galaxy s3 vs iphone 5 drop test

Folks, to quote our Darcy LaCouvee, the iPhone 5 is “rock solid”. It’s not often that you see such words on Android Authority. What could have pushed Darcy, an Android fanatic, to utter such radical words?

Well, as much as we hate to admit it, the iPhone 5 did amazingly well in our drop test, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out in pretty bad shape. It’s the cold hard truth that we can’t hide and we can’t ignore.

This morning in Hong Kong, Darcy dropped the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 a total of four times, each time from an increasing height. To make our drop test more realistic, we tried to recreate the accidents that happen most often in real life. We ruthlessly let the two devices fall to the hard pavement, just to see what happens. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty. See for yourselves. Dayum!

The hard aluminum shell of the iPhone 5 withstood the impact pretty well, and the glass protecting the display remained intact. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S3 predictably lost its back cover and suffered damage to the casing and the front glass. Sad, sad, sad.

Stay tuned for more video comparisons between the new iPhone 5 (not the one we dropped) and the elite Android devices currently on the market!

Meanwhile, sound off your comments below!

And, for your sadistic pleasure, we have close ups:

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Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • mike

    Doesn’t change the fact that ios6 is brain damage and in some ways a step backwards while 4.1 is unreal amazing

  • Yan Kar

    Its easy to replace parts in S3 and cheap.

    • 200 for a screen isn’t very cheap, not when you pay less than that for the phone.

      • gitoffmenuts_google

        you don’t pay less than that. that is a subsidized price. Actual phone cost is around $600

        • I paid 150 for mine. Subsidized or not, I paid 150 for it. I have to have service so I pay for that, insurance, data, and all 37$ a month. Better off than the prepay service I was using by far. In other words, I got a S3 for 150$ and still get to keep it same as someone who bought it for 600$. Subsidized vs. pure assrape is pretty sweet in my book.

  • Wes

    The S3 looks and feels cheap and poorly made. Main reason why I skipped over it. I’ve dropped my Incredible tons of times over the last 2 and a half years, only cosmetic damage is a couple of scratches

    • fafw

      I love Samsung, but I hope they use better materials to cover their phones with. I’m using a metal bumper and metal plated battery cover for my S2 for now.

  • JSON

    and…… IPHONE WINS!

  • this just proves that every year, when a new iPhone comes out, all iSheeps are paying for is JUST a structural piece of sturdy material.

    • Wes

      I mean if that’s what they want then that’s what they want. I was actually in line to get the Iphone 5 today but couldn’t upgrade because I’m not an account manager, didn’t really want it all that much to begin with so I just left without calling my dad to do it over the phone….anyway chatted it up with a couple girls in front of me and they basically said they want it just because everyone else has it.

      Not everyone cares about specs, there’s a huge market for just regular consumers and with Apples genius marketing they captured that market.

  • George

    I really wonder who the hell will use such a phone without a case?
    I’ve been using my S3 since first day with a case.
    It’s really irresponsible to own a 600 dollar phone and don’t give an extra 30 to get a good case to protect it.

    • Yoandy Sánchez Najarro

      Completely agree with you dude, I’ve been using mine with a case too.

    • EKfine

      me. hehe. i bought a capdase alumor elli for my s3 but im not using it. i love my s3 naked.

    • You’ve got to be pretty clueless not to really. The S3 is just too thin not to. Unless you live in a rubber room or something, then you’ve got bigger problems I suppose.

    • Austin Cooper

      Well for someone like me, I never drop my phone so I don’t need a case. I have had this for 4 months and haven’t dropped it once and then my previous phone Ihad for 3 years and ddidn’t even drop it once. Wit that being said, I did go ahead and get the insurance on my phone. If anything happens to it, I can get a free replacement. So maybe you need a case, but not everyone does, and I prefer my device naked.

    • Jeremy Wilhelm

      me. I can’t stand the extra bulk that the cases add. I haven’t used one for 3 different iPhone models and have had nary a reason to regret that choice. Also, it’s only irresponsible if you don’t have the wherewithal to replace a busted phone in which case, it’s probably irresponsible to own one in the first place.

      • That’s fine and understandable but accidents happen. Someone could bump into you while you’re walking, it could get stolen, anything could break that phone you “never drop” at any given moment. You’ve just been lucky. You shouldn’t accuse people of being werewolves for not replacing their phones though. That’s going a bit too far. Maybe they might not have the money or live in a really rural area. I’m guessing you don’t have kids either.

        • JBL

          How does having a case stop your phone from getting stolen?

  • Rob

    It would probably be a totally different outcome if repeated the test again. The surface it was be dropped on was a bit random, instead of being either concrete or tarmac for example.

  • hoggleboggle

    I thought that they already showed the GS3 to be more fragile than even the iphone 4S when the GS3 first came out. I personally think it is a design flaw, making the bezel on the corners too thin to act as a decent buffer for corner impacts.

  • Oh gosh, that S3 clearly wasn’t thrown a bit was it? I’ve seen a few better balanced “drop tests” here before but this one looks way off. Also why not drop the 5 on it’s screen like the s3?

  • Mav6

    Can’t argue the fact that iPhone5 is better built unit. Doesn’t matter much when 8 out of 10 you pass on the street has there phone in a case. I have about 12 different colors and styles myself. I’m using a silver metal case right now.. Google Drawbench

  • Rob Little

    I don’t use a case on my S3, and have no intention to make a phone that’s intended to be slim fatter. I’ve not once dropped my mobile in the 20 years I’ve been using one. I HAVE dropped a Galaxy Tab, and that was barely scratched.

    I see numerous people using iPhone 4s with cracked screens (and seriously cracked!) every single day – I’ve not once seen anyone using a different device with a cracked screen. iPhone definitely needs to improve.

    And of course, one test is far from significant. You all know that how the device hits the ground makes all the difference.

    • I’ve replaced cracked screens on HTCs and Samsungs for friends and family. Sure they also crack.. I’ve got one or two Samsung Galaxy Spicas with totally messed up screens somewhere as well..

      • Rob Little

        of course, I didn’t say they didn’t. I’m making a comparison – my experience of having seen LOTS of cracked screens on iphones compared to other phones makes it statistically more significant than this test. But just as there are multiple factors in this test, for all I know iPhone users might be more likely to KEEP a phone with a cracked screen. Still just as relevant a point as this test (which is to say really not very relevant at all)

  • Rob

    It would probably be a totally different outcome if you did the test again. You need to drop them on a more even surface the a random crazy paved surface like that.

  • Phones are too easily scratched up and broken. Please put a case on. Find one you like and get it. People who don’t put cases on and like the naked feel, are just asking for it when it drops.

    • It’s true and really silly putting an expensive device’s chances up to mere fate. I can see it at home but not out in the real world.

  • Matt

    George – It isn’t irresponsible, it’s a personal preference. Is it irresponsible to have a $30,000 car without adding extra bumpers? Nope, it is all based on risk aversion to the individual. If you have insurance, why cover the beautiful design of the S3? They need to quit making phones thinner, it just makes the cases bigger.
    And these tests drive me insane. They are dropping the same phone multiple times, but never multiple phones many times. Having a result occur one time is almost random to how the phone fell. I would like someone to test a real sample of phones, there aren’t enough data points to conclude that all iphones will survive more drops than GS3.

    • Jeremy Wilhelm

      I agree with this 100%

    • Randomguy

      Also, the test is completely superficial. What about the inside ?
      The reason Apple made their cover with strong materials is because their phones are one piece.
      When other phones will drop, they will split (cover, battery, etc), and that will reduce drastically the damage done. It’s physics.
      On the other hand, the iphone will suffer high inside damage, cause it can’t be splitted between the parts. The electronics will be shaken up, and after a few times, there will probably some false contact in it, which means broken. That happened to me on an Ipod, and an Iphone, that dropped a few times with only minor damage on the outside. If you compare to the good old phones (dumbphones), they were nearly unbreakable. Each time, they lost their back, battery, etc, but just a scratch.
      If you compare damage on the same zone on the phones, the scratch are pretty similar. These tests are completly wrong because each drop isn’t the same. On the second, the S3 falls on the screen. What would have happened if the Iphone had fallen on the screen ? We don’t know. I’m nearly sure that the Iphone 5 will resist more on a few drops, due to stronger materials, but on the hand, that can’t be better than a splittable phone (with same materials, ofc).

      • AnotherRandomGuy
      • abhibeckert

        I’ve put my iPhone 3G and 4 through serious punishment and will do the same with my 5 when it arrives. Trust me, the insides are reliable. I’ve dropped it at almost 100km/h onto the road (with a case), I’ve put it through crazy vibration on my motorbike, so mad even the rally racing hardened electronics on my bike have failed but not the iPhone. I’ve even gotten it wet a few times, with no issues.

        The insides are very reliable if the old models are anything to go by.

  • iPhone was lucky, it only hit on the bezel. Samsung GS3 still rocks!

    • ade


  • Dave

    Its pretty funny how you guys seem bypass the other factors besides build quality of these 2 phones for instance the size of the 2 phones GS3 – 71 x 137 x 8.6mm whereas iphone 5 – 59 x 124 x 7.6mm. More surface area is more place for impact also the screen of GS3 is .8in larger so much greater area for impact. The iphone5 looks quite compact and don’t get me wrong apple is a great company and won’t disappoint but if the GS3 was smaller and compact then i doubt the tests would be like this but then again had it been smaller it wouldnt be as awesome. Apple however congrats!

    • If it has a larger impact area that would mean that upon impact with a relatively smooth surface each square inch would have less impact on the S3 than on the iPhone. The only thing that really would make it worse at is that there’s a larger probability of it hitting an uneven spot where it lands. But all in all, the size shouldn’t matter as the two aspects of it would cancel each other out…

    • EducatedToPerform

      Are you trying to say it’s OK if the SG3 smashes when you drop it because it’s also a massive brick?

      Don’t quite understand your attempted argument here.

  • for those assholes who dont even know how to hold a phone or how not to drop it
    buy 1100 :D

  • Kyle Gustafson

    People don’t buy iphones or sgs3s because of how they hold up when they hit the ground

  • Ha, ha, this is very important test, all I do is dropping phones on the street.

  • DannyC

    Does this test really surprise anyone?? The iphone 5 is made of metal!! Of course its gonna be more durable. My issue with that test is that 4 trials is not enough to make a conclusion that the iphone 5 will not shatter at any of those heights ever. It will break eventually, they all do.

    • EducatedToPerform

      The objective of this test isn’t to find out at which point it breaks. The objective is to find out which of the phones is more durable.

  • RARU

    Can you try the Drop test with Verizon’s new RAZR M?



  • Awesome video guys. Well done. That iPhone 5 looks tough, surprised the S3’s plastic back popped off so easily.

  • FoxyPaco

    Metal > Plastic

    • mikewong27

      does the metal make the phone feel more slippery? Just wondering…

  • x0ai

    The iPhone shattered even more than the S3 in the ifixyouri drop test:

    • Andy

      Yeah, when the guy *threw* it face down from over his head. The S3 didn’t even survive a chest height drop.

