Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5 a few days ago, but as usually, the company forgot to mention more details about its processor and RAM, although it did say that the new smartphone will pack a CPU that’s twice faster than the A5 found on the iPhone 4S and 22% smaller. Apple also said the iPhone 5’s GPU will offer twice the performance of its predecessor, again, without mentioning any details about it.

Once the new iPhone 5 ships this week, we’ll see the device dismantled and thoroughly benchmarked in order to compare it with the best Android smartphones in town. But in the mean time it looks like we already have a benchmark test that seems to prove Apple’s statements.

A Geekbench test for the iPhone 5 (see screenshots above and below) indicates a 1601 score for the device. 9to5Mac notes that no iOS device crossed the 800 milestone, which means the 1GHz dual-core A6 chip inside the iPhone 5 packs quite a punch. The same test indicates that we’re looking at an ARMv7 CPU and that the iPhone 5 packs 1GB of RAM.

The publication also notes that such tests can be faked, and that it’s yet to be determined whether the test is genuine or not.

Assuming that we’re looking at the real deal here, it would mean that the iPhone 5 beats the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 7, two of the most recently released Android devices, which have scored 1560 and 1591 in the same Geekbench test, respectively. Worth mentioning is the fact that the Galaxy S3 running Jelly Bean scores a lot higher than everyone else – 1781. However, Jelly Bean is not officially available for the Galaxy S3 yet.

The iPhone 5 also beats the third-generation iPad in the same tests. The tablet is also a 2012 iOS device, which offers the best processor performance among iOS devices, at least until the new iPhone hits stores.

What the graphics here don’t include is the recently announced Galaxy Note 2, and we’re definitively interested to see its Geekbench score especially when compared against the iPhone 5’s.

As you can see, one has to take into account certain things when looking at the images above (iPhone 5 is not released yet, Galaxy S3 does not officially run Android 4.1.1), although that doesn’t mean we don’t expect the new iPhone to do well in such tests. Naturally, we’ll be back with more benchmark tests for the iPhone 5, as these are certainly important when comparing the device with some of the top Android devices out there.

  • Okay cool…now let’s see it multitask :)

    • Jean Cédric Huet

      Oh wait, it can’t ! See what you did there

      • Lol yes, it’s not hard to have good benchmarks when the processor has nothing else to do. Make it run 5-10 applications at once then benchmark it. I bet it doesn’t do nearly as well.

  • chris

    and im sure the next android super phone will beat the iphone 5’s score..

    • Jonathan Franklin

      The LG Optimus G (which is being announced Tuesday) with the Quad Core Krait and Adreno 320 will slap this around like it’s from last year.

      • it is from last year, but apple knew they could get more cash and longevity out of putting out a 4s then the 5..

        • PeterBlood

          Yeah they KNEW they could stick it to the consumer and that’s just how Apple thinks eh? Had no idea nerdshowandtell you were privy to such inside information. Obviously nobody would just guess, pull this stuff out of their ass and make this stuff up here!

    • PeterBlood


    • rcss

      of course, it’s made to be.

  • I would like to hope that most of you realize that benchmarks like these really mean absolutely nothing in a real-world enviroment. All these are really good for is gloating to all you friends about whose phone is technically more powerful, and as most of you should know, the iPhone doesn’t need as must power as Android devices because it uses very little system resources.

    • “… benchmarks like these really mean absolutely nothing…”

      I agree that a benchmark test result of a single device doesn’t mean much. However, when you’re talking about a comparison of the results of multiple devices, that means a lot… Especially for consumers who may be making a purchase based on one product’s performance *relative* to another’s.

    • prikismenos

      no, I think benchmarks as a mean to compare devices but we should focus on the details: “Worth mentioning is the fact that the Galaxy S3 running Jelly Bean scores a lot higher than everyone else – 1781”. I think this statement is the key to have a look on how these tests being handled by the companies. They’ve just compared iPhone 5 with the latest ios6 against Samsung SII with an obsolete android version, which is wrong. Same tests show Samsung SIII with the latest android version jelly bean hits greater score than iphone 5. The correct procedure is to compare devices with latest software, NOT one device with latest and another with obsolete, because that means that the tests are not transparent and being controled by companies.

  • ehismanj

    this benchmark is crap. checkout my scores: 1913 with stock 4.0.4 on my s3

    • WestCoastStar

      Maybe but you need to run the iPhone 5 test using the same conditions and you don’t have one.

      • ehismanj

        did you check my result? that just tells you that benchmarks are false.

    • PeterBlood

      Hey quit putting your hand down on the iPhone scale…

      • ehismanj

        Hey quit putting your hands up on android/Samsung scale…………..

        • PeterBlood


  • To be fair, the iPhone’s hardware has never been the issue. It’s always been the software.

