

  • Guy

    you forgot waterproof!

  • Spruce Cycle

    iPhone 5S=yawn-inducing

  • RarestName

    There is no winner. Every single phone has its advantages and disadvantages.

    • Spruce Cycle


    • Solomon Hwang

      well we can obviously tell who the loser is at least.
      *cough* apple! *cough*

    • john

      mmm you have iphone 5 and you want to have some reason to buy 5S… you will buy if you like iphone because more reasons doesn´t exist.

      • RarestName

        Actually I have a 4S.

        Few reasons:
        -Faster (duh)
        -Fixed aspect ratio (no more stupid 3:2 aspect ratio with black bars for videos)
        -LTE (not important, but much appreciated), when the iPhone 5 came out LTE was just being rolled out islandwide here.
        -Smaller than other flagship. Yes, I don’t really care about bigger screens since I can view the text just fine
        -I actually prefer iCloud syncing and backup. It only auto backs up when plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi, so no cellular data scares here.
        -Easier to transfer data like messages in WhatsApp
        -iMessage. I like the fact that I can continue messaging on my iPad when I put down my phone.
        -Battery charges faster and lasts longer for my usage patterns. I’m not used to turning everything off and setting battery profiles just to last the day for my usage patterns.
        -Notifications light up the lock screen.
        -Physical mute switch.
        -Tap the status bar to scroll all the way to the top. I prefer iOS scrolling over Android’s dynamic scrolling.

        There’re a lot more reasons why I’m staying on iOS for the time being. It’s not just because it’s an iPhone, or because Apple made it.

        • john

          Let me answer:
          -Faster than what? (old iphone) search benchmarks and learn.
          -16:9 is aspect for best videos or for what iphone 5 changed the aspect? ah your videos are in 3:2 and your home has a tv of 21″ brand hitachi
          -LTE? read again in serious pages when Iphone is not real LTE, but sony, samsung has LTE even motorola
          -If you talk, chat and tweet is not necessary more screen, the same if you have iphone 3… for what upgrade?
          -Icloud? seriously? you don´t know dropbox, drive, box….. ah no apple invented the web!
          -Whatsapp? is app only of iphone? ah no, apple invented whatsapp!
          -inmesage what is this? when my phone go off is off, for what messaging?
          -Battery, read again, iphone doesn´t last one day, motorola at least 3 days
          -Notifications? ios7 is for what? ios6 are old and needs plagiarize others systems
          -Please use these button for no write more in this page and go to mac to write of iphone in the clouds

          • RarestName

            -Faster than my iPhone 4S.
            -That’s what I said. I’m upgrading because there’s a better aspect ratio.
            -Even the iPhone 5 has true LTE, so I have no idea what you’re talking about.
            -I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I prefer the newer aspect ratio, hence the benefit for upgrading.
            -iCloud, for me, is not cloud storage. I see it more as a syncing service. I use all the three services that you’ve stated. I also use BitTorrent Sync.
            -I meant the transfer of data from my 4S to the new phone. You know, like transferring the application data from an iOS device to another?
            -iMessage is a BBM-inspired messaging service. If someone has iMessage and has iMessage turned on, iOS will automatically enable you to send iMessages to the other person. iMessage syncs with other iOS devices that you’re logged on into. Think of Google Hangouts and you’ll understand.
            -I never said that the iPhone’s battery can last one whole day.
            -The iPhone 5s comes with iOS 7. This is also completely unrelated to what I’ve mentioned.
            -I don’t even have a Mac, I prefer and use the Windows operating system.

            To be honest, your comment seems to have a strong feel of mockery. It’s ironic because you misunderstood whatever I’ve mentioned, and this makes you an unlikely candidate for an unbiased visitor in this blog, since all of your answers either sarcasm, arrogance or simply untrue opinions (e.g. LTE point).

          • john

            it is my style besides i can make comments because I had iphone and I have several androids. Androidauthority is for android users and people with an interest in reading news not to vilify Samsung, Sony or any supplier. Ah, you can search for iphone 5 with LTE (voice+data at same time)

  • Paul Faraday

    The first Sony should say Samsung.

