Will the iPhone 5S and 5C change the smartphone game as we know it? Not likely

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 10, 2013


As some of you might already know, Apple held a big press event earlier today, unveiling to the world the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. As to be expected, Apple fans are going wild with anticipation, as they eagerly await for the dynamic duo to ship later this month.

Apple always does a fantastic job of hyping up its new devices, and today’s unveiling was no exception. In reality, does the iPhone 5S and 5C change the smartphone game in any major way? Probably not.

The iPhone 5C, and what it means for the budget market

The iPhone 5C isn’t your run of the mill budget phone, at least not in terms of pricing. In fact, the iPhone 5C is not much cheaper than many Android flagships! According to Apple’s online store, the iPhone 5C 16GB model will cost $549, off contract. The 32GB model runs even steeper, at $649.

To put the pricing into perspective, let’s take a look at Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and HTC’s One. Looking strictly at Google Play’s store pricing, the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 GPe is $649 and the 32GB HTC One GPe is $599.

The iPhone 5C isn't your run of the mill budget phone, at least not in terms of pricing. In fact, the iPhone 5C is not much cheaper than many Android flagships!

Not only are these Android handsets similarly priced to iPhone 5C, but their quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPUs beat out Apple’s dual-core A6 processor in just about every possible way. The same pretty much applies to the rest of the iPhone 5C’s specs when put against the GS4 and One.

Bottom-line, the iPhone 5C might have lower-end specs than the iPhone 5S, but its pricing is really more in-line with a mid-range or high-end Android device.

Let’s face it, $500+ is a lot to pay for a so-called budget device, particularly in developing markets, such as China. This is especially true when you can get considerably more powerful Android-powered devices for around the same price, or similarly spec’d handsets for nearly half the price.

That said, the on-contract pricing for the iPhone 5C is much easier to swallow.

At $99 with contract, the iPhone 5C (16GB) could steer away quite a few postpaid customers that are looking for a well-known handset, without paying much upfront to get it. While carriers have always sold older iPhones as ‘cheaper’ options, the iPhone 5c has the advantage of being a new device that will probably be marketed heavily.

If I had to take a guess, I’d say the iPhone 5C will be a somewhat popular device that steals a small portion of the mid-range and budget market, but ultimately won’t affect Android’s lower-end market dominance all that much. Of course, I’m no analyst and am willing to admit I could be wrong.


The world’s first 64-bit handset, the iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S is not only is the world’s very first 64-bit smartphone, but it also introduces a fingerprint reader, a slightly more premium design and overall improved specs. Apple fans are going to love it, and it could even sway some Android users and/or Apple fans that have been on the fence about which ecosystem to stand behind.

Is this the holy grail that will push Apple ahead when it comes to innovation, and will it help them regain a larger chunk of the international market? Doubtful.

As Nate Swanner said in an earlier post, the iPhone 5S’s switch to 64-bit architecture is “a bit like jumping out to an early lead in a race against Usain Bolt.” In other words, Apple might have the lead in some areas (64-bit processor) with the iPhone 5S, but it won’t last for long!

Android is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, and is already preparing to catch up to (and probably exceed) the iPhone 5S’64-bit A7 processor in the first half of 2014. In terms of RAM, the camera and other specs – Android is already ahead of the curve.

In the short-term, the iPhone 5S is a reasonably impressive 64-bit handset that could certainly give current Android handsets some renewed competition. Enough to tip the scales long-term? Only time will tell, though I wouldn’t bet on it.


Back to the original question: Do the new Apple handsets really change the smartphone game in any noticeable way? For Apple, it certainly opens up a new window of opportunity, as they can now advertise their ecosystem as coming in two distinct flavors.

The iPhone 5C will appeal to those on-contract buyers that are very interested in Apple’s ecosystem, but don’t want to put a lot down to take an iPhone home. On the other hand, the iPhone 5S will appeal more to the dedicated Apple users out there, the ones that absolutely need Apple’s latest and greatest.

When it comes to changing the smartphone game for Android? Not so much.

Sure, Apple might make some small gains in terms of global marketshare thanks to having two new offerings, but ultimately some folks want and enjoy Apple’s walled garden – and others are more interested in the openness of the Android platform. I don’t see either of these phones changing that dynamic any.