    • MoogleStiltzkin

      iphone doesn’t have NFC …. the screen size is still smaller than S3. It doesn’t do HDMI out ….. that lightning port is USB 2.0 speed based …… still stuck on 1gb of ram when S3 has some models offering 2gb; no replaceable battery allowed ….. IPS versus Amoled (i leave this up to users to decide they prefer)……

      So lets not kid ourselves, the apples hardware also has a lot of criticisms especially their proprietary port which is an attempt to lock down it’s use base to apple products only ….. at least if it had been thunderbolt technology people could understand the need for the proprietary port, but lightning isn’t that… it’s based on usb 2.0 and using a proprietary non standard port at that.

      • PeterBlood

        That’s hilarious! A port plug connection on it’s own doesn’t lock anyone down to anything. The absence of NFC is intentional for security concerns and doesn’t do enough for Apple’s tastes. Screens are probably comparable in image quality except for size (1136×640 iPhone5, 1280×720 Samsung). Samsung is a more ham-fisted phone (perfect for The Hulk) whereas iPhone can be held in one hand and your thumb used to control it. Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s a LOT more to iPhone than most here would want to admit. This forum is mostly for Androiders who want to feel good with other unfortunate Fandroid souls desperately trying to justify them. But on the whole Android doesn’t add up yet and the half-baked technologies used thrown at it hastily to see what sticks. But who knows maybe someday it’ll be a real boy.

        • MoogleStiltzkin

          I’ll admit NFC has security issues people need to be aware of. But i wonder whether you knew of these issues before just agreeing to everything apple says ? At least you should do your own research before condemn NFC.

          For me, i leave NFC disabled when not in use, setup the passwords and encryptions. But if you can’t take the necessary security precautions then yes i would advise against using NFC. It’s not for careless people when it comes to self managing security on your end.

          Apple may have said the reason they left out NFC was security reasons, yet is that the only reason ? Or was there an ulterior motive in that decision ? Such as to protect their own limited use of Passport Service ? And to also not provide more support that will help it’s competitor google from having a larger NFC userbase to make better use of google wallet ?

          As for your one handed claim, honestly i don’t type 1 hand. So i’m not going to comment on that further because i don’t use my phone like that except to say for generally accessing apps using 1 hand is fine. Typing text one hand is a different story altogether. But i’ll leave you to google up how other S3 users found their 1 hand typing experience.

          And as for the proprietary port not locking users in claim, then why did the EU have to force Apple’s hand to provide support for standard ports such as mini usb hm ?

          Also remember that iphone 5 was suppose to come with a free adapter because people were complaining it was just unecessary added cost. apparently it’s not going to be included with the iphone 5 after all….

          This article below claims it will indeed support HDMI, but only if you buy this apple proprietary adapter …. the major problem for consumer here is, they got to buy adapters just to work around a proprietary port. Nobody wants to spend extra -.-;

          I also forgot to add iphone 5 doesn’t even support MHL as such.
          “MHL supports power to the device, CEC standard remote control for media playback control, 1080p uncompressed video, and 8 channels of uncompressed audio.”

          Last but not least, for someone that claims not to be a fanboy, you sure do like to use the fanboy card to prove your right *rolls eyes

          • PeterBlood

            (At least you should do your own NFC research before condemning NFC.)

            I did. They’ve proven hackers can get the data at farther distances than previously thought.


            (It’s not for careless people when it comes to self managing security on your end.)

            Yes but if this stuff is secure enough so dummies can use it all the better. Your thinking process on this is more like an IT doofus’s backward attitude.

            (Apple may have said the reason they left out NFC was security reasons, yet is that the only reason ? Or was there an ulterior motive in that decision ?)

            Yes, their ulterior motive is… it can be better, they can build a better more secure mousetrap even dummies can use.

            (And to also not provide more support of google wallet ?)

            You are correct sir. Due to ex-Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt stealing from Apple while on it’s board and using that to advance the Android OS Google are persona non grata at Apple, as they should be. All Google technologies will be stricken from Apple’s products at least officially and replaced with something better like the new Apple Maps on iOS. Yes it’s happening already. Samsung supply chain will shrink as well for their slavish copying issues even Google warned them not to do but they ignored. Eventually there will be no Samsung components in Apple products as they have proven themselves untrustworthy partners.

            (As for your one handed claim, honestly i don’t type 1 hand. )

            Neither do I and a slightly larger screen I guess can make typing a little easier but I have no difficulties myself on an iPhone and it will only get better with the wider landscape iPhone 5.

            (And as for the proprietary port not locking users in claim, then why did the EU have to force Apple’s hand to provide support for standard ports such as mini usb hm ?)

            Apple still does not use mini usb on their devices in the States or EU. Neither should they. They can’t do as much. Also they got special dispensation from the EU Court not to have it, using an adapter instead as you point out.

            (Also remember that iphone 5 was suppose to come with a free adapter.)

