iPhone 4S Gets Demolished in Drop Test, Samsung Galaxy S2 Lives to Android Another Day

by: Darcy LaCouveeOctober 17, 2011

Apple sells a lot of devices – and a lot of them break. Ask anyone that’s owned a smartphone, tablet, or anything portable, beautiful and expensive what happens over time – they drop it. I’ve already dropped my Galaxy S II half a dozen times, and I’ve only had it two weeks. Should have got a screen protector, sure. Easy to say now, right? Thankfully, the damage appears to be non-existent, and I thank the Gods of tech for gracing me with such good fortune.

Either way, enough of my bantering.  Apple’s decision to design the iPhone 4, and 4S with “glass backs” sure looks pretty, but make for a tough handset it does not.

As you will see in the video below, which is painful to watch, the Samsung Galaxy S II holds up to abuse like a champ. Check out the destruction so you don’t have to  do it yourself.

And for all of those out there that say Samsung makes cheap devices – what are you saying now?

Via: YouTube

  • TheBlackCat

    I have an apartment with a second loft floor. I dropped my atrix off the second story, at least 15 feet, face-down onto the tile floor and it wasn’t even scratched.

    • You used iron cover ?

      • Hvb

        I dropped my Fascinate onto driveway from the roof. Hit right on the corner of phone – 13′ down on the concrete. Bounced once. When I got to it the corner was lightly chipped. Damage was so small a normal cover fully hid it. Gorilla glass is really unbelievable!

  • Yo

    They probably have a patent on planned-obsolessence from dropping phones!

  • Anonymous

    That inspires confidence in my sgs2… I still have out in a case mate though!

  • Jrev2020

    Not sure if even this will convince a brainwashed Apple user that they are using an overpriced device that doesn’t come close to the competition. To me the most important parts to a cell phone are: Having good cell reception, 4G internet, doesn’t break when dropped, Able to have a changeable back up battery, open source app market, hdmi outputs, able to use flash on websites, good 8mp camera or higher (if not then a good 3d camera), and a universal micro usb input (there have been so many time’s I’ve needed to use this). None of which is available by Apple. Yes, the 4s has an 8mp camera now (though the front camera is horrible) and maybe the 4s is on other carriers and I haven’t heard an update on dropped calls as it’s predecessors had, though it’s price doesn’t justify it not to mention it’s out of stock here so hard to compare with something unavailable.

    • Samsung galaxy s2 and DROID RAZR are available for $0.01 on penny-pincher promor http://bit.ly/vZmxGC While, Apple prices remain the same during the holidays!

  • yep

  • Guest

    Fake! In such test the starting condition should be shown! Otherway you can brake it even with a hammer! Good luck in further fakes! =)))

    • richchris30

      Are u idiot??!! Y u said fake this vdeo. . Are u blind? ?! samsung s2 is better and strongscreen compare the iphone4s. . Thats all!!

  • I’ve got the Gal S1, it bounces well and is still going strong after nearly 2 years

  • Pleasegetreal

    Think about this though. A new digitizer for a 4S costs 35 bucks, but for a S2 it is 200. So just multiply up the probabilities of breaking the screen, and cost of repair is probably pretty comparable.

  • Kronox

    My gf S2 fell from a moving bus. It was ran over by two cars. By the time she got off the bus to recover the phone, the phone at least took a 45km/h dive, from pocket height to concrete without counting extra bus height. The phone was only chipped in the corners. Display didn’t even suffered and it still works. So i can attest the galaxy s2 is a really sturdy phone