Apple’s new handsets aren’t personally my cup of tea, but to each their own. What do you think of Apple’s new handsets? In your opinion, will the new iPhones have any measurable impact, in terms of marketshare gain?

  • TechGuy

    Apple shares fell on Nasdaq by around 2% on the announcement. NO wireless ac even on the 5S. All that processor power to play games and be throttled by non ac wireless. Will await the iPhone 6 and in the meantime get a Galaxy Note 3.

    • TechGuyToo

      lol. wireless ac does not play a factor for games and phone performance.

      • Maybe he was talking about lag when playing online multiplayer

        • Protoss

          Dude… Are you kidding? Lags with N? Come on… It’s a 5Ghz wifi antenna there are not gonna be any lag…

          • I don’t know, I was just trying to figure out what he said. I don’t know jacksh*t about the subject :)

        • mobilemann

          no he’s right. @LindsayReid:disqus is insane if he think’s that’s the biggest problem. Funny how apple seems to want to kill the PSP more than be the top Smartphone.

      • TechGuy

        So how do you stream a raw high definition video transport stream? Oh…. ios probably won’t let you do it anyway! The new Apple airport has wireless ac for fast wireless backup and restore but 5 owners will be stuck with N.

        • mobilemann

          doesn’t the 5s use usb3 over lightning? AC is an annoying omission, but you’ve got to be kidding.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Ag we won’t even await the iPhone 6.. Just get the amazing android phones from this year. (and nexus 5)

    • On a Clear Day

      Apple reminds me of the Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs who looked into her magic mirror each day and asked, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

      It has been reading its own press for so long that it actually believes in its own mystique and prowess as invincible and not subject to the constraints that mere mortals must contend with – like reality, competition and providing a truly superior product that exceeds what the competition offers, rather than in effect saying, “Here we are – take us or leave us – we are best and truly legends in our own minds and if you can’t see that well, you’re not cool. So there.”

      It is not surprising that their price dropped 2 percent upon the announcement of their latest “revolutionary” offerings – what’s to be excited about? Same itsey bitsey screen coupled with a faster processor that can play games that no one would want to on its itsy bitsy screen?

      Pride goeth before the fall.

  • Matthew Plewa

    Even my iphone friends are not happy with it. A lot of them are even saying some of the weird colors that they are using are a turnoff…

    • APai

      lets see if jony ive ponies up to take the blame for his colorful flights – if it fails. it’s early days though, people might just like the colorful phones, young crowd and ladies especially ? but , it seems apparent that IOS/ iphones are borrowing all the best parts from all over the town! that champagne sheen seems to be right off the HTC page. colors from lumia series, and plenty more. it’s good to see that though, apple’s PR team is finally tamed.

      • mobilemann

        kidding? i only ask because nokia bit the ipod mini / touch design language sooooo hard in the 900 series lumia phones, including the colors.

        You didn’t see that?

        • lil bit

          I have to agree, Nokia is probably not the original here. And still Nokia UK has gone to twitter today hinting at copying of “their” colors.

          • mobilemann

            yeah ~ don’t worry though, i will be voted down into oblivion, because fuck logic, and you’re not allowed to say the A word here.

        • APai

          And surprise! the Ipod mini was inspired by the erstwhile Regency TR-1 transistor of the yore. not bad huh ?

          • mobilemann

            lol ~ the difference is the ipod looks inspired by such things, the nokia looks like a member of the same family of electronics. But yeah, so long as apple is the big bad guy right? 90% of the kids who post here are pathetic.

          • APai

            “so long as apple is the big bad guy right”
            selective amnesia much ?

          • mobilemann


    • Xennex1170

      I think I saw a mention somewhere that the selected colors pretty much mirror that of the range of colors Marshmallow Peeps come in. :D

  • Sunny

    No real value at such a high price for a budget phone, looks a repack junk!

  • EnX$$

    i don’t have an iphone now. i have an Android phone and i love it but
    what does it take for apple to take me back maybe from android. it needs
    5 inch screen, and keep jailbreak open without it iphone suck. without
    jailbreak there is no iphone i hate that the iphone has very small
    screen and now apple is dead because till now no big screen and next
    year is very late. no innovation what so ever everything copy past from
    andriod and windows phone.