            That was never true here in the States. Not a problem for most (except cheapskates…) :~)

            (the major problem for consumer here is, they got to buy adapters just to work around a proprietary port. Nobody wants to spend extra -.-;)

            Welcome to the real world. How many adapters will people really need anyway? For me none. Most might need one. Not that big a deal. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi help too.

            (I also forgot to add iphone 5 doesn’t even support MHL as such.)

            Can’t say it’s a problem for me when Airplay is available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

            (Last but not least, for someone that claims not to be a fanboy, you sure do like to use the fanboy card (even going as far as to ridicule and demean others) to prove your right *rolls eyes)

            I am contemptuous and livid of Fandroid cliches and pointless ridicule of Apple users just to make themselves feel good or superior when they clearly are not. Gets me dander up.

            (My initial post was to debunk the claim that iphone 5 hardware is beyond criticism, which i pointed out why that claim is untrue.)

            Nothings perfect (including other phones) but to suggest Android is better is just plain false. But if there is some Android must have feature you can’t live without then of course, go get what you want. It’s a free country but I can’t think of a single deal breaker going Apple. I just want to keep things on a level playing field and cut the disingenuous Apple hating just for fun crap (an impossible task ripe with folly I know). Hope I didn’t hurt YOUR salsitab feelings. Happy smartphoning!

          • Spencer Rhodes

            Allow me to interject here please.

            I am a fan of Apple, but not for their iPhone and especially not iOS. I love Mac OS X and their computer hardware. As overpriced as it is, it is far beyond standard Windows PCs and continues to make the UI more appealing and more friendly.

            However, when it comes to iOS they are losing it. Apple’s iOS has gone from innovative to repetitive. I am running 2 year old Android software (Gingerbread 2.3.4) on my Droid Bionic and I can easily claim that 70% of iOS 6’s new features I already have. That is absolutely pathetic. Don’t even get me started on JellyBean (Android 4.1.1) versus iOS 6. There is no comparison!

            I expect Apple to create and innovate, not this lather, rinse, repeat crap process they run every year with iOS and iPhone (soon to include iPad). While Apple continues to play catch up with software such as Maps and Facebook integration, Google is making leaps and bounds into new technology (Project Butter, NFC capabilities, Project Glass).

            It is a massive disappointment to watch apple unveil a new iPhone with a new “number” and only make 2 “significant” changes (screen and 4G). All Apple fans need to do themselves a huge favor and get the 4S and not the 5. It will save them tons of money and they will still get iOS 6. The only thing you would miss out on is a slightly beefed up processor and camera (not to mention you won’t have to deal with the new connector).

            To summarize, I love Apple’s approach to products. They show lots of care in creating their technology and I appreciate what they have done with OS X and their MacBooks and Macs. However, they need to re-think their approach to iOS and iPhone before Google really starts to hit stride and run away with the market.

          • PeterBlood

            Consider that Android is desperate to throw everything it can on the device whether ready or not trying to compete. Apple treats technology more like fine wine and waits until it is truly ready, like 4G phones. (4G phones came out on Android before many of the networks were really ready. This does not help consumers. Apple does not want people to use half-baked technology. It needs to just work. 4G is now ready so a 4G iPhone is here. Simple.)

            If you look at Apple’s phones yes there are incremental upgrades because the heavy lifting has already been done. Millions and millions of people and Apple’s 71% profits of the smart phone market disagree with you. I am delighted with the iPhone 5 and it’s improvements. Quite a bit nicer than the 4S actually. Apple Maps is in retaliation to Google having betrayed them and all Google tech on Apple products will largely be history soon. NFC is flawed too and Apple did not implement because it did not do enough and the security issues. Google talks about what it’s doing (desperate to keep interest in a dying stolen OS the courts will probably soon kill off) but Apple does not. Who knows what software miracles are waiting for the patient to be unleashed by Cupertino? I have far more faith in them than you do unfortunately, as do many others.

          • Testicle Jones

            “Android” doesn’t make phones because “Android” isn’t a company. Android is an Operating System that supports as much as it can, leaving it in the hands of individual manufacturers to pick and choose what options they want to include in the product lines. It turns out manufacturers are able to support more technologies through Android while still producing a product that costs under half of what the iPhone costs. Last I checked I could get an SIII from T-Mobile or Spring for $199.

            And it’s always great to hear someone touting the idea that one should wait for a technology (4G) to become widely used and accepted before it is incorporated into a product. If everyone took this position we wouldn’t have 4G in the first place. So you can thank Android users and the manufacturers of the original 4G devices for creating a market for something you now get to use because your preferred manufacturer is finally on board (because they *have* to be). This is the exact opposite of innovation on Apples part. It’s networking. Everyone on this planet wants faster connection speeds and transfer rates. There was no reason to not incorporate 4G sooner other than it would eat into profit margins.

            Your company of choice is insanely greedy. They just happen to be insanely good at marketing (telling you what you want).

