Soaked and scuffed: iPhone 5 torture test

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 28, 2012

iphone 5 torture test coffee

Love it or hate it, the iPhone 5 is the most talked about device of the season.

Yes, it’s just a taller iPhone 4S. iOS 6 isn’t what Tim Cook wants you to think it is. Apple Maps is a mess. LTE connectivity has been standard fare for more than a year. Yet in spite of all those shortcomings, the new iPhone is selling like hotcakes.

Truth be told, Cupertino’s latest creation has its strong suits. The iPhone 5 did much better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 in our drop test. It did so well that we walked away with a pretty much intact phone, even after Darcy dropped it four times, the last time from more than six feet.

So, what to do with the slightly damaged iPhone 5? Destroy it, of course.

But first, we decided to do some torture tests, all in the name of science. We abused the new iPhone 5, to see how it would fare in real life. We drenched it in hot coffee. We put in our homemade pocket simulator to see how it withstands the assault of keys, coins, and other scuff-inducing items. Finally, we submerged it in water for 15 seconds.

So, if you wondered if you could use your iPhone 5 without a case, or you just get a kick from seeing expensive electronic devices ruined, check out our iPhone 5 torture test.

The ordeal is not over for that poor iPhone. We pitched it against a car. And a hammer. Stay tuned.

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  • h

    why does ANDROIDauthority have so much iphone new as of late.

    • Wes

      Thank you! There are more iphone articles on here than some Mac blogs I read. Stop with the iphone articles already.

      • lb

        you both sound like butt-hurt fanboys.

    • Kassim

      For relevance & traffic. Period.

      In detail:
      Many, many, MANY sites, blogs,
      tweets, facebook pages, google hangouts, ‘man and his (proverbial) dog’
      out there is discussing the phone – having no news of it here doesn’t mean
      you won’t be bombarded with it elsewhere.

      As far as I’m concerned, since the site still has all the android stuff that I crave day-in day-out, there’s no point belly aching about it.

      Plus, you do always have the choice of simply not reading the articles (radical, I know) – a few extra scrolls down the landing page a day won’t harm your health…

      • Venga

        Good… thrwoing it out of my RSS reader. I don’t want to read the time about that crap that doesn’t interest me at all.

  • Issy01

    I was also reading the article ” iPhone 5 users report faults with new apple phone” from MacWorld, they reported WIFI issues with the new iPhone and can be easily scratched. What was Apple thinking about releasing this iPhone, it’s an absolute disgrace, and a poor excuse of a phone.

  • Kagnon

    Doesn’t matter how strong it is, it doesn’t have Android.
    No use proving the strength of the device unless it is advertised as a rugged device.

    At the least half destroyed iphone is fully destroyed.

  • Are you promoting the iPhone 5???? Srsly?? Darn -_-

  • Seth

    Since your torture-test iPhone 5 is already compromised, may I recommend the following? I recently had a friend who through some freak accident submerged her iPhone 4S in a tub of lemonade for several hours. Yes, hours. Upon initial recovery the phone was in generally the same state as your test phone. Instead of using rice, which is not a very efficient dessicant, I cleaned the phone and ports externally as best as possible, wrapped it in a tea towel and placed the phone in an oven at its lowest operating temperature (about 150 degress Fahrenheit) for 2 hours. Afterwards, the phone was fully functional with the exception of the two speakers.

    So if there’s anything left of your phone, why not give it a shot? :)

    • Too late, I am afraid. We smashed the phone to pieces. Anyway, ingenious solution!

      • Julia

        And thats the video we want to see! dont you think???

  • Ryo

    WHY is this on an Android site? Click hunt? Really…

  • hoggleboggle

    I am beginning to wonder if this website isn’t mislabled, considering how much of a slating Android seems to get here constantly and how many Apple puff pieces are being written.

  • Carl

    did you check to make sure the battery just didnt die while it was left in the rice….does it charge?

  • Change your Website name from Androidauthority to Appleauthority and promote Apple products.

  • Lasse

    its the new ios authority. who cares about apple ?
    i like android. but android authority. like apple ?

    so i guess all mercedes pages features alot of skoda news ?

    its fine with comparesons but you go to far i think.

    why not just call it mobilphone authority. insted if theres nothing special or specific about the site ?

  • My latest iPhone was a iPhone 4, it was falling into a toilett (yes, truly) and was 2 or 3 seconds under water but still running, i switched it off, disassembled it, removed the battery and blew 3 hours hot air with a hairdryer into it.
    One year later it´s still working.
    A tip: Using rice for drying is a very bad solution, because it works much too slow to avoid rusting or other damage.
    The qualitity of a iPhone is still outstanding and you can´t compare it with any other phone i was ever using.
    I´m now using a iPhone 5: No Wifi-issues, no scratches, no issues with Apple Maps, perfectly processed but much lighter and thinner, much better Photos/Video and much faster that the Quadcore GalxySIII i used before.
    I´m still deeply impressed by this device.

  • aman1251

    apple new maps suck, but
    every maps during its first two years was a mess, don’t u think?
    when google maps was launched it was way behind many others..
    but now google maps are the king
    we will not be surprised if apple maps start to shine.
    although i love that it is a vector based maps…it is such a smooth experience