    • RaptorOO7

      They say the 3.5″ screen is optimal, no wait the 4″ screen is optimal, no wait, the next screen size they innovate will be optimal. Really, wake up apple you are FALLING behind. Even in China they don’t want your over priced, over hyped crap.

      • Ivan Myring

        2008:You cant reach across a big 4 inch screen
        2012: 4 inch screen. Perfect size.
        2016: 4.5 inch screen. Perfect size

        • deepen03

          actually for me.. the S4 with a 5inch screen is the sweet spot.. Apple is full of crap

      • mobilemann


    • BDPSU

      Never gonna happen…so enjoy your Android.

  • kirev

    still prefer iphone 4s than plastic iphone 5c..

  • Samuel Rodrigues

    The 64 bit will only appeal to geeks gamers but the average user won’t care about that. Android has and is always pushing the envelope of innovation and 64-bits with something else is around the corner

    • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

      Only geeks that are brainwashed by apple, real techno geeks knows that 64 bit in mobile processor are pointless as ram capacity is still only at 2-3gb. We will see benchmarks and see if it can even make a dent to snapdragon 800 or exynos octa or even tegra 4

  • raj

    Not likely

  • raj

    Market share gain?
    I want them to worry about retaining existing market shares

  • Farai Chiwandire

    In all this pricing and spec talk I see people have also left out 2 very important phones. The Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. The base Nexus 4 is $199 US (£169 GBP) and the 16gb is $249 US (£199 GBP). Both of these outspec the new iPhone by miles and with the Nexus 5 being rumoured to be $300 US (£249 GBP) for the 16gb model with an even faster processor, better screen and let’s not forget it is a high end phone, this is a no contest really. I will be getting the next Nexus as my daily driver. Apple overcharge for ordinary stuff on my eyes.


    Looking like Nokia these days!

    • lil bit

      No, apple had iPod color options before Nokia became the gay rainbow color king.

  • Psybuster

    The 5c is nothing more than a cost reduced 5 so they can try to improve margins on the old models.

    As for 64 bit, we’ve had that for like a decade on PC and the only useful thing its done for the average user is allow 4GB+ of RAM.

    • Ivan Myring

      Pretty pointless given that it will inevitably have 1GB (maybe 2, but probably not) of RAM

      • mobilemann

        you and @disqus_sBg09VCLDo:disqus don’t know about the ALU performance gains, or what the phone does with the additional registers? Cmon guys.

        • Nian

          Beyond accessing more than 4Gb of memory, the actual raw performance gain is not that much of a boost. Servers and cad/3d model systems sure. Mobile phones or gaming systems won’t benefit from 64Bit unless it uses more than that 4Gb. Given that the Apple products will be 2Gb of less, well… sounds like smoke and mirrors.

          • mobilemann

            actually, it adds a ton of registers, give massive performance boosts to the ALU using 64bit computation, aka, all math the phone does. Do me a favor, and read about things before you respond to people.

    • lil bit

      And still i prefer the 32bit bigmem kernel on my Debian installs. Well, not an option for desktop windows i know (but was supported for windows 32bit servers)

  • RaptorOO7

    YAWN, Plastic crap from apple, oh wait they don’t make plastic phones so say we all.

  • jb

    I guess people in US preferred moto x more..

    • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

      And that’s actually made in US and not like apples overhyped marketing crap of designed in california ads but never mentioning made in china. Whichis why 50% of apple fans are retards who thinks apple is actually made in california. 90% of apple fans also don’t know that samsung makes apples precious retina display, a serirs socs, ram, and flash memory

  • Mike Bastable


    Why the reference to Apple’s “walled garden”? surely Play is as “walled” nowadays as iOS?
    Nates silly article sounded like sour grapes, 64bit is a big deal and will become a bigger deal once Android catches up, as it will (Joe Hindley’s intelligent remarks in the comment section of Nates post would have made a better article).
    The new 5C seems to be more a % replacement than a budget option, no one at Apple has EVER talked about budget products. It is just not them.
    Android will remain dominant. iOS will be a healthy and heavily profitable nr2.
    China is the target here.
    The 5C is anything but budget, its a premium build plastic phone. Cleverly aimed at a targeted market segment. The Android OEMs will react quickly, as we expect them to,especially copycat Samsung.
    What might be interesting is innovation coming out of China, like Oppo’s forthcoming model with a touch sensitive back panel.