          • PeterBlood

            I know Android is an OS offered by Google to all comers. Manufacturers actually don’t have the kind of R&D dept. Apple does but good enough. Android phones are also offered up as BOGOF and why is that? Like PC’s there is a race to the bottom in price. Apple doesn’t play in that arena and no one holds a gun to users heads but lots of people see the Apple value proposition in the ecosystem and the world class design & manufacture. Business Insider and others call it the best smart phone out there right now.

            As a user if $199 is all you have then by all means, buy a phone in that price range. The phone companies have been rolling out 4G for a while and it was not only the network but designing a chip and other things so the battery life would not be changed and the thickness and size of the iPhone not impacted. Larger Android phones don’t have to worry as much about this but I see loads of battery complaints with Android OS phones. But battery life isn’t as good anywhere yet as it will be eventually.

            4G would be with us even if Android phones never existed as an evolution in cellular speed that was always in the pipeline so no thanks are necessary. How about thanking Apple for creating the iPhone then since Android wouldn’t have been created in it’s current form without that?

            If you really think Apple is being dragged to the 4G table, well, that’s ridiculous. Apple’s take on things is generally better than everyone else’s and that’s always been the case. Don’t use the disingenuous “Apple doesn’t innovate” card as that is a complete fallacy and you well know it. We wouldn’t both be holding some pretty great technology in our hands if they hadn’t.

            How would adding 4G eat into profit margins since it would mean selling even MORE phones they can’t make fast enough? Wow, spectacularly poor analysis. Marketing only gets you so far and that’s equally lame and disingenuous. Word of mouth and seeing and using the device sells consumers, not “marketing.”

            Greedy? No, just want people not to copy them, simple. Since when do businesses say “Oh we’ve made enough dough, let’s just relax our grip on our patents and let other people march on in without having put in the hard work and make money on our ideas.” Sheesh!

        • Generalkidd

          I don’t consider myself a fandroid or any sort of Google fanboy. I’m more from the Windows Phone camp. But that’s all irrelevant.
          The point is, there was no need for Apple to develop a proprietary USB 2.0 connector. You can’t possibly justify that. The rest of the industry (Android, Windows, Blackberry) all use standard microUSB cables and thus are all interchangeable. There is absolutely no benefit to Apple’s proprietary connector. It doesn’t increase transfer speeds since it’s still a USB 2.0 connector.
          You argue that NFC that a lot of common features are unecessary. Your own arguments can infact be applied to the iPhone 5 itself, particularly the proprietary charging connector. It’s unnecessary, the world doesn’t need it. You said NFC is not widely adopted yet? Well Apple’s new connector is not widely adopted yet. Therefore, why do we need it? Just go with what is already well established like microUSB.
          Also, in an earlier post, you claimed Apple only goes with what the industry/people need. Well why didn’t they add 4G LTE or any kind of 4G service for the past 2 iPhones? 4G has been around and pretty widespread for a long time. Since the 3GS, 4G was already rolling out and by the iPhone 4, 4G was already pretty popular. Yet Apple didn’t bother with 4G for 3 generations of iPhones. How do you explain or justify that?
          Also, your claim of Apple’s genius and innovation… Remember in the 1990’s? Where did Apple’s genius and “attempted innovation” get them? Near bankruptcy if it weren’t for a bailout from Microsoft. For nearly 10 years, Microsoft basically owned and ran half of Apple. That’s right, the basis to much of Apple’s current success was all Microsoft.

          • PeterBlood

            (I’m more from the Windows Phone camp.)

            Yay for Windows Phone 8! I wish it LOTS of success. A phone that unlike Samsung & Android phones will succeed or fail based on it’s own design and merits. What a concept!!!

            (The point is, there was no need for Apple to develop a proprietary USB 2.0 connector. You can’t possibly justify that.)

            Apple does since it does more than a USB 2 connector can do and has it’s own advantages like being reversible (granted a small advantage). Plus to me USB mini-USB connectors are extremely fra-jeel-lay. But yeah I suppose it would be nice if there was this consistency. No doubt there is already an adapter for this anyway.

            BTW Samsung has changed it’s power adapter connector 18 times over Apple’s TWO times over the last 10 years.


            (It doesn’t increase transfer speeds since it’s still a USB 2.0 connector.)

            My understanding of it is it’s a bit faster.

            (You said NFC is not widely adopted yet?)

            Have no idea what will happen to it. I’m sure it will get better but probably not ready for prime time yet, if ever. Apple doesn’t release tech before it’s time unless clearly marked beta like Siri.

            (Well Apple’s new connector is not widely adopted yet.)

            And never will. It’s a proprietary Apple cable as many manufacturers have and had their own in electronics land.

            (Well why didn’t they add 4G LTE or any kind of 4G service for the past 2 iPhones? 4G has been around and pretty widespread for a long time.)

