iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 ads reloaded: Samsung releases NYC and San Francisco TV commercial versions

by: Chris SmithSeptember 26, 2012

A week ago, Samsung launched its new TV ad that promote the Galaxy S3 at the expense of the iPhone 5. The commercial, which we knew it was in production for a while now, adhered to the same scenario: Samsung poking fun at Apple’s customers that line up in front of stores to get the latest iPhone while reminding everyone that “the next big thing is already here.”

The ad came right in the nick of time, two days before the iPhone 5 was launched in the U.S. and eight other markets, and the video went viral on YouTube (at the time of this writing, it surpassed 15 million hits,) therefore it’s not surprising to see Samsung come out with two new versions, one for San Francisco, and one for New York City, both available below – the first ad focused on Chicago.


The new 30-second ads keep making fun of iPhone buyers reminding them, yet again, that they’re not very witty and that the Galaxy S3 is already here. Unfortunately for fans of the series, there’s nothing really new in these ads, so if you’re looking for new jokes you’ll have to keep waiting until the next ads come along. Samsung has mostly reshuffled the material it already had and you’re going to have a ‘deja-deja-vu’ feeling when watching the two new videos. Although you will find at least a couple of new lines to use in your daily arguments with Apple fans.


We’re not going to comment on the direction Samsung is going with these ads – we already did that last time around – but we’re going to point out the fact that these new ads came out in the same week Apple announced 5 million iPhone 5 sales during the opening weekend, not including pre-orders that will ship only in the following weeks. And many of those early iPhone 5 buyers did line up in front of a store to get it.

  • Cole

    Every time I see someone with an iPhone 4, I want to run up to them and ask if its the 5 and then ramble on about the features and then just stop short and say “oh, this is the 4. Pfft. That’s almost worthless now.”

  • Unnamed

    Well arnt you a golden child for a person with composer Cole

  • Kassim

    For better, for worse, new iPhones selling like hotcakes is always inevitable.

    I personally think this ‘war’ is aimed at changing ‘hearts and minds’ over the long term, so in time, it will shift many people over to the green camp.

    Seeing as it’s getting at least 15.1M people talking within a week already, it will have some sort of impact (however small for now)…

  • Sayantan Saha

    Samsung GS3 is the best!!!

  • garadh

    5 milions durin week. Thats nothing because Xiaomi M2 recved 350,000 pre-ordes in just 4 min and then they have to stop it because its more than 10 milions in 24h.

  • I love the many things I can do wirelessly with my S3 like when I get in my car. It automatically syncs with my bluetooth enabled car stereo. Not only does music start up automatically, it answers phone calls hands free. I can clone my screen wirelessly to my PC or transfer files. I can control devices like my PS3 through the Netflix app or my Roku player. You can buy RFID pads that automatically start preset programs when you place your phone on top of them. Maybe Apple addicts will get lucky next and get something cool like that?

  • Alfred Loo

    I love the ads. So much fun!

  • every time i see someone with an ipone i want to run up to then slap it out of there hands and stomp on it

  • every time i see someone with an iPhone 45678S, i look at their faces and tell myself, poor ignorant bastard, he mustve never got enough hugs as a child, he wasnt loved enough, he probably got bullied in school, he probably has a million skeletons in his closet, he must be very lonely. wish i can help him, but he just simply wouldnt understand.

  • Irving

    I do not understand how Samsung can make fun of iPhone 5 looking similar to the iPhone 4… I mean Samsung completely ripped off Apple to make their products resemble iPhones and iPads. Come on.

    • Chris

      making something with rounded edges is hardly ripping them off..