    Innovation will ultimately sort the men from the boys.

    As Samsung (for example) sticks it handsets with obvious and showy software tricks, Apple will continue to stuff its handsets with discreet updates built into useable software, Apple style. You love it or you hate it.

    I have recently replaced my iOS devices with Android, i like the customizations and (though small) freedoms to adapt my device to my needs. I will update my old iOS devices to the new OS and i expect them to be greatly improved by it, I may even in future jump back to Apple again (i like the 5S). In my jumping around i have incurred no extra costs and the process has been easy and both platforms have the same apps etc.

    SO. let us stop the hate. The new i Phone is awesome with great design and unique features. My new Xperia Z is also awesome in many many ways.

    The coverage here at AA is very obviously designed to ensure a vicious reaction from the Android fanboys (thank you Nate) however a more reasoned look at how Android will REACT to this handset would be more interesting to read.

    • Chris Carter

      What exactly will Samsung copy? Plastic? Different phone colors? Burst mode? They already have that. Fingerprint scanner already done by Sony as well.
      Last week-end my cousin, who is of a certain age, was telling me how she hated ( her words) her iPhone because its too small and that she going back to a feature phone-she loves her iPad. My brother in law, Iphone owner since the 3 I believe, will treat you to a rant on why he hates Apple and its small phones and is very happy with his HTC. My sister forwent the 5 and chose the LG Optimus for the screen size. The one person I know that went from Samsung to the iphone was chasing the cache of having an Iphone and got her brothers old 4 or 4S, I can’t tell the difference.

      Since the world stops for a moment when Apple releases a phone, coverage is hard to miss. I was interested in what the new iPhone would do to th Chinese market. So far things don’t look great in that respect. I thought an iPhone coming in at the equivalent of $400 USD and partnering with China Mobile would give Apple it’s China boost. As it stands, I can’t see that happening. I can maybe see a service opening in China to make the 5 look like the 5S, though. Some re-sellers are offering their 5’s at a discount, from what I read.

      • Mike Bastable

        what r u trying to say? Sony made a fingerprint sensor that didnt work. Samsung makes cheap plastic phones (we all can agree thatthe buold quality ofthe new 5C is better surely). It seems to me Android users like NEW models every update with new designs, a total overhaul thus: not exactly suggesting a satisfaction with the old model… Apple users like incremental changes and will pay a premium for them. So why argue: two totally different markets there, enough for both. Do BMW drivers hate all FORD drivers? Android is mass market, Apple is more high end, who cares?
        Choose what works for u…but dont fool yourself into thinking Apple is slipping, it is not, Apple knows its market very well and serves it well. There are some amazing high end Androids out there but dont make me laugh by suggesting that Samsungs thin plastic babies are some of them…

        • frhow

          You are right sir, Apple is not slipping but their market share is, look at the numbers. Numbers do not lie. I used to love Apple, but really how can you justify selling your iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and spending at least 200+ off contract in order to get an “incremental” upgrade. The iPhone 4s and 5 runs very smooth already why buy the new iPhone 5s in order to get a faster CPU or fingerprint scanner? 64 bit, currently is like putting a Bugatti engine in a Toyota Corolla. There is no need for it. People will buy this iPhone merely for the sake of saying I have the latest and greatest iPhone. Also, if the iPhone 5C is not a budget phone, what is it exactly? Midrange=budget my friend. There is nothing high-end about the iPhone 5C. I dont hate Apple fanboys such as yourself, just dont understand your logic in supporting a company such as Apple sticking it to their customers with no lube. That is all.

          • Ivan Myring

            Actually the veyron uses a Volkswagen engine. 8 litre W16 I believe

          • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

            Anything you say to a brainwashed cult member will be useless, the fool probably doesnt believe that samsung makes apples core components and that is made in china!

            I bet Mike still believes aple is entirely made in california and that apple actually makes something and not jist design it. Once a brainless gullible apple fan will always remain to be one.