  • Rania

    Hilarious comparing these replies with those of the iPhone 4/4S drop test here, when everyone mocked the hell out of the losing phone (iPhone). But now, we get these types of responses:

    – LOL iOS6 sucks anyway
    – meh, who cares, everyone uses a case
    – ground was uneven
    – its cheap to replace parts anyhow

    Have some damn objectivity people. The new iPhone is an extremely high quality, well built phone, just acknowledge that it superior in this regard instead of being apologists and coming out with every excuse in the book. You know what you would be saying if the iPhone lost, and you wouldnt be using any of the above excuses like ‘oh people use a case anyway, etc. By the way, I don’t own an iPhone, I use a Galaxy Nexus and prefer the Android OS but I like to try to be objective and can’t stand the ‘my team vs your team’ bullshit.

    • Iliyan

      Thanks for being objective! I will add that I’m a 2.5 year Android user,
      who is tired of the crappy phones, and is buying an iPhone 5. Played
      with the GS3 of a friend, and the software and performance of this phone was a big letdown for me. Scrolling the simplest menu is unresponsive with a huge lag between the finger swipe, and the half-baked software and graphics
      are very annoying. Specs don’t make the device – the experience does. I
      have never owned an iPhone, but I’m just sick of Android’s crap. Only
      the Google phones are decent, but also low-spec.

      • tiggz876

        find what you just said hard to believe..huge lags? unresponsive? …to each their own..

      • The S3 unresponsive? Sounds like your friends phone was broken? I mean the S3’s I’ve used have all been lightening quick! Or do you expect a phone to swipe/move before you even touch it!

        • mikewong27

          Totally agree with you. Just love my s3. Will never go back to iphone.. used iphone for 1 and half year… Terrible OS and lack of customization. Vary unstable… I just love ICS!!!

          • There are Jelly Bean on the Baked already ;)

          • Allison Sheridan

            Martin – I think they’re right that the S3 must have had a problem. As a bona fide Apple Bigot with an iPhone 5 in my hand, I had lust in my heart when I first played with an S3 because it was SO fluid and responsive! Test another one before giving in to the force!

          • hohopig

            Totally agreed with the lack of customisation and functionality .. outside of the “Apple way”.
            It really gets ridiculous when you can’t even send an email attachement through the native mail app!! and you need to cut to the individual apps that support the file format to send the attachone ONE by ONE.

          • RLst

            They’ve added that feature in iOS 6

          • ViTo

            I just returned my iPhone for the Galaxy Note 2. Can’t go wrong with that.

        • hohopig


      • buffdaddy72

        What?! Laggy and unresponsive, and you’re firing at people who aren’t being objective? Look it’s obvious you’ve already made up your mind what phone you’re going to be buying, so stop drinking the Kool-aide already. My SIII has had no lag at all so who are you crapping?

        • robmoir

          Saying that your phone is ok so he couldn’t possibly have seen a problem is every bit as insane as llyan saying that a whole line of phones must be crap because they tried one bad one.

      • hohopig

        I beg your pardon? if you think that S3 is laggy, then I am sorry but you will not find iPhone5 any better. Are you sure you were using the right phone?

        And which half baked software are you talking about? would be very interesting to know as I have NO issues with even my S2 and my mom’s S3 work like a charm while my sis’s Iphone 4 is dying … and my whole family changed from iProduct to Android when I let them try my S2.

        So it seems that user experience may varies .. but S3 laggy? That just boggles the mind.

      • You said that right, “played with a GS3″… Now, go ahead and play with your iPhone, they’re all the same so buy 2nd generation and spare some money

    • The iPhone 4 & 4S were mocked for using glass on the back that shattered if you looked too hard at it. Now it’s got an aluminum back. Good, they finally came to their senses. It only took two years and a million back replacements to get there.

      There’s really no surprise that the lighter phone with the smaller screen had less damage.

      • But those back glass pieces were insanely cheap, I managed to get them on Amazon for just over $2 each.

        • mikewong27

          But not everyone knows how to replace the back glass…

          • It literally takes 30 seconds, it is not that hard to look it up.

          • abhibeckert

            Remove two screws on the bottom, slide the old glass off, slide new one in, insert screws. Seriously, it’s that easy.

      • Gordon Shephard

        Because, as we all know, lighter things fall more slowly.

        • The impact has less force.

          Fnet = m * a

          • Jamie Cottrell


          • EducatedToPerform

            You’re right in your physics, it’s easier to make lighter objects more durable.

            But you’re just explaining WHY the iPhone 5 is better. You’re not contradicting it.

            Making a high quality phone so light is not easy, Samsung didn’t manage it. Attributing the success of this test to lightness doesn’t diminish the achievement.

          • I said the iPhone was smaller as well. The S3’s larger surface area makes it more prone to breakage. Look, I applaud Apple for finally making a phone that doesn’t break like crazy, but after you finally decide not to make the world’s most fragile phone, the smaller screen hitting with the least impact will win in this contest. It’s like the whole ppi thing – – the reason the iPhone 4 had such high ppi was because it was so small.

        • JoelJr

          Yeah this proves that Galileo character didn’t know squat:

        • hohopig

          actually they fall at roughly the same speed … less force, as other have pointed out.

      • Allison Sheridan

        According to iFixit the front glass is way easier to replace now, couple of screws and a suction cup – so when it DOES break it’s not as catastrophic.

      • orbitly

        That is the stupidest excuse I have ever heard. The fact of the matter is the iPhone 5 has better build quality and is more durable than the S3. That’s what matters.

    • The build quality and materials used are definitely strong points of the iPhone’s and this was an impressive result from the drop test. It does have its good points but I do prefer the Android OS and the larger screen of the S3 but that’s just my opinion.

      • Pocket

        Did anyone else notice they always cut in the video when he was taking the Samsung out of his pocket? I would guess because the thing is so freaking big it’s a hassle to get in and out of a normal size pocket and they didn’t want to show how he had to fumble with it just to get it out.

        • MEnonymous

          I think it was because it was a “dummy” phone ‘cos they didn’t want to risk smashing the great phone… iPhone 5 they didn’t care about :-D

          • SpiceInc

            No wonder :)

        • hohopig

          or perhaps he is trying to hide something? It is anyone’s guess

    • Gustavo Gomez

      Well said. I always have a problem with iphone apologiest people. Sad to say but the build quality is better, the software is not that great

    • Sigivald


      (Me, I’ve been using iPhones since they were the first smartphone that wasn’t horrible.

      To be fair, I also always use a case, to keep it from sliding around when using it as a car audio source – and frankly even the Samsung being trashed here is well built. It’s just not quite as sturdy as the iPhone 5, which is… really sturdy.

      Unlike some people (and like you, bless you), I can prefer one side while not hating the other. And I want Apple to have real competitors, not just copycats or cheaper knockoffs – because competition makes the whole market better.

      That’s why I like the existence of the Lumias…)

      • hohopig

        Well, most Android user don’t even care about Apple and their iProducts … until they start their so called “thermo-nuclear” war

        • That’s exactly it. When I received on OTA update that removed my universal search that was the last straw for Apple. Universal search of a mobile phone/tablet, another patent for something that was already patented by others long before Apple decided to add it to their arsenal.

          I’m amazed that nobody pointed out that Android universal search pretty much does the same thing as Google Desktop did, and I had that on my laptop three years before there even was an iPhone.

    • PeterBlood

      Well said. Android users need to acknowledge the failures of their own choices as well as others.

      • PhilNelwyn

        Yeah, but… what kind of screen protection is it, on the iPhone?

        • PeterBlood

          None. Bare bones phone. In fact the screen is short a layer to make it thinner with the touch screen integrated into the actual LED screen.

          • PhilNelwyn

            And are the air bubbles integrated into the LED screen too?

          • PeterBlood

            No air bubbles in the iPhone 5 or any iPhone for that matter, maybe in the SIII though. If you use a screen protector it’s up to the user to get out the air bubbles.

          • PhilNelwyn

            What is it that looks so much like air bubbles on the image I posted then?

          • PeterBlood

            Either a reflection or a badly applied screen protector. No way the iPhone 5 looks like that. Hmmm, could be the packing plastic on there too that you pull off out of the box. Looks like a plastic tab too at the bottom of the phone that isn’t on the normal phone. But in subsequent shots during the drop tests you’ll notice in closeups this is gone so the test was fair. Good eye! So sad for the Galaxy S(hatter)III.

          • PhilNelwyn

            Good one. :D
            Well, I noticed it in close-ups, but there’s a lot of cuts in that video, and when he drops the phone, you can’t say…
            Whatever the result, I never trusted drop tests. If I could afford it I’m sure that I would easily make a video with the opposite result.
            I don’t mean that the iPhone isn’t the more solid of the two (come on… metal/smaller vs. plastic/larger… is a test even necessary?), there are just better ways to demonstrate it, and it still doesn’t mean that it’s the best phone.

            I’ve owned four Android smartphones and never dropped any of them, not once, so I don’t really care about how it resists a drop, but a phone that comes with scuffs out of the box, that would bother me a lot.

          • PeterBlood

            Well it wasn’t a scientific test exactly but a random one. The iP5 would probably have the same result in minimal damage because of its metal case but because of the SIII plastic case I’m not so sure it’s result would be any different either if it landed on an edge of that phone.

            Do SIII’s come with scuff marks as a feature? Seriously mine didn’t come that way and even a handful that did wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans as an issue. With the Internet it only takes one loudmouth to make a mountain out a molehill.

            Yep I’ve put a case too on everyone of my iPhones and it’s the way to go with any phone. The iP5 in my opinion is the best overall phone & ecosystem for other reasons than accidental dropping. The Android is good for the tinkerers out there. There’s something for everybody.

          • PhilNelwyn

            A case? Never had one, what’s the point of buying a phone that looks good to you if you put it in a case?
            That makes this test even more useless.

            Given that more than 50% of smartphones sold in the US are Android devices, there’s a lot of tinkerers out there… ;)
            But you’re right, to each his own, it’s good to have a choice, like a phone with or without a physical keyboard, a phone with a 4.3″ or 4.6″ screen, a phone with or without a removable battery, a phone with or without expandable storage, a phone from one manufacturer or another, etc…
            Yeah I definitely prefer Android over iOS, it may still be a little behind in terms of content but it’s catching up really fast.

          • PeterBlood

            I would wager the vast majority of Android buyers aren’t tinkerers at all. Just someone who need a really cheap phone. I’ve seen those phones too and the bottom tier phones are truly awful (those are probably also the vast majority of Android models sold). My sister had one and now she’s buying an iPhone 5 without any urging from me.

            Yes and thanks for pointing that out as I try to about choices. People here get terribly defensive just because there are other opinions. It’s fine to pick what you want but don’t disparage everyone else that doesn’t make your pick as some kind of simpleton. It’s disingenuous and adolescent.