            Been around (actually not that long) but the networks limited or small compared to now, though still not as widespread as it will be. Apple implements things when the experience is larger and less frustrating for consumers. They want stuff to just “work.” They also needed to work out the extra power problems associated with 4G without shortening battery life. 4G Android phones had more battery life issues I believe when they first came out.

            (How do you explain or justify that?)

            I just did. 4G not implemented widely enough at the time and battery life issues supporting 4G.

            (Also, your claim of Apple’s genius and innovation… Remember in the 1990’s? Where did Apple’s genius and “attempted innovation” get them?)

            Not my “claim”, but proven by history which you CANNOT deny. Are you having mental lapses or something? Steve Jobs came back in 1997 to clean up the mess ex-CEO’s Michael Spindler, John Sculley, and Gil Amelio and others created. That takes time and Jobs did the job in spades as even you must know. Apple is to be lauded for bringing Jobs back and saving the company with his own brand of super-genius!! Wow, are you that poorly informed on Apple history?

            (Near bankruptcy if it weren’t for a bailout from Microsoft.)

            C’mon knockoff the cheap and disingenuous Microsoft “bail out” of Apple crap which has been debunked for years and still dummies keep saying it. The only favor granted Microsoft did for Apple is continue to support Office on the Mac for 5 more years. They INVESTED $150 million as a gesture of support which was money that was not used to “save the company.” Apple still had plenty of money in the bank at the time to support the company.

            (For nearly 10 years, Microsoft basically owned and ran half of Apple. That’s right, the basis to much of Apple’s current success was all Microsoft.)

            BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! You are outrageously delusional and hilariously wrong. How do you come up with this “half-owned” wishful thinking arbitrary crap? Look at the “genius” of the chair throwing clown Steve Ballmer compared to true genius Steve Jobs turning Apple into the world’s biggest company now worth 35 Dells and 2.5 Microsofts? The iPhone business alone is worth more than ALL of Microsoft’s businesses combined. Who’s laughing now? End of story.

          • Generalkidd

            Well, those Samsung connectors are mainly for their previous feature phones, not smartphones. Until smartphones started to become more widespread, feature phones typically used their own proprietary connectors. But now microUSB is the standard.
            Also USB 2.0 is still USB 2.0 no matter how you change the shape. No matter what, Apple’s new connector connects into a USB 2.0 port and thus it’s speeds are maxed out and limited by the USB 2.0 technical specifications. It is not possible to increase the speeds of USB 2.0. There is absolutely no difference in speed between Apple’s new connector and a standard generic $5 microUSB connector. This new connector is just Apple trying to extort you guys for more money. They don’t want to lose money on people trying to buy cheap low cost, yet effective cables.

          • PeterBlood

            Sure NOW but just saying Samsung ran amuck with those things until recently. And charged for them.

            Newer Macs have USB 3 so that disables your statement handily but I don’t know how much this new Lightning cable takes advantage of it. Certainly older systems, as always are stuck with the ports and speeds they came with. USB 2 is adequate but I have USB 3 too and yeah it kicks ass. And Thunderbolt kicks IT’S ass.

            The true benefits of the all-digital Lightning connector won’t be known until models ship. Cynics can say it’s another Apple money stream. Personally I like the connector better than mini-USB and not having to fumble around with it. My experience with mini-USB is you have to carefully align the plug into the receptacle. With Lightning it appears not so much. Can’t tell you the number of times in bed at night I was having trouble with the old plug. Part of the problem too is the bevel around the iPad 3 which makes it harder in some ways to plug things in or find and manipulate the edge controls. Wish that edge had been kept flat as in the original iPad. Not a fan of bevels!

          • PeterBlood

            “Can’t tell you the number of times in bed at night I was having trouble with the old plug”

            Hmmm, that sounds like something else but I’m referring to Apple devices. :~)

          • Generalkidd

            We know for a fact that the Lightning connector is based on USB 2.0. Therefore, no matter what kind of port you plug it into, it still runs at USB 2.0 speeds. It doesn’t matter if you have a USB 3.0 port, Windows PC’s have had USB 3.0 for several years now and it’s well known that it doesn’t improve USB 2.0 performance. USB 3.0 is just backwards compatible, that’s all. Speeds still remain the same.

          • PeterBlood

            I thought I read where the speed might be a little faster. Thanks yeah I know all about the various ports and their caveats (like 480kbps USB 2 is actually slower than 400kbps Firewire 400, a moot point now though) and use them all but didn’t know what Apple had up it’s sleeve with this one since it’s so new. Makes sense it wouldn’t be any faster than USB 2.

          • Manjit Singh

            I am not an apple fanboy but I must say Steve Jobs was a visionary person and so was dennis :)

        • New_guy1

          Iphone does. not have these feature cos when they use them they will get thier ass kicked by HTC and Samsung just wacth out cos they are after apple for LTE aaand you know they will lose

          • PeterBlood

            Thanks for the incoherent clueless ramblings. Please go back to your van down by the river. You cannot sue over LTE FRAND patents and win. End of story.