            Even if apple doesnt upgrade anything but the size or dimensions of its products and its color options and its cult members will still line up

          • Mike Bastable

            Really dust, really, whilst frhow makes valid intelligent points…you rant. Get a grip dude.
            Everyone knows Sammy is an AAA component manufacturer. We also know Apple are made in
            China..people of a differing opinion to you are not idiots,just people with a different opinion.
            Sounds like you will be buying the made in theUSA MOTO X…awesome phone too.

          • Mike Bastable

            Not a fanboy I use android dude

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

          How the hell can you be so arrogant to believe the iphone 5c plastic is better than samsung when you havent even felt it? Have you even felt samsung phones? Or are you that brainwashed by apple that you immediately believe that the rest of the competition are trash?

          What a doucebag, you sir are an epitome of apple fans, obnoxious, arrogant, hypocrites, and douchebags who think they are someone important for owning an iphone. Why don’t you go line up in an applestore and camp out for days to pay for a useless garbage like an iphone that is just an over rated and outdated phone.

          • Mike Bastable

            Sorry I should have pointed out that I have played with the 5c, it feels awesome with a kinda gloss lacquer top layer that really enhances the feel and deepens the color.
            2x Douchebags, get a dictionary dude.
            And as stated throughout I am an Android user, nobodies fan but I appreciate good design, and the English language

  • Ramón H. Juárez

    Ex-Apple fan boy here. I used to have an iPod touch 1, 4, then the iPhone 4.. and now my Galaxy Note 2.

    I’ve been getting dissappointed time after time with Apple. Since the anouncement of the.. iPhone 5, nothing has been good enough. There just hasn’t been anything new or noteworthy, anything to say “WOW they did it again”.

    So no hate, but.. NO thanks, Apple. Your time has passed.

    • Protoss

      Cool story bro

      • gommer strike

        you shame the race that you picked your name after. go back to command and conquer

        • mobilemann

          lol, awesome.

        • Protoss

          LMFAAAAAAAOOOOOO…. Dude… Command and Conquer?? You sucks so hard!!! The Protoss are in Starcraft you douchebag XDDDDDD

          • gommer strike

            Nice, A-move race bro

    • mobilemann

      I’m getting a note 3. I really like what they did with iOS 7 however, if apple would just stop forcing 4″ phones for everyone, i would get another iphone. I want between 5 and 6″, but they won’t do it.

  • ehEye

    the truth of the matter is that virtually all phones will run most apps and the speed at which they run is comparatively meaningless. Higher speeds tend to help with graphically more dense games, but screen size makes them look and dazzle better. And other apps are better on bigger screens, being easier to read. Maybe the little boys and girls playing games will just never grow up; but if they do [especially after playing all those games] their eye sight will go, demanding bigger and bigger screens. The 4 inches of the iPhone 5cheap just won’t cut it.

  • sosa

    5S and 5C stands for the Same Cheap iphones. These old new phones have no match to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 when comparing screen size and resolution, speed, customisations, SD card option, memory, multi windows, multi tasking, and a pen with air commands.

    Apple seems running out of innovations at this stage after given 4 years since the iphone 4. Hence, it is not a suprise to see apple share values going down and investors are beginning to show signs of worries about Apple as a company.

    Hoping Apple will come out with something new and breaking news otherwise Apple can end up on sales like Nokia and Blackberry.

  • Andrew T Roach

    I think that benchmarks will show that the A7 is being pretty underestimated.

    The A6 is already a very formidable processor.

  • Chathura Dasanayaka

    Apple has finally made an Atrix 4g.A two year old Android smartphone.
    That is innovation :D

    • mobilemann


      • Brian Shieh

        Thanks for taking the time to press the shift key so many times.

        • mobilemann

          Caps lock is cruise control for cool

    • gommer strike

      But how many ppl you know bought the Atrix. Nobody around here.

      That’s the funny thing about all you guys who bring up Atrix. That phone never took off, and nobody bought it. The same won’t be the case for the 5C, of course we won’t like that, but this is just how it’s going to be.