            I hope for your sake Android isn’t sued into oblivion but on the basis of fair play it should be the Windows Phone that is ahead of Android. At least Microsoft has been much more honorable in the origins of WP8 and have designed their way around the iPhone so no issues there. Android ecosystem will always be hampered by the lack of a central app store and a reliable upgrade system. So-called “closed” ecosystems have their advantages. Really Google should pull back it’s Android licenses and sell it only under the Motorola Mobility company it now owns. Samsung is not loyal to anyone and is also making WP8 phones. They will go anywhere they can to make a buck. Enjoy your phone and your day!

          • whatever

            useless argument here..This will never ends… use what u like. Fullstop!!

          • PeterBlood

            Your right, as long as Fandroid blatant lies and FUD continue I’LL BE THERE. As long as disingenuous Android fans never bother to check their facts I’LL BE THERE. As long as thieving companies like Google and Samsung continue to take shortcuts stealing other companies hard work I’LL BE THERE. As long as the Droidtards say dismissing things like “sheep, isheep or sheeple” I’LL BE THERE. And a lot of other people will be there with me. Good day!

          • Nihil

            You realise these are just phones, right? :D
            Also, my Nokia 3310 would blitz this drop test malarkey.

          • PeterBlood

            Yeah let’s just “drop” it. I only brought it up because it’s the kind of thing certain Fandroid users would harp on forever if the results were the opposite. “Case” closed!

          • hohopig

            haha good one, so you are one who buy into Steve’s thermo-nuclear war? How silly.

          • PeterBlood

            There’s nothing to “buy” into since it was a statement by Steve Jobs but I know many Fandroiders don’t bother to learn their history. TNW simply means Jobs feels he was betrayed by Eric Schmidt at Google and by partner Samsung for taking the low cheap road of virtual copying, taking advantage of Apples own R&D instead of going to the time and expense of their own. I don’t care how much of an Android fan you are I would expect you to see that people who copy slavishly are criminals and their actions should not be defended. Apple never copied and the “great artists steal” refers to taking ideas and making them your own and making something new. The world has been built on innovation in this fashion. Virtual copying is not homage or flattering in any way. It’s corporate laziness and stealing in a literal way.

          • Thieves from day one who make it to the top and start suing for the very same things that brought them to that point. They’re also much less relevant patents than the unrepentant theft Apple partook in.

            Rounded corners, slide to unlock, pinch/double tap to zoom, the joke of “utility patents” that don’t even have any real code or design attached to them, these patents are at such a basic level, or so incredibly general, that none of them should have ever been issued in the first place. There’s also the quantity of those patents that were stolen from others. Slide to unlock on a multi-touch display should not be any different from the slide to unlock on a single-touch display which was already patented. These joke patents are like Microsoft suing someone for a right click context menu, a progress bar, or using the alt key to access the menus without touching your mouse.

            Another interesting tidbit of the “smartphone wars” is that Apple or Microsoft seem to show up in all of the suits, but MS is shamed by the frequency of Apple’s litigation. They’ve really taken the crown, but it isn’t market share, it’s the world’s most dangerous patent troll.

          • PeterBlood

            Easy for you to say since you have no corporate interest in protecting your inventions and making yourself unique in the market. Guys like you keep disingenuously bringing up the more trivial “rounded corners” as if that’s the main infringement. The other touch patents are Apple’s versions of the existing technology and makes their product unique to those technologies. That doesn’t entitle others to copy them.

            I love the “general, obvious, etc.” patent argument. Lots of things patented seem obvious once done but you give companies no reason to invent or design things if there is no protection that keeps others from simply taking their hard work. Your point of view doesn’t work and plainly is dumb reasoning and unreasonable.

            Please point out the article that says “Microsoft is shamed” by Apple’s litigation that isn’t just some other guys (or yours) lame opinion?

            You can’t blame companies for genuinely protecting their hard work and they are hardly the “world’s most dangerous patent troll” since they are protecting their own R&D and patents. Not like some companies who buy other companies patents in order just to sue, now THAT is dangerous and trollish. (Like Google is doing buying Motorola Mobility and their patents.)

          • oh oh… peterblood is one from the iDonkey community…

          • PeterBlood

            The only “ass” here without a clever clue is by-the-numbers-Gheerish Mohun.

          • Oh oh, PeterBlood is one from the iDonkey community…

          • PeterBlood

            You’re the one on Android’s “Pleasure Island” who’s ultimately made an ass of himself. (See Pinocchio reference but doubtful you read any better than you write.)

          • Kronox

            And no one will care. Going to an Android biased site to defend fanboysm is dumb. It’s like going to a sport event, siting in the opposite team benches areas with your team colours. Yep it sounds dumb? maybe it’s cause it is. I own a s3 and i was pretty surprised to see how the test went. I’ve already dropped my phone several times at concrete from chest height with none of the above happening. Maybe i’m lucky, but for me the phone is a lot sturdier than this. I will say tho’ Iphone 5 is much solid

          • PeterBlood

            No – YOU don’t care. I am not defending fanboyism which every Fandroid makes his life’s work. I am defending truths. I am also defending the right to choose. Amazing how many here don’t get it. Don’t understand so blind in their fanboyism. The only knee jerk thing you understand is to say the same cliche things, often inaccurate facts and insult instead of engage honestly. A Fandroider’s hallmark. Fact is Android has many faults including an inferior touch system, weak battery life (except maybe on the really large phones), fragmentation and other issues. That’s okay if you are good with it.

            I am sure you could drop the SIII a couple of times and maybe it would only get damaged 1 out of 3 but I think most of us, Fandroid and iPhone user alike, agree that a nice rubber case is essential, if for no other reason than resale. The iPhone has a far greater resale value than any Android phone so maybe it doesn’t matter for the Android phone as much. iP5 yes is very solid and many here underestimate it’s greatness. But most of it’s reviewers on the web don’t:


          • kingkaiser

            Did an Android phone do unspeakable things to you at some point in your life?
            Or are you just the world’s most mundane vigilante?

          • PeterBlood

            Android phones did nothing to me except at the beginning when Samsung copied the iPhone to make it. Go ahead and buy one and use it if it so pleases you. Many other losers, I mean users select it as their phone of misery, I mean choice.

            Mundane? Then why are you commenting on it? Too bad in this non-literary crowd no one has yet recognized what I was paraphrasing was Tom Joad from Steinbeck’s GRAPES OF WRATH. “I’ll be there” means someone will be there to fight all you lying evil doers here with real truth, justice, and the, *gasp*, American Way.

            So point of fact you and others here are mundane reading-challenged lunkheads with nary an original thought in your heads. You may go back to your video game narcotic now.

            BTW don’t all you Fandroiders get your panties in a bunch, I’m only half kidding.

          • hohopig

            one misconception – plastic is NOT always weaker than steel, especially when it comes in such thin packages. It really depends on the type of composites materials that are used but it have comparable strength to weight ratio with some metals.

          • PeterBlood

            I agree, but unfortunately Samsung seems to be using the cheap grade of plastic.

          • yeah Iphone 5 is the best damm phone out their….. yeah best damm phone for donkeys, already 5 millions out there, still more to come…

          • PeterBlood

            I assume you mean the Android phone is for “asses” with all that nasty defensive ‘tude. Thanks for pointing out the huge sales numbers of the “best damn” iPhone 5, constricted only by the number of iPhones Apple can make at a time (which is a lot). Fortunately they’ll be plenty for the 22-32% of Android users who are and will be switching. BWAHAHAHA!!!

            22 percent of Android users willing to dump their handset for iPhone 5

            It’s Good to be Back on the iPhone

          • PeterBlood

            I’m reeling at such witty repartee. Isn’t it great how acrid Fandroids like this are self-demeaning? (The equivalent of lighting your own explosive cigar.)

          • hohopig

            mmm obviously a fan boy who jump on the wagon.

          • PeterBlood

            mmm obviously a fandroid boy who jumped off the wagon of common sense.

        • RLst

          What the hell are you retards going on about? He just didn’t pull off the original screen sticker that came with the iPhone and probably any brand new phone out of the box. Must’ve just unboxed it or something and forgot to pull it off. BUT, when he was doing the tests he had taken it off.
          In either case, even with the sticker still on what difference would it have made anyways? Just admit it, your cheap piece of crap plastic androids are over-featured and over-complicated dog turd.

          • DerekGlynn

            Forgive me if Im wrong, but I believe Apple lost their lawsuit against Android. Anyways, theyre both good phones in their own ways. I like the versatility that my android has. Plus…emulators ;-)

          • PhilNelwyn

            Right out of the box, there’s no air bubble under the screen protection, this only happens when you pull it off and put it back on… why would they do that?
            My point is that, whatever the result, whoever does it, and no matter how fair it looks, this kind of test is unreliable …besides being shamefully wasteful.
            But your language makes you sound so idiotic that I doubt you’ll understand and I’m not surprised that you think Android phones are over-complicated…

        • Lumia920FTW

          You are an idiot. That was BEFORE he dropped it, he probably only just took it out of the box. LOGIC!

          • PhilNelwyn

            There’s no air bubble under the plastic, right out of the box, smart aleck.
            This only happens when you pull it off and put it back on, why would they do that?
            And you never see the phone in close up just before it’s dropped, only when it’s on the ground, but not without a cut of course.

            My point is that, whatever the result, whoever does it, and no matter how fair it looks, this kind of test is unreliable …besides being shamefully wasteful.

      • well that doesn’t mean we should buy iphone, i have the htc one x which is almost as powerful as the gs3 and has a polycarbonate unibody which is more sturdy the iphone so with android you get to choose over a vide range of options what you want .

        • PeterBlood

          You should always buy what you need but caveat emptor. iP5 has the most powerful processor at the moment for whatever that’s worth. Specs are not as important as the overall user experience. In my opinion Android’s so-called advantages don’t make up for the disadvantages.

          I think it’s a bit of a draw between polycarbonate and aluminum, each has advantages and disadvantages. As other posters have mentioned here a good protective case seems to be the great equalizer. Just got a Speck case similar as what I had for my iP4 now for my iP5 and it’s great and unobtrusive.

    • Jordache

      You can’t just ignore valid arguments just because they are commonly used and still pretend to be objective.

    • Louis B

      Oh my god!!! A rational and objective Android user! I thought they had died out already! :P

    • orbitly

      Thank you.

    • hohopig

      Haha, you don’t sounds very objective though, when you didn’t even notice that lapse in the videography by not capturing the entire movement and the lack of continuity in the video capture. Also for not taking note of the obvious difference in the way he fling the phone.

      For a proper test, it should have been done with drops at the same height, same force (whether free fall or not) and to ensure that it is dropped at the right angle.

      The other excuses are really not valid, but then it is also sort of a red herring (who really did say that it is cheap to replace parts?)

      Not sure what a REAL outcome will be, since this is not really a objective test. But it would be interesting to see another test.

    • RLst

      Agreed. What a bunch of sore losers

    • ObjectiveThinker

      Does anybody use logic? Let me break this down:

      – Iphone 5 case = metal (non-flexable)
      – Galaxy SIII = Plastic (very flexibale)
      – The Glass on the s3 is flush up to the plastic.
      – When the Iphone takes a fall or corner impact, the METAL case obsorbs it and doesn’t push it through to the glass, thus the screen is not damaged.
      – When the Galaxy S3 takes a hit to the corner or such, the impact shock bends the plastic and takes a hit on the Glass
      – As such if the S3 had a metal case, it would withstand the shock. and if the Iphone had a plastic case it would break as well.

