iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 – 50 reasons why the iOS smartphone is better [video]

October 31, 2012

    A few weeks ago we showed you a video comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 in which were revealed 50 reasons why the Android smartphone is better.

    The same guys behind that clip are now back with a rebuttal video, just as they promised. This time around PhoneBuff gives us 50 reasons why the iOS smartphone is better.

    The freshly uploaded video is just under 12 minutes long, and shows users various reasons why the iPhone 5 can be considered better than the Galaxy S3. Just like in the previous video, not all the listed reasons depict must-have features of today’s high-end smartphone, but they may be appreciated by users nonetheless.

    In case you need a reminder of the 50 reasons why the Android smartphone is better, here’s the first video:

    However, if you are going to buy a top device this holiday season, we’ll remind you that the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 are the current flagship devices for iOS and Android, respectively. While they are exponents of two different mobile platforms and ecosystems, it’s ultimately up to you to choose which one to get, although we’ll point out that they aren’t the only available choices out there, especially considering the recent Galaxy Note 2 launch or the Nexus 4 announcement. Not to mention that a slew of Windows Phone 8 handsets are about to hit stores also.

    In case you’re only looking for more iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 coverage before you make your purchase then we’ve got you covered. From drop tests and hands-on videos to benchmarking results, battery performance comparisons and display quality tests. We even talked about yearly charging costs and web traffic stats for these two smartphones.

    What video did you like better?


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000058143915 Jack Parker

      50 Reasons why im not un-subscribing Phonebuff on YouTube! :(

    • smeghead

      Its painful watching the 50 reasons why iphone is better that galaxy s3, you make some good points however there are about 10 features you mention which in fact you can do on the galaxy s3, and about 3 of those features which the s3 does better than the iphone!

    • Ceros

      And you’ve got how many $ from apple ?
      Just don’t sell yourself cheap ! :))

    • larusoskar

      I am a stout and fundamental Android/Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 believer and I don´t know why you would want to put up such sacrilege nonsense on an Android site!! Shame on you! LOL

      • ari gutenmacher

        i like the s3 a lot too, but theres really no excusse calling the iphone 5 “sacrilege nonsense” considering all benchmark and speed tests show that the iphone 5 is faster and its made of metal and not plastic and also has a better screen (color reproduction, ppi). i love the s3 believe me androids better than ios and the s3 has so many better features, but the iphone is not nonsense in any respect.

        • exynos5450

          Both phones have their respective cons and pros. It comes down to personal preference really. Personally, I’m going for the nexus 4, as I like the pure Google experience, and the hardware as well. Although he iPhone definitely is respectable in the category.

        • http://www.facebook.com/alexbin.zhao Alex Bin Zhao

          it is not plastic, but it can be scratched easily.

        • thebee

          Sell out. You’re not an Android fan. You’re undercover iphone lover. No trure Android would defend the iphone.

          • brandnew234

            Yes, I think I have occasionally when people talk about how the iPhone is so terrible, and no one should ever buy it. Most people are stupid, they want a snappy phone that can play games, take pictures, and share things on FB. The iPhone does that better than any other phone out there. Sure, the screen is small, but it has more games. Ever hear of Infinity Blade? And don’t call me an Apple troll, because I posted a 7 paragraph response to an iSheep less than a week ago&will be buying a Galaxy Note II.

    • paxmos

      I wish the guy would shave his beard…..

    • Michael Slamber

      Once he said as one of the reasons the iPhone 5 was better than the Galaxy S3 was itunes and because the lightning plug was reversible the guy lost all credibility on the whole damn thing. When he said there are more accessories for the iPhone I laughed. So you have more accessories yes but only 10% are even worth buying.

      The iPhone has always been the simple phone and nothing else. When you list reasons stop listing pointless crap just so you can get it to 50 reasons. iTunes has been horrible ever since and a horrible experience at that. Yes, the iPhone 5 runs smoother and I hope so since it’s been running the old boring iOS with minor changes since the very beginning. The video is stupid.

      I’m also glad that the iPhone 5 runs angry birds and temple run faster than anyone else. How about I can play N64 games, Playstation games, and even gameboy games for FREE? Yes, you play video trailers really well but how about with my one microSD card slot I can watch my favorite movies? Or add a movie that I didn’t buy on iTunes without searching for weeks for a converter to convert my video to even be played on my iPhone clearly?? The iPhone 5 users should be thanking Samsung for their beautiful speedy processor chips.