    “We picked one flagship device from Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola and Sony for this particular battle”

  • Jarl

    no nfc, no micro sd card slot, only 4 inch screen which is not even HD, OS with no new ideas (just copied stuff from others), no android, errr, wait
    so why exactly would we even want to read about this thing on Android Authority?

    • Roberto Tomás

      Those are a bit of a let down. But this phone is bound to be fairly powerful, and is clearly a premium class phone in a size you really can’t get premium phones in anymore. Apple’s iPhone still has merit.

      • Flintstone2

        HTC One and Xperia Z1 are premium. And they can take a spin around 5s hardware wise…

        • Roberto Tomás

          you didn’t read what I said. It is not just a premium phone, it is a small premium phone. The HTC One is still big by comparison — and specs wise, it has a crappy processor. The Xperia Z1 is a minimum-sized phablet, its not even comparable.

          • Jarl

            i think 4.7″ is the new small

    • john

      In other pages is the same, look at the windows phone comments but if you like so much the new iphone go to mac pages for find any good review

      • Jarl

        can you understand english at all?

        • john

          No mr

  • Luka Mlinar

    I’m sorry but Fingerprint scanner shouldn’t even be a statistic. You might as well put waterproof :/

    • james blunt

      What are you going to do with your wateproof phone ? Film someone in the water ? Can’t because the water surrounding the lens will make it hard for the sensors to get a good clear picture even though you have a 20.7 megapixels camera . Picture will really look like shit and I try before cus I got a Xperia Z .

      • not so blunt

        will make a film me and your mother together in the tub! :D

      • RarestName

        No. This can prevent future accidents like dropping it in water, or rain getting into your phone. You don’t just intentionally throw the stupid device into the water.

        This reminds me of the superhydrophobic spray reviews on YouTube.

        “Oh, it doesn’t work after I fully dip it in and out of the water for at least 20 times in a forceful manner, so it sucks and is a gimmick.”

      • Luka Mlinar

        Are you for real? :D

      • Eric Tweedie

        waterproof is good in case of spills or drops in puddles, etc. i have seen quit a few good handhled devices/phones die from these very reasons

        • Drew Blaskoski

          espicially when you are drinking the hooch and get carless.

          • Eric Tweedie

            or you have kids that play games/watch shows on your phone

      • john

        For diving film the sea in or out, take photos to your family with fear of damaging the phone. Maybe you drop down the phone in the toilet…. do you need more?

        • abazigal

          You mean like the waterproof S4 that Samsung released, which turned out to not be as waterproof as initially advertised?

          • john

            No, I hasn´t tested this s4 active but I read the reviews. It is similar to xperia Z

        • Jeremy

          I’m sorry but waterproof or not, dropping your phone in the toilet is permanent damage.

          • john

            dropping Xperia Z or s4 active is not problem. The problem is clean it

      • Roberto Tomás

        that’s cool that you tried :)

    • john

      Maybe it must be tested down the water if fingerprint works. I need a iphone for diving and check my fingerprint!

  • Skander

    Putting “fingerprint scanner” is a mistake.
    You should also then include the following:

    *Floating Touch
    *IR Blaster
    *Stereo Speaker
    *4K Video
    *Wireless Charging.

    • Right on! How about background processes from any app? Friggin Dropbox is free to sync in the background whenever you want it to. On iOS the user has to load the app first. And then if 15 minutes has passed by (or whatever) with the app closed, they have to open the app again to restart the sync. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Harry

        Background processes from any app added in iOS 7. Inform yourself before running your mouth.

        • Brian Ward

          Better, but still more limited in iOS 7. I actually think the improved background process capability is the best thing about iOS 7. And why so hostile Harry? Geeze. You sir are an a hole.

          • Harry

            I was in a rush and it was the natural way to say what I meant. didn’t mean the hostility bit… an accidental a**hole.

            However, that said, in my short experience with iOS 7 (me is semi-competent dev) I find it to be better overall at background processes than Android because it packs push updates for all apps. So apps that are not even running will be updated in the background – you don’t even have to launch them.