        • wrong

          apparently apple added nfc to iphone 6 becuase of android competitor maybe? same with bigger screen lol you’re bad, you think you’re good but you are not

          • PeterBlood

            Really? Commenting on a two year old thread in a fast changing tech world?

            Apple added NFC when it was the time to do so in conjunction with Apple Pay which is kicking Google Wallet to the curb. And now Google’s pissed off at Samsung for their recently acquired LoopPay which will also go nowhere.

            Unlike others, Apple uses technology when it’s time, not in a desperate bid to be first and half-assed. Bigger screens are not innovation and again Apple put them out when they were ready and of course kicked Samsung’s and Android butt but good when they did. Bigger screens are all Android ever HAD and now that advantage has vaporized, like all your limp and tired arguments.

            Apple is the biggest company in the world with an early 2015 $750 Billion market cap and the biggest recent quarterly profit of any company at any time in history and people are turning from premium Android POS in a hurry. Samsung is nosediving in profits and sales. Jealous much? Deal.

      • NFC is needed because of what again? It’s wide spread use?? Hardly! Apple integrates technology for functionality and purpose, not just so jerks like you can say, look i have it and you don’t. The iPhone doesn’t need NFC, and neither do you. Not if you live in the
        United States, where barcode scanners, and WiFi hotspots are more
        prevalent at retail cash-wraps than Near Field Communications. Apple didn’t implement NFC in the iPhone because the technology
        alone is not a feature. NFC requires a backend to make it work. For
        transactions it requires a payment system. For ticketing it requires
        integration with a public transportation or event system. For promotion
        it requires a social network. Even in Europe and Asia there is not a
        standard backend for all of these services. So all its good for is to smash your $500 phone into another $500 phones to share pics or websites…LOLOLOL. Typical Samsung, trying their best to outdo Apple, next they’ll put a transporter that beams you into outer space for NO reason…lol. Dodos…lol

        • PeterBlood

          Thanks Mark!

        • snek10

          Guess you’re not interested in NFC bluetooth pairing, NFC payments, NFC instant wifi file transfers, NFC tags in your kitchen that makes the “to buy” list pop up as a reminder, at your desk or bedroom that automatically put the phone into silent mode so you can sleep & work, silent mode that would get disabled automatically when away of said places, uses are infinite…
          Ho wait I forgot that all you needed was what apple would like to give you, dog, hope you’re enjoying that sweet 2010 technology.

          • finger lickin good

            i don’t want NFC. i want KFC!

            (had to lighten the mood)

        • WhoCares

          Thats a solid answer! Apple has all the potential and resources to implement all available technology in the iphone but Apple knows what people use often and make sure its there best in its class rather than offering something that you will not use at all! Sooner or later Samsung will offer a condom vending machine in its phone and compete with Apple.

        • eylmao

          lol after 2 years you are proved wrong by apple implementing NFC into their devices because it is actually useful

    • PeterBlood

      Which yeah is terrific!

      • popomano

        The IOS has unbeatable app selection … think about it

        • MoogleStiltzkin

          it’s true IOS has more apps currently, but it’s hardly that big a difference to whats on googleplay market.

          It’s not the same situation that Blackberry app situation in which has fallen so far behind ….

          So unless googleplay doesn’t have an app you really really want, this is hardly a deal breaker because they more or less are offering roughly the same amount of apps.

          • PeterBlood

            Developers are not excited by the Android platform. They usually develop last and usually not as good due to fragmentation. Plus Androiders are notorious cheapskates (being geeks with no money holed up in Mom & Dad’s basement) who prefer to pirate than buy apps. Not a great incentive for developers. iOS apps run rings around all other mobile platforms, not boasting, just fact.

          • popomano

            Moogle … if u came from the IOS then u will know the difference …The appstore is way way better and judging from the Playstore it seems that the amount are from launchers and those widgets and wallpaper apps … haha

          • MoogleStiltzkin

            “Plus Androiders are notorious cheapskates (being geeks with no money holed up in Mom & Dad’s basement)

            – Peterblood”

            If there was any doubt you weren’t an apple die hard fanboy, now that doubt has been erased :} lulz…

            If that is the sort of evidence you use to validate that apple is better than android, you sir have a lot of growing up to do =^-^=;

          • PeterBlood

            I believe in Apple’s products and love their design much like people who love Mercedes or anything well designed. Am I enthusiastic about it, well yeah. Would I like to save a few misguided Android souls here, sure. Has it really come down to preferences for anything being described as “fanboy.” (Of course I am equally guilty using terms like Fandroids.)

            Cheapskates aren’t always being wise, sometimes it’s just being cheap and desperately trying to justify it by putting down anything else like it just so they can feel better. The old “put yourself on a pedestal and everything else below you” even if disingenuously incorrect. An illusion of the mind.