      That said it’s pathetic. So they just replaced the iPhone5 with just 5C…and the added all the upgrades to the 5S? And the presentation didn’t even have much to show? No iPad Mini Retina, no iWatch, no Macbook announcements…honestly, that’s it?

      • Peter HJ

        I bought the Atrix. And it was a fine phone for it’s time. Still have it at home too. It’s a good backup phone in case anything happens to my phone or anyone else’s really in my family.

  • End in sight

    Oh man! I was hopeful! I recall the days when Apple used to invent cool stuff. I thought they would wow the world with some “wow” stuff today.

    I don’t hate Apple…and for my Apple friends, I want them to have good stuff. I like no more PINs to enter. That is good. But, that’s really it? Gimme a break. I am kind of embarrassed for, and saddened by Apple today.

    PS. the fingerprint scanner might help keep Apple users from switching to Android (due to not having to enter their PIN any longer), but I am hard pressed to see how that function will attract Android users to switch to Apple. Oh well.

    • lil bit

      I think it would be wise to not underestimate the fingerprint scanner, the general public is likely to be impressed, apples ad campaigns will make sure of it.

      • deepen03

        anyone with an Android phone or any phone with a screen size bigger than 4inches is NOT switching to iPhones anytime soon. What Apple accomplished was keeping the sheep coming back to them. They are not gaining any new customers.

  • Rajesh Maharjan

    Hey Apple, Can you give me one compelling reason to buy this over priced phone that is close to 2 years old Android phone?

    • mobilemann

      why should they? You don’t actually compare platforms, you cherry pick to make yourself feel better about the devices you use. (i use android to) It’s so awesome, you don’t have to make up shit about apple for it. Also, it makes this site feel like it’s run by 13 year olds. I hate kids.

    • gommer strike

      You’re not the target market.

      It’s for the people who you see everywhere on the bus, the streets, everywhere you look – iphones here, iphones there, iphones everywhere. For existing customers and maybe some new ones, unless companies like Motorola can pull their heads out of their ass and lower the price of the Moto X and allow customization for *anyone*, no matter if you’re in North Korea or Syria.

  • Balraj

    IPhone 5c reminds me of Lumia 620
    But 620 was better made..5c sucks in looks n it’s not cheap at 500+ dollars…..

  • Valtheus

    Yesterday was a great day for tech community around the world as well as humanity in general: Apple reinvented the fingerprint scanner… no wait, they did not… they just put it in an iPhone… no wait, why they would do such a stupid thing? Who ever answers the question will get a free ’70s look iPhone 5C and a beautiful colorful case with holes!

    Apple, apple, apple…. really, thats all you could do in a year? I think Larry Ellison is right about Apple’s future. Steve Jobs is in fact irreplaceable.

    I won’t be getting either.

    • abazigal

      You likely weren’t even planning on getting one in the first place anyways.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    64 bit in phones. Not needed right now.

    • BDPSU

      But the iSheep don’t know that.

    • Ivan Myring

      Yeah, no point till we see 4-8GB RAM. note 4 here I come
      Also, how do you pronounce your surname? Say-man?

  • Fox Ray

    Weird, the dominating news on an Android website is about … iPhone :-/

  • RarestName

    Were you guys really expecting something huge?

    The 5s is an incremental upgrade (for most people) and the 5c is just made so that Apple can earn more money selling a plastic toy-looking iPhone 5.

    • lil bit

      Was more than expected for me, the camera features impressed me, and reading the fingerprint scanner with the rim proximity activation made my eyes big for sure. But maybe i wasnt expecting at all, i didnt even care enough to follow the announcement.

      Disappointing part is unchanged battery, at best it will give 4h30m webbrowsing time on wifi, maybe less (iphone 5 manages 4h21m, and its 3G call time is less than half of Galaxy S4) and then still how much less when browsing on 3G or LTE? No wonder iphone users keep dimming their displays and disabling connections to stretch the battery. I never do that on any of my socalled “poorly optimized android” phones.

      • RarestName

        Maybe you don’t, but my family and friends do. The cold, hard truth that I found is that any phone that I use, given my usage patterns, will never last for more than one day. So at this point of time I couldn’t care less if the battery is the same size.

  • Jon E

    Next years model is the iPhone 6SSDD

  • SmartChoice

    Absolutely no and no!