            The only multitasking feature that Apple hasn’t managed to meet or beat is the split screen option on newer versions of TouchWiz

          • Brian Ward

            For sure, notifications are better on iOS which is an advantage, but that is also inefficient in some scenarios. Regardless, I am probably an a hole towards Apple as well. But it’s only because I can see so much potential there that I feel is squandered on things like redressing their old tech in colors.

    • Chris

      Agreed. Another example with poor comparisons is the processor. Phones like the G2 come with dedicated vRAM or the Moto X’s low power ‘always listening’ cores which aren’t mentioned, whereas the iPhone 5s has the M7 motion processor listed. Sorry, very poor article and comparison. I’m amazed that writers now have to cater to apple features to help out an inferior iPhone. How the industry has changed. Still not a bad product, but not on the same level as current top tier devices, too many missing features.

      • Rauch

        the article is very well written, apple is the one not releasing full specs for their phones…

    • Rooney-

      This is apple. We only give what we want, not what customers want :)

    • Brian Shieh

      I still wonder why smartphone makers don’t just combine the best to be the best.

      • Skander

        Most do, I’m only quoting a Galaxy because that’s what I know most of, but most high end Androids do.

        Note 3 has:

        IR Blaster
        Floating Touch
        4K Video
        Wireless Charging (another backplate)

        HTC One:

        IR Blaster

        iPhone 5S:


    • Sam

      I’m a developer on both platforms and I have an iPhone 5 and an S4. I’m going to try to be objective on this as a developer; which on this site usually translates to a clear bias for Apple and a similarly clear bias for Android on Apple fan sites but whatever.

      Wireless charging and floating touch are just stupid, not to mention floating touch on my S4 works once out of every 4 or 5 attempts. Other features would be awesome but none of the other handsets have all of these features either.

      Not to mention these features are amazing to geeks like us on AA but the general public doesn’t even know what 4K or floating touch is and most likely wouldn’t realize whether or not their device was even equipped with stereo speakers and IR blasters.

      Also, you could make a similar list going the other way.

      *360 degree fingerprint sensor

      *64 bit processor (a much bigger deal than Android fans are willing to admit, especially for gamers and anyone using the iPhone to record serious video)

      *Motion processor (has a lot more applications than what Apple highlighted on the keynote)

      *Best camera overall and not even close for low light shots (Xperia camera has more advanced post shot features but the 20.7MP claim is just people knowing nothing about photography and thinking big numbers equal big results)

      *Their stock software is in a lot of cases first class (Photos, Music, new iTunes Radio, iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, new Safari is great, FaceTime is more reliable than Skype in my experience (but I haven’t used either since my brother got back from overseas a year ago), iTunes U has no equal (but its a niche product), Maps on iOS 7 is actually better than Google Maps on a few things but vice versa in most cases, but its improved enough that its a legitimately very decent maps and navigation app.

      I still prefer Android because of a lot of the power user features but iOS 7 has done a lot to close the gap and the 64 bit processor is a bigger innovation than an IR blaster or a 5 inch screen, just saying.

      • Skander

        Your 64bit claims are far from the truth, 64bit processors are USELESS without 4GB or more of RAM, yes it is a big deal for Android as we approach that amount of RAM.
        The Motion processor has one only advantage and that’s saving power and offloading sensor tasks from the processor, nothing special there, the S4 is the most sensor equipped device out there and with Big Little offloading such tasks to the A7 cores it has the same effect.
        All my stock apps (unlocked device so no carrier apps) works great too, not to mention that floating touch works reliably and is used by all my friends (including the gesture sensor).
        You can diagnose your weird issues in the *#0*# screen and selecting floating to test why it’s not accurate for you, it passes all test successfully for me.

        The camera is also full marketing, yes it has 1.5 micron pixels, the s4 has 1.1 micron pixels, and the HTC One has 2 micron pixels, we will see night time shots, bring me morning shots and your best camera argument is invalid, the S4 pretty much dwarfs the iPhone 5’s camera already.

        PS: Classing a 64bit processor as an innovation shows how bright you are, 64bit processors existed for a long.. long time on desktop AND mobile (arm a50 and a57) but didn’t get used as they don’t really give any advantage at 4GB or less ram.

