Samsung’s first move against the iPhone 5 was not an LTE-based lawsuit to try to ban the sales of the device in the region – although such action is very likely considering recent reports – but an iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 newspaper ad meant to show consumers the differences between the two devices.

Titled “It doesn’t take a genius,” the ad shows potential buyers who would be choosing between the two devices why Samsung believes its 2012 flagship device is better than Apple’s freshly unveiled sixth-generation iPhone.

In case you expect Apple to respond to such ads with its own hits at Samsung, then you’re probably in for a long wait. This isn’t Samsung’s first barbeque when it comes to attacking the iPhone maker in ad campaigns, and we especially remember the Galaxy S2 series of TV ads that were making fun of customers waiting in line to buy the new iPhone 4S. But Apple did not hit back with similar TV ads of its own and chances are it won’t do it when it comes to print ads either.

When it comes to Apple fans, that’s an entirely different story. The “It doesn’t take a genius” ad is apparently becoming a parody meme and we already have a variety of Apple fan-made ad responses to Samsung – just check out the gallery below that contains some of these responses.

We’d definitely love to see whether Samsung’s print campaign really paid off, but considering that the iPhone 5 units available for pre-order have sold out in about an hour after pre-order started, chances are such Samsung ads will not be that successful.

Some analysts expect Apple to sell 6 million iPhone 5 units in the first weekend (including pre-orders), while others expect the company to sell over 30 million new iPhones by the end of the year. Samsung is also said to sell over 30 million Galaxy S3 units this year, albeit it will take the company at least two quarters to reach that milestone.

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Do you have an anti-parody parody? Hit us up, and we’ll gladly take a look!

  • Ryan MORGAN

    God, they pointed out the iPhone 5 has Pinch to Zoom in the 1st image! Really? REALLY?

  • Oh Applefags. You’re too funny.

    • MaxTremors

      Really?!? ‘Applefags’?? So you’re an idiot AND a bigot?

      • Jack

        It’s an internet term used for pretty much anything. Newfag, Oldfag,Nostalgiafag, etc. It’s not really something to get offended over.

        • Nashoba Darkwolf

          unless you are LGBT and find such language by people to be disingenuous, mean, and often ignorant. I am glad that you find that commonality of such pathetic language equates to it being ok, but for the most part I dont and many LGBT people dont. popular does not always mean right. It is easy to say dont get offended when you are not the minority those words are based off of.

          • baggyco

            It’s not based off of lgbt at all actually… The word has been in use for centuries, look it up. Also there is a South Park episode summarizing the current usage of the word LOL

          • klee2000

            Damn I don’t even know what phone you own but you sound like a isheep!!!

          • @klee2000 you sound like an idiot. What are you,15 yrs old? Still living in your mom’s basement and playing with a cheap plasticky Samsung Galaxy S3 simply because you don’t know any better and haven’t been out the house enough to know that the iPhone 5 is a vastly superior device? Or is it that you haven’t had an education yet? Or is it because you cannot afford the iPhone 5?
            Someone needs to send you back to school and slap some sense into you. You school kids are unbelievably obnoxious. (that too big a word for you, imbecile?)

          • He must not be the smartest person out there but no need to be a bitch about it. Let’s just have an argument about the i5 vs S3 instead. Just what makes Apple’s latest iPhone vastly superior? And what makes Samsung’s S3 inferior? What makes you think he disses Apple followers, because he can’t afford the iPhone 5? Just what makes you think that having an S3 and an obviously poorly-written online comment is a mark of “living in your mom’s basement”, “not being out of the house enough”, “not having an education”, and that he hasn’t completed school? You call him an idiot but please base your arguments.

          • Jamie Cottrell

            maybe he cvannot afford the iPhone 5 because Apple is a rip-off

          • NeoAthanasius

            Sorry to add a little truth to the discussion, but both phones cost exactly the same on contract. Affording an iphone is not an issue. Wanting one is.

          • Jr

            @David Jewels: “cannott afford an iPhone”? Hahaha. If you’re talking about klee2000 not being able to afford one then you just blew your cover right off, I’m sure anybody can afford an iCrap, but by you mentioning this means that you struggled your sorry ass working for one, because clearly nobody stated their financial status for you to even mention such nonsense. You simply thought of how broke you are yourself, struggling for such a low quality phone and assumed everyone was in your situation (LMFAO).