    The boring look of the iphone 5 S (same) or C (cheap!) is out of date, just like an old color tv. It has no way to compare with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Full HD and advanced functionalities. Once you use and watch a Full HD and large screen, you will never want to go back to use the old small color tv like the iPhones never, ever again!

    Today, we are all using phone for browsing the internet, reading a book or a magazine, watching a video or viewing puctures… Hence, the bigger the screen such as 5.7 inch of the SG Note 3 provides a much much better viewing experience, easier on the eyes and more enjoyable than the shocking tiny 4″ screen of the iPhone 5S.

  • Cosinav

    Ex Apple fanboy here. I wasn’t impressed with the 5 and not impressed by the 5S either. Perhaps the iPhone 6 could be the game changer it needs but as for now I’ll stay with my S4 and enjoy the world of Android. BTW iOS 7 looks pretty gay to me.

    • deepen03


  • James Brown

    It won’t change much. Honestly this is the iPhone 5 with colors. But so is the iPhone 5S.
    Conclusion? Apple has wasted yet another year to really bring something to the table.

  • dealspaaji

    they are calling calling 5c as a budget smartphone but they are pricing it at just $100 less than the 5s

    • Ivan Budiutama

      Every time Apple said budget device, this is my reaction

    • OMGgary

      In Apple’s world anybody with $100 bucks less to spend is a peasant and probably has to eat grass and other roadside plants to survive.

    • mobilemann

      finally, someone talking about what’s actually insane about this launch!

    • Gary

      Who are “they”?

  • carlos

    Apple think people are dumb…they come out with the same phone ..with a little bit more speed…OK.. Wow.. .

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      A little more speed, better camera, software tweaks…kinda sounds similar to any given new phone release…No?

    • mobilemann

      well, to be fair, most of the commenters here, like yourself are incredibly stupid. They complain about one company doing this, and not the next. That’s pretty stupid.

    • Jacob
  • Keith Bettinelli

    Apples problem is forcing its users and limiting users to iTunes for media. The lower end crapple phone will be a disaster because content is severely restricted when using the device.

  • OMGgary

    I heard iPhone 6 will be getting a stool sample analyser, otherwise known as “Wipe to Unlock”…

    • Ivan Myring

      How does this NOT have dozens of up votes?

      • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

        Here’s another great rumour that apple will release ipads greater than 9.7″ and call it ipad maxi, its great cuz every women needs it once a month so theyll get tons of profit from it

      • lil bit

        Because ass humor is something most of us left behind in kindergarten?

  • lil bit

    iPhone 5S certainly sets a new standard in camera features here, and as usually the features will actually work as intended and they are useful (unlike LG and Samsung). The bigger aperture will help as well, though it cant compete with Z1, or the OIS equipped G2 (but who knows)

    Now if only they had chosen an Exmor RS 13 mpix sensor to match S4 and N3, it would have been impressive. Even though, as we know iPhone fans always say “no one need more” (hilarious that they used to say that also to defend the 320×480 resolution of 3GS, that was REALLY not enough), this time they may be right, i dont see S4 and N3 walking away with the victory so easily when the cam shootouts vs 5S start appearing.

  • GS4er

    I tought this is Android Authority not Apple Authority.

  • Basel Mohamed

    I can’t see anything new , most of the specs and the features already exist on other Android -and windows – phones and they are even better than the iphone’s

  • BB BB

    Off the top of my head and a little digging here is a list of things that the new iPhone’s are missing compared to current/upcoming flagships in terms of hardware and features:

    a) 0.2 – 1.2″ smaller screen size – excluding phablets of course in that case a whole 1.7 inches

    b) no 5G WiFI 802.11ac

    c) no LTE Advanced

    d) no NFC

    e) no QuadCore CPU – another metric not measured no GHz to compare to

    f) larger battery? yup another blind spec represented by hours no one gets

    g) OIS – optical image stabalization – as on LG G2

    h) USB 3.0 as on the upcoming Note 3

    i) 3GB of RAM! Another blind spec so what is it 1GB or 2GB? way to take advantage of that future proof 64-bit processor!

    j) it’s Android free (not a good thing!)