      • Sam

        This video was one of a two-part series comparing the two phones for perspective buyers. As a perspective buyer, I find it useful to see both sides of the issue. Granted some of the issues are insignificant (as he pointed out in the video), but still helpful. I guess you wouldn’t understand that. If anything, one-sided people like you lose credibility. For what it’s worth, I was looking at the GS3, but may opt for the Note 2 instead. I also considered the iPhone 5 at one point, because you can’t deny it has a place in the market.

        • Michael Slamber

          No I wouldn’t mind if they were equally good reasons. The GS3 video they put up was very well presented and showed CLEAR advantages why the GS3 was better than the iPhone 5. This one was literally picking out slight and minor things that made the iPhone 5 seem better. I would love to see the 50 reasons why the iPhone 5 is better than the Galaxy S 3 when it doesn’t sound like it’s coming from an apple fanboy.

          And as a perspective buyer I would like to see more helpful information other than “The iPhone 5 is better because you can plug in the lighting connector both ways.” Also, it’s not that the issues are insignificant its because almost more than half of the things he said the Galaxy S3 couldn’t do CAN actually do it and do it better.

          The video was bait feed the apple fanboys to get them to view it and at the same time start a fanboy war for the views. I get it but if you are going to list facts of why it’s better then at the very least give legitimate reasons.

      • Rod

        sorry to burst ur bubble but all those things u mentioned can be done on iphone when u jailbreak it (which is dead easy). and if u dont want to jailbreak, then u obviously just dont need those features, as there’s no downside to doing so. Personally the only things i envy about the s3 are hardware based; longer lasting and swapable battery, mcard slot and usbhost capability as long as it works with usb drives too (though maybe this could be done on iphone with apps from cydia, not sure). And as far as “pointless crap”, the s3′s video only had about 7 things that caught my attetion, but i didnt feel the need to make a big deal. The video was well done and helpful.

    • spectremANDROID

      I think it was a great video. Its nice to see all those small but very important details that make people swoon over iPhones. What’s even better about it is that it gives me a fresher and stronger perspective on Android, which is my operating system of choice. IPhones are awesome handsets. There’s really no two ways about it. I just happen to find Android more interesting and satisfying…

      No harm, no foul.

    • dingleburry

      Those are the most stupid reasons for anything.. I mean your thumb can reach over futher because the screen is smaller.. NO SH%T, that’s what happens when you have a kick ass bigger screen! Just because Iphone gets it’s updates quicker (and way less frequently) doesn’t mean it’s going to have more longevity?!?!? It took IOS6 5 years to finally catch up to android features (yet they are still behind in many things). So having more updates to an OS that will only work on the latest version of the phone, while the older models get excluded and wont be able to use those features.. how is that longevity.. more like expiring your existing phone.. I had an Iphone 3g long ago.. I threw it away beacuse after IOS 3.1.1 I couldn’t get any f’king updates.. I dont care how often you update a crappy borring O.S…

      I could go on and on, but so many of those reasons have nothing to do with any logical reason you’d want to get a smartphone… How many stupid appleheads do you see with the thinnest phone out there, but a friggen case that makes the phone look like a brick ready to go 4×4′n.

      Apple will be out of business in 5 years….

      • aj

        i too am an android fan but i have to disagree. until android 4.0 ics, android was really laging behind ios and now with 4.x, they are indeed ahead of apple

    • dingleburry

      oh and one more thing.. that whole drop test bull crap.. I’m sorry but BOTH of those phones looked like shit.. and because the 3g had more cracks, doesn’t mean I’d want to still use my iphone with all the cracks it had on it.. In that video, they both failed.. I mean REALLY!?!?! They were both broke!!!! LOL

    • Rev

      I am an android fan, but these two videos have much better features on the iphone than the S3… oh well

    • Ethanm3500

      After watching the video I picked the galaxy s3. Some of my friends want the iPhone 5, but I trying to explain that the galaxy s3 is so much better. The only thing that apple did to the make the iPhone 5 is they changed the screen size and added 4G. Samsung has added so many new things like motion gestures. And watching movies on the galaxy s3 with its 4.8 inch screen is amazing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/le.takoma.hieu Hiếu Ka Tê