        • banana

          that’s what you think.
          What if say, you were talking about a certain company called apple and it’s technology can make use of the 64 bit processor without 4 GB of RAM to run games like say..infinity blade 3?

      • Roddisq

        I stopped on “Wireless charging…is just stupid…”

  • Amadeus Klein

    surprising disappointment from apple… Still no waterproofing? Their phones are some of the worst for water damage issues… 64 bit is interesting, but honesty not the earth shattering news people were touting for the announcement. So I’ll stick with my S4 and maybe jump to the Z1 once it proves itself in real life use… I left apple after the 4 (when they announced the 4S) and they haven’t won me back since….

  • DanDingello

    not even the slightest interest now haha. I dont just dont get it why some people still buy this crap

  • wow, the 5S looks so puny size wise, even specs wise compared to the Android flagships.. so 5S is a flagboat?

    • Roberto Tomás

      at only 110 grams, you can almost put this in your shirt pocket without it sagging. :) — I can’t believe I’m the only one who likes the phone. It stands out all the more now that it is the only one that isn’t large.

      • I go back and forth. The iPhone 5 with iOS is a really good app platform, but not a good operating system because it is inflexible and the apps are like little programs stranded on deserted islands. It all depends on the device is used.

    • Nech

      lol @ flagboat.

    • Flagraft? Flagskiff?

    • john

      Flag bloated..

  • raj

    The comparison was hilarious
    4″ phone with 3 year old IPhone 4S specs…..

  • Dash Foster

    The two funniest things are only Apple has the finger print scanner (was this really a needed spec comparison) and that both battery and Ram are just N/A

  • lol

    Chill people! You know the marketing strategy! Give it less than 2 years and there’s going to be a new iPhone–possibly waterproof, crashproof, freezeproof, and even bulletproof….

    • Valtheus

      Thumbs up! I wonder if it will be shitproof though… cause thats what Apple keeps throwing at us!

  • Balraj

    Lg g2 :-D

  • James Childress

    This love affair with Apple is coming to an end. They are lagging behind in performance and specs.

  • Steve Jobs

    I can hear android is pounding apples bottom now! hehehe

  • fdre

    xz1 is not android jb 4.3

    • john

      then what is it?

      • fdre


  • You know it’s bad when the phone is outdated before it even launches.

    • Rooney-

      But stil it can give run a to all top android phones when it comes to power processing,gaming,camera,browsing…..

      • Jarl

        gaming, browsing on that silly little 4 inch non HD screen?
        better camera than the Z1?

        • dodz

          and dont forget fragility of the iphone lol

          • abazigal

            I can imagine. Quite a number of my friends are already sporting cracks on their Note2 and S3 phones which span the entire length of the screen. I have dropped my iphone a few times, and it remains perfectly fine save for a tiny chip here and there. The glass remains intact.

          • JBDragon

            Considering the Drop tests done by Android Authority on the iphone 5 to the Samsung S3 and S4 and the iphone winning by a mile, that’s to be expected!!! Even the iPhone 4S won!!!! Don’t know why some people think plastic is so great. Plastic=Cheap!

          • CyberJ

            Aluminium is cheap too BTW, very cheap actually. I prefer plastic. Everybody is obsessed with everything being METAL! YEAH! METAL! I don’t get it. I got the Note 3, and I saw a bunch of drop tests VS the iPhone 5s, the 5s fails, miserably, go look on YouTube for yourself. We get it, your phone is made of METAL, now can we get over it? I couldn’t care less. I much prefer removing the back cover, changing it, putting another battery in there once the old one wears out, or putting in another 64 gb of storage for 50 bucks, having USB 3.0, faster charging, better battery, bigger screen, better resolution and PPI… The list is crazy, and I couldn’t care less about how “sleek” you think the iPhone is, or how “it just works” (I hear this one a lot, like that’s even a compliment). I just put a “Zenus Vintage Quilt Diary Wallet Cover Case” (jeez, long name), and I can assure you, it looks pretty damn good, not cheap at all. You’re gonna put a case on it anyway…
            As for the 4s, wow, really? The 4 and 4s sold such a high number or screen for repair, that I frickin made a business out of it in Romania, I used to buy screens from China for these models and sell them here, and in other EU countries, because they broke like crystal glasses, it was pathetic, and profitable for me. I actually repaired 5 iPhones at my university, only in my year in Dentistry last year (we are 60 students total!). The 4 and 4s are just pathetic to say the least, stop kidding yourself.

