iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 – 50 reasons why the Android smartphone is better [video]

by: Chris SmithOctober 13, 2012

The iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 is the main fight in the smartphone business, representing the broader battle between two mobile ecosystems, but also between two giant corporations.

We showed you plenty of iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 comparisons lately, with neither device capable to win every single confrontation, and we had quite a few: accidental drops, head-to-head hands-on video, benchmarking results, disputed display performance and quality tests, charging costs, battery dominance and web traffic.

Today we’ll be looking at PhoneBuff’s 10-minute long video entitled “50 reasons why Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone 5,” and we won’t spoil it for you. The publication lists 50 reasons that could convince you to buy the Galaxy S3 instead of the iPhone 5, some of them more obvious than others.

Android fans will certainly appreciate this featured-packed video that shows us some of the main attractions of the Galaxy S3 when compared to other smartphones out there, especially the iPhone.

However, this isn’t the final battle between the two devices, as the same guys promised to do a video showing us why the iPhone 5 is better than the Galaxy S3.

What smartphone are you buying this Christmas?

  • Android4ever

    Proud to be one of these S3 users :)

    • Gray Fox

      You bought a thing, “proud” isn’t the word I’d use.

      • Solid Snake

        Gray Fox!

  • agnt grey

    The link won’t click and there are several typos. Next time proofread and polish before publishing. Grade School level mistakes detract from your point. It is an interesting video, so wrap it in a professional package.

  • Dan

    because this is android authority, iPhone never wins

    • aholsteinson

      They did a drop test where the iPhone 5 beat the S3 recently, so…

      • Colin

        Soooo… Everyone buys a case regardless of what phone they get… Yay! I just payed $200 for a phone with only 16 gb, no expandable memory, far less features, no widgets, no multitasking, no live back grounds, no replaceable battery, no ability to be customized (other than switching your apps around), a smaller screen, a slower processor, less ram, but it’ll (sometimes) a fall without a case!

    • Guest

      Android Authority also did display tests, speed tests, camera tests, and drop tests where the iPhone 5 got the lead. Yes the iPhone never ever wins

    • brandnew234

      This video is from PhoneBuff, NOT Android Authority.

  • aholsteinson

    Great video, saw it yesterday and learned a couple of new tricks. The Galaxy S3 is so much better than the iPhone 5. I am completely satisfied with my decision to move from an iPhone 4 to the S3.

  • I use a i9220 Android 4.0 3G Smart Phone 5.0 inch, and have always loved the ease of use for the android system. I wish that the Android Authority would talk about the other phones outside the majors. I find that with my sales of this phone, lots of consumers are also outside the major carriers. I think their is a story.

    • I think you’re trying to sell some phones. People do use major phones on minor carriers as well. Where’s the story there?

  • MasterMuffin

    I’m buying a nokia lumia 920 because it’s a great phone (though I will be still using sgs3 as my #1 phone because it’s awesome)

  • Rashy

    Love my Samsung Galaxy SIII <3
    Btw he missed the direct switching to camera by tilting your phone sideways from the lockscreen…

  • I have an Android coffee mug

    Haha Dan…you just got TOLD!

  • hennessey

    love my one x

  • hurr


  • shnitzy

    I disagree. I stand by the iPhone at all times!

    • Lucy Saxon

      Taking away the brand, could you please enlighten me as to why?

      • roybatty

        No…he can’t :-)

    • Cliffy44

      Texted while he was driving his Edsil.

    • brandnew234

      You can’t disagree, it’s not a matter of opinion. At no point did they say the SGS3 is an over-all better phone. They listed features that one device offered, which another did not. It’s like denying that the Earth is solid, no matter how hard your stomp your feet&disagree, you’ll never be right. Again I repeat, it is NOT a matter of opinion, the iPhone 5 simply does not offer the 50 features mentioned.

  • big_bum

    What File Explorer are you using?

  • Awesome. And for me it feels nicer to touch with its rounded profile.

  • Carlos Cuevas


  • Ouch.