      So your choice is a phone with a Shitty Proprietary non-customizatable OS and a VERY nice and precicesly crafted casing with mediocre specs.


      A phone with an Open Source Linux Operating system thats highly customizable, you can even put aftermarket custom OS’s on it (see cyanogenmod and others) that tweak the phones performance, battery life, and add even more features and customization options. Not to mention the ability to LEGALLY take administrator privileges (root) and do things the iOS wouldn’t dream of. Oh and a Quad core and big screen… all encased within a fragile plastic shell… hey I wish the shell of the phone wasn’t so flimsy, but hey I just supplement it with an otterbox defender – Non flimsy hardshell case encased in a rubber shock absorbing skin. replacable battery – extendable memory…

      I’ve dropped mine off an 8 foot fence when it fell out of my pocket straight onto the cement hit the corner… phones fine…

      The only argument against the s3 is that the shell of the phone doesn’t absorb shock, with the otterbox defender or other adequate case this is fixed.

      The only thing the iphone has going for it is the large appstore, which soon will be eclipsed by the android app market.

      Iphone 5 CONS:
      – NEW proprietary connector
      – Proprietary iOS (Which hasn’t changed much in years)
      – Requires hack software to Jailbreak (attain administrator privledges)
      – Apps don’t ask for permission for anything
      – Apple controls all apps and types of apps on the market
      – Nothing new brought to the table other than a larger screen ( which old apps need to be rewritten and resized else theres a black bezel)
      – dropped google maps, now uses crappier map service.
      – can’t block ads
      – Can’t CONTROL YOUR own device
      – etc etc…
      — None of these can be fixed or supplemented.

      Galaxy SIII CONS:
      – Flimsy plastic shell (fixed with a *proper* case)
      – ……….
      – Anybody got anything else?

      there was a time when android was under developed and couldn’t go up against iOS… Android has come far since then and is now years ahead of iOS and just keeps getting better… apple is taking steps backwards with their device and os and havn’t shown us anything new for a long time. The Unibody metal shell of the Iphone5 however is very beautiful and sturdy… but a computer is only as powerfull as its software, and anybody who knows what the android os is capable knows its a fuckin monster. The iOS has set its limits for itself and hasn’t pushed or gone past them since it came out… Android and its community are pushing its boundries and limits to new hights every day. For those who aren’t aware of this, it will become BLATANTLY obvious to even your grandmother within a years time unless Apple steps up their game.

      The only thing superior about the Iphone is its metal casing… I’m Jelly for sure…
      But i’d rather have the superior phone/operating system and put some body armor on it…

      Its like- would you rather be a Physically weak Genius or a Dumb Strong Body builder?
      Dumbo isn’t gona get any smarter, The genius can craft an exoskeleton to protect himself ;)

      I didn’t even want to write such a long post… but i did so… ima click this button now…

      • Ya boiii


        Further, Galaxy S3 is for mentally challenged people. That’s why it’s made of plastic.

        Plus, iPhone 5 is faster, better supported, and users don’t have to wait for the next OS version. It comes out day 1.

        Samsung, not so much. That’s why most people, if they buy Android phones, are better off with the Nexus brand.

        • AppleSucksForLife

          No purpose of waiting for the next OS version if it is just the same LOL!!! And besides, plastic does not block radio signals like metal

          • You do realize that the iPhone uses glass for radio signals, right?

    • ugslick

      TRUE. lol the iPhone 5 is a nice piece of hardware… The SIII hardware wise cant really compete.. the exterior, the screen is not up to the iPhone 5s quality. I say this being extremely anti-Apple.. but it IS undeniable the iPhone is a nice phone, the first iPhone set ive kind of liked.. (minus software, thats where all my gripes come in) however, android users have nothing to fear.. LG Optimus G hardware trumps both the iPhone 5 and GSIII.. I dont know how it will perform in drop tests, probably in between the GSIII and the iPhone 5 (iPhone 5 is likely more durable and shock resistant), but it has overall much better build quality than the GSIII.. the only issue with LG is their software mods, but this time it looks like theyve done a pretty good job, and then there is always the LG nexus version (superior software to the Optimus G (besides the on screen keys Google likes now) but compromising some of LGs best hardware work since the Optimus 2X..

    • I think the fragility sucks. I didn’t need an OtterBox on my old HTC. Damn thing flew out of my pocket quite a few times to bounce away across the concrete.

      They focused too much on thin and light. They’re missing the opportunity to really pour in a MAXX-like battery, raise the durability, and even offer a QWERTY model.

      I’m betting that even putting in a keyboard, cranking the battery way up, and building it like a tank, they’d still be smaller and lighter than the Sanyo I had a decade ago.

      Maybe there will be a carrier specific version like the Epic that sold on Sprint for the S2? It took more abuse than the basic S2, had a nice keyboard, but the battery kinda sucked.

    • try dropping an EVO LTE or Lumia 920 against the iphone and see what happens- I love android but samsung is plastic shit, HTC and Nokia and Apple build the best quality phones try comparing them.

    • AppleSucksForLife

      Not being a fanboy but if the ground is uneven then the other will break much more. I agree with the other three you said but not the uneven ground

    • My tests suggest otherwise.
      I use both Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S. My iPhone stopped working every time it fell. Sometimes I would be able to receive calls but nothing would show on the display.
      My S4’s screen cracked at the bottom. But it works smoothly.
      My S4 has literally fallen more than 50 times in the past year. Every time there is some damage on the exterior. But the phone runs smoothly.

  • GamecockMac

    Cry more, Fandroids.

    • buffdaddy72

      Troll more fanboys!

  • fadilkarim

    WTF Samsung! Your damn plastic body isn’t as durable as you make everyone think it to be! No stop making plastic phones and give me a nicer feeling one!!!

    • gitoffmenuts_google

      nothing wrong with plastic

  • Strangeite

    We all know that the GS3 shoots rainbows and unicorns when it cracks. This isn’t a design flaw, it is a feature.

  • Mike

    Hilarious all the excuses I’m reading here. Denial. Apple sales speak for themselves.

    • Nathan Borup

      Apple sales have nothing to do with anything. Android has sold more devices anyway. Just because apple sold 22 Million phones the first day available for preordering doesn’t mean anything… in fact it does mean something, just that the people that buy the phone go blindly for apple because that is what they have had in the past. It has nothing to do with the proficiency of the software or hardware. I’m not against apple, i just think a lot of people blindly choose apple and say they are the best without even considering that something could be better. I like the fact that I can buy a phone from a company that doesn’t break out with a bunch of patent infringement accusations because they feel threatened by other companies

      • Kristen Cousineau


        • Rob Little

          u-n-a-b-l-e-t-o-r-e-a-d (apparently)

      • ABR2195

        You’re right in saying sales numbers don’t indicate anything about the quality of a device. Marketing techniques and perceived value taint sales numbers. Customer satisfaction ratings, however, indicates the quality of a device after someone has owned it long enough to make a reasonable judgement. In this area, Apple’s iPhone has led the industry by a reasonably wide margin every year since its release.

        Apple’s not threatened – they’re the most valuable company in the world, are sitting on roughly $150B and just released what will likely be the best selling and highest rated device in history – they’re upset that Google, with Android, essentially copied every feature that defines modern smartphones. It’s not about big screens and unsupported sensors (NFC), its about critical features like glass displays, multitouch, and the application marketplace model – all pioneered by Apple.

        • Damien

          Wow I can’t believe how much of a fanboy you are! What are you even doing on this website?

          • ABR2195

            I don’t see the issue with my comment. To be clear I think the S3 and the iPhone 5 are both awesome devices. Just because people would like to believe Apple is threatened and that that’s why they’re suing Samsung doesn’t make it true.

            I’m merely stating the facts – Apple is not threatened (the numbers prove that) and the reason I stated is why they claim to be suing Samsung. Additionally, the general consumer market does not care about 4.8″ screens and NFC, If they did, they wouldn’t be buying (and loving) the iPhone 5 in droves.

          • Damien

            People don’t need these things until Apple release them, then it’s revolutionairy. I know for a fact people will still buy and love the next iPhone in droves even if it had a 4.8″ screen and the rest. I know Apple aren’t under threat by Samsung but they most certainly are unhappy with market share been taken away from them. They’re aggressive marketers and believe they should be the ones to remain on top with the largest % of smartphone market share. And they’ll do everything in their power to keep it that way.

          • EducatedToPerform

            You’re just projecting your own issues and your own insecurities, dude.

            People buy the phone they think will work best for them..

            There are idiotic minorities in both camps who will buy whatever, don’t judge a whole group of Apple owners so irrationally.

    • buffdaddy72

      Great the metal phone beat a plastic composite phone in a drop test, hooray! You finally have something to brag about.

      • EducatedToPerform

        So the phone being simultaneously the fastest phone ever made, thinnest smartphone ever made, having one of the best battery lives, wasn’t enough?

        Just the drop test made it past your fanboy radar?

        • Adrian De Jong

          Your a joke mate, this is like the 3rd comment I have seen from you saying this. You do realise that S2 was matching the 4 and 4S for quite sometime right? in every aspect possible. Yes that includes performance.

          and then along came the HTC one X that shoots them both out the water and has better battery life to go a long with it.

          it’s funny because the apple fanboys here seem to think that google copied someone, which funny because the only similarity that Android has on Ios is the fact that they are smart phones.

  • Jeremy Wilhelm

    I’m sure it’s prohibitive to do it due to costs, but it seems like the drop test would be more ‘scientific’ if each height tested used a fresh, unblemished phone. That way the damage from the prior drops wouldn’t have any impact on the current drop height. Perhaps followed up with the back to back drops to test durability over multiple drops. I say this as someone who has their iPhone 5 (my 4th model since the first one was released) due to arrive any day now.

  • M Evans

    Darcy Darcy Darcy!!!!! Classic

    iPhone 5 rules the world, android can s my d

    • buffdaddy72

      OMG the fanboys are out in force today!

  • Javo

    This is one of the craziest things ever hahaha… I was screaming nooooooo…. Cannot believe you drop the iPhone 5, What do you think all those guys camping for hours, probably days, would say about it…

    Never the less amazing… I hope you have a good sponsor.

  • thinklinda

    iPhone 5 is very impressive to be dropped at 6 feet and the screen didn’t crack. Apple did a wonderful job in with the unibody design, flushed glass screen and the choice to use aluminum/steel.

    Galaxy 3 is a beautiful phone but it would be perfect if it was designed to be durable.

    • mikewong27

      that’s why I used a bumper case to protect my g3… I just love this phone. Love the big screen size… I just cannot go back to 4 inch phone anymore…

  • ship the samsung to me since it received the most damage.
    you woldnt like to use it any more

  • gitoffmenuts_google

    I’m an iphone user but I’ve got to say, this test was a bit meh. No one is going to drop their phone from their ear unless they are retarded. Only the pocket test really matters and GS3 held out fine.

