[Update – Be sure to checkout the iPhone 4s vs Galaxy S2 mobile comparison ]

Samsung has just launched its flagship smartphone in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S II (2) (GT I9100). With MWC 2011 finally over, we can now all have fresh perspective on the best  devices slated to be released into the hands of smartphone lovers worldwide in 2011. First off, the Samsung Galaxy S II is seriously impressive. The big question, of course, is just how amazing is it, and, for that, we’re going to need to compare it to arguably one of the best non-Android phones around –  the Apple iPhone 4.

And so, without further ado, read on to find our thoughts on this legendary superphone standoff.

iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S II:

Form Factor

1st: Galaxy S II
125.3 x 66.1 x 8.49mm, 117g

2nd: iPhone 4

115.2 x 58.7 x 9.3mm, 137g

While there are four dimensions of statistics to consider in this category, it’s only really two that count and the Samsung Galaxy S II comes out top in both. The latest flagship mobile from the Korean tech giant claims to be the world’s thinnest at just 8.49mm and its amazing considering the high end technology inside. The superior screen size on the Samsung, and all the extras included make the Samsung Galaxy S II the winner of this round.


1st: Galaxy S II

16/32GB + microSD


: iPhone 4

Pretty simple one to judge here. Both phones offer the same amount of flash storage with the only difference that you can expand that of the Samsung Galaxy S II with microSD cards up to the value of 32GB. So, effectively, you can store twice as much on it. With all those 1080p videos and 8MP stills, you’ll probably find you need to.

Battery Life

Tie: Galaxy S II
Tie: iPhone 4
1420mAh, Up to 10 hours video

While the Samsung Galaxy S II hasn’t gone on sale in the United States yet, except via select private retailers, it has received significant exposure in the UK and Europe. Actually, it’s currently sold out virtually all across the UK, and in certain parts of Europe. Anyway, the battery life of the Galaxy S II is absolutely excellent. In fact, despite having an jaw-droppingly powerful dual core 1.2GHz processor, the phone itself is smart to enough to drop down to as low as 200MHz, and as such, is able to easily achieve a full days usage. This is even with heavy browser usage, photo/video taking, and playing of apps and games. The battery is definitely bigger than that of the iPhone 4, and it does have that dual core CPU to run as well as a larger screen. All the same, the Super AMOLED Plus display is incredibly power efficient and that’s often where smartphones use up most of their supply. At the end of the day, we have to say that the Galaxy S II’s battery life bests that of Apple’s best, and only smartphone – the iPhone (4). Very impressive indeed.


Tie: Galaxy S II
4.27-inch, 800x480px, Super AMOLED Plus
Tie: iPhone 4
3.5-inch, 960x640px, LCD with IPS

The Super AMOLED Plus is a significant step up from the straight Super AMOLED of the first Galaxy. It brings with it a wider colour gamut, superior contrast, sharper edges, much better outdoor visibility and lower power consumption than any other screen on the market. In fact, so proud is Samsung of this on the spec sheet that, if it all performs as promised, it is likely to be better than the Retina Display of the iPhone 4. However, we will have to reserve judgement until we get one in our hands and have time to play with it in a variety of environments. According to the numbers, and to what we know from our brief time with it, it’s still a draw. Still, when you are able to stand up to a screen like the Retina’s, you’re saying quite a bit.


1st: Galaxy S II
1GHz Tegra 2 dual core, 1GB RAM / 1.2GHz Dual Core Exynos chip, 1GB RAM
2nd: iPhone 4
Apple A4, 512MB

Samsung hasn’t been entirely forthcoming about the specifics of the hardware in the Samsung Galaxy S II. There are disputing reports of what is inside, and it appears that there will be two renditions of the phone itself very soon. It’s clear however, that either set of specs are going to absolutely blow the lid off the iPhone 4. The CPU runs just as fast but is built for multitasking with the added core, plus the doubling of the RAM, speaks for itself. What’s a little unclear is what’s going on graphically. All the same, we know that the original Galaxy S had the edge in that department over the iPhone, so it’s a pretty safe bet that the second iteration will have blown Apple’s darling out of the water this time around.


1st: Galaxy S II
8MP rear, 2MP front, 1080p video capture
2nd: iPhone 4
5MP rear, VGA front, 720p video capture

Samsung has really pulled out all the stops in designing and developing the Samsung Galaxy S II. It has placed a quality 8MP stills camera on the Galaxy S II complete with LED flash. This particular camera, can capture Full HD video at 30fps whereas the iPhone can only manage 720p. To make matters even better for the Galaxy S II, the  front facing webcam is of the kind of resolution that’s even hard to get embedded in modern day laptops these days. If the software and connection are up to it, video calls on the Samsung smartphone should look fantastic at the other end too.


