iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 ad campaign continues with Samsung TV ad

by: Chris SmithSeptember 19, 2012

We told you that a Samsung TV ad targeting the new iPhone 5 was in the works and it looks like Samsung decided to release it today, a couple of days ahead of the iPhone 5 launch, and right on the iOS 6 release day.

The script is the same, only the players have changed. Instead of a Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S comparison we now have their successors as stars of this ad. Samsung’s point is, obviously, that “the next big thing is already here,” and that the iPhone 5 should not deserve all the attention that it’s getting from anxious buyers willing to stand in line to get the device. And this time around, Samsung managed to release the commercial right in the nick of time – as we speak, there already are various iPhone 5 lines in front of Apple stores.

The ad makes fun of some of the iPhone 5’s new features including the relocation of the headphone jack, the introduction of a new or the smaller dock connector that’s not compatible with current dock accessories.

As I wrote when I saw the first ads in this series, and unfortunately for Samsung, these ads keep making fun of people willing to wait in line to get a new device and their wits, which isn’t something the company should necessarily be doing in its attempt to steer some of them away from Apple products and to Galaxy-branded devices. But hey, it’s Samsung’s dime.


Sure, the ad is still hilarious, even if just a bit too predictable, considering the previous versions of this ad concept. And yes, Samsung does point out some of the unique features of its Galaxy S3 during the short 90-second video. But will the ad really work? I asked the same question when looking at the company’s print ad that ran in various publications a few days ago.

At the time I noted that Apple will probably not respond with a similar print ad of its own, just as it won’t respond to this video ad either. However, come next week, the iPhone maker will issue a press release announcing impressive sales numbers for the opening weekend, pre-orders included. Like it or not, no Samsung device has enjoyed a similar release so far no matter how many times it poked Apple and iPhone buyers with such ads.

  • Blaine Magee

    “We’re not getting it this time but we’ll get it next time, right?” Best line right there.

    • yanotsomuch

      Funny ad but not sure how effective. I would have focused on the price points as well as removable storage/battery. To me, these are stronger selling points than the nfc junk…

      • You do know that Apple fans don’t care about that stuff? Actually they don’t care about anything but hype caused by release of something new with Apple logo on it.

    • That line was what I heard every time someone called in asking for hints on what would be in the next iteration of iOS a few years ago. This I think is the strongest line in the whole ad. It really is how a number of people felt with iOS 4 as time went on.

  • sauly

    The best thing about this ad is the fact it demonstrates how blind apple sheep are already ready to queue up and buy the next iPhone before they even know anything about it.

  • Proxy0

    Sad but true Apple has their fans thinking they are making real technical strides to bring them rare hardware features and OS features that every other Mobile Manufacturer in Asia & Europe already have……

  • jaydub110

    How blind are these Apple owners ? All the Few things the new 5 has Android phones have already had & more. I’m rockin” SGS3 now & it’s a great phone.

  • Vboom

    Samsung marketing team.
    Good to see they were really thinking outside the box with this one.
    We wonder why there is a supposed war between the companies when they come up with this again.
    How are we going to get iPhone users on our side with this crap?
    Lets insult their intelligence and make fun of them then they will buy our product.
    I liked the tack they had with the print ad.
    Head to head analysis with facts, not a crack at the customer.
    Low blow.

    • That guy

      It worked for Apple
      Mac vs PC anyone?

      • Vboom

        So Samsung is even copying things Apple did years ago
        More Originality.

        • SamsaraGuru

          The difference Vboom is that Samsung is actually telling the truth with their ads and the comparisons they are making, whereas with the “nerdy” ads by Apple re PC vs Mac, again you saw Apple not arguing on the basis of fact but the fashion advantages of using its products and appealing to those who “know they are sexy and also want you to know it”.

          There is a very good and solid reason Apple has been fighting tooth and nail to try to shut down Android and why the great, the powerful wizard of Cupertino, rest his soul, was livid about Android. They know that their hype bubble as powerful as it may seem is oh so easily burst when you put it side by side with the truth and their B. S. is exposed as such.

          • Vboom

            Fair point
            Thanks for your valid reply

  • only apple product I’d buy now are the Ipads, the macbooks. Smartphone game is over for Apple. But apple’s sheeps and fanboys still flock to them because they are zombies.

  • GMe109

    Lab tests confirm Samsung Galaxy S3 is a display dimwit


    Samsung Galaxy S3 is a no go…

    Had a chance to demo the S3, S2, and the HTC EVO 4GLTE, along side my Samsung Epic 4G. Was a little concerned about the brightness issue on the S3. Made sure the brightness was turned up on all 4 phones, and stood by the front window in direct sunlight.

    Starting with the brightest:

    Epic 4G

    After finally deciding on the Samsung S3, based on specs, I’m back to the drawing board. I’m more than a little disappointed that Samsung decided to downgrade the screen on their Flagship smartphone. But the screen issue is bad enough to make the phone impossible to use outdoors, which even my 2.5 year old Samsung Epic was capable of.

    It’s a fools game, making decisions and judgements based solely on specs. Yes the S3 appears to have superior specs and features compared to the iPhone 5, but the proof is in the pudding.

    For me, the S3 dim screen is a deal killer.

    • MasterMuffin

      Not true, your eyes are bad (or you are troll)

      • GMe109

        Like it or not, I’m just telling it like it is. And the link to the lab report backs up my personal findings. I’ll be keeping my Samsung Epic 4G until something better, screen wise comes along.

        • MasterMuffin

          ARe you f*cking kidding me!? You don’t even have the phone but you still say sgs3 is a no go -.- I have it and the screen is really bright and good and the phone is great, stop trolling!

