iPhone 5 versus Galaxy S3

When it comes to the smartphone wars, the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 have been matched up many different times for a variety of reasons. This includes direct spec comparisons, drop testsHTML5 rendering comparisons and just about anything under the sun. Now comes a test that goes for a very different approach: figuring out which smartphone blends best.

For those who have never seen a Blendtec “Will it Blend” infomercial, it features the company’s founder Tom Dickson showing off just how powerful their blender line is. Dickson takes all sorts of items like marbles, broomsticks and other objects that normally don’t make their way into blenders.

Now we have the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 jumping into the blenders to see if they will blend.

Spoiler alert: Both phones do in fact blend, but the Galaxy S3 lasted a bit longer before perishing. Technically, that means the iPhone 5 won since it blended first.

Kind of pains me to see any piece of technology get senselessly destroyed like that, but I’ll admit this was still pretty fascinating to watch. What did you think of the video?

Andrew Grush
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  • mystikalrush

    … and of course, smart aleck iphone users, gets mouth shut up. S3 clearlying winning the blend round.

  • What.



    Did I just watch?

  • Navneet

    you have gotta be kidding me!!


    Android FTW x)

  • yoni


  • This is a funny test ! I hate Iphone but Iphone is smaller than S3 so it’s going to under blender blades easily !

  • Damn, that blender had a hard time with the S3. And they said the iPhone has better build quality…

  • When ppl is stop doing stupid thing like blending, shooting, hammer tests… they are smart phone not bullet proof armor or a stone. Why don’t use just going to by a big steal block then it will survive all this test lol. Use that kind of money to help other ppl that need it rather than wasting it on stupid shit like this.

  • Kassim

    “Kind of pains me to see any piece of technology get senselessly
    destroyed like that…”

    Rather them than me.

    You just never know – one day, an imbecile may choose to test this out on your pride & joy and if it takes longer to blend…it stands to reason that you have a better chance of rescuing your beauty before it’s impending doom.

    If it takes less time to blend, at least you know to keep a more watchful eye on your more cretinous buddies when they are around your phone. Knowledge is power. :)

    With tongue firmly out of cheek though, a couple of minutes destroying a £1000’s worth of two of the most talked about devices of the moment, should be worth a hell of a lot more in sales of their own products in the end!!

  • I seriously wish these guys abondaned the idea of destroying expensive gadgets and donated the money for homeless and hungry. Sad to see such wastage.

    • FreeBrainTrauma


    • Jaakko Paukamainen

      Feeding the homeless is morally right but it won’t get as much new customers as their YouTube series. That’s advertising and yes, it’s sad.

  • Johnny Junedefersomberg

    Talking about beating down a dead horse. Right under the damn article you’ve done enough to these damn phones. This madness has to stop. For the last time I could care less about the damn iPhone. I picked up an android phone because I was tired of apple and their products. Why do I go to an android site that produces more apple related articles than androids? Baiting MUCH!?

  • Mort

    SHows that the so called better build and materials of Apple, went into dust WAY faster then the S3

  • aCe

    ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!?!?!??!?!you just destroyed or wasted 1,000$++ worth of device.

    piece of crap mind you have.

  • I bet at the point the iPhone was pulverized, he could have pulled the S3 out and put it back together and would have found it working. The iPhone is rigid so it shatters easily, but the S3 is made of soft plastic and merely deformed resisting the blending. Did you notice there is a video break? I think he got tired of waiting for the S3 to blend that he had to assist it.