It’s not just Samsung that’s targeting Apple’s latest iOS products in patent-based lawsuits, but Google also, which is engaged in a patent battle of its own against Apple inherited from Motorola.

FOSS Patents reports that Google has recently filed a motion in the Southern District of Florida to complain that Apple has failed to provide the iOS 6 source code, or Apple’s latest OS version that’s running on the iPhone 5, iPad mini, and other Apple mobile devices.

Google needs the code to “perform some infringement analysis,” and while Apple did promise to offer it, it failed to do it so far:

Google’s motion says that Apple “has, at various times, promised to produce iOS source code by or “shortly after” September 21st, by November 9th, and by November 30th”, but two months have passed now since the release of iOS 6 “and almost four months after Apple released its most recent OSX software”, whose source code Google also wants to evaluate.

Google is interested in going through the code as fast as possible in order to be prepared for the following court date in the case set for December 14. Apparently the company has to decide by then whether there are any grounds to also add Apple’s newest products to the list of iOS devices allegedly infringing Google/Motorola patents.

We’ll be back with more details about the Apple vs Android drama in the coming weeks, as we find out more details from these Apple vs Google and Apple vs Samsung cases.

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      • n900mixalot

        I really belted that one out. I’m peeved at Google and Motorola at the moment. They, looking at Motorola, have a terrible track record for producing after making promises and grand statements.

        • hohopig

          google fail to deliver on their promises? Where are you living? surely not on planet earth?

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            Xoom LTE. Nexus 4 availability notifications. Android partnership was supposed to ensure better update availability. SmartWatches fell through the cracks. It isn’t so much Google as Motorola–e.g., Atrix, Xoom LTE, but both have not met the consumer obligations they have set for themselves in the past and at present.

            I live on planet Earth with an uppercase E so yeah, different planets. On the Earth I live on, all of this information is available to people who have the capacity to do a little bit of research before casting aspersions.

    • iSheep.

    • dro_ID

      it feels like real inventors, protecting their inventions from the biggest thief/robber/reaver/larcener called crApple… Google, Motorola and Samsung hold patents that pushed the technology further, thanks to them we use mobile communication, and they are way much better than crApple, which invented a rectangle with rounded corners and patented the motion of a turning sheet :) It is ridiculous…

  • No matter how small, innocuous, or innocent sounding. Do youself a favor and stop reading FOSS Patents. Florian is a paid shill for at least Oracle and Microsoft. He writes what he is paid to write and is never right because the people paying him are usually not right. He’s not a lawyer or an expert. He is lobbyist and his job is to spread FUD. Please keep his trash off the site.

  • Apple was once a real evil, today the company gets really hard slaps! Evil plan is always harmful for the planer! Go GOOGLE, U nd Sammy ROCK!

  • Jack

    People are so harsh on apple. They keep making them out as a horriable company, while they are just trying to sell stuff. They say there robbing us, but you don’t have to pay for the newest item. Also who invented the smartphone? And who has copied the idea. So get off your high horse people.