Latest Consumer Reports Rating: iPhone 4S Second Only to Android

by: JoseNovember 11, 2011

After having given the earlier Apple iPhone 4 a low mark, Consumer Reports now gives the latest Apple iPhone 4S a “Very Good” rating, but the same product rating agency still finds Android smartphones the better recommendation.

Consumer Reports, which reviews and rates consumer products such as smartphones, recently put the iPhone 4S on its list of recommended smartphones, but second only to Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Motorola DROID Bionic.

The recent report was published after the agency conducted a series of tests. The tests were similar to the ones they did with the iPhone 4. Test results showed that the newer iPhone did not experience the previous problems that the old one had. The antenna issue is one of the things mentioned in their report. Consumer Reports also noted that test results did not show any signs of battery issues contrary to emerging user complaints about shorter battery life after upgrading to iOS 5.

Interesting portions of the report drew mixed reactions from readers. Some parts of the article compared the iPhone 4S to some Android smartphones and finds the iPhone 4s to be trailing behind its rivals. Several readers questioned why bigger-screen devices like the Motorola DROID Bionic and the Samsung Galaxy S II be favored over the iPhone 4S. These readers felt like it’s too subjective and barely credible.

Other readers also acknowledged the fact that some Android devices like the LG Thrill are better than the iPhone 4S because of those devices’ 3D capability, but for them the matter is still too subjective. One of the things that triggered these comments is the fact that the report did not really present any factual figures that will prove Consumer Reports’ stand.

Speaking of subjective, what is your subjective opinion about which is better?  iPhone 4S or your Android phone?

  • Bombjack

    I’ve just switched to Samsung Galaxy S2 after being an iPhone user for the last three years. So far, I’m quite pleased with the phone even though the android OS is still somewhat confusing to me. BUT: I think the Samsung phone is too big. I though it would be a good thing when I bought it, but now I regret that. The iPhone/HTC desire form factor is the best size for a smart phone if you ask me. It’s big enough to be useful, but small enough to bring with you everywhere. And it’s possible to use an iPhone/desire with one hand. That is not possible for me on the Samsung. My thumb is not that long…

    • Ayman

      how old r u? 10 or 12? the galax note fits in the pocket easy, so what for the S2! its slim as hell also and light weight, cmon

      • Bombjack

        I’m 45 thank you. No need to be rude. the biggest problem is not if it fits in my pocket, but the fact that I can’t reach everything with one hand without moving the phone ->easy dropped. I just don’t understand this “bigger is better” attitude in the Android world. For me, a product such Galaxy Note is a no-go. I want a phone with the fastest CPU:s but not with a semi-iPad sized screen. How hard can it be?

        • AppleFUD

          Your comments are very self-centric. . . seems to be the general case when people talk about anything apple related. Here’s the key, you might not light a 4.5″ or larger screen, but that doesn’t mean everyone thinks like you or wants the same thing(s) you do. I can’t stand phones with screens below 4″ and would love a well designed 5″ with minimal to no bezel like the N9.

          The great thing is, Android allows for us all to get a device that fits us where apple refused to acknowledge this simple fact of life–every person is unique and doesn’t have the same likes/dislikes as everyone else. Android is allowing the consumers to decide what screen sizes are optimal and over a few years we’ll probably see 3 main sizes for smartphones, much like laptops–10, 14, 15.6, 17,3.

          I’m thankful that we have an OS open to all OEM’s to create different devices that allow for the consumers to define the market and not one ego maniac deciding for everyone.

          • Bombjack

            I did not intend to start one of these nonsense flame war apple vs android and I hope you will not either. That’s why I wrote iphone/desire instead of only iPhone. This article clearly asked for my subjective view and that’s exactly what I wrote: iphone/desire is a better form factor. Of course I am being selc-scentric when someone asks for my subjective view. who wouldn’t?

            That said, I do agree with you that having a choice to choose the size you like is good, instead of “our way or the highway”. Keeps both you and me happy!

          • Anonymous

            So your purchase decision wasn’t based on the actual product you were buying but some kind of rebellion against Apple’s imposition.

          • Yankmchain


          • Darkangels6sic6

            You cannot read obviously

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I definitely understand the desire (no pun intended) to have a phone with a screen under 4″. I personally love phones with a rather larger screen though. It brings a lot of the functionality of a tablet to a form factor that I can have available with me wherever I go. For me, buying an expensive phone means that I am going to be using my phone for more than just calls and other basic phone uses. I browse the internet on it for hours at a time sometimes, download music through torrents, watch movies, edit documents… I’ve even taken class notes on my evo 4g. Most of these things would be severely limited on a phone with a screen smaller than 4″.

          But then again, that’s also another reason why I prefer android over iOS; there seems to be a lot more consumer choice when it comes to android.

        • Anonymous

          If you wanted the fastest CPU why didn’t you go with the 4S? It’s real-world performance tops everything else and it doesn’t get distracted.

          • Darkangels6sic6

            No. By waiting too long to release they were able to get a more powerful gpu in. That does not mean any of what you stated

      • Darkangels6sic6

        You are childish and rude as hell. And obviously didnt read or could not comprehend what was said.

  • I think it really just depends on how you use your device. I went from a 3.7 screen HTC Incredible, to a 4.3 HTC Sensation and I love the larger screen size. Didnt think I would but its actually much easier to use for me. I watch a lot media content and read a lot with my device so a larger display was an easy transition for me. I also have small hands and cannot reach everything on the screen but its never been an issue for me. I can still navigate one handed for the majority of things i need to do.

  • Anonymous

    You might want to watch this…

  • Sam Boycott

    This is a big rumor, Why is any one model of iphone is considered against the total android phones, if this way they give ratings then Nokia has sold billions and billions of phones in this world, even Nokia has reached such countries and continents where Apple and Samsung has never thought of it. Nokia’s biggest success stories lies in India where the market is of largest smartphone users and lovers. So is the largest Mobile and smartphone seller in this world, which will take years to reach for iphone and androids.