            Here are some links for you to back up my not-so-weak claims (just Fandroid denial) to certain *cough* people *cough* who don’t seem to read much:







          • Micky

            Thats what you believe but for the rest of us…oh no no…thats not what we believe…

          • Micky

            And by the way peterblood im and an android developer and i dont Feel like what you said idiot…

          • craig

            Hey fucke#, you do realize this isn’t the apple website? Suck my gnex fanboy!!

          • Testicle Jones

            Developers support iOS easier than Android. This is due to the overwhelming number of different devices that run Android. The longer that list is, the harder it is to support 100% of your user base as a developer.

            This isn’t a bad thing. This is the result of manufacturers offering phones that run *some* version of Android for Free (with a plan) or cost next to nothing. Android is the most cost effective platform for smart phones. Because of this, developers have to either limit their user base intentionally, or spend a lot of time ensuring their applications will run on every phone that currently runs Android x.x (whatever their base version of support is). This can be an insanely long list of devices given how many different phones run Android.

            As a developer, it can be annoying but I consider it to be working for my money.

            There are more free applications for Android than iOS, by the way. Just wanted to toss that out there.

          • MoogleStiltzkin

            thk you for that insight.

            I guess this is also the main reason i got the S3, because not only was it hardware/software capable, there is huge growing support for it which would definitely attract developers especially to be working in this particular model compared to the others.

          • by ‘cheapskate’ i believe you mean not brainwashed or stupid enough to continue to spend a fortune on products with an ‘apple’ on them. money in my bank, not apple’s, is my motto.

          • PeterBlood

            No I mean cheapskate trying to justify a cheaper phone. Some simply cannot help that and I understand you gotta do what you gotta do. But you get what you pay for. I’m happy for you the SIII will run marginally faster with 4.1. These are the kind of things only a geek could love but are irrelevant to most users who just wants something simple and reliable to use. Most phones today are plenty fast enough. The experience and ecosystem is what matters. not Geekbench speed figures. I stand by what I say – the iPhone is the best phone because it is the best overall experience for users. But everyone should select for their particular needs. It is my hope that the Windows phone, which has a unique and striking non-iPhone interface, comes up from behind and puts a serious dent in Android numbers. Clearly Microsoft to their credit did not take the low road and copy the iPhone as Android did. Much as I don’t like Microsoft who only truly innovates when a gun is put to their head and are routinely caught with their pants down (Bill Gates never saw the Internet coming either), i might even try it someday, but Android? Never. I have scruples and Google used nefarious methods and betrayal to bring this monster to life.


        • MoogleStiltzkin

          Apple’s IOS App Store has over 700,000 applications, out of which 250,000 apps are of the iPad alone. (source: recent Iphone 5 unveiling in Sept 2012)

          As of June 2012, Googleplay has 650,000 apps (source: wikipedia)

  • iphone is just another smartphone.. it will be outdated in a few months and then apple buyers will then still have to wait a whole year again for whatever scraps apple decides to throw them.. :-P

    • PeterBlood

      As will all Samsung, HTC, Windows and RIM phones. I think you’re forgetting iOS updates. It ain’t just about hardware and ridiculously sized screens. My old iP4 is still running plenty fast and it’s 2.5 years old! Looking forward to my new iP5 next week!

    • rcss

      that happens with all companies. apple launches iPhone every year as well like samsung, sony, and all the companies do. It’s named capitalism, and if that don’t happen they wouldn’t have they huge profits. That is the law of the use and disuse, that makes the wheel spin. they need to make things obsolete to still make money

  • iLeon

    This just comes to show, especially in this site! That at first, all the people talk about is how the iPhone lacks behind the s3 and how outdated it is! Now we have these results, and people say that this doesn’t matter! I mean seriously, what is it going to take for people to shut up! Take it like a man, the iPhone will out sell every phone out there! By millions! Even if the phone is old, and crappy! I’m no fanboy! I love Samsung! Apple just makes better devices, don’t need to have a Ferrari engine to run a smooth OS! Android is a great platform too, but it’s basically about preference!

  • Isaac

    Does it really matter. Both great phones. Stop fussing over which is better. That really just sad. Grow up and get a life.

    • Ben

      I’m not an apple fanboy but seeing a comment like this after seeing so much bragging by android and SIII users how much better performance it has to then turn around and say it doesn’t matter when apple wins is a bit weak… It’s kind of like Australia bashing New Zealand at the start of the olympics before we got any medals, then a couple of days later when we were actually beating them claiming Aus Zealand was a country. Just be consistent.

      • New_guy1

        Thi thing is not valid

    • IROCU

      It’s fun. It’s like the old Top Trumps but with phones!

  • SeanBello

    who on earth is still clocked at only 1300 on their N7? lol

  • JustSaying…
  • Jeckl505

    I just Got a 2165 on my Nexus 7. You see, the Nexus can be over locked safely to 1.8ghz. The streaming is still slower. So Nexus owners taking full advantage of their current Tegra 3 hardware can crush the IPhone 5 for gaming and movie playback on their devices.