  • WebOSfan

    Ahhhhhh… Sorry to burst your bubble there, but the Galaxy S3 DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT have “True Multi-Tasking” as you claim in this piece.
    Perhaps in comparison to the iPhone it does (and even then it really doesn’t). But compared to the inventor of “True Multi-Tasking” (WebOS – 3 years ago) the GS3 sucks just as badly as the iPhone at it.
    I should know, I own a GS3. But came over (kicking and screaming) from a Palm Pre.

    • Cliffy44

      Mine both allow multi-tasking.

      Perhaps you’re have Sprint or Verizon as your service provider?

  • I’ve made a list, too, but it has 26 points only… :-)

  • It’s an ok phone, too big and feels tacky if you ask me!

    • Cliffy44

      And, Ron, who, exactly was it that asked you????

  • Anonymous

    All the phone manufacturers are obsessed with touchscreen. So for me both Apple and the S3 are just not for me.
    I am frustrated by the lack of choice in phones.
    I do want a phone with a classic dial-pad. It is ridiculous, none of the manufacturers have such a phone with Android.
    on my old classic phone, I could dial numbers much faster then modern touchscreen. I could dial a number without looking at the screen, as I know where all the buttons are. Apple got it wrong, so have all the manufacturers who have copied Apple.
    We need a hybrid phone. I want a good size touch screen, with a dialpad. And with a slideout keyboards. I use the Xperia Pro, but not satified with their rubber keys.

    • Jared Bryan

      I thought the same thing for several years and clung to my blackberry because of that thought, but finally made the swap to a galaxy nexus and will never go back. The “keyboard” on my GN is actually much quicker in practice contrary to what I thought. There are plenty of apps to use android for typing/calling without looking at the phone also… commanded by voice or tilting the phone. With that said, the differences in the operating system and overall experience are leaps and bounds ahead with android compared to blackberry and other standard phones so I would have switched now knowing that, even if the lack of keyboard sucked (which it doesn’t).

  • Martin

    This funny review is a bunch of shi.s :D :D
    SGIII looks like a cheap plastic flyswatter. Samsung produce just a commodity stuff unlike Apple which produce love-products.
    Apple is the love-brand Samsung is only a brand.
    And you “funny androids” are even funnier than those Asian fakes :-D
    Regards from iP5 & iPad3

    • Jared Bryan

      AKA… you fell into a marketing scheme and no longer subjectively look at which product is better.

    • Apple sucks! Regards from Galaxy S3, & ipad 3

    • Cliffy44

      Martin – Does your mommy know that you’re using her computer?

    • brandnew234

      Explain to me how the SGS3 is shaped like a flyswatter, I’d love to hear this one. Oh, and while you’re at it, explain what a “love-product” is as well, because that is a term that you made up, good sir.

    • JustReading

      Haha looks like you have to replace your 7-month-old iPad 3 with the new iPad (4th gen lmao). Must be expensive to be an Apple fanboy! Have fun with your “love” pad…

  • Faisal H

    Hmm…is the Drive Mode a T-Mobile only thing? I don’t seem to have it on my Sprint version.

    Good video btw.

    • Pull down notification bar, press driving mode. Ezpz. Not buried.

  • sulyono


  • Desmond

    Fine, I’m going to be completely honest. I’m no fanboy, but most all most all of the reasons had little to no use in real life. Anyway.. I’m going to stick to my iPhone, practical decision.

    • Terrence Greene

      your kidding right? i would agree if he seriously simply went through every little difference between ios and android but pretty much everything mentioned was useful and relevant.You may be honest about not being a fanboy but your trully not taking full advantage of your phone and the options laid out before you. You may be better off with a feature phone.

    • brandnew234

      Clearly you don’t use your phone for anything but phone calls, other wise AT LEAST 5 of those features would have been extremely useful.

  • hanny asmoro

    really tx 4 info …it’s help me learn my S3..more tx

  • Nexus fan

    It really doesn’t take a genius….