      Never watch any compare video about Iphone and android phone from Ifan boys :D Ignore it I’m happy with my samsung galaxy note lmao :))

    • g6

      custom vibrate im sure thats from the s3.. i use it all time.. someone needs to do more research… theres a lot in this aren’t true or right

    • g6

      just a thought with the lighting connector im sure in early days with nokia we had a nice adapter that would go in any way….hummmm…. or how about forgetting the connector completely, wireless charging BABY :D

    • ozzy

      like for gs3 dislike for iphone5.

    • Jogger_Girl

      Let me get this straight… make a screen unusably small… and then call it a “good” thing because it’s a few grams lighter, or less than 1 mm thinner.


      Why not have a *REALLY* great phone and use a 2″ screen instead. Imagine all the “good” features that will bring.

    • Andy

      I have used both the phones and here is what I have

      Screen has higher pixel density and
      is brighter

      True it is crisper on iPhone and outdoors in bright
      light it is better but indoors S3 display looks better




      False! Both are different sizes so comparing by
      overall weight is NOT correct. Lets measure weight per inch to give you better

      iPhone: 112gm/4 inches = 28gm /inch Samsung S3: 133gm/4.8 inches = 27.7 gm/inch

      So in a true sense S3 is lighter as you are getting
      bigger screen size in less weight.

      Easier one handed operation

      Hahaha!! This is funny….. I have hardly seen
      people using only one hand… most use two hands.. By the way who the hell said
      that phone is to be used by only one hand when u have two: P. Tie

      Better build quality

      Yes.. it should better be because apple costs more
      than S3 (premium price)
      But it comes down to personal preference. Tie

      Faster updates

      True. But I did got Jelly Bean update in October
      which is fine!

      Supported longer

      False! Even older versions of android are supported
      till date. Tie

      More apps

      Yes! None the less not the number of apps but how
      many useful apps are available matters and both have same. Tie

      Better version of apps

      True and False!! Tie
      Both have better versions and both have exclusive

      More durable

      This is a tie! Different drop tests shall reveal
      different results

      Apple – 3 Samsung – 1 Tie – 6

      Reversible charging port

      False! Lighting charging port is definitely not
      faster! Personally I prefer charging with any cable I have over dual side.
      Anyways how many times can you fiddle on a two sided cable?

      Vibrate switch

      False! This is just pure lack of research
      Just keep pressing volume button down and it shall
      go into vibrate mode or keep pressing power button and it shall multiple
      options to work with, one of them is vibrate mode!

      Louder speaker

      Really!! 2 to 5 dB may be

      Faster boot up, app speed, and

      True and False
      Faster Boot up – If S3 has SD Card inserted then
      iPhone is faster and Without SD card S3 is faster
      The difference is of hardly few seconds!

      App speed – iPhone launches app faster but in terms
      of operation non-Add apps work faster in S3.

      Browser – Iphone is not faster. It feels faster
      because when it loads a web page it shows initial content quickly but it still
      keeps on working where as S3 finishes with content display.



      Ok!…. Have you heard about GOOGLE NOW!
      Its way better than Siri! And its predictive cards
      are just awesome! It’s just been a few weeks use but it knows what I need…

      Raise to speak

      I shall raise to speak with Siri and again bring my
      phone down to see the results!! Sounds smart right? :P

      Here Apple
      copied S3’s raise to call feature!

      Reader feature in browser

      True! I haven’t found any app alternative in S3.

      False! Changing size of the text is simple and is
      few touches away!

      Video compression for email

      Personally, I have never required to email videos
      and when you have S beam (NFC- Not just Samsung but all NFC capable devices can
      share) where size doesn’t matter so don’t need email… for long distance tons
      of video sharing options…

      The more important this people attach on email are
      documents and other format files which apple still doesn’t understand! Shame

      iTunes has larger media collection


      20. Find my iPhone

      Samsung Dive! And you can track not just by
      proprietary I devices in iPhone but any browser which has access to internet!

      (In fact lost phone security feature was first
      available on Samsung phones around 4 years before iPhone existed!)