          • Guest

            For someone who boasts an education, your grammar, spelling and composition could all use some work… For the record, I own an iPhone 4 and I will definitely be trading it in for a LG Nexus or a GS4 when they arrive in March. Intelligence has little to do with this comparison, it’s actually all about preference. Android is famously more customizable, and iOS is generally thought to be more straightforward and working “out of the box”. Claiming the iPhone 5 is “vastly superior” doesn’t make it so (it seems like that’s all iSheep ever do.)

          • Guest

            For someone who boasts an education, your grammar, spelling and
            composition could all use some work… For the record, I own an iPhone 4
            and I will definitely be trading it in for an LG Nexus or a GS4 when
            they arrive in March. Intelligence has little to do with this
            comparison, it’s actually all about preference. Android is famously more
            customizable, and iOS is generally thought to be more straightforward
            and working “out of the box”. Claiming the iPhone 5 is “vastly superior”
            doesn’t make it so (it seems like that’s all iSheep ever do.)

          • tBs_Battousai

            So everyone that lives life differently to you is wrong and should just end it all??? Yes?

          • Hi there butthurt iFag.

          • Nottabiggot

            I don’t really think “disingenuous” fits with your rant there, Mr. Transgender guy. If it was disingenuous, it would mean that he doesn’t really mean what he’s saying, which wouldn’t be the end of the world in an internet post. Good try at the big words, though, freak.

          • Picton

            STFU Learn to deal with it, homos stole 1/2 the words they use to describe themselves with any way. If you want to be a ass bandit that’s your point of view if you expect everyone to respect that and not poke fun at it then you living in fucken LA LA land.

        • sure

          Just because it’s used for “pretty much anything” doesn’t mean it’s not offensive. And I’m pretty sure they knew was an internet term.

          • Trevor Brown

            As someone who consistently fights for gay rights, I have to agree with Jack. Although I don’t agree this is the place to use the term, it is indeed a non-offensive term to gays and lesbians. It is intended to apply offense to the word in front of it – in this case, to Apple fans.

            …also South Park already re-purposed this word. Only those who own and operate Harley’s should be offended. Get with the times, people!

    • omy.

  • MasterMuffin

    Yep, I’m not a genius but I still noticed how ugly the iFail 5 looks compared to sgs3…

  • Joey

    It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the 5 does not have a 720p screen. Ad 3

  • Wow, they actually write that the Micro USB is a “clone of lightning”…. THAT is monumental in its stupidity….

    • thepeddle

      It really truly is…I didn’t think it was possible for the sheep to get anymore stupider and they keep proving us all wrong….un-f-ing-believable

      • vcf

        Doesn’t it say, “clone of lightning coming very soon”? …. Are you both stupid? Try again.

      • You both are stupid, go and buy yourself a pair of glasses, it’s written ”
        clone of lightning coming very soon “

        • WhyNot626

          Well Samsung doesn’t need to clone lightning. That one Micro USB port does everything possible. HDMI, almost limitless USB devices. And having the adapters for both is cheaper than buying one Apple adapter. Much win

  • These attempts are just pathetic. Who are they kidding? “Removable battery is useless”, what a joke.

    • Vboom

      I have had the S2 and S3 after I left my iPhone 3GS
      I enjoy the Samsung phone but have you ever removed and replaced your battery?
      I haven’t once on any of my phones so in my opinion it is kind of useless.
      Just saying.

      • Useless, for you. I switch batteries quite often, it’s a really cool feature!!!! :-)

        • bobtheclown

          I agree with you. I keep a fully charged extended battery in my car. It really comes in handy. when you are running low .

          • Vboom

            Thanks to both of you replying in a peaceful and logical manner.
            I was crucified in a comment further down for saying something similar.
            People like them that start these so called “wars: between Android vs iPhone.

        • A friend of mine, but likes iphone thinks usb & sdcard is useless too, because you have the cloud. I had to hold my breath.

      • Jamie Cottrell

        its not something everyone would use, but it is still useful

    • It’s only better when it comes to their phones. For instance, 1.5 years ago, when their shit was brittle as fuck, they would say they would never drop their iShit so it was a non-issue. Now that it does slightly better than S3, they suddenly care.

