iPhone 5 bests Galaxy S3, Intel Atom in SunSpider browser benchmark

by: Chris SmithSeptember 19, 2012

A few days ago we looked at an unconfirmed Geekbench test – which was going to be confirmed later on – that revealed the A6 chip inside the iPhone 5 was faster than its counterparts in current high-end Android devices, and way faster than its predecessors.

The iPhone 5 beat the Galaxy S3 and the Nexus 7, although it’s worth noting that Samsung’s flagship smartphone was tested running Ice Cream Sandwich. Once Jelly Bean arrives to the high-end Android handset, the new iPhone will lose that top spot it currently occupies in that particular test.

Today we have one more benchmarking test for you in which the latest iOS smartphone is taking the first place. We’re looking at the SunSPider Javascript BenchMark 0.9.1 that measure the performance of the default browser of the device.

According to AnandTech, the iPhone 5 scored 914.7ms in the test (lower is better) beating Intel-based Lava XOLO X900 and the quad-core Samsung Galaxy S3 version, which scored in the same test 1279.4ms and 1442.9ms, respectively. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 scored 2250 and 3545 in the same tests. The publication writes:

SunSpider is quickly outlasting its welcome as a smartphone benchmark, but it does do a great job of highlighting issues with the Cortex A9’s memory interface. Intel originally hinted at issues in the A9’s memory interface as being why Atom was able to so easily outperform other ARM based SoCs in SunSpider. As we surmised in our A6 Geekbench post, it looks like Apple specifically targeted improvements in the memory subsystem when designing the A6’s CPU cores. The result is the fastest SunSpider test we’ve ever recorded on a smartphone – faster even than Intel’s Atom Z2460.

This doesn’t tell us much about the A6’s architecture other than it’s likely got a better cache/memory interface than ARM’s Cortex A9.

We’ll probably see more benchmark comparisons in the future, especially between brand new Android devices, such as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and the new iPhone.

  • Nick Schiwy

    Sooo……What about Verizon GSIII? Personally, I don’t care, I have a Gnex, but this seems to omit that crucial piece of information.

    • shahin yavari

      same as at&t sg3

      • craig

        Lte vs non Lte which at&t has very little of! I wanna see a real benchmark!

  • Neil

    Really Wow…

  • ffoenix

    From what I understand the iPhone 5’s processor has considerably more Apple designed silicone than previous generations. That could explain how it’s faster than other higher clocked CPU’s, some with more cores. Also iOS was built from day 1 as a multitouch OS and is developed to work only with small and controlled number of devices. So it’s a very efficient and focused OS. At least in that respect, iOS is superior Android. Jellybean may close the gap quite a bit though.

  • ConceptVBS

    It’s only going to be short lived anyway. Enjoy your spotlight for a few months (if that)

  • kervation

    They will only stay at the top briefly, nothing to worry about here. Android evolves constantly in the spec race.

    • Therealestmc

      Of course, Samsung is going push out 3 versions of its Galaxy series in two weeks.

    • They need to actually QUALIFY their benchmark results to show whether the benchmark is multi-core or not. That is the biggest misleading factor in interpreting these kind of results…. It’s a very grey area!

  • Srinivas Sakhamuri

    And why the f* samsung doesn’t bring the JB to S3 yet! I installed JB via CM10 and it really the iPhone beater IMO with kind of customisations it allows, how quick it is compared to stock ROM. Samsung is allowing iOS to shine!

    • kervation

      They really need to get JB on the S3 quickly to shut this down!

    • Therealestmc

      Jellybean is not going to help Samsung much in this regard, because the processor in the iPhone 5 Is Way better than the A9 architecture in the Exynos processor. Even in the raw CPU performance, the iPhone is very close to the galaxy S3, and mind you this is a dual core processor, Clocking lower than each core of the Exynos quad core. The only way for Samsung to win this is to put a Snapdragon S4 pro in the S3, as they are both probably custom A15’s.

  • Prache

    Jellybean for s3 got postponed.. it”ll be released in October. Probably, they are making sure that it outperforms iPhone 5. Go project butter!

    • Jusephe

      After iOS 6.1 I got 804.4 ms on iPhone

      After 4.1 on galaxy I got little under 1400.

      => project butter has nothing to do with JavaScript.

  • Doesnt the stock browser change to Google Chrome when updated to Jelly Bean so is it not entirely possible for the Galaxy S3 to beat the iPhone 5 in that to when its updated ? -KID ANDROID
    PS. The iPhone 5 will be beat out by the new Nexus which I believe is the new mystery device that has popped up in a benchmark yesterday, the something 4.

  • romcraft

    I just run the SunSpider 0.9.1 om my old Nexus One with CyanogenMod 7.2.0 and this is the result:
    Skyfire :4268.6ms
    Chrom :3129.9ms
    Firefox :2935.2ms
    What a surprise, N1 is only 3 time slower then IPhone 5 and it just below IPhone 4s and better then HTC ONE V.
    We can see browser to browser big difference

    • Jusephe

      iPhone 4 with iOS 6 got about 3000

  • I think iOS has lower score is because it’s not multitask OS like Android there for the CPU is more focust on the task it’s working on but in Android the processor is working on the application the person is opening and has to work on the other application that run in the background.

    • Parkesed

      I agree dual core (iPhone 5 ) would work at higher frequencies to perform the same higher frequencies equals more power equals poorer battery life. Just look at Intel’s I processors economy and performance. Plus we all forget benchmarking is based on fastest speed not an everyday situation . How would it also perform if the storage was near full . So how these results can be compared I don’t know to very different phones and ui . Best thing apple could do is support all types of connectivity ie Bluetooth and file types. All android devices Samsung Sony etc all share file types

    • Why do you think the Galaxy S2 scores 1700 and the S3 scores 1400? It is ONLY a single-core benchmark guys…. Throw this out the window.

  • Tazkven

    Hitting 1500s on CDMA Gnex running JB LiquidSmooth Beta 1, no overclocking

    • Tazkven

      Er, Beta 2

  • anon

    way faster
    HURR yeah way faster.
    Much faster.

  • the default browser on ios 6 is safari but you can download google chrome if wanted. its winning right now so dont hate lol they will beat it in a couple months but thats just because they come out with a new phone every week and melt you a nice piece of plastic. Everyone has their opinion but when you dont like something and then its better dont come up with lame excuses because you dont like it just because its an iphone

  • Francis

    Lol! This test mean nothing! Try another browser ans you will see that your score will be totally different!

  • This benchmark is only single-core so it’s actually a pointless reference.

    It’s like saying you have four men that can drag 1 tonne tied to a rope for 100metres but you only want to use one of the men?

    All this does show is that Apple’s IPC count is a lot higher therefore more efficient at the same MHZ but it doesn’t mean it is faster in real world…

  • trein91

    Best I got from dolphin was 956 ms with jelly bean.

  • 917ms with jb and cpu overlock (could probably get more if I overclock the gpu too)

    • Gnius101

      My iphone5 scored 748.5ms
      Can I ask what does it mean?