    I’ve also got to say, GS3 looked VERY fluid to me when I tried it out. The gap in fluidness between GS3 and iphone is gone. So to me it comes down to whether you want a larger screen phone or smaller screen phone. And the OS. And due to the crappy Apple maps update, I’d still give GS3 the edge.

  • zak

    Samsung S3 Torture Test by CNET, there are a lot of factors to consider when doing these tests and on average the S3 seems like a pretty solid phone compared to the torture test of 4s(i have it as well) but considering the new more solid backing of the iphone5 it should be more stronger but if they both drop at exact same angle the glass is more likely to break.

    FYI both use Gorilla 2 glass…

    • zak

      both are solid phones but with iphones5 new backing and lighter weight its a bit more sturdier …

    • No, iPhones don’t have Gorilla Glass (I was wrong, too…). Here’s the full list of phones using Gorilla Glass:

      • Just sayin’

        From the page: “Due to customer agreements, we cannot identify all devices that feature Gorilla Glass. Your favorite device may include Gorilla Glass, even if you don’t see it listed.”

    • EducatedToPerform

      Why are you comparing to the 4S?

      The 5 is out, and it’s far more robust.

  • That’s pretty good for Apple. The iPhone 5 is able to take a licking and keep on ticking.

  • PeterBlood

    Just got my black iPhone 5 and it is GORGEOUS! Feels great and light in my hand and yet so capable. Amazing tech! The new connector is super easy to use and the newly designed ear buds a nice improvement. Makes my iPhone 4 feel a lot heavier by comparison. Another great phone by Apple. You really need to see this in person folks.

  • PeterBlood

    Sorry about the Galaxy SIII not holding up in a drop test guys. Guess it’s not all it’s “cracked” up to be.

  • Blindsession

    I’m reading all these comments about the drop test. I swear by the galaxy s3, I’m not a fan of iPhone at all. I’ll be the first to say that the construction of the iPhone 5 is far superior to Galaxy S3’s constructing. I feel that “drop tests” are ridiculous, it doesn’t matter what phone survives. Drop them both in a toilet and they are identical.
    I look forward to a real showdown between the 2. In the end, Galaxy S3 will trump anything that the iPhone has, other than construction.

  • geonautics

    No phone is a perfect phone; don’t let people dictate your phone, I am content with my choice of phone.

  • Kenneth Bury

    I was very impressed with iPhone 5 drop test, obviously Apple made significant improvements in that area. I expect this will raise the bar for the rest of the industry, which is a good thing. Unless Apple figures out a way to sue everyone for copying impact resistance…
    BTW, I’ve already tried the drop test (accidentally) on my Galaxy Nexus several times now. I think the energy dissipated by the battery flying out on impact may help. Maybe Samsung should patent that impact phenomena.
    I did purchase protective bands for the other two S3s in the family since it looked that the S3s were going to be fragile. This test unfortunately substantiated my suspicion. Thx.

  • geonautics

    +1 for the iPhone 5, but what’s with the recovery mode display toward the end of the video for the iPhone 5?

  • Moi

    Can we drop him on his head from various heights and watch that instead?

  • tBs_Battousai

    I really must stop reading the comments.. never anything but fan boy BS from all camps…

  • k k
    • Matt34533

      Those are called defects. Ever heard of them? My Thunderbolts (Went through 5 before I actually got a half-decent one) had more defects than I could count on both hands.Three out of the 5 million or so iPhone 5’s that are in customers hands by now isn’t a bad record if you ask me.

  • ray01000101010101

    The lighter the phone, the less impact force there is. The heavier phone always fairs worse.

    • abhibeckert

      There’s more to it than weight. Drop a wine glass = shatter. Drop a glass wine bottle = probably no damage at all.

  • Anon

    You know what’s retarded? I see some honestly modest graceful Android fans here who say yeah, definitely Apple is known for build quality (yeah yeah I know some of you are going to point out the antenna thing but honestly not the point) and they did a good job. Then there’s people here who will jump on ANYTHING to rip on iOS. Take a defeat and move on with life, it’s not like it’s an attack on you. I’ve owned and used both (iPhone 4 and Galaxy Nexus) extensively and yeah they each have their pros and cons.

    To people who say that iOS doesn’t offer enough control, shut up and grow up. Fact is all you have to do is simply jailbreak (OH NO SO HARD BUT I TALK ABOUT ALL THE CUSTOMIZATION IVE DONE TO MY PHONE) and voila! File system access, customization, the works. Stop using this point, it’s tired and irrelevant.
    People buy iPhones because they want somethign that out of the box works really well, is simple to use, and encompasses everything. People buy Android phones because they want to be able to control down to the nitty gritty details. The morons who sit there and argue which is better are wasting their time, to each their own.

    Another thing, cheap glass on the iphone 4/4s? Don’t be daft, it was all gorilla glass. In fact if it wasn’t for Apple and specifically Steve Jobs we wouldn’t even be using gorilla glass today. Corning, the company that makes it, had shelved the product back in the 60s and left it to rot. Then 2006 came along and Jobs talked to them and coaxed them into making it, even though they had NO factories outfitted to manufacture the glass. Seriously, haters on both sides are sickening.

    • Ivan Budiutama

      Nicely said. The only thing I don’t like about Apple product is the price (and lately their patent war). The price is basically not reasonable (they can sell 40% more due to the high Custom and Tax probably some Provider’s Monopoly) meanwhile the competitors come with wide range of price that is much much more reasonable even SGS3 cost a bit nicely here. however, saying that Apple product is crappy is not fair as well as saying that Android OS is lightyear behind iOS. All have their own uniqueness, even with JB, Android cannot compete with iPhone’s smoothness. However, are you willing to pay USD 400 more (at least in my country) for 0.x seconds of smoothness? i got the function I need from my phones, yes it is probably not at its best regarding smoothness, multimedia and gaming experience. But the phone I owned by itself already has everything I need: Notes, Navigation, Mail, Calendar. etc, at least for my daily use. However I got my phone to run some gaming relatively smooth and I consider that as a bonus. Hope this Fanboys war can stop. it is sickening and stupid.

      • EducatedToPerform

        In most countries, the iPhone costs the same as the SG3.

        Now look at how much faster it is:

        • Ivan Budiutama

          Firstly, sorry to disappoint you, but the fact in my country isn’t like that, and FYI, even SGS 3 cost too much (at least for me, really personal reference though). Secondly, I used my phone mostly for messaging, emails, calendar, navigation, ebook reading during long travel. So I don’t need quad-core fast phone, when I can get all the features on much much cheaper phone and currently only Android OS has this kind of benefit (WP phones are still very costly here).

          • EducatedToPerform

            OK well some people recognise that you can only describe something as overpriced if you can get an equivalent device for less.

            Just because you have a smaller budget doesn’t mean that premium devices aren’t premium.

            It just means that you can’t afford them.

            I also deliberately used the word ‘most’ and not ‘all’.

          • Ivan Budiutama

            : I can keep go on about “Equivalent” different point of view. iPhone 5 is a dual core, also Galaxy Nexus (my current phone) for half of the price and similar function (better maps, from what I heard). G. Nexus has 4.65″ screen and I consider that as premium, while some people will see the processors clocking and speed benchmark as premium. What is the drift? It is a never ending debate on “premium” definition. Well, you can go with your view on “premium” and “equivalent” I don’t think we are on the same boat at defining them, obviously. So yeah, feel free if you want to argue more

          • EducatedToPerform

            You can’t measure the performance of a phone on whether it is dual core or not or on the GHz of the processor. You can only judge using benchmarks which compare the performance.

            The iPhone 5 wins all of those benchmarks. By quite a long way. That’s why it’s premium.

          • Ivan Budiutama

            @EducatedToPerform: like I said, I can keep going about “equivalent” stuff you mentioned, iPhone 5 benchmark beats everything is to be expected, it is a new phone, you expect that to have lower benchmark than other phone? You will expect the similar result from other phones to be released after iPhone 5, whether it WP phones or Android, wait for 4-5 months, the new flagship phones will have better benchmark result. What is your point? whilst, iPhone will stay the same phone with higher benchmark, I can have a lot of other choices when I go with WP or Android. Waterproof, phablet, large screen, etc and all of them considerably lower cost than the new iPhone

          • EducatedToPerform

            If the iPhone 5 benchmarking the fastest is to be expected, why didn’t the 9 month newer SG3 beat the iPhone 4S GPU? Why did it take 9 months for the 4S performance to be matched? Why is the SG3 battery life worse than the year old iPhone 4S?

            Why did the SG3 get massively blown away only 3.5 months after it was launched?

            Why did every phone released to date in America, a full year later, have a slower GPU than the iPhone 4S. That means that NOT ONE of the smartphones released after the 4S followed your rules. That’s the point.

            If this was a two and fro, you would have a point. But it isn’t. In any given year, Apple holds the performance crown for at least 9 months, and in some cases the whole year.

          • Lol, its because the gpu can handle anything that you can throw at it. No need to upgrade. Are you and the other iDonkeys planning to play battlefield 2 on your 4 inch displays… Well that can be a point for the better GPU.

          • Ya boiii

            This is why Fandroids are morons.

            They claim that Android phones always have the better specs, and then when the iPhone beats a flagship Android phone, they resort back to saying “WHO NEEDS THAT KIND OF POWER ANYWAY> WAT R U GUNNA PLAY BATTLEFIELD ON UR PHONE?? LOL!!”

            Pathetic. Shows what sort of worthless sack of life you are.

          • EducatedToPerform

            And by the way – people who buy iPhones have just as much choice as you. They aren’t forced to buy iPhones. They don’t need waterproof, they don’t want a brick.

          • I think Educated donkey uses his phone to encode porn movies… the only point he has is benchmarks… what about the features Educated donkey?

          • Ya boiii

            You lost the argument and now you’re resorting to childish name calling.

            Consider jumping next time you see a bridge.

          • for me the performance cant be judge by bench marks, i personally used my classmate’s iphone 5 and my other classmates sgs3 and my teacher’s sgs2 and what, isay? the performance of iphone and s2 is almost the same(althoug iphone beats the s2 a bit) while the sgs3 is far mor superior than the other 2 phones

        • hohopig

          Wrong … actually these figures has been called into questions.


          • EducatedToPerform

            Dude, you’re linking Geekbench benchmarks.

            The benchmarks on both SG3 and iPhone 5 are NOT comparable on Geekbench, as the Anandtech article I linked you to explains. It simply isn’t useful as a cross platform comparison.

            Go and look at the link I provided which is NOT just Geekbench results, but actually a collection of 15+ benchmarks, the SG3 gets totally destroyed performance wise.