      Apple – 2 Samsung – 4 Tie – 4

      More intuitive UI

      Ok here it becomes interesting because
      intuitiveness varies from person to person. Personally I don’t feel iPhone is
      the most intuitive.

      You get lot of custom launchers on android to suite your
      personal choice of intuitiveness. Hence I shall say it’s False

      22. Better 3D graphics

      If eyes can’t make a difference out of two then
      really does it matter!!

      23. Game center


      24. Apple store customer service

      I haven’t faced problem in both devices so difficult to say but 400 centers worldwide for iPhone users is too large a number to solve issues: P

      No bloatware

      True. There are non in iPhone

      False… Some bloatware are good e.g. S3 Smart care
      which can be used to diagnose problem issues before you seek assistance of
      customer service

      26. Built in emoji keyboard

      False it may not be built in android but available
      from play store for free and it shall work with not just few apps but any app you have on your phone. Honestly! iOS can’t compete with Android’s customization capabilities.

      Take pictures with volume button

      Sometimes it feels good use volume button to click
      pictures but saying “Cheese” and S3 clicking photos for you is just Awesome!

      28. Tap to top in any app

      True. In S3 double tap option is there in few apps

      29. Multiple notification styles

      No Doubt Notification are deep rooted within
      android. iOS copied and trying new things but Android is simply too good,
      extremely useful and very intuitive.

      30. Spotlight search

      False! Again Google Now has this.

      Apple – 1 Samsung – 5 Tie – 4

      Read aloud highlighted text

      False! Not built in built in available in play
      store for ages

      32. Guided access

      True…..did anyone use this feature?

      33. Privacy options

      False! In application manager you can see the
      access rights for every app.

      34. Do not disturb

      False! Blocking mode in S3

      With play store app such as Tasker you can do
      almost anything you can think of..

      Set restrictions

      False! Again custom launchers have this

      36. Keyboard shortcuts

      False! Again 3rd party apps have this functionality

      Lock screen options (camera, music,Siri)

      False Hahaha!! Again is copied from Android. You can customize 4 apps that you want access from lock screen

      38. Reminders by location

      With play store app such as Tasker you can do almost anything you can think of..

      39. Easy access to photo gallery from camera

      False this is silliest reason, Iphone has swipe
      access and S3 has touch access.

      40. Custom contact vibrations (Better
      resale value)

      Tie. Both have custom contact vibration feature.

      Apple – 1 Samsung – 2 Tie – 7


      False! This is only for iPhone user and S3 also has
      similar messenger chatOn. I dislike both. There are better cross platform
      messengers such as whatsApp, Viber, Skype etc.

      42. VIP mailbox

      Flase! Not just VIP but you can create any folder
      like VIP 1 to VIP 100 :P in S3

      43. Pop up notifications on lock screen

      False! Both have it. In fact S3 goes a step further
      and that is if you swipe on the notification and unlock your phone it shall
      directly go to that app.

      44. Airplay mirroring

      Yes others don’t have it, but DLNA cross platform
      is much better option which S3 has and many others but not iPhone.

      iTunes remote

      Since S3 doesn’t have iTunes they thought it’s
      better not to give a remote!!

      You can voice control music player so no need for
      any remote

      46. iPod features (equalizer, shake to shuffle, etc)

      Why are we talking about iPod feature here ;) still
      these features are available in s3 music player


      False! google wallet and 3rd party apps
      like pass wallet available

      48. More accessories available

      True and False

      You can have more accessories for iPhone to make it
      beautiful from outside

      You can have more accessories for S3 to make it
      beautiful internally (No jail breaking or rooting)

      49. Photo stream

      Share shot and buddy photo share is way better than
      photo stream.

      50. Easy sync and backup with iCloud and iTunes

      Both have this option. With
      Iphone you are stuck with iTunes but with S3 multiple options are there which
      is always good.

      Apple – 2 Samsung – 5 Tie – 5

      Total Score

      Apple – 9 Samsung – 17 Tie – 24

      So Finally!!
      - There are 9 aspects of iPhone which are not available on S3 or better than S3
      - There are 17 aspects of S3 which are not available on iPhone or better than
      - There are 24 aspects of iPhone which are available on both S3 & iPhone in one or the other way.