  • aaronZona

    Check out Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s FB post, from minutes ago (lol)…

  • theo


  • This clearly show that the applefans are brainwashed for good.

  • Duncan McAfee

    “Airdrop. Share even *meters* away. Coming soon with *NFC.*” lolwut?

  • Wait… Apple is the one suing and threatening every company out there and Samsung is the bully ?
    Ah.. the iSheep, never fails to amaze in stupidity.

    • wiiboii

      Well maybe if Samsung didn’t copy none of this shit would have ever happened. WTF happened to engineers and artists? The future sucks.

      • sam

        think about it what are you saying they copied?

        • Oh god they made a touch screen phone with square apps. God help us all. Apple copied samsungs rectangle shape for the laptop…..fuck apple is dumb

          • And the iPhone is made in China, a country noted for its original thinking, they never copy anyone…

  • iSheep… you should really start your own stand up comedy show :)


    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which of the phone is uuhugluglyuglieuglieruglier

    • no, it’s you and the one on the right

      • jesus

        you mad bro? lool

      • Just have to throw in a personal insult, do we? Typical

      • well said Alex!

  • cbstryker

    I absolutely love that the retort for longer talk time is “practice for telemarketers”, but if it was the iPhone that lasted longer you can be sure it would be touted as a superior feature and why the iPhone is so much better.

    • zAlbee

      It’s called sour grapes. :)

  • Emgmpg

    Apple is just like that clingy girl who won’t stop annoying you. When you try to do something to get rid of her, the girl just annoys you more

  • Android

    Leave apple fagboys alone we have the better software and phones let them “think” they make sense, or that they’re funny. It’s only right, they use iphones obviously there’s something wrong upstairs

  • Bob

    1. Resolution, Screen Size and Weight – are you’re hands that small that 1 inch is so uncomfortable, Ipeople you have girlish hands, grow a pair
    2. Imessage – Is damn annoying for anyone who doesn’t have an Icrap. Which means 68% of phone users are being annoyed by your proprietary crap. If you send me an SMS mesage I can see it on my notification area, Imessage I can’t.
    3. RAM – 2GB is better then 1GB for RAM as long as your OS can handle it, so either your OS can’t handle 2 GB or Ipeople are retarded idiots who don’t know how computers work.
    4. Removeable Batteries – When your phone is dead and recharging on the table, mine has been rebooted and fully charged by changing the battery. I don’t have a battery boosting case for this exact reason.

    • Vboom

      Resolution, Screen Size and Weight – Sure the screen is not as big as ours but I dont understand the need to get picky about it. Screen size is a pretty silly argument considering that if they really wanted too they could have just made it bigger.

      iMessage – If you don’t have iCrap then you shouldn’t have to worry.
      Who is sending you iMessages on your android device anyway?
      RAM – I am unsure where Apple said its OS couldnt handle 2gb of RAM, also that doesn’t really make sense.If you can point out to me who said that and where that would be great.

      Removeable Batteries – Do you carry around a spare battery? Something you no doubt purchased at additional cost?
      Seems just as inconvenient as a case except with a case you don’t need to reboot?

      I am an Android user but frankly your arguments just make us all look stupid.

      • The 4.8″ 720p screen is way better than the one iPhone 5 has. And I can handle it with one hand if my other hand is busy. Battery: I think an internal battery doesn’t ruin the looks of your phone as much as an external battery pack does. And an extra battery is WAY CHEAPER than an external one…

      • Sorry .. no… you are not an Android user…..

        Yes, I carry around …many spare batteries …bought for about $10 each. Can you do that with your cases?

        l can stream Spotify music all day .. on the bus … the park …wherever I happen to be … and if I want to watch live news streams or video .. yes… in the park …and nowhere near an outlet. It is freedom…

        I never tell anyone my phone is dead ….because it is never dead.
        I never charge … I switch batteries ….i have an inexpensive battery charger too…actually two of those … I can charge three batteries overnight and I take them all with me if I want to.

        On a long flight … I never have to huddle around an outlet …or look for outlets in the restaurant…or zoo.

        … The messages notification on the task bar, the amazing turn by turn GPS I can use while driving … need I go on … it is no contest.