  • aCe

    cant wait to have my s3 this Xmas
    and thank you Tmo even though i live in Philippines :D

  • Sthe

    Brilliantly shot video! I almost changed my mind about buying the iPhone 5 but then again I remembered how desperate Android is in selling their products & trying to steal Apple customers. I’m an iphone gal for life. Get used to it

    • Jane

      You are entitled to your opinion and i respect that. Getting desperate? In exactly what way, if i’m not mistaken android has already bagged a few former Apple users, ‘stolen’ is the term used when Apple copies a technology, patents it and markets it as it’s own to gullible people. Plus I’d much rather have a free and open innovative OS than a restricted antiquated OS that apple dictates on what you are allowed to have and what not. Enjoy using only one device whose marketshare whilst still great, doesn’t give the consumer choice and is stuck to one boring uniform look, making that individual rather vain in going after status just because of the badge whilst competitors from Android (Samsung in particular) targets every segment of the market, low to mid range to higher.

    • Cliffy44


  • Ben

    Well I’m definitely moving over to Android from my old iPhone 3GS. I just can’t make up my mind if I should go ahead and get a S3 or wait for the one X+ to become available. Does anyone have any good thoughts on that? Thanks!

    • brandnew234

      Well… HTC One X is a beautiful phone, probably sexiest Android phone on the market. It’s powerful, but it lacks a lot of the cooler features of the SGS3, like Smart Stay& Pop-Up Play. It also has a short battery life. But there is another Android on the market soon, and that’s the G-Note II, undenyably the most feature packed smartphone out there with a beautiful display. That’s what I’d suggest. Now don’t get me wrong, Touchwiz is ugly, and Samsung’s build quality feels cheap, but it’s a much more feature-rich phone than ANYTHING on the market. Check out the review for it.

  • claudius

    Great video!!!

  • fordcom


  • Cliffy44

    I wouldn’t trade my Galaxy S3’s (I have 2 of them) for any number of I-Phone 5’s, for all the 50 reasons in this beyond excellent video; and number 51 is that obama and biden have I-Phone 5’s.

    There are Galaxy S3 Users and there are I-Phone 5 Losers.

  • Marie

    Have had iPhones from when the first were introduced. Had the 2, 3 and the 4. Still loved them but just wanted something different so I chose the S3. Like it very much! I just felt as though I was buying the same phone over an over. Change is good!

    • Dom

      You were buying the same phone over and over with a few minor apple tweeks, just enough that they can charge their users for another phone. I still can’t believe they don’t let anyone have removable SD storage, instead they charge you $400 for 64 gigs, lol. Wow.

  • GBGamer

    I want a Sony Nexus. GSII owner, but Sony’s look so much better. Maybe next year…

  • Crevler

    This doesn’t just show the S3 is better, it shows the iP5 truly sucks! I mean, really, I want to be tolerant towards people’s own choices, but now I can’t stop wondering why anyone would pay so much for an obviously overpriced piece of junk. Unbelievable.

    • brandnew234

      Marketing, feel/materials, simplicity, accessories ecosystem, and the apps are prettier. That is literally every single advantage the iPhone has.

      • Crevler

        That be “Marketing, period”. Those things sound cool after repeating them a couple of times, but what it comes down to is that you pick the one with the largest number of cute back covers to choose from.

  • On a Clear Day

    And the reason people buy the iPhone is ….ah.. what?

    How anyone could even consider an iPhone after seeing the huge disparity between its and the Galaxy SIII’s features; not to even mention incompatibility issues and locked into Apple mind set and profit centers?

    Well … just goes to show that the spirit behind and which drew people to come see the Cardiff Giant is alive and well and still functioning even in the here and now!


  • sanju

    S3 is not everything in android there are many powerful devices in android like one x, xpria ion, optimus 4x, razor max hd, and etc..

  • sanju

    All fucking products made and cheat by samsung.

  • Initially I was undecided on whether to stay in the Apple family and upgrade from my Iphone 3gs to the Iphone 5. On the surface, I was not impressed with the Iphone 5 design, specifically the screen and aluminum casing that easily scratches, like everybody else, I was expecting an overhaul on the design, didn’t happen. Anyway, after viewing your video, it was clear that my next phone had to be the Galaxy s3. I bought it yesterday and already happy with it. Thanks for helping me to make up my mind.