iPhone 5 ahead of Samsung Galaxy S3 in web traffic, but only by a whisker

by: AdrianFebruary 16, 2013


We know that most of you like to focus on the positives when it comes to the Android vs iOS “war”, but you probably remember one particular battle the iPhone 5 easily won against the Samsung Galaxy S3 last fall.

Although it was only out for a few weeks, Apple’s latest had the clear upper hand against the S3 in North American web usage. The score was 56% – 44%, and, with GS3’s hotness declining, it was natural to expect the gap to widen over the following months, right?

But, believe it or not, the two phones are now almost tied. According to Chitika’s latest US and Canada report, if we only take the iPhone 5 and S3 into account, the score is 51% – 49%. That’s based on web traffic from February 1 to February 9, but we have no reason to believe the data doesn’t reflect a wider trend.


Both phones’ shares are on the rise when looking at the mobile phone market as a whole, with the iPhone 5 capturing 6.6% (previously 3%) of the total web traffic and the GS3 at 6.4% (up from 2%). Other iPhones have accounted for a 34.9% piece of the pie, Samsung had 14.2%, while “outsiders” had 37.8%.

Samsung was therefore considerably behind Apple, but on the flipside the trend seems to be favorable to the Koreans. Sammy’s total share of 20.6% is up three points since October, while Cupertino dipped from 46% to 41.5%.

Getting back to the GS3 vs iPhone 5 battle, we have to wonder what exactly happened to turn the tables. Does Samsung’s super-phone get better with age? Are S3 users now more active on the web for a reason? Or was the report a fluke and the iPhone 5 will again widen the gap next time?

  • Reports are nothing
    Just wait for MWC 2013 and see who will win the phone of the year title

  • Daveydog

    Sg3 has been out half a year longer no? Don’t feel like looking it up because really, who cares about this…

  • Guy De Vos

    Web usage statistics are worthless. Many Android browsers present a custom non-Android User Agent string. Heck, my Galaxy Tab even has “iPad” as User Agent String. Go figure.

  • RarestName

    Web usage statistics are worthless. Many iOS browsers present a custom non-iOS User Agent string. Heck, my iPad even has “Galaxy Tab” as User Agent String. Go figure.

    • HellG

      i have to agree with this same case with many android devices but if we just take a margin of error (different profiles) on both platforms the result will be the same and i believe even to a bigger degree on android, so while i agree with you i dont think the numbers would change much

      • RarestName

        Also, people using Android phones tend to be using widgets to get information quickly, while people on iOS just use the web browser to search for information.

    • Guy De Vos

      Thank you for agreeing. Web usage statistics are worthless.

  • EL Sukosaki

    user agent strings aside, the Galaxy S3 gets to more users over time as more carriers lower the price to get rid of inventory and as it becomes more affordable, more users get the chance to try it out compared to the “one price fits all” iPhone mantra. IMO.

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  • kascollet

    That’s very interesting. Has someone related those web shares to the relative numbers of GS3 & iPhone 5 sold in the US ?

  • Noah

    As said before, those statistics are pointless. Instead, use the statistics on the number of units sold (that you published a few days ago – http://www.canalys.com/static/press_release/2013/canalys-press-release-070213-android-powered-third-all-mobile-phones-shipped-q4-2012.pdf).

    Or then, it could just be used to tell all iPhone users are doing all day long is browsing on the Internet (not sure what else they could do on their devices anyway) ;-)

  • beebee

    May the fact that S4 phone is rumored to be our have any effect? I know several people who own Iphones that are waiting for the S4 to come out. Just a thought.

  • Poor people, they don’t have money to buy iPhone and iMac, Android users have money for real computers too. Why should I use phone with 5″ to browse internet if I have 27″ monitor on my desk?

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