From time to time we remind you that the summer is over, which means Apple is en route to release its sixth-generation iPhone model, the one that people mistakenly (or is it?) keep calling the iPhone 5. Why is the device important for the Android universe? Well, like it or not, every singe Android smartphone, especially high-end models that have been recently announced or will be unveiled in the following 12 months will inevitably be compared to the iPhone 5 – the “standard” in such comparisons.

The iPhone 5 is probably going to become Apple’s best-selling iPhone ever in the following year, and it’s probably already safe to say that no Android device, not even those made by Samsung will match iPhone 5 sales – I’m strictly referring to single unit sales, not global Samsung Android handset shipments here. In fact, some analysts are expecting 250 million iPhone sales in its life cycle, but we’ll be able to better gauge iPhone demand in the months to come.

Apple on Tuesday sent out press invites for the rumored September 12 iPhone 5 unveiling event, thus confirming that announcement date. The simple invitation – image above – delivers a clear message: “It’s almost here,” but also reveals the potential name of the handset. The shadow of the one and two numbers reads five, thus indicating that the new device will be indeed called iPhone 5, contrary to some people’s expectations, including mine.

In case you think it’s strange Apple announced the event just eight days ahead of its kick off, I’ll remind you that Apple’s competition has scheduled a plethora of September-based media events to try to steal some of the media’s and public’s attention: Motorola has two events, on September 5 and September 18 to unveil new handsets (bezel-free and Intel-based, respectively); Nokia will show us what its first Windows Phone 8 smartphone looks like on September 5 as well while Amazon is announcing new Kindle Fire 2 tablets on September 6.

We’ll be following up on all of these media events, as they’re all important for the future of Android, especially Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement.

Anyone switching to iPhone 5?

  • Swapnil Chitnis


  • Stian French

    Even if apple came out with some amazing holographic technology, I would wait for an android to come out like a month later with the same technology and be ten times better than the iphone.

  • TechGuy

    Yawn. Unless they come up with something much better than the recent offerings from Samsung, HTC and even Huawei, they’ve lost the plot and should become a firm of lawyers.

    • droidy

      great comment :)

  • Skeetorius

    Make it look as cool as you like. Steal the convex galaxy sIII shape. Do what ever sexy crap you want to do to it……YOUR OS STILL SUCKS….lol.

  • Tsc tsc, Apple is not the same – The “It’s almost here” is not centralised with the number in the picture. I mean, whatever happened to the designers in there?

  • iPhone with iOS: never again!!!!!!!! I’m not going back to jail. Never ever. :-)

  • Just wandering… does the 12/5 mean 5th December or 12th May? Anyway, it’s almost here. :-) :-)

  • Edward

    It means May (5) 12 next year they will unveil the new f***ing phone

  • Marvin Nakajima

    Boy with all the hype and sales expectations being piled upon iPhone5 it’s bound to be a bit disappointing regardless of how well they do. :P

  • I bet it’s gonna be best screen ever so they can “see things beautifully”… Faster CPU and that’s it… Oh, no, I forgot super SIRI is coming… Run away….

  • davey Loa

    been using iphone 3G, i am now on 4s, i am getting a Galaxy S3 tomoro, i really dont care what apple brings with the i5, its same ol same ol with apple,,a phone with gimmicky features u use for the first week and never touch em again…android here i come

  • Dapsy

    Iphone 5… tell me what you can offer that would beat the S3….