iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S: can you tell the difference? [Video]

by: Chris SmithSeptember 13, 2012

The sixth generation iPhone, called the iPhone 5 despite what some of us believed, was unveiled yesterday during Apple’s September 12 press event. The company also introduced a bunch of new products yesterday including the new-generation iPod touch and iPod nano, and iTunes 11 but the iPhone 5 was without a doubt the main star of the show.

We have already shown you the main specs and features of the device as well as availability dates for the handset – as, like it or not, it will be compared with every high-end Android device launched recently or about to be launched – and we started the comparisons too, alongside others.

So far we looked at the iPhone 5 vs the Samsung Galaxy S3 and at the iPhone 5 vs the Motorola Droid RAZR HD Maxx, but we’ll continue to pit the new iOS handset against the best Android handsets in town.

By now you may be wondering whether we’re about to compare the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 4S. No, that’s hardly the case. We can skip all that and jump to the obvious conclusion, the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone Apple released to date, and iPhone buyers looking for a high-end iPhone should pick the iPhone 5 as their next device. And yes, Apple will sell a boat-load of new iPhones in the opening weekend, first sales month, first quarter, and the quarters to follow, most likely eclipsing any other smartphone maker when it comes to single device sales and profits from such sales.

But what we’re going to do is wonder whether you can tell the difference between the last two iPhone models, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Well, actually that’s what Jimmy Kimmel did in one of his latest stunts, and you’ll just have to check out the short video below to find out whether potential buyers can tell the difference between a new and old iPhone model.

There are plenty of differences between the two devices when it comes to design and internal components and while we won’t get into all that here, we will remind you that the new iPhone is slightly taller, slimmer and lighter. Moreover, it has an aluminum back plate compared with its predecessor’s glass back plate. So in theory, one should be able to instantly tell the difference between the new and old device. spoiler alert, although by now you should have watched the video above: not everyone knows how the new iPhone looks like.

Is that a bad thing or good thing for Apple? Is it a bad thing or a good thing for other OEMs? You tell us!

  • HellG

    looking at the iFail 5 “disappoinment of the year” and then back at Foxconn CEO statement saying it will put the galaxy S3 to shame i can’t help it but to laugh…

    • MasterMuffin

      It will because the processor is faster than sgs3’s processor and iSheep people will use that as an excuse to buy iFail 5 from Crapple and say that it’s the best, but that’s not true, iFail 5 (like the name said) is a fail and will always be a fail though it’s probably going to sell more than anything….

      • amozone

        how can you possibly know that the iFail CPU is faster ?

        • MasterMuffin

          The new cpu that iFail 5 has is newer technology (A15) when others like snappy and exynos are older models so they’re little slowe

          • HellG

            uhm NO! the “Original” A6 cpu was expected to be a Quad core A15 processor! but if that was the case Apple woud have screamed it out! its not quad core nor A15! its probably a mix between Cortex A9 and A15 just like the Snapdragon S4 Krait! and with small die and just a “small” improvment over the already OLD 1ghz Cpu in the 4S there’s no way in hell its an A15, Samsung makes the SoC, its almost sure its a Dual Core 32nm CPU (explains the die shrink) with an improved cortex A9 architecture, nothing more, nothing less :)

          • MasterMuffin

            I’m going to believe android authority more than you…

          • HellG

            i’m not sure where did they say its an A15, and if they did then its a speculation, nonetheless i was just trying to help you, pick what ever you want its your money, peace :)

          • MasterMuffin

            If you think of it, I used the words “iFail 5” and “crapple” and “iSheep” so does it seem like I will ever buy an iphone? :D Android is number one, wp8 second, meego third and in the fourth space, iOs.

        • Arguing which CPU is faster by 10% is pointless, there are so many other factors affecting ultimate using speed.

          • SamsaraGuru

            I agree with you Bin. I mean unless you are talking an old, slow as molasses in January phone with a processor that even when its awake acts more like it is asleep, who can tell whether it is 1.2 Ghz or 1.4 quadcore? Except perhaps the testing equipment at Android Authority!

            All the best phones are now getting faster than fast and soon – if not already – how fast the processor is will become just another bell and whistle that is used to help sell the product but which the consumer not only won’t understand but doesn’t even really need to call home and find out …” if the kids want KFC or Chinese tonight?”.

      • HellG

        not really, the A6 CPU is probably like the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 “Krait?” which is in Core VS core performance a little bit faster but in multi threaded scenario where 4 cores Vs 2 cores kick in well…it just wont end well for the krait ;)

        • MasterMuffin

          The new cpu is newer technology (A15) when others like snappy and exynos are older models so they’re little slower.

          • I think that they would point it out if it was A15. Apple avoids talking about details if they aren’t that great.

  • The video just confirms that the sheep will blindly follow the shepherds lead no matter which direction it leads it.

  • TechGuy

    SIM free unlocked – 16Gb for £529, 32GB for £599 and £699 for 64Gb. I’ll wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

  • Rick

    Jimmy kimmal is a left wing wacko that can’t think for himself and has true hatred for half of this country’s people

  • Bob

    I can never watch kimmal opening monologue it’s full of hate

  • Mary

    I gave up watching late night shows there full of hate

  • Glenn

    I watched Jimmy’s show when he had bob Newhart on and he hinted to jimmy not to be such a hater

  • Justin

    The fact that people gobble up Apple products is why I bought Apple stock back when it was in the low $200 range. I’ll be taking some profits soon, but I expect the fanatics to keep my position very much in the black. I do think it’s funny how much people hate the iPhone just because it is what it is. I’d never buy an Apple product, and I love my S3, but thank goodness there is competition to keep innovation coming and prices low. As for the petty patent suits… that’s another can of worms.

  • technologyset