1st: Galaxy S II
Wi-Fi, NFC, 4G, BT 3.0, DLNA, Wi-Fi tethering
2nd: iPhone 4
Wi-Fi, BT 2.1, 3G

Samsung seems to have opted for connectivity overkill in this case, but we actually appreciate their approach. The Galaxy S II contains absolutely everything a true connectivity junkie could ever hope for, and more. Seriously impressive. There’s 4G – should you be able to use it – and the latest version of Bluetooth designed to cut down the hassle of the handshake initiation. Furthermore, there’s  the upcoming NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for when contactless payments via smartphones become the mainstream.

It also features Samsung’s DLNA system called All Share which will come in very handy when you want to view HD content wirelessly from your phone onto a big screen TV. With Wi-Fi tethering to your PC, it should make mobile connectivity a breeze. Cables are so 2009. We would caution would be buyers of the Galaxy S II to remain mindful of ever-present battery concerns however.


1st: Galaxy S II
Less than the iPhone 4
2nd: iPhone 4
More than anyone else

While we don’t know for sure how much the Samsung Galaxy S II will cost, we are quite sure it will cost less than the iPhone 4. The iPhone has always cost considerably more than any other smartphone on the market and we see no reason why Samsung would choose to price things any other way. We will have to keep you posted on this one, but it’s looking good for Android Smartphone lovers everywhere. If you are looking for the best and exciting deals in Smartphones, then you can visit www.letstalk.com.


To us, it’s pretty obvious the iPhone 4 has met its match. However, at two-thirds of the way into its life cycle it isn’t exactly the most ‘fair’ comparison. The iPhone 5 is likely to have dual-core, and feature improvements in nearly every notable department. The iPhone is an excellent device, and was designed with the pursuit of perfection in mind. Really though, the Samsung Galaxy S II beats it in nearly every departments that count. The Galaxy S II is lighter, thinner, significantly more powerful, and light years ahead of the iPhone 4 on taking pictures and video, and has the most technologically sophisticated 4.3 inch screen on the market. Delicious.

At the end of the day, we can reflect on all of this as a statement from Samsung. They are obviously very serious about being the best manufactuer/OEM of mobile tech out there. This latest flagship smartphone from Samsung is a mobile maven, in every way that matters. Incredible power, amazing connectivity, svelte form factor, and fantastic media. Samsung has obviously put everything it has into this one, and – on paper – it shows. It is amazing how far we have come, and we can’t wait to get one. Considering how good the original Galaxy S was, we expect it to deliver in every way we have listed above.

Stay tuned for more!

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Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Darcy LaCouvee
Darcy is the editor in chief at Android Authority. He follows the latest trends and is extremely passionate about mobile technology. With a keen eye for spotting emerging trends and reporting them, he works hard to bring you the best analysis, updates, and reports on all things Android. Darcy lives and breathes the latest mobile technology, and believes Android will be on a billion devices in the not too distant future.
  • Sena

    How much exactly is iPhone 4? and how much for Samsung Galaxy SII?

    • Darcy Alexander

      Hi Sena,

      Early reports and rumors suggest the Samsung Galaxy S II / S2 / SGS2 / SGSII will be priced for around 550 Euros. It’s likely to fetch quite a premium for the first several months, but should come down in price some time towards June 2011. The Iphone 4 sells for different prices globally, but can be rarely purchased for less 650USD off contract.

      • Bob

        Sorry, but stating price comparisons in different currencies is just plain wrong and misleading. You stated, “Early reports and rumors suggest the Samsung Galaxy S II / S2 / SGS2 / SGSII will be priced for around 550 Euros” and that you can the iPhone 4 “can be rarely purchased for less 650USD off contract.” For those of you who didn’t catch the different currencies, let me break it down for you. 550 Euros is about $850 USD. That’s about $200 higher than the iPhone 4, which you stated to be no less than $650 off contract. You can buy a new iPhone 4 right now for $500 off contract. Not sure where you’re looking up your prices, but please don’t make comparisons with different currencies unless you consider exchange rates (1 euro = 1.5 USD)

        • soforias r

          IPHONE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GALAXY RULES!!!!

