iPhone 5 promoted on Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page instead of Galaxy S3

by: Chris SmithSeptember 18, 2012

No, Samsung Mobile USA did not put up an iPhone 5 ad on its Facebook page to make up for its iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 print ad that we looked at during the weekend, but it certainly managed to obtained an unexpected result when asking a simple question on its page:

If you could only take one electronic device on to a deserted island, what would it be?

Naturally, whoever is in charge of that fan page expected Samsung and Android fans to populate the answer lists predominantly with references to the Galaxy S3, the handset that’s also pictured next to the question. It’s worth noting that picture of the Galaxy S3 was apparently taken on an island, as suggested by the scenery but also by the phone’s screen.

But guess what, it turns out that a lot of people that happen to like Samsung’s page decided to opt for electronic devices from the competition to take on a deserted island, disregarding the obvious Galaxy S3 image.

Among them there are plenty of iPhone 5 and iPhone references, which Samsung certainly wouldn’t have wanted plastered all over its Facebook page. BGR reported:

Among the 50 most recent responses as of the time of this writing, we count 40 people who said their device of choice would be Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, and one who said he would take an iPad. Browsing through earlier responses yields much of the same.

Currently, here are over 1200 comments, and after checking random pages I can tell you that the iPhone shows up a lot more often then you’d have imagined. And while Samsung clearly botched this status update today, it can’t just make it go away, can it?

Now, if you want to answer that question, you can certainly hit the Samsung Facebook page and jot down your thoughts.

Of course, if you’d go to a deserted island chances are you wouldn’t want a smartphone with you anyway. Not to mention that not all deserted islands have any decent coverage, so you’d have a hard time using it as a communication device. And there wouldn’t be any electricity to charge it up when the battery is depleted, would it?

  • shvelo

    Idiots everywhere

    • Orphan

      iIdots every where :)

  • Blaine Magee

    Well then take all those people that answered iPhones and put them on a beach with their ‘precious’ and be done with it. Problem solved.

    • Y U SO MAD BRO?

    • draken

      With the battery life of an iphone in consideration i sincerely doubt their survival in such habitates

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 = The Best! =D

    • Absolutely ! Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • harry

    Galaxy note 2 versus iPhone and iPad… hmmm…

  • apple is gay!! who the fuck sews for technology they didn’t invent???
    i’ll tell you who! apple macintrash!
    gay as bitches! mommy daddy!! waaa waaa they made shit b4 we did and wasn’t smart enough to do it first.
    wanna “mac”?
    it’s free.
    and don’t cost shit to do what they want you to pay out the nose for.
    intuitive my ass.
    anyone can take a linux distro and mod it and make there own for there own credit.
    like apple.
    slap a fucking fruit on it and tell the world to bite it!

    • “who the fuck sews for technology they didn’t invent???” It’s called innovation. You might wanna’ look it up sometime.

      Lol, I like how I don’t even have to make you look stupid, because you did a pretty good job of that already.

  • and it took apple like what?? six effen phones to just get around to it?? lol wtf?

  • One rotten Apple spoil the party…

  • rikomenzies

    I think anyone who gets aggro and bent over a palm-sized gadget they obviously will never want to buy anyway clearly needs to grow up and sort out some priorities.

    Are we going to shoot each other up, now, too? Samsung owners chucking molotov cocktails at Apple lines while the iSheep litigate them straight into hell? Funny world we live in. Forget stupid things like liberty, freedom, providence, the basic right to life.

  • mckoii

    iphone sucks ahaha

    • Haters gonna’ hate. But the iPhone doesn’t suck so think again.

  • No cell phone wish for me on the island, I’d rather have a
    a waterproof, solar-powered, satellite phone (Castaway)

    • just like the fowl seen a diamond in a corn field and no single maize, he would prefer maize far than the diamond, your satellite phone is far more expensive than iphone or samsung

  • KB26

    I’m going to go use the app… crap i have no battery >.>

  • Its just phones get a life.