We’ve seen plenty of hilarious videos making fun of the Apple vs Android/Samsung rivalry already, so it’s really no surprise to see a new short clip pop up on YouTube to portray the fight between these two giants.

Entitled “Phone Wars – Apple vs Android” the 90-second video is a Star Wars spoof that stars various devices, including Apple’s iPad and iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S3. All the action takes place “a long time ago, in a courtroom far, far away” and there’s even a surprise, unexpected guest, which makes everyone tremble. Not to mention the inevitable hit at Apple’s Apple Maps product that doesn’t seem to work in space either.

But hey, we won’t spoil the video for you, watch it yourself:

What smartphone are you buying this Christmas.

  • aCe manayan

    ME LIKEY!! >:D

  • Wait, so Apple is the Rebel Alliance while Samsung/Android is the Evil Empire? That doesn’t sound right.

    • No, the green lasers are the good guys, the red lasers from the iPhones are the bad guys; and the GS3 won anyway, the iPhones were retreating lol

      • aCe manayan

        but the nokia got the undestructable casing xD they act as a neutralizer? :D

  • Bex Ogs


  • TommyNYC

    These old Nokia phones, you could toss the thing at the wall and nothing would happen to it.

  • Albert

    The best parody so far!