        • Vboom

          I have never replaced my battery on either my S2 or S3.
          I don’t know why you are being so defensive. I charge my S3 every night and I don’t carry around a spare battery.
          Sure if you use your phone enough every day to drain your battery then having a removable battery and carrying replacements is great for you. What I was saying is for someone who doesn’t want to carry some thing extra like a spare battery and would rather just have a case with one in it affixed permanently then why does it really matter?

    • jesus

      man you said it all!

    • baggyco

      LOL nice!!!

    • But you have to carry a spare battery you moron!!! Surprised you didn’t realize this already, idiot!

      • hohopig

        which is much smaller and perhaps cheaper (depending on which booster pack you buy) than a typical power booster set.

  • joe

    LMAO so funny iPhone users #1 comedian

  • im a huge apple fan when it comes to computers, i cant stand windows but when it comes to phones, apple just doesn’t compare. love my galaxy s3

    • popomano

      My s3 is an adequate phone … however coming from the iphone … seriously dissapointed with the app selection…

      • Dissapointed

        I like to consider myself a tech savvy person on a computer and prefer my phone to just do phone stuff, easy, simple phone functions.
        I recently switched from iPhone to android on the S3 and am sorry to say I miss the simplicity the iPhone provided.
        If you need customization go for it but I like to leave that side of things on my laptop.

        • Jamie Cottrell

          i find my android perfectly simple. Just saying

        • ucandisqusthis

          what exactly do you find confusing or “less simple” on android? having switched myself, I never noticed anything that wasn’t simple on the android system. heck, having a dedicated back button makes android much easier than iphone in many apps.

        • hohopig

          Question is, if you just want simple phone function, why are you buying iphone or S3???

    • Jamie Cottrell

      great! u like some apple products but are not an iSheep. i wish to commend you

  • About a week ago a hot chick with a Samsung galaxy S3 stopped me to ask for some directions….apparently her phone had crashed or something. So I did some google mapping with my iPhone 4S just to help the poor ‘Samsung girl’ on her way. And then it happened…. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH…. and she said, pointing to my iPhone 4S ‘Now THAT’S a really nice phone!’
    So I replied ‘Wait till you see the iPhone 5, I’m getting it as soon as I can’ To which she said ‘Can I come over and play when you do?’
    ‘Sure’ I said.
    Then she winked at me and tossed her burned-out shell of a Samsung Galaxy S3 into the trash bin on the sidewalk next to me.
    As the still-dying Samsung Galaxy S3 with it’s melting cheap plasticky exterior lay smoldering in the smorgasbord of waste at the bottom of the trash bin, she gushed, ‘You know, can I come over tonight and help you with the pre-ordering and stuff?’
    I didn’t hesitate.
    A week later, as we lay in bed one morning, reading the the papers filled with more and more news articles of people with failed Samsung Galaxy S3’s, frozen handsets, crashing prototypes (as one journalist put it), she yawned ‘You know David, it all makes sense. Samsung has been copying Apple for a long time now’.
    I already new that. I remember reading an article about a poor guy trying to get the Samsung Galaxy’s S-voice assistant to call Ace Rent-A-Car, and instead the phone dialed an Asian Massage parlor.
    On paper the Galaxy S3 looks great. But in the REAL WORLD it’s a total train wreck.
    And then the door bell rang. But I already knew. Our iPhone 5’s had arrived. One for her, and one for me.

    • She probably managed to microwave it like the other guy

    • c’mon

      Some fantasy you have.

    • Darren Ghany

      Story So Sad And Boring Stop The Drugs Bro

    • imperial1

      Cool story bro! Please.. do tell it again!

    • Anirudh Singh

      although i moved from apple to android after the iphone 4S launch, but your post still made me laugh, well written, something different from the usual comments !

    • You should write a novel and send to Apple and Applefans out there how lucky day. (You sense my sarcasma.

  • I still want to know what’s in their Apple “KOOL-AID”? Because it hallucinates them.

  • rtm90

    Just a bully? Sorry, who sued who for a billion dollars again?

    • baggyco

      OOOOOH sick burn!

  • Meep

    I never had something of Apple’s before
    I have had my share of Samsung made phones.
    But we cant judge the iphone5 yet because it isn’t out yet to the public

    • Me

      iPhone blows!

  • Venom . Where the expressIon isheep comes from. This is what separates droid users from apple users.