    • G

      The Tegra 3 doesn’t even best the A5’s GPU. The A6 is double that. The Tegra 3 isn’t crushing anything.

      • Jeckl505

        Then why did I Get 2165.

  • I dont understand these. Correct me if I am wrong. Arent these benchmarks based on what the cpu can do? If so how can a jellybean running s3 beat iphone5? Secondly its useless to argue which phone rules the world hardware wise. IOS is totally different then Android. Android has mobility is based on java hence eats up ram where as IOS is a whole different architecture. While both are based on *inx they vary. Iphone 5 as I see it will sell like crazy even though it lacks the features of s3. Iphone 5 will be bought by ppl who are brand conscious, s3 by android fanboys. Iphone is great for people who dont want to put too much thought into their phone and what it can do for them. They will be happy with running one app at a time. While that will be great for many it will not be enough for the people who love to multitask. I love android, own a tf201, tf300 and xperia arc s. I do believe android is still very young and since its open source it will improve faster, while apple well they dont want to change much so you will stick to very few new features but then again that is fine for its users.

  • carlisimo

    It’s interesting that Apple’s biggest news this cycle is their CPU. It’s cool for
    us geeks, just not what I would’ve expected. I kind of like it that way, though.

    The big deal here is that the iPhone4S already seemed faster than its specs suggested, due to iOS being, well, buttery smooth. I’ve played around with plenty
    of my friend’s iPhones and iPads, and they seem fast. My coworker’s Galaxy SIII is fast at some things, but it’s choppy at such a basic thing as flipping between home screens. Jelly Bean should help, but c’mon! And now the 4S, which seemed to me to be the de-facto fastest phone, gets left behind in the dust. I’m impressed.

    Granted, it doesn’t really change anything. We’re on Android for other reasons. But if you like iOS, the iPhone5 looks like a fantastic upgrade.

  • samsung4ever

    id still go for samsung S3 no matter what…GO SAMSUNG!!!!

  • ilbulgaro89

    I’ve tested my Sotkc ICS GalaxyS3 and the result is 1800

  • dysphoria

    Neither side of this “discussion” is doing themselves any favors at this point. You guys all sound totally juvenile. Use what you like. Respect other peoples choices. Does it really freakin matter? I would probably consider myself an Android enthusiast.. I like the freedom it permits. Do I care if someone prefers IOS? Not one damn bit.
    Not to mention you folks are all arguing about something that we don’t even know is accurate.

  • I’d not put too much faith in this Geekbench2 App. It was misreporting my HOX as a Tegra3 when it actually runs a Snapdragon S4. No telling if it did the same thing on the S3 in the test (also has different SoCs in its international and US versions).

    For the record, I got a 1512 on a bone-stock HOX. The A6 should bear a resemblence in core performance to the Snapdragon S4 as both are running A15-based cores instead of the old A9 cores in the Exynos 4412.

  • aholsteinson

    “Worth mentioning is the fact that the Galaxy S3 running Jelly Bean scores a lot higher than everyone else – 1781”

    So the Galaxy S3 running the latest version of Android is a lot faster than the iPhone 5 running the latest version of iOS. The iPhone 5 only “bests” the Galaxy S3 when it is running an old version of Android and then only by a small margin.

  • galabunz
  • jonathan ruiz

    Results between devices with different screen resolutions aren’t comparable. The iPhone has 294400 less pixels in it’s screen, so it uses less processing power to display images for the test. iphone runs ios and gs3 doesn’t there 2 different comparisons

  • New_guy1

    Do you guys know what you doing this is like comparing benchmarks of ubuntu pc with windows pc. OS platforms contribute alot in benchmark results Ios is very diffrent from android. compare iphone5 with ipad and other ios devices and GS3 with other android phones that is far better.This is soooo impossible


    Just goes to show what good value the 7 is.

  • HansZ

    Why am I getting a score of 1800 with my Galaxy S3?

  • These benches are getting updated on the day to day basis:

  • aman

    looks like im in the wrong site.
    you people are way too baised??/.

  • S.A.M

    hi,,,hav u lost ur mind??
    this is the official list for the geekbench bench-marking of diffident devices…
    Samsung GS3 is the best over all phones available yet…scores 1752 (quad-core version..not the dual core version as u did in ur comparison)…..
    the second place goes for Iphone 5…

    • S.A.M

      and in the next time..please be fair…
      no for fanboism..

  • Merlins

    Iphone 5 bests the Korean version of S3 but is beaten by the international version of Samsung S3 by a small amount. Samsung Note II bests Iphone 5 with almost 30%.

  • brandon

    funny my S3 has an overall score of 1917 in this test no overclock or anything. I recommend getting the correct scores please Android Authority honestly disappointed with this false article

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and HTC Droid DNA have geekbench scores in the 1800s, better than the iPhone 5’s 1600.