          So fast and sleek they really did a great job plays flash content so those online flash games you love… yes you can play those on your phone… unlike the iphone which restricts your every move!

    • BenMears

      Look Sena, if you cant afford an Iphone 4 then settle for the Samsung.
      Some people want (and can afford) something thats high quality and (in the iphones case) a beautiful piece of design technology.

      • Visionary

        The choice is extremely easy: iPhone can NOT display hundreds of millions of webpages… simply because those happen to be made in Flash… the very thing hated by Steve Moron Jobs. Yes, hundreds of millions of websites will be unavailable to iPhone, iPad, iPod users, because Stevie boy doesn’t like Flash. If you feel like joining Steve’s exclusive club of wimpy nerds, by all means do so. You will not be missed by those who have access to ALL the internet and ALL other applications.

        Only iDevices are inferior and limited. Even old PC computers that are bad at everything, are capable of providing you with a view of ALL of the web. Only iDevices are handicapped and unable to provide you with FULL access to the internet.

        Make your choice: Do you want FREEDOM, or do you want to be a pawn in Steve Job’s hands?

        Simple choice if you think about it…..

      • Visionary

        The choice is extremely easy: iPhone can NOT display hundreds of millions of webpages… simply because those happen to be made in Flash… the very thing hated by Steve Moron Jobs. Yes, hundreds of millions of websites will be unavailable to iPhone, iPad, iPod users, because Stevie boy doesn’t like Flash. If you feel like joining Steve’s exclusive club of wimpy nerds, by all means do so. You will not be missed by those who have access to ALL the internet and ALL other applications.

        Only iDevices are inferior and limited. Even old PC computers that are bad at everything, are capable of providing you with a view of ALL of the web. Only iDevices are handicapped and unable to provide you with FULL access to the internet.

        Make your choice: Do you want FREEDOM, or do you want to be a pawn in Steve Job’s hands?

        Simple choice if you think about it…..

        • Ato2638

          Totally agreed. Why should we be a slave as being a customer? Having paid for a price which is much higer than the market but serving with “as I wish” sevices??

          Frankly speaking, most of my friends are iphone lovers. They don’t even try to know more about the new technology out there but still insist their phone is the best…

          • Arslan

            Anonymous 12 May, 2011 15:16
            Very interesting comparison and I actually thought fairly balanced in its views. I find it fascinating how the Android fangeeks get so upset when their beloved OS doesn’t win everything. I too have both an Iphone 4 and Galaxy and I hate the samsung. Not the hardware which is good but the software is horrible. It reminds me of windows mobile which was incredibly customisable but a pain to use especially if something went wrong.

            IOS is plain and simple to use and works end of story. The Apps available are miles better in quality and I can get flash if I need to via the Skyfire browser. This was my choice but I have no problem with those of you that prefer Android.

            Most importantly Apple’s closed system provides security. We’ve already seen viruses written for Android and this will only become more prevalent as more Android phones are sold due to the open nature of the software.

            I’ve no doubt that Android will be the no 1 OS worldwide as so many manufacturers now adopt it and include it now in lower end phones also. I actually think that will be good for Apple as it will push Apple to even greater heights, and also maintain Apple’s “cool” factor; something that no android phone will ever match.

          • Dhruvgohil9

            Galaxy s2 is 100 times beta than an iphone

      • Rainamix
        • Death Nilesh 01

          plz help me which is the better or any othermobile in cost 25000-35000

          • Ryan

            According to my observation and research on both of the mobiles I found Galaxy S2 is practically more strong .Most of the features of Galaxy S2 and apple are same except the three which my friends have already discussed in the above discussion .But at last it’s your personal wish ,beauty lies in the eye of the beholder .Yeah but do remember Galaxy s2 has three features which are better than apple iphone 4 and apple iphone 4 just got 1 feature better than G S2.At last but not the least do try and check them out by yourself and try to co relate your brain with your heart .Enjoy .I hope it can help.

          • steve jobs

            Just don’t hold the iphone next to your butthole. iCancer

          • pratik dusunge

            but i phone 4s
            is a dynamide ……..

      • Rainamix
    • Josh

      iPhone with new contract $199 (16gb), samsung $600 without contract. If you wait, the S2 will be released in the US, and the price will drop

  • Abdulla


    I visit samsung Website and get that info that the Storage is 1GB RAM, 16GB/32GB
    MicroSD (up to 32GB) which is mean the Divice Price not include the Micro SD so the Storge the edge for Apple + the iphone use flash HDD not Micro SD which is much faster in reading and Writing infos

    Also I see you could add more Thing to that Rich Comprisne between them like the applications , network 3G power Signle and battry life time which the edge for apple or also thing like Galaxy support Adobe Flash and DivX/XviD video support in the core system ^_^

    Best Regards

    • The microSD is expandable storage (up to 32GB). You can add that if you want to. But it does come with (included in the price) 16 or 32 GB flash storage. Some specifications indicate that the manufacturer includes and 8Gb microSD in the package.