    k) 142+ pixels per inch. Yup I know the iPhone screen is pretty and all but as noted above the One is King or next to it for Pixel density

    l) digital signal processor ( Moto X ) (it has a co-processor now)

    m) -33MP ( for those that do count pixels ) compared to Lumia

    n) 16GB less storage standard (32GB seems to be the new standard on fully enclosed devices like the One and even Samsung is beefing up to 32GB on the Note 3 standard)

    o) no micro HDMI / MHL video out or DLNA

    p) -1MP on the front camera. 2MP+ is now standard on new flagships

    q) no Magnetometer or Barometer found on Nexus 4

    r) no wireless charging

    s) lower pricing (Nexus 4)

    t) not waterproof (see Xperia Z)

    u) no removable battery

    v) no expandable storage

    w) no simultaneous data and voice ( on verizon ) good luck browsing while on a phone call looking something up

    x) no companion devices like the missing iWatch – i.e. Galaxy Gear this is a growing field (ok nike fit has something, *I think*)

    y) no notification light

    z) no infrared remote control

    • abazigal

      Which simply amounts to yet another meaningless spec list in a vacuum.

      Why do I care for micro-HDMI or DLNA? I have my own adaptors and airplay for that.

      You want companion devices, look to 3rd party solutions like the pebble (which work across the board). As it is, the galaxy gear isn’t really getting rave reviews.

      You want 32gb on an iphone, how is having the 16gb version around stopping you from buying one?

      You want a 33mp camera, you are forced to stick with the Lumia. It’s not like 33mp camera is suddenly the new standard amongst all Android smartphones. Find me that mythical Android phone which has all the features you just listed?

      Larger batteries? I still see my friends’ Note2 running out of juice before my iphone 4s.

      IMO, screen size remains a matter of personal preference, rather than an objective advantage. Not everyone is fond of larger-screened phones. Heck, I have quite a few friends with cracked S3s and Note screens. They intend to switch back to iphone.

      Iphones continue to work and run smoothly on dual-core processors. How are users losing out by not having quad-core processors yet?

      Lack of NFC? Google up iBeacon. I suspect Apple has no plans of ever adopting NFC, and plans to push forth its own standards using wifi and bluetooth technology. So to me, it’s not that they are behind, but that they are making a conscious decision not to support NFC tech. Fun times ahead.

      How many countries have AC wireless or LTE-advanced?

      That is why comments like these will always continue to miss to mark. Choosing and buying a smartphone is a package deal. There is no one phone that does everything, so whichever phone you choose, it always entails tradeoffs. That a phone may have more features or better specs on paper may not be very relevant to me if I know that I will never need them, or if they don’t work as well as advertised.

      When I buy an iphone (and I fully intend to upgrade to the 5s when it launches next week), what I am paying for is an out-of-the-box solution that’s easy to set up and use. I get more of what I want, rather than being saddled with issues that I don’t need.

      That’s really all there is to it. Getting the phone that best suits your needs. For me, that’s the iphone.

    • End in sight

      Excellent list. This of course is not meant to compare iPhone to any one Android device, but to compare specs from other phones, in general. This is likely an exercise that Apple engineers have done as well.

      I drive a Toyota and my friend drives a BMW. And for me, it is mostly about cost and cost of repairs. But at the end if the day, Toyota does not really seem to have much advantage over BMW, except for cost savings. IMO, BMW is clearly a superior car. I just can’t justify the cost.

      This list shows that the common comparison I use (Apple=BMW and Non-Apple=some cheaper car), is maybe no longer a fair comparison.

  • carlisimo

    I don’t think anybody but Apple’s marketers expected these phones to be game-changers. Hell, even their marketers have been pretty tame this time around. The Moto X is the only phone in recent memory that had “game-changer” all over its pre-release marketing.

  • hoggleboggle

    “Android is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, and is already preparing to catch up to (and probably exceed) the iPhone 5S’64-bit A7 processor in the first half of 2014” it has already exceeded the A7 chip with the latest Snapdragon 800 implementations in devices like the Xperia Z1 and probably the Note 3. The only area where apple still suceed is in the browser related benchmark, which has little to do with the hardware and more to do with the optimisation of the OS, and in touch screen responsiveness.