          • CyberJ

            Keep telling urself that. I’ve dropped my S3 more than I can remember, it looks like shit, but it works perfectly, I could show u pics. I wonder who’s gonna buy it from me now, since I want to sell it and get the Z1. Please, don’t lie to us, we know phones, and iPhones break very very fast, its just 2 sheets of tempered glass.

          • abazigal

            I have dropped my iphone a few times. Save for a tiny ding on the side, no cracks on the glass. Think the compact nature of the iphone and the bezel around the screen helps in absorbing some of the shock to the glass?

      • deepen03

        on a 4inch 640Pixel Screen? I’ll enjoy my FULL HD 441PPI 1080Pixel screen, thank you very much.

        • john

          I agree, Do you imagine to write comments in this page with Iphone? or make transactions in bank? extract a certificate?

      • An OlFolk

        And ur fingerprint for a complete government profile!

        • Mark Langston

          Like the Motorola Atrix, right?

          • Gimboid

            Heh, nobody remembers the Atrix had fingerprint unlocking back in 2011… Laptops have been using it for many years. Now that Apple is doing it, its the same old story “Apple innovates! we all need this”

            Silly apple people

    • Mark Langston

      Like when Google released the Nexus 4 that lacks a 4G radio. Or the Moto X that released with Android 4.2 instead of 4.3.

      Yeah, that is bad.

  • Luis

    The least leap of Apple this time. Same screen size and a 64 bit processor for what? speed is enough at this time, it will consume more baterry power? No SD card slot, hihg price for what it offer

    • Mark Langston

      I suggest you keep your distance from the Nexus 4 and HTC One. Neither have an SD card slot.

      Also, you do realize that both Samsung and HTC are hard at work to release smartphones with 64-bit chips, right? Will you be so nonchalant and dismissive of 64-bit chips when the next Galaxy has it?


  • 1bmwdrvr1

    Why such a tiny screen Apple? No Swype and really the look of the OS… It’s so ancient looking, like a giant step backward. Darn I was hoping for so much more, I am afraid that Android developers won’t even try anymore they have already surpassed iOS by such a wide margin… Maybe Windows phone will nip at Android’s heels…

  • James Brown

    Agreed that a spec chart doesn’t do some of these phones justice. A lot of what makes a phone is the combination of specs.

  • john

    Iphone 5s es good for gift to a girlfriend ( or future girlfriend) or now for gays (because its colors!! I don´t have problem with gays they could have expensive phones)

  • john

    Next version of android will be APPLE PIE!

    • Amsakanna

      That was the first version
      Android 1 = Apple pie
      Android 1.1 = Blackberry
      Android 1.5 = Cupcake …

      • john

        ok, you can read the word or the meaning. Next version of android will be applesauce!

    • Jane

      Next version will certainly start with an L Mr. John, please do more reading

      • john

        Jane, I believe that you think the next letter is L from Kit kat. Now, do you understand sarcasm? (apple)

  • deepen03

    the main thing about the iPhone is that tiny 4inch size. I thought size didn’t matter for phones, until I got my S4 after owning an iPhone 3G, 4 and 5. 5inches is the sweet spot for a phone IMO. Apple isn’t ready for the Big Boy party yet.

  • john

    when someone steal your iphone, what is next step? that thief mutilates your finger

  • ben

    This thing cannot stand a chance against the Nexus 4. At $649 you can buy THREE Nexus 4s.

  • Christian Harris

    Wow, to me they’re just all expensive pieces of shit that people buy to somehow feel as if they are above society.

    • Mark Langston

      When you say “all” are you only referring to Apple products or all smartphones?

      I only ask because to suggest that Apple products are overtly expensive is a complete misnomer. iPhones (on contract) are the same price as a flagship Samsung, HTC or LG phone: $199 (the Note 3, on the other hand, starts at $299).