  • Darren Ghany

    samsung s3 really a great phone display grt speed grt memory perfect price grt competition is good for apple seems apple actually scared of their competition..good lick samsung and great phone :)

  • Flash

    It would seem that we still have some apple fans who have their heads stuck up their asses.

  • LO120

    LOL at all of the people commenting about how much they hate apple/people who like apple, when guaranteed they’re all preordering the iphone 5. Do all of you android lovers think that your opinion matters? Do you think that you calling other people rude names because of their choice of phone makes you better than everyone else? At least I got a good laugh out of it.

    And before all of you haters out there try to chirp me, just thought I’d say that I’ve had 3 Samsung phones and just had a hard time trying to use them, as well as the S3 felt WAY to awkward to hold and use with one hand. I switched to an iphone because I have a macbook for school, as well as an ipad and ipod. Not because I am a “clone” or an “isheep” but because it was easier to have my devices all connected.

    Anyways, glad to know that most Samsung lovers are mature and rational people (can you sense the sarcasm?) You’re honestly just making Samsung and their good customers look bad. Good for you!

    • Jeffrey Amoako

      You know what’s funny? Apple fanboys are saying exactly what you stated, in your overly long post might I add, about this Samsung ad. Hypocrisy, you’re really good at it.

  • applefagssuck

    thats just sad first photo put shared photo streams twice LOL couldn’t think of anything else
    Also dropbox fucks icloud over big time

  • carlisimo

    Oh, whatever. If you want a phone you can comfortably use one-handed and don’t mind missing out on some features that most people never use, the iPhone’s your best bet. If you don’t mind a larger handset, Android has a lot more to offer. Simple as that.

    • baggyco

      I’m a droid fan, but I agree. I have a galaxy s as my personal and iPhone 4 from work. My iPhone does all the basic things I need for work. My droid does a lot of other things for me but most people don’t need or use the additional features and customization they offer. I will say that android makes it much easier to fix a problem yourself if you’re into computers, but sending your iPhone back to apple isn’t necessarily a big problem for most people. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

    • hohopig

      you mean … you can’t even hold an S3 with one hand while you use it? ….. something which I see so many people do daily on my commute .. and even in my house where everyone uses their phone, whichever model it is, with one hand?

  • Swapnil Chitnis

    Apple Tards!

  • Samsung s3 is a shit comparing to apple iPhone, especially to iPhone 5.
    And only a LOSER as Samsung can make such a “move” in the battle.

  • Number 3 is filled with shitload of wrong info.. Quad Core A6?

  • Kyle Mosley

    The 4.8″ screen is beautiful!
    Samsung caries patents for 4G LTE, Apple might get sued
    Who doesn’t love pixel density?
    80% of the time my phone is on stand by…
    Talk time is a great representation of actual usage time…
    4.7oz. BECAUSE THE SCREEN IS GORILLA GLASS 2 RETARD, and they use a bigger battery, with WAY more I/O.
    2GB of RAM so I can multitask like a BOSS, Netfilx + Google+ + Youtube + some gaming anyone? BECAUSE I CAN XD
    Siri was created using the source code from Google Voice Search. So who copied who?
    Android 4.0 OS, atleast its actually out and works. Besides if I want Jelly Bean I just go to XDA =P
    Standard Micro USB, because I can use the charger from any device to charge my phone.
    For the rest of the shit on this list, I dont even really care. As soon as I get my own, I will LEGALLY flash a vanilla version of Jelly Bean on my phone, get all extras you normally pay extra for free, and enjoy my market place that is now over 5x larger then the apple marketplace.

    • apple’s app store has more apps that Google play it has over 750,000 apps, plus iPhone since the 4 have been using gorilla glass, but don’t advertise it, the iPhone 5 also uses gorilla glass 2- what does that say about the weight comparison – the 2GB of ram is useless it isn’t needed on ios ,shows that ios and its applications aren’t a battery waster or occupies is very light in terms of memory. Siri was originally an app then Apple bought it, Apple never built Siri ground up it bought it then added it its own features.