          • Ivan Budiutama

            I am impressed by your dedication in promoting iPhone, so I will give you the benefit of it. First, you are free to have an iPhone if you want it, no one can force you otherwise, hell, even if you really rich you can buy 5 SGS3 and 10 iPhone5 and no one would give a s*** about it. If you really love the benchmark and already owned your own iPhone 5 then I am very happy for you. Second, people buy based on many reasons, mine is simple: large screen, since I use the phone a lot for texting and mailing due the nature of my job and obviously apple only 3.5 and 4 inch is never be enough compare to my 4.65 Nexus, you can argue all you want, about large screen phones, but I need it and it is very affordable now. Your benchmark fetish doesn’t really interest me a bit since the screen size is already the deal breaker for me. Third, I only expressed myself on how the Apple attitude affecting their own product and how I hoped that google will never succumb to disgusting level of competition as apple did. I know you are a die hard fans of Apple but even all my friends admitted that iPhone 5 is flawed, it is plagued by iLost, iScratch, iPurple and somehow I heard the processor give funny voice after some heavy processing activity. Even when you are Apple worshiper please be objective and admit the fact that Apple now focus their resource on lawsuit rather than R&D or simply a basic Quality Control. IF you said otherwise than this is a senseless discussion because you are trying to convert people to use iPhone on Android web community which is pointless and of course, you are extremely hopeless, what next? Steve Jobs is god?

          • Lol, to me you do not seem to be much “Educated”. Galaxy S3 is nearly a 1/2 year old technology, why dont you compare with Lg optimus G? And in real life usage, how much faster will the ishit 5 be than the S3? Like opening the web browser a 1000s time will save you 1 sec…

      • ABR2195

        Ultimately, the market determines the worth of a device. As long as the market in question is reasonably free and fair, the iPhone is perfectly suited at whatever price point people buy it at.

    • iPhones never had Gorilla Glass!!!!!! Full list of gorilla glass phones here:

      • abhibeckert

        Apple doesn’t like to talk about specific details, but the Wikipedia article on gorilla glass has three references confirming that in 2006 gorilla glass was taken from prototype to mass production at apple’s request, so they could use it in their products, and other companies have started using it too.

        A quick google shows many people have said, off the record, that the iPhone does use gorilla glass and always has.

      • Gechi

        From what i read in Steve Jobs’ biography, Apple went to Corning and asked them for their most thin and durable glass they had, and they worked together even from the 1st iPhone. So they’ve always had gorilla glass, just that they don’t advertise it as Gorilla to not give Corning free advertising.

      • Odd how the “Apple never did anything” posters always come up with bizarrely wrong references!!!!!

        Nobody was using Gorilla glass for anything (except some racing car windscreens) before Apple put it into its first iPhones.

        So instead of thanking Apple for yet again upping the quality, it is ill-informed denial. Again.

        • hohopig

          ha, they will be acknowledge if they actually did not try to gorge their customer so much and suppress all their competitors.

      • You didn’t read the disclaimer: “Due to customer agreements, we cannot identify all devices that feature Gorilla Glass.”

  • blarelli

    Well of course a phone with a body of milled aluminum is going to fair better than a phone designed to have a removable battery. It’s the same concept as a convertible car, when you remove the roof (integral back of the phone) it loses a huge amount of its structural strength. It’s about compromises. If you get the convertible, you won’t have the same stiff chassis as the hard top, but you have a million miles of headroom.

    • EducatedToPerform

      Saying it’s obvious that the iPhone is built better doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

  • 1) The drop test wasn’t fair. The S3 hit the ground with its face, that’s why the screen was broken.
    2) Both phones use the Gorilla Glass 2 on the front
    3) You can replace the “crappy plastic” back cover of the S3 for $4 (you can buy plastic, metallic and even leather back covers for this price), I’m sure the back cover of the iPhone 5 costs at least $50.

    • Ooooops… I’ve just found out that iPhones don’t have Gorilla Glass!!!!! Apple uses some glass developed in-the-house. Take a look at the list here:

      • Anon

        Do more research next time moron. If it wasn’t for Steve Jobs no phones would have gorilla glass, and it would have stayed that way. Before he talked to Corning about bringing it back, it had sat there doing NOTHING since it was made in the 60s

      • Pete


        “Your favorite device may include Gorilla Glass, even if you don’t see it listed.”

        It isn’t listed there. Apple’s first iPhone was the first mobile phone with Gorilla Glas. In 2007 Apple wasn’t listed there too.

        In an US job report (March 2012) Apple stated also that CORNING employees in Kentucky and New York makes iPhone’s glass. Corning is the company that makes Gorilla Glas. Or do you know another company based in Kentucky called Corning?

  • arabsrulechina

    waaa waaaa cry fandroids cry hahahaha

  • Apple has improved in durability and passed S3. Great.

    But really? Does it make iPhone5 better than S3? Definitely not.

  • 80% of the price of an iphone is for the build quality , which is not a fact but a comment.

  • chris :P

    man imagine if the s3 was built with the same materials as the iphone 5 and in that sexy colour skeem, that would be a sexy phone!
    i’m going for the s3 though but definataly getting insurance and a sterdy case lol

  • SamsaraGuru

    I guess one will just have to somehow control the desire to awaken each morning and start the day by dropping one’s Galaxy S III from on high Gee wilikers, where’s the fun in that?

  • I have a Samsung infuse. I like how everyone says android has sold more phones than apple…… is an operating system not a phone

  • truth

    First to begin with i dont know what sort of deception this is because the Sg3 went through this sort of test before with the Iphone 4s and came out the winner with the same drop test and it didnt have a broken screen and only a few scratches after the test .This seems to be a doctored video to me to go with the hype of the Iphone 5 now being displayed.Secondly the Iphone 5 is a new phone which apple would improve on from the 4s to cover short comings of previous phone in making it thinner ,lighter and more robust to be on par with or supercedes present phones.The Sg3 on the other hand is an older phone ,much heavier and have a larger screen which would be at a disadvantage to the newer ,lighter and thinner much improved Iphone 5 .Test should be done with phones of equal weight ,thinness and screen size because a thinner ,lighter and smaller screen phone will suffer less damage than its competitor with larger screen and heavier weight and thickness ,simple physics.

    • EducatedToPerform

      denial, denial, denial.

      Yeah, the guy reporting for ‘Android Authority’ made a fake video…..

      The SG3 is only 3 months old. There wont be a new one for 9 months. Wake up.

      The fact that the iPhone 5 has better performance, and is thinner and lighter – are just more reason why it’s better.

      • techlovinggirl

        Better for who? You? My brother owns and iphone 5. I own the galaxy 3. There’s no way I would ever get an iphone. Just from using my brothers, I hate it. The phone looked nice but the os was just ugly. I think the iphone is just boring. For simple users I guess. I like the uniqueness of android phones. Not just with the customization but the fact that there are different phones with android. All iphones look the same.

        • EducatedToPerform

          Just so we’re clear, I don’t own an iPhone 5 and may not get one.

          I’m just talking about specification wise.

          The iPhone has more definition (more sub pixels), lighter, thinner, faster CPU, faster GPU, longer battery life, larger app store, better track record for reliability and instant device updates.

          The only ‘simple users’ are those who seek to be entertained by their phone, instead of using said phone to achieve a simple goal. Indeed, it’s mostly ‘simple users’ who buy the low end cheaper Android phones, and who aren’t aware of how to do anything you can on Android on an iPhone – it’s just easier.

          It isn’t ‘simple users’ who use the Google home page, being as it is – the most simple and basic an interface you could wish for. Which is why it’s so successful. You may seek unnecessary complication in your phone, many users don’t.

          As for all iPhones looking the same, that would only bother me if I was buying a phone to be different to other phones? Not exactly a logical reason.

  • truth


    • EducatedToPerform

      So physics backs up the real life evidence that the iPhone is more durable, then? What point do you believe you’re making, exactly?

      • Nick_Lopez_Loya

        I hope apple is sending you a check for all this free PR. geez. Take a bathroom break. Android is better by the way, no PR needed

        • EducatedToPerform

          Dude, I haven’t bought this phone, and I’m impartial about Android or iOS. There’s just a hell of a lot of denial on here about quite a conclusive drop test.

          Android fans often accuse Apple fans of being sheep, honestly recently I’m seeing exactly the opposite.

  • Brian

    No one has mentioned the impact point. The iphone’s impact was to the rear corner while the GS3 hit right on the front corner – the weakest point. Each drop is different and had the iphone 5 hit on that corner, it too probably would have suffered broken glass. I appreciate the objectiveness of the review, but the contact point makes all the difference when a device is dropped.

    • EducatedToPerform

      The result here matches other drop tests around the web.

  • R

    the main concern with the drop test is that Darcy holds the phones and poses like a right bellend

  • Anthony Pacheco

    It’s a conspiracy

  • arabsrulechina

    The iPhone 5 is killing the SIII in all the drop tests!!! DAAAAMN

  • Sparks

    Was enjoyable to watch, but I have one problem with this test.
    At 5:42 mins, we are told the phone will be dropped face down.
    Then, at 5:54 we see the slow motion of the phone falling, before it flips as the time moves to 5:55. Now since it has flipped the screen should be up, but as it slides inline with the glasses at about 5:56, we see the light reflecting off the apple logo which means that since it has flipped, which ever side is up now is the side it landed on, which is the back. So really, it is no surprise that the screen remained intact because it never actually landed on its screen. This presumably was in not intentional, but it would be nice to see what happens if an iPhone 5 actually lands on its face rather than being dropped face first but flipping in the air and landing ‘safely’.
    Other than that I hope to see more of these drop tests in the future, maybe with practice they will all start to land the same way more consistently.

  • photohounds

    Iphone – enjoy your 5 months at the top. Every 6 months something genuinely better comes out. Interesting to see the Galaxy S4 in Fevruary.

    These makers (or marketers in Apple’s case) all leap frog each other – good for competition! What would iphone BE with out very good competition? Those waterproof bezel-LESS Motorolas?
    As for ifans luvin’ this “result”. Hmm you could try an even SLIGHTLY scientific test … Say 1,000 phones and drop them ten different, repeatable ways. Phones like these surviving a fall is as much luck as design.

    With iphone4 and 4s, iFans said that glass glass meant ‘quality’ – in fact it FORCED users to a case, hiding the glass, so it really showed stupid design.

    Having said that, getting rid of that stupid glass back is the best thing Apple ever did.

    Cases are smart anyway unless you live a very sedentary lifestyle.

    • EducatedToPerform

      How long did the SG3 have at the top? 0 months in the US, where its GPU was slower than the 9 month older iPhone 4S. Even the international SG3 only just beat out the 9 month old iPhone 4S which led the performance charts up until that time.

      As for the drop test, don’t be in such pathetic denial. This result matches the result of just about every other drop test between these two phones.

  • Bai02

    I’ll buy the iphone 5 drop tested if it’s favtory unlocked


  • tomerh

    cool test,
    say man – How about giving me the dropped iphone 5? :) :) :)
    did i said that this is the best site ever?!?

  • Nick_Lopez_Loya

    I might consider an iPhone if ios wasn’t locked down. Every app has to be approved by apple , what kind of crap is that? I can side load anything to Android and that’s why Android is so much more superior. Even the apps from cidya are more limited than Android. So this drop test means zero.

    • EducatedToPerform

      You can jailbreak iOS just as easily as you can install custom ROMS on Android.