      Regarding Apple’s other products, MacBooks and (some) Windows laptops are closer in price today than they were years ago (but still not quite on par in using quality materials). MacBook Air starts at $1,000 and is regarded by PC magazine and many other PC-centric sites/publications as the best device to run Windows.

      I do agree that certain devices are seen as status symbols but how does that differ from driving a Mercedes, wearing Tom Ford, living in a certain neighborhood, owning a 70″ TV or shopping/dining at finer establishments? We’re all a little boastful, and that’s completely natural. But to vilify others for wanting the finer things in life is not in step with reality.

      • Christian Harris

        I know that. But then again, they are just toys. At first I got really engaged in the whole Android vs. iOS thing, now I could give a shit. I’m gonna take my mobile hotspot and iPod around with me and be happy. Only $20 month for LTE.

  • abazigal

    Honestly? I think comparisons like these are always meaningless when made in a vacuum.

    Not that specs don’t matter, but they don’t quite tell the whole story either, In fact, specs hide a lot. A large battery doesn’t tell you that it too can be drained very quickly due to power-hungry components and poor handling of background processes. More RAM and a faster processor just belies how resource-intensive the OS is (why else would one need to squeeze in so much specs?). The software may not even be optimised to make full use of the faster hardware. Some features look good on paper, but may end up not working as well as advertised.

    I find that at this point, smartphones are more or less powerful enough to let the typical consumer do whatever he or she wants to do on a phone anyways. True, there will always be that occasional “power-user” who wants to do something out of the norm (like type a thesis on his Note2), but these use-cases are generally so few and far in between. Are we going to continue arguing based on what can theoretically be done on each OS, or how meaningfully it does get used in real life?

    The article also fails to factor in the strength of each platform’s ecosystem. For Apple, we have services like imessage (which lets me message using any of my apple devices), shared photostreams (which makes it really easy to share photos), airplay (not just for casting movies wirelessly; I also use it in my classroom teaching), a smooth, stable and responsive OS that does whatever I tell it to do with no muss or fuss, great warranty service, useful IOS-only apps which I use frequently, the list goes on.

    If specs were the only thing which mattered, the ipad would never have outsold every windows tablet PC every manufactured. I value the simplicity, the ease-of-use and the reliability of the iphone. There are many things I simply don’t care for in Android, just like I am sure there are many things you value too much with the Android platform that you simply won’t find in IOS.

    It all boils down to individual preference at the end of the day.

  • Rauch

    the company doesn’t fail to tell the specs… they hide them to don’t let izombies see the shit they sell at prices equal to a true android flagship :)

  • vampyren

    I personally moved to Galaxy S4 for bigger screen and swype keyboard. I cant imagine going back to iPhone at this point since i will be giving up to much like SD+removable battery+filebrowser+opening any media i like etc etc….
    Having said that iPhone is really good for some people like my girlfriend and parents. I’m really good at computers and gadgets but i still think Android is a bit to complex and certain things is way to complex for people like the mentioned group. A simple example is the contact list. I had to spend half an hour fixing the list(s) from all sources like skype, google and various sources for a friend of my parents and make sure the right boxes were checked so he only used one source (Google). Android is really great and all but its not for everyone i think.
    So for this simple reason i still think iPhone will continue to sell well for people wanting a simpler phone that just works. I really love Android (even if its not as stable as iOS. Example my sound messes up allot using bluetooth and various applications) and couldn’t think going back but i cant say iPhone is not filling a purpose here.

  • Mark Langston

    I’m an avid iPhone user and I even I found the article a slightly biased to the iPhone 5S.

    I also believe it’s too early to make any predictions at this point. The phone has yet to ship and iOS 7 is still in beta so no real fair comparisons can be made.

    What was accurate was that specs don’t tell the story and never really will because it’s not about the specs but how all that gear makes the experience better.

    Hopefully this article will be updated or a new one will be updated with actual hands-on testing of the tentpole features of each phone and then decide if there’s a huge difference or not.

    You can never have a clear winner but I believe more hands-on testing is necessary before getting too opinionated.

  • asdf

    good bye apple~ we will see you in next century~