      • apple has nothing to brag about-
        1) most of its hardware is manufactured by its competitors including samsung so ita not at all inovative in the hardware field.
        2) coming to the features part, you dont need to depend on apple for that as on android there’s a whole world of developers working on it giving you everything one needs on a phone (XDA). So its meaningless to consider the software part of featutes and tools.
        3) you say 2GB of ram is useless okay guess every one in the world is stupid to think more ram =more multitasking. just explain this then, why are all the people hungry for more and more ram there shouldnt be any improvements in the capacity then.
        4) have you ever seen a person who has some decent knowledge about computers use apple devices? why ?because its for those noobs who gwt exited about an extra row of icons in a phone.
        5) apple doesnt mix up with others, it just isolates itself from the open world.
        6) apple is the worst example of fairplay as steve himself admitted to have”been shameless aboit copying innovative ideas”.

  • Wissam antoun

    I don’t know how someone can copy something that’s not even available. I’am talking about the lightning connector.

  • jaysann22

    MicroSD: “Never misplace SD card.” Wow… epic failure in argument…

  • Nashoba Darkwolf

    why is it that every single f’ing time that apple releases something, all their fanboys hail it as the best invention ever. Its not even an invention, I wouldn’t dare even call it an “innovation” either. Then they say that everything that was released before was either a clone, a ripoff, or whatever of apple. *bangs head into desk*

  • Himanshu

    Had an iphone 4, skipped the 4s and waited for the big arrival of the 5. Dissapointed to see apple not innovating on the design front. Static icons, more or less same experience in using the ios 5 or 6 didn’t made sense to put my money in iphone 5. Bought the S3 and loving every moment with it.

  • Dale

    Hmm Samsung Android on a 3 yr contract that does everything a Iphone 5 will for $149.99 OR Iphone 5 on a 3yr for $399.99 with less battery life. oh yeah and ours has gorilla glass and no glass on the back which will break easier hmmmmmmmm.
    Seems like a no brainer to me!!!

  • So I looked out my room at the Plaza Hotel and noticed the throngs of people standing in line just to get into the Apple Fifth Avenue Store, presumably to buy the iPhone 5. The ‘Samsung Girl’, whom I had been dating for a week now, lay fast asleep in bed, oblivious to the Samsung commercial blasting away on the TV right next to her bed.
    The new commercial from Samsung took the fight straight to Apple, making fun of everyone standing in line while at the same time touting Samsung’s technological prowess with the Galaxy S3. The commercial pulled no punches and brazenly mocked every feature on the iPhone 5 as ‘old news’.
    As I continued to look out the window I suddenly noticed a Samsung official in some sort of clown outfit with a bull-horn in his hand, step right up to the Apple line and yell something. It seemed that he was promising free Samsung Galaxy S3’s to anyone who would listen.Within seconds everyone left the line and ran across the street into an adjacent building.
    I quickly left my room, took the elevator down, rushed across the street and found myself alone outside the Apple Store. That’s right, I was THE ONLY PERSON standing in front of the Apple Fifth Avenue Store’s multimillion dollar glass front. There was no line, no person, no dog, cat or parrot in front of me.
    The security detail at the glass entrance ushered me into the futuristic looking glass elevator that took me down into a vast area, one that I was familiar with. On any given day this area was filled with MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and all manner of accessories, not to mention all manner of visitors and shoppers alike. This was the Mecca of all things Apple. a place where the faithful from all over the world came to pay homage to……..the iPhone.
    Except this time something was different. It seemed as if a party was in progress. Gone were all the MacBooks, the workshop tables, the iPhone and iPad display models, the Apple staff in their familiar blue shirts, the Genius Bar.
    Instead there was a crowd of beautiful people, most of them milling about next to a REAL BAR! In one corner of the room I noticed Miley Cyrus huddling over a cocktail and lost in an intense conversation with….. it looked liked like… Ron Jeremy. Not too far away was Hugh Hefner with his …..three daughters. And further away from the bar I saw Phil Schiller making out with a couple of Apple groupies.
    Barely had my brain begun to digest this when Apple Security opened a secret door and led me through a labyrinth of passages which brought me to a hidden room. I entered the room and the first thing that caught my eye was Tim Cook seated behind a large oak table with his feet on top.
    ‘The crap these people are spewing on every Android blog’ he said to me. ‘Normal people don’t talk like that’
    I agreed with him. Suddenly he got up, craned his neck out the window and laughed. ‘Lookit the riffraff, those fools scrambling into that Samsung store. Hell, I even own that building’.
    He looked directly at me and said ‘Dave, you and I go way back from my Tomb Raider days on the first Playstation game console’.
    Then he opened a drawer and pulled out a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 and a set of precision jeweler’s screwdrivers.
    ‘What I’m about to show you next when I bust the screws on this baby’ he continued ‘will make your eyes pop wider than if you saw Selena Gomez in her birthday suit’
    Tim Cook explained the negative commercials by Samsung which attacked Apple as being an act of desperation by a desperate company that just couldn’t bear the success of Apple.
    Then he proceeded to tell me in great detail every little thing, every micro-decision, every minute detail that went into the making of the Samsung Galaxy S3.
    Without blinking once he stared me right in the eye and said ‘I’ll tell you this bro, every concept that went into the making of the Galaxy S3 had my personal stamp of approval’.
    Now he REALLY had my full attention.
    According to Cook, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was was an idea born in the Apple Store during the time the Galaxy SII first made it’s appearance in early 2011. Thoroughly fed up with Samsung stealing ideas from Apple, Cook decided to take matters into his own hands after an idea came to him in a dream one day during an afternoon nap at the Apple Store. He decided to make a ‘different kind of phone’. Apple engineers secretly working in Samsung factories got to work with the help of Tim Cook’s blueprint and the Samsung galaxy S3 was born in May 2012. Apple secretly code named this phone the Trojan Horse, and the phone was revealed to the public as the Samsung Galaxy S3 with much fanfare. According to Tim Cook the Samsung Galaxy S3 contains a ‘mind altering’ chip that uses specific radio waves which in turn causes hallucinations, visions of grandeur, acute narcissism, mild rabies-like symptoms, dementia and ultimately permanent brain damage. This explained a lot of the deranged comments on this site.
    Apple’s takeover of Samsung’s factories was so subtle that only a select few among Apple’s top brass were ever aware of the gradual infiltration of key employment positions at the highest levels at Samsung’s headquarters in South Korea.
    Still looking out the window at the crowd that was now emerging from the Samsung store with their new Galaxy S3’s, Cook laughed ‘This is just the beginning. Eventually they will all work for me, but in ‘Samsung’ factories’.
    Then he proceeded to take the small screwdriver and opened the back of the Galaxy S3. There, beneath the jumble of wires and screws was the chip that powered the phone. Printed on it were the words ‘Designed By Apple In California’!