  • android sucks

    The iphone 5 kicked some serious ass today. Oh hang on, it kicked ass yesterday aswell, and last week, and last month. oh my, i think we have a winner. I’m not really into plastic eh. Tubber-ware phones don’t really cut it eh! Next i heard they are going to do a melt test! Wonder who will win that. wink! hehehehehe

  • jerry

    im not user of samsung S3 and iphone 4 or 5 unit. but, if i watch how to drop the samsung galaxy S3, it so different to i phone 5. i dunno how to explain…pls…watch carefully. ok.

    competition in the market now is very tight….

    before :

    samsung Galaxy S3 VS I phone 4

    now :

    Samsung Galaxy S3 VS I Phone 5

    how many i phone u use to compete the Samsung Galaxy S3

    • codelinx

      i agree, i didnt even read your post, but yea he does favor the drops of the iP*#n3 5, being almost softer, he litterally flung the S3 out of his pocket and dropped it higher and face down when compared to the 5

      • EducatedToPerform

        I reject your reality and substitute my own….

  • I bet you’re not that stupid to drop your “not so cheap” mobile phone.

  • Samsung aims to make Samsung Galaxy S3 a light weight mobile phone. It is like armor, the lighter it is, the easier to penetrate.

  • haha I hate that samsung fans are always making excuses. Samsung will ALWAYS be second best unless they get rid of android and integrate their own operating system like apple has. Just accept it. But hey, second best is not bad. I buy and sell used phones of every kind and have had literally every phone ever made in my store at one point or another, and nothing compares to this iphone 5. I love my iphone 5 and do not even mind that I did not have an upgrade and had to pay $800 for it…The only thing that really sucks is that I am going to loose a ton of business now since obviously the 5 is nearly indestructible. I am used to having iphone 4 and 4s in my store almost every day needing a new screen replacement at $100 a pop. Probably not going to see many iphone repairs anymore.

    • Nick_Lopez_Loya

      Samsung is the number one seller of phones in the world. Nokia Is number two. Apple number who cares. You’re a moron

      • EducatedToPerform

        And who makes the most profit? More than double Samsung?

  • Chris

    Just picked up the S3 Sunday and so far so good. It feels really light in your hand but doesn’t feel cheap. The battery has been excellent and the smoothness is there. I actually had the HTC Evo before this purchase and loved it so this phone is a little different. I actually played with the iPhone 5 at the store and it seemed like the same phone from 6 years ago. All I’m saying is people do get tired of the same old thing, so the S3 was the best phone to go with as far as something new. Sorry iPhone users but for me, it’s Android.

  • padlock1

    rediculous and flawed! How can anyone be so dumb as to think this is a like for like comparison. Totally pointless. Mr. sandals is obviously looking for 15 minutes of fame….You may as well drop Iphone5 twice for every S3 drop as it is virtually twice the price…duh!

    • EducatedToPerform

      On contract where I live they cost the same.

      The iPhone is also much, much faster in terms of hardware, and has a better screen definition (more sub pixels).

      it’s also thinner, lighter, and has better battery life.

  • fredphoesh

    Only american morons could A/ Do this, and B/ Think there is any validity in the findings. For starters, the angle the phone hits the floor in your “test” is completely random. The angle the phone hits the floor is of utmost importance as it affects whether the impact is on the phone, or whether the impact will be transferred into motion. You guys are just plain stupid.

    • EducatedToPerform

      You would have a point if multiple drop tests hadn’t all yielded the same result.

  • codelinx

    why does this moron in the video fling the S3 out of his pocket and softly pull the iP*n3 out of his pocket for the drop test? Did anyone else notice that? Also from the chest drop he raises the S3 higher again? From the ear drop he clearly turns the phone face down before the drop. really i have never trusted AA and this is why…. sad douchebag… biased reporting.

    • EducatedToPerform

      Yeah the guy wearing the ‘Android authority’ t-shirt and reporting for the Android authority website faked a test to make the Android phone look bad, whilst matching the outcome of every other drop test made by every other review site.

      They are all biased, it’s all fake.

      And they say Apple users have a reality distortion field. Seriously, grow up. The SG3 lost, iPhone is more durable. Don’t hate.

  • Roli

    During the last few years i got various phones.
    Nokia 6230i, e71,iphone 3g, iphone 4sgs1,sgs3,optimus 3d
    First i got a nokia 6230 off kijiji 5 in 2005.I used until iphone 3g got released i jumped on the ios band wagon. my first iphone got screen problems apple replaced it for me after sending it to apple after 2 weeks. While that 2 weeks i placed my sim card to the 6230i, i used iphone when it came back. it died after a few months. I replaced it with a sgs1 on launch date on my first sgs1 the screen died ship to samsung took 5 weeks to fix. Got a brand new sgs 1 in mail. 1 Month after the internal sd card died in the new phone ship to samsung 5 weeks again. Got it back with replaced sd card. During that time i used 6230i again. I gaved it as a gift to my sister after it got back. I got myself an iphone 4. The iphone 4 worked perfectly except that it would always and always drop no tomorrow apple replaced it. same problem so i got one of those buffer cases worked fine until a month after iphone 4s release date….. So i was off to replace my phone again. I got an optimus 3d it was an older tech but 3d screen.I never had any problems with the optimus 3d it was fine although i only used the 3d feature twice up to today. It never really got me going after i bought it so i gaved it to my sister again because there wasnt any android updates coming from lg. Hardware was perfect software support from lg is the worst of them all. Because the sg1 that i gave her just died after a year or so usage. The optimus 3d i had it a bit after sgs 3 release date. I had sg3 for 5 days when the sd card died again. But this time i was smart and got the phone from the carrier and extended warranty got replaced right away. I had sg3 for like a month or 2 now. No problems with the new sg3 so far but it does show the cheap build quality i dont think its gonna last me 6 months more. I might go with an nokia windows phone. And keep the sgs 3 for games.
    I am a real estate agent all this time for work i used a nokia e71. My clients have the e71 number i had the e71 since release date. No problems very reliable dropped it a few times works like nothing happened i even used it 10 minutes ago.The 6230 we still have it as replacement phone no problems my wife had it for 2 weeks as a replacent till her 4g got shipped back, 3 rd day she had it for and she lost it. 3 days later we found it while that time that was the only phone that i felt sorry for. Turns out that she didnt have a pocket and put in a bag of meat and forgot about it. And she put it into the freezer. And after 3 days she got the meat out of the freezer and we found the phone and it still worked. Although the battery life wasnt good. So we got a replacement battery for 10$ no problems with it since. She uses iphone 4 at the moment. Its still just as good as day1 it does have scuff mark and stuff.
    If i knew that im gonna have to go the north pole for a few days. I would take the e71 for work,The 6230 to call home with.the sgs 3 to play games on to prevent boredoom.
    the lg still works for my sister never had any problems. No software updates so far. Never been one… i got it with the release software and working fine with it.

    • roli

      So the verdict.
      IOS no thx never again the os is too limited the specs are always outdated good for my wife. And uses it.
      LG no thanks never any updates.
      Samsung no thx, Hardware always dies due to build quality but its rarely is the selling the feature of the phone it is always the little things sd card etc..
      Nokia superb quality but always on a bad os. Take symbian, windows 7 os.

      NOKIA WHY CANT YOU MAKE A GOOD ANDROID PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Instead of windows os.
      It would be a hit no doubt.

  • هاشم شملان

    السلا م عليكم ممكن اعرف كم قيمت الايفون 5

  • RA

    And now, some more truth

  • Aaron Lee

    CAN I STILL HAVE ONE OF THE PHONES, or even both??? i’m in college and i really need a smartphone

  • peehu

    what a wastage of money .silly test .

  • Both phones will most likely break by a fall that high if the point of
    impact is the upper corner. It doesn’t really matter which material it’s
    made of. If it hits a weak spot, the screen will break. And yes, of course an iPhone 5 will be a bit sturdier, but
    hey, it’ll break anyway.

    • EducatedToPerform

      It hit the iPhone 5 on the upper corner too – you can see by the big dent.

  • Mattman

    The new maps suck. Living in NYC google maps ruled, it gave subway and bus directions. This new maps system doesn’t have that. Very upsetting. Anyway whens the GS4 coming out?

    • padlock1

      allegedly launching in Feb for March deliveries

  • uScoreF

    Dude you should look at how GizmoSlip do their drop test. Much fairer and more scientific. However, conclusion is the same. iPhone 5 is more durable than S3.

  • 4″ screen and 4.8″ screen. The bigger screen absorbs bigger energy after impact. Even metal case wouldn’t help with so large screen, ask any tech guy from mobile phone repair service. Only physics.

    • EducatedToPerform

      Why do you think that explaining WHY the SG3 failed matters?

      Physics will ALWAYS explain the result of ANY drop test. Physics is reality.

      Explaining why something happens doesn’t change the fact that it happens.

  • Marcus

    Can i have the s3, i live in hk LOL jkjk wow, the iphone 5 is very durable!!!

  • Tim

    This was a bad choice sending this apple fanboy to do a compare. There was a screen protector on the Ifail and he threw the S3 and was pretty gentle with the icrap. I have absolutely no desire to subscribe, read from or have anything to do with android authority anymore.

    • EducatedToPerform

      There was not a screen protector on the iPhone, don’t be ridiculous.

      Guy clearly isn’t an iPhone fan either, look at his t-shirt.

      Jeez, some of you Android fanboys are totally delusional.

  • safraz

    it s blady unfair he drops the samsung galaxy s3 more deeply than i phone 5

  • 0:14 The iphone five had a screen protector on it. What the hell is this BS!!!

  • Avalanche

    While the attempt was to make the drops identical the landings were different, as you could see in the high speed ground shots. The apple does have an advantage in being a little beefier. It loses it’s advantage by being an apple, thus no ability to improve upon what the Dark Lords have decreed you may have..
    Where this was a good practical test was in showing that both phones stood up to multiple drops. I’ll stick with Android and my S-IIX, since I don’t tend to drop my phone anyway.

  • Yurface66

    well personally, i dont think IOS 6 is bad, but it isnt Amazing, I have the 4S and i will just wait until the next Iphone (after the Iphone 5), but i like the bigger screen and i also like the Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Cheater

    I don’t think so i know what you did to iPhone 5 you let the iPhone 5 hit the back side of the cp while the SAMSUNG you let it hit at the screen I give you a 0 star

  • jeff swanson

    Annoying drop test. Why not hold the devices the same way and drop them and cut the nonsensical talking.
    That being said iPhone 5 is built like a tank given the 3rd drop which would have shattered the 4s’ glass from a front corner impact.

  • KyleRay

    If that’s all Apple’s Fanatical iFants can claim, so be it! lol….. Both CrApple and MicroCrApple (Dr Evil and MiniMe) are going down. Not UP! lol… Android Market Share at 70% and still growing at over 1.3 Million Activations a DAY! hahaha…. So Tim Cook can pack all his iPhone 5 sales up and stick ’em where the sun don’t shine. Which we know he’d love it anyway!!!