          • GMe109

            It’s kind of relative to what you’re comparing it to, don’t you think?
            Compared to my S1 it’s nowhere near as bright or sharp, that’s a problem for me. I also have a friend who owes an S1, and was thinking about getting the S3. He also reached the same conclusion after making a comparison of the two. Glad you like your new phone, but I’m not going to pay for an upgrade which downgrades the brightness and sharpness of my present screen.

            Also if you read the link I included, objective lab tests reached the same conclusion, the S3 isn’t as bright as the S2 or S1.

          • MasterMuffin

            Your eyes are still bad if you can’t see it outside + your s1 or s2 isn’t nearly as sharp as s3, your so wrong in that one, ppi303 kicks some sgs1 and 2 ass

          • GMe109

            Okay I’m going to recant some of what I’ve said.
            I think part of the problem I encountered at the first Sprint store when I compared screens, was that the display of the S3 phone was totally marred with finger prints. The Sprint store I went to today had one locked up in a case, and the screen was fingerprint free.
            I could definitely see the screen well enough to make phone calls and do basic functions in direct sunlight.
            Yeah its not one of the brightest nor sharpest screens available today, but its a gorgeous screen otherwise, and adequate in direct sunlight. I would also add, that yes you’re right, the S3 is sharper than the S1. Didn’t get to compare the S2 the second time around.

          • MasterMuffin

            Now you’re talking, it’s not the brightest or sharpest screen, but most of people will find it okay because it’s still a good screen, you can buy nokia lumia 920 they say it’s the brightest screen in Market :)

          • GMe109

            Well if I put on some reading glasses and squint really hard I may be able to more easily view the S3’s screen outdoors. But that hardly seems like an upgrade to me.

          • MasterMuffin

            The upgrade is the sharpness, buy gnote2 it’s bright and no pentile, end of discussing, I’m watching a movie with my sgs3!

          • Why not just TURN THE BRIGHTNESS UP? It’s plenty bright enough if you just turn it up and not leave it on auto.

  • Though it has been announced that there were 2mil pre-orders, it really doesn’t seem so impressive when it takes 2-3 weeks for it to arrive not from date of order but rather AFTER the 21st when it is available in stores.

    One feature in the Japanese Android phones I want to see in the States is the ability to catch OTA digital tv signals. :D

  • Ivan

    Apple control everything, right down to there sales figures

  • Cutra

    Love it!! Great work Samsung.

  • Awesome Commercial!

  • bonus999

    If I go for a Samsung Galaxy S3 from my iPhone, I will be a Samsung sheep as well. As I don’t know how to use with that complex user interface and don’t even know what functions they have. What I can see is the screen is bigger and you can only simply sharing photos like in the AD IF your friends are using Galaxy S3 as well. As long as my iPhone still have new iOS update 2 years later but the S3 will not. (Samsung: “Buy a S6 and I give you new Android version~ho ho ho”)

    • Who said that? I own a galaxy s2 and I had updated gingerbread to ICS 4.0.3 through Kies and then ICS 4.0.4 through Odin and I never have any problems so far.

      I am waiting for JB 4.1 now and Galaxy Note 2.

      I’ve tried iPhone before, but I hated its single button, it’s annoying. With galaxy at least there are two other capacitive buttons.

      I guess with S 3 it will be the same. You will like it after you try it. No more hassle to go back or adding some widgets or shortcuts.

      You will love the homescreen, because you can adjust it as you like, make it your own personal unique phone.

  • SamsaraGuru

    I’ve always felt that the best way to “expose” the silliness of the starstruck love that Apple fans have – despite all reason and commonsense that militates against the iPhone based on its lack of features – would be to juxtapose the inane and doting love talk of those blindly smitten by Apple’s seductive, empty hype.

    This ad does the trick and truly is fun to watch – as well as memorable (the real test of any ad). Will it convince a die hard Apple fan? Probably not, but Samsung isn’t aiming the ad at them but rather “independents”; people who actually think through whether their purchase will truly give them the biggest bang possible for their buck.

  • Kassim

    Waste of money? Probably. Nonetheless entertaining?…Most definitely.

  • Honest Buyer

    One thing I’ve been saying about the aSheep (Apple Sheeple) is that they wouldn’t care if Apple actually downsized the iPhone’s screen to, like, a 2.5″. Apple would just play on the ‘extra portability’ factor and the aSheep would still run out, buy sleeping bags, bunsen burners & MREs and camp outside the Apple Stores anyway. That thing would still sell like Bags of Ice in Hell. SMH… O_o

  • Tony G

    I have owned many phones since the mid to late 90’s. I am looking to upgrade from my IPhone 4g to Samsung SIII. I don t pay attention to the ads or the hype. I make a personal decision. It amazes me how you Samsung fans AND Apple fans go back and fourth at each other like if it was a sports game. I do admire BOTH your loyalty to each company who are making BILLIONS off every phone that everyone buys. I would LOVE to own a company with such loyalty and as you guys say, SHEEP following. It is every business dream to have customers such as you and apple fans. Again these are business out to make money. Bottom line.

  • Charles Bandiera

    Like it or not release figures mean you made the best product either. Large numbers of people make dumb choices all the time. It would be awesome if we could put our faith in the actions of mass action but that would br just as silly as expecting tech writes to suspend brand loyalty for unbiased reporting. It is what it is.

  • Tran Nguyen

    That’s stupid things that you and I was trapped by Google and carriers. They controlled customers by which to buy the phone. We lost freedom if the carrier didn’t support the phone we like. The policy need to change and protect customers