    • ken0521

      Lmao since when are phones filled with “jumble of wires”?!?! You’ve obviously never seen inside a phone…. btw typing this on my samsung galaxy s3 after having every iphone since 3g. Iphone 5 blows. They lost me…

      • The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the only phone filled with a jumble of wires. There’s also a ton of masking tape in there to hold things together. Go ahead and open yours and you will see I’m right :)

        • ken0521
          • The brand of phone a person uses is an extension of their brain…..and judging from the deranged comments by Android fans vs the sane calculated remarks by Apple fans I was able to deduce that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was tangled mess internally….a jumble of wires held loosely by masking tape. I’m a psychiatrist and I’m very good at these deductions. Now with due respect to you sir, I’m hoping that you are not in the ‘final stages’ of Android Lunacy, but for your sake, (and I fear the worst here) I’m praying you get rid of that Galaxy S3 and find the nearest Apple retailer and stand in line and get yourself an iPhone 5. You might just save yourself in time before advanced symptoms set in. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a ‘mind altering chip’ inside that seriously harms the user mentally. Just look at the comments made by owners of Galaxy S3’s here.

          • hohopig

            you mean, compared to the deranged and wild and inaccurate remarks made by iFan on the Samsung US facebook page? :P

        • hohopig

          haha, obviously a clueless hack … or a blatant troll. :P

          And … regardless of whether if you are a real psychiatrist or a hack, the mental state (or lack there of) of the user has no influence on the physical construction of a physical construct :P

  • gdey

    Apple Maps – Everyone is loving it .
    lightning – Everyone is getting three spares .
    Storage – Everyone is is getting the 64 GB as it is just peanuts more.
    Speed – 1 GB RAM is just fine . Who needs more . And it is cased in Aluminium .