    Because Android with 500 Million Activations is on track to obliterate them all by the End of Next Year…. Topping ONE BILLION ACTIVATIONS!!! :DDD

    Samsung??? Hey…. they are responsible for over half of those Android Sales and will sell well over 200 Million SMARTERPHONES by the End of this YEAR! …..with Apple lucky to break 60% of of Samsung total Smarterphone Sales this year and out selling all models of iPhones this quarter alone with Galaxy SIII! ;-P ……the World doesn’t call them CrApple and MicroCrApple for nothing. They’re a team and going down as a team is how they roll!

  • Baoer

    If you know about the sampling plan and statistics, this drop test is no meaning. Because it only taken one sample for the test, further more, the drop test carry out in non-control environment.

    “iphone 5 vs Sumsung S3 drop test” = wasted two smart phone

  • RussellL

    The Galaxy was dropped at least 5″ higher than the iPhone was.

    At 2:11 he releases the iPhone when his hand is just below the word Authority.

    At 2:54 he releases the Galaxy when his hand is about 4″ above Authority.

  • jerry

    I believe iphone has the better external , internal build and better display but s3 has the better OS. I would love the iphone hardware with android OS. I resently got the s3 over the iphone5 To try something new and love android. Im tired of the same iOS. But im taking it back and getting the iphone5 mainly due to display. I hate the s3 super amoled. I can see the pixel grid in the display mainly around edges in white background and lettering and it really shows in netflix and similar. The iphone is smooth no pixel grids. Even my iphone4 screen is smooth compared to the gs3. That said when android devices get the display on par with apple and the exterior construction iwill be back because android os to me is better than iOS. Or if someone finds out how to put android on iphone4+ that would be great

  • RLst

    BTW, what piece of crap android phone are you using to film the video? Can’t even focus correctly unlike the iPhone camera which has the best phone camera on the planet :D

  • Dave

    Its biased, When he drops S3 he uses way more force and acelleration than when he drops iphone. Its so obvious, second throw, iphone point drop, s3 2 mt slide drop.

  • Altaykai Yamada

    What really bugs me is that people started hating eacht other because this one uses ANdroid or that one iPphone. I am just speehless…

  • ollie

    sorry fellas, but your “test” is completely unscientific and thus
    worthless, you just wrecked 2 expensive phones for nothing. the way you
    performed the “test”, it ALL comes down to random chance. with your mode
    of testing, ANY outcome would be possible. you would need a sample size
    of like 1000 phones, before a valid statement could be made. go watch
    some mythbusters to learn how to eliminate result distorting valuables.

    and dont’t even try to argue about your test being “realistic” in any
    way. yes, it is realistic that you drop your phone when you take it out
    of your pocket, but to be able to COMPARE 2 phones, you would have to
    make sure the impact happens at the exact same angle and test at several
    different angles.

    that said, although i loathe apple, i do believe that the iphone is the more rugged product. my optimus 2x has a metal frame just like it and it is absolutely indestructible. i could probably drop it from the top of the eiffel tower.

  • Silverbullit

    Iphone5 was probably made safe to throw away the moment any consumer got their hands on a Note2/SGS3.
    You wouldnt throw the samsung away, the Iphone on the other hand…
    Pretty obvious ;)

    • Ya boiii

      But what about when your Android phone crashes and you want to throw the device on the ground?

  • ViTo

    Bought my iPhone 5, opened the box, pulled out the phone, took off the film on the screen, found an air bubble. Refund!

  • Ricky

    @Peterblood. You believe that all companies that copy others and don’t r and d are wrong?? Well how about you tell us who designed the ipod originally and who stole the designs??? Ermm that would be you god – Apple. Thank you

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII is not treated same as iPhone 5 in the video.

  • Saeed Ashif

    hello android authority …..a blogger always used to copy your post and post it in his own blog………its a crime….. you must take a action …….

    here you can see the blog >>>

  • min

    wow u can drop a iphone..

  • Reality Bites

    If you’re going to be silly….

    Drop tests are pointless, if you drop your phone it’s going to break, or not, end of discussion.

  • harry

    not being funny or anything,i watched the nexus 7 vs ipad mini drop test aswell,this guy is useless at dropping things! not being biased,but i noticed that with the iphone mainly,even the ‘ultimate drop test from 5″9!’ or whatever he said,it always fell on its back,whereas the s3 landed on its screen everytime -.-

  • Jeff

    Not sure why you need to go to Hong Kong to do a drop test … but when you do a drop test you need to correctly drop them vs. letting one side go before the other and getting a side or edge hit vs. flat front or back hit as needed. And ONE other thing … get a girl to do this, GEEKS need some entertainment too you know.

  • poor

    very funny is world… i have use a nokia 7610s and another “galaxy” make dropntest with iphone 5… hmm.. not the people idiot.. the all world sick :(

  • Noah

    Rarely seen anything that stupid. You’re just a spoiled child.

  • ThaddJL7

    This “test” was amazingly flawed. Why not drop both phones from the specified heights at the same trajectories (i.e. holding them straight up and down, or flat)? I understand wanting to respresent real world actions, but unless the guy is a robot and can produce the same action the exact same way every time (i.e. dropping the IPhone vs tossing the GS3 from his ear), controlled motions/drops should be the means of measurement.

  • Arda Yazar

    Guys, what the heck with this test? I mean, did you guys get a phone for droping it like a crazy man? If you just want a phone which is indestructable, just go with xperia go! The only think make me chose a phone is hardware+software, and winner is SIII there, or an optimus G would be better. By the way, 4 inch screen is not-so-good while playing games,plus that, you can’t pair it with a sixaxis controller or anything that has an usb cable, even for another 100 bucks. On the other hand, if you are a tech noob, iphone will be better for you, because it is comes out of the box as standart, without any customization.

  • This drop test should be more realistic. 10 brand new phones dropped from the same height to capture differences of landing points and seeing how the phone fairs in AVERAGE. One of these two phones could have dropped in the PRIME damageable zones which isn’t fair to the test of the other which could have dropped in a more dispersed areas.

  • Jesse

    But the iphone does blend faster

  • Android newcomer

    2 be unbiased, go look at cnets s3 drop test. the iphone seems to do better anywhere but I dropped my no case s3 at school from stomach level and the screen remained perfect with almost no scratches on the back(which flew off) except for the backcover corner.

  • I’m sorry but each drop is different so the comparison is terribly inaccurate. Watch the last drop. iPhone 5 was slightly flicked forward. This “test” has too many variables to even say anything conclusive. I’d like to see more scientific drop tests which the iPhone should win based upon its smaller form factor alone.

  • Onotadaki

    I always see “drop tests” performed this way and while I commend your attempt at making a more realistic real-world test, I find these drops to be far too random to actually accept one device as being more durable than the other. A small difference in the way the phone touches the ground and it will make a huge difference in the way the phone absorbs the impact. If possible, I’d like to see you guys mount the phone and use a home-built impact testing device that uses a pendulum to thwack the screen in a consistent and predictable way. That way every single phone’s drop tests could be put together on a chart and compared to each other easily.

  • Davide Nastri

    I just wanted to give a tremendous yawn to all the fanboys and all the droptests in the world

  • wildflower79

    Even without this drop test, isn’t if fairly obvious with both phone’s physical make which is sturdier? The fact that S3’s back casing is removable with just a fingertip is already a give away. The real question of superiority would have been HOW IT FUNCTIONED after each drop!

  • This is a moot point regardless of which brand you use, Don’t know about you lot but the first thing I do is buy a leather case and screen protector for my new phone, Have dropped my current phone many times and it still doesn’t have a scratch after 3 years!

    Money doesn’t grow on trees,Look after your gear. If you treat it like shit then you don’t deserve to have it in the first place.
    (tip)This applies to other areas of life as well!

  • 0olorin0
  • Jeff

    LOL iPhone how lucky it never had one drop on the face all of them on metal belt,, good test. I love Andriod period ,, sick of old iPhone look and feel

  • disqus_IP7x7EOYcX

    Everyone knows that Samsung mechanics suck, it is like comparing it to a car accident with a Mercedes and an old lady – the Mercedes will win..

  • Raymond

    Have to admit. Iphone 5 is a lot sturdier than the galaxy s3. Proud android user by the way. But, this time round apple has won in terms of performance and making a well built device. The older iphones with the gorilla glass outside of the metal frame were just a bad idea. Glad to see that apple rectified that. I just hope the samsung galaxy s4 will be sturdier.

  • Raymond

    Another thing, Have any of you guys seen the lg prada. It was release a couple of months before the original iphone. Funny how similiar the iphone looks to it. If the LG prada was already released a few months before. You ifags cannot claim that samsung copied apple because the design already reached the market before apple got it there.

  • Tashfeen

    I am on my 3rd iphone and loved each one of them, dropped each one of them at some time during use send nothing ever broke, dropped my S3 and the screen shattered, costed me 350$ to replace, almost 60% of the price of a new phone. Shattered me too.

  • Jillxz

    Well he did it higher with the Samsung. Galaxy 3. Just a silly test tht has no meaning whatsoever.

  • Jordippooii

    Sad… But if you never put accidentally your Samsung S3 into a blender, it will resiste a few more seconds than the iPhone (

  • King Of Queens

    There is no point wasting time over useless tests like these, use the one that u like. End of Discussion. But personally iPhone SUCKS.

  • These test are so stupid. Apple has the design patent for the Iphones drop resistance and the rubber band around the glass to absorb some shock. Also its a metal casing of the phone itself so yes it won’t break as easily. Of course plastic will fly PFF and crack the screen monkey brain. I wonder how many brain cells it took to figure that out pfft

  • kayaman

    Iphone is just shit! Apple is shit! Apple will not work with windows! Apple will not work with android!

    Apple thinks they are great but they suck!
    And everyone that chooses apple do it.
    But pleas guys before buying a iphone.. check what you can do with a galaxy s3..

  • starbucks_sg

    What a stupid comparison! Who would ever buy a phone based on a drop test? Someone once asked me is Volvo really the safest car. I replied that it all depends on where you are hit. The same goes for this drop test. It all depends on how the phones landed and at what angle.

  • iPhone 5 should pass this test, it had a lot of fail attempts of iPhone 4.

  • RandohNo

    I think drop tests are stupid why break great devices for the sake of making a video? The goal is always to try and not drop your phone so dropping them just to see what breaks first is not really cool. No phone is made to get dropped plus when you do they never land the same way in these tests so the comparison doesnt hold up. If you wanna make me happy just break Iphones lol !

  • It does have its good points but I do prefer the Android OS..

  • LindaScales


  • iPhone4User

    I don;t see why such an unscientific test can spark so much argument. For any of the results to stand, we need a much bigger sample size, that is drop 100 to 1000 of them and use the average. We can see the I5 crack from ear height drop in youtube review “Always On” Neither two tests are proofing much when this type of test has too many variables to affect the results. However, the more amazing thing I seem about both the SIII and IPhone5 seems to handle shot period drown test pretty well.

  • Elmboughs

    Given what the iPhone costs, if it wasn’t tougher it would be humiliating.
    And this is a satisfied iPad user talking.

  • Boom

    Funny test! I5 or S3 who gives a shit, smash’em!

  • Sherin Puzhakkal

    I am using samsung galaxy note 2. But World No1 and Best Mobile Phone is iphone. iphone is the Best forever………………