  • Jose Herradez

    who was the sheep that wrote this? they forgot to mention all the things apple copy/paste.. too bad i forget too they just don’t understand this, they’re the best trained sheep :D

  • F*Off

    Eat shit Apple fan boys…

  • Hilarious.. they think “Apple is the future..” if it wasn’t for the device’s simplicity, integration and design appeal, Apple would be dead. Apple is NOT THE FUTURE- Apple is a company that is always in a game of catch-up.

    • Apple is worth over $695 BILLION. It’s the Android market that need to catch-up. The iPhone 5 is a jewel that millions around the world are lining up to buy. Apple is a success second to none. There will come a time when all of you will be working in Apple factories. But for now SHUT THE F**K UP and show respect where it’s due.
      There is no phone even remotely as cherished, sought after and held in such high esteem as the Apple iPhone 5. Millions of people around the world from the emperor of Bhutan to the hookers in Istanbul, from the president of the United States to the heavy weight boxing champion of the world, from Britney Spears to Usain Bolt, from the everyday joe on the street to your mother are all lining up outside an Apple retail store in some part of the world AS YOU READ THIS (assuming you can read), JUST TO LAY EYES ON THE iPHONE even if they cannot afford to buy one. These people consider themselves lucky to even get 5 miles near an iPhone. To actually own one is to be blessed. To own an Android phone is to be cursed.

  • Jamie Cottrell

    lets all face it guys, they are both damn good phones. it is a matter of personal preferance.

  • Ryan MORGAN

    Samsung and the SIII are the bullies? Sorry, isn’t it Apple that sues everyone, even little Polish shops?

  • im seriously done with this site because everytime i read an article its kind of an oxy moron i mean its called android authority yet every writer makes apple look like the golden boy lol seriously how you can attack samsung for putting out an add (which two wrongs dont make a right) but still when apple is sue happy trying to sue companies for patents they did not create whats next they going to sue every company because apple is going to claim they invented touch screens or oh yeah I forgot they went back in time and really there the creators of Google too!! i mean come on its liek a bunch of kids run these corperations sheesh lol

  • nayr2011

    That depends on what kind of person or individual you are. It doesn’t matter if you use android or i-phone. What matters most is that you can fully maximize your needs in that device. Reading from your past statements guys, you seem to have a little hot chat there, but please don’t use some harsh words when comparing things. Have you ever though in your wildest ideas that these two companies are allies? Come to think of it, even the other sues the other company, the one that sues needs some parts from it. In short, they just making a “scene” so people may notice their specs, but this is a hidden scheme to create two monopolizing idea, the android users and the i-phone users. Just saying this because I know it’s safe to say what you want to say here.

    • hohopig

      no … not when steve job and his big inflated ego is involved.

  • Mattman

    Why can’t everyone just use Micro USB!!!

  • Jr

    Lame parodys. Samsung wins with its true facts.

  • Trevor Brown
  • Guest

    When Apple increase the screen size it’s great. When anyone else does it it’s unusable. Only most SIII owners beg to differ, but then we aren’t told what to think. Heck, we don’t even need to be told how to correctly hold our phones (antennagate). At least iPhone fans know roughly what every every future iPhone is going to look like.

    Every Apple misstep, missing feature or deficiency has an excuse or an explanation or an outright lie i.e. the opposing “opinion” is plain wrong. One feature I value highly in a smartphone is text re-flow (where text is resized to fit the screen and thus avoid having to scroll left to right repeatedly). Not many phones have it, but only Apple will break out the mind control and tell you you don’t need it (apparently because they have retina display). That may be the case Apple but few people have the eyes of a hawk.

    What really troubles me is how many manufacturers are dropping removable storage and batteries from their smartphones. They’ve obviously seen that it doesn’t hurt iPhone sales and thought we’ll save a couple of bucks too. This could prove to be a mistake especially when you have other phones in the same environment with these options. I carry a spare battery with me especially on holidays where I might take a lot of video or let the kids watch films. I’ve only ever had to swap the battery out a couple of times, but they meant I was able to find my way somewhere with Google maps or capture some nice video etc

    And who did that 4th Ad? If I was an iHater, I would make a stupid comment like “they probably used a Mac”, but Macs are great when it comes to image creation and editing. But seriously, you can do better than that with MS Paint. They also need to brush up on their literary skills – either drop “of the” or pluralise phone.

    For the record I use an iPhone 4S from work and an SIII by choice :)