  • RickyC

    Why don’t you just compare the iPhone 5 to it since you are comparing a phone that has not been released to a phone that has been out since 2010?

    • You’re totally right..Why don’t they just shut up??! :/

      Go to hell Samsung. Blah Blah. -.-

      • alex

        Seeing as apple just released the white iphone 4 i think its pretty fair game. They had the chance to make it better, except they released the exact same phone’ only a little fatter. If the HTC magic was released now in a different colour im sure the same comparison would take place.

        • Jim Smith

          What do you mean Apple could have made it better? They made it white.

          This follows the same bizarre trend they followed in the 1990s with home computers where they were on life support, and their response was to make the monitor in different colors, or making the mouse round, or taking the buttons off the mice…

          Apple is perhaps the best company in the world at coming up with an innovative product, and possibly the worse one in the world to implement it. So once again they’ve come up with a device that was light-years ahead of anything else out there, and they’ve completely given back what seemed like an insurmountable lead in the market place. But that’s ok. They have a plan to put iPhone back on top of Android. They’re now making it in white.

          • Actually Jim, I have to disagree. I feel it’s the opposite. IMO, Apple has the best marketing strategy ever seen… period. The marketing is so good that they are able to convince consumers that they are innovative. But they’re not.

            A good example is the iPad when it first was announced. Steve Jobbs talked all sorts of dirt about netbooks and claimed the iPad (tablet) as being a new innovation in technology. Well, I’ve owned tablets for 6 years now. iPad certainly was not the first.

            The only innovative product that Apple designed in my opinion is the iPod and iTunes. If you look at Apple’s revenues, it is no surprise that the iPod was Apple’s ticket to technology success.

    • Shocker

      The Galaxy S2 is out in some countrys already.

    • Stamfordblue


    • Josh

      Why would you compare a phone that’s been released and the iphone 5 which no one really knows ANYTHING about. At least we know everything we need to know about the S 2

  • Amin

    Where’s the Samsung SII???

  • Samsung Galaxy is better than any other phones,
    iPhone are high cost & also its features are not so good,so it shouldn’t be smart phone.
    Samsung is best than ever..
    I hope in future Samsung will make more success in creating this type of technology..

    • Guest

      Success in Copying stuff….lol

  • iPhoneSucks

    Let’s get this straight. iPhone sucks big time, and cost more than any other smartphones out there. Retina Display? So what? I’ve looked at it (play games) for half an hour and my eyes are going bananas. It’s time for a change. Samsung 4evaaaaaaaaa.

    • Guest

      U dont deserve even using an iPhone it for half an hour…! Good luck with your cheapsung 4evaaa

  • Julia

    when it this phone going to be introduced in Canada?

  • Shocker

    Seriously? SAMOLED Plus display is way ahead of LCD tech, yes resolution is lower but anyone who sees these side by side will clearly see which one is better.

    I guess Apples marketing had worked on you guys, there allot more to displays than just resolution.

    • Guest

      Guess your BLIND…compare both properly

      • Guest

        I guess YOU’RE blind. The iPhone display looks dull and colorless compared to the S 2. Sure resolution is great and all, but resolution means nothing if the colors look bad.

  • Shocker

    The Galaxy S2 i9100 uses Mali 400MP (Quad Core GPU) with Cortex A9@1.2GHz – AKA Exynos.

    There will be a future version that uses tegra 2 but it’s for certain regions only, will also have a SLCD screen compared to the SAMOLD Plus screen.

  • Darcy Alexander

    Hey everyone,

    Shocker is right – the screen of the Super AMOLED Plus Display that is on the Samsung Galaxy S II is the most technologically sophisticated display on the market. I’ve played with this phone for a few hours and am still blown away. It’s the fastest, most powerful phone I have ever experienced. The display is magical and even works great in bright sunlight. The only problem is – you will never be able to appreciate another display technology on a mobile device again.

    Really, this is looking like it could be the best (non-qwerty) superphone of 2011.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous 11 May, 2011 18:08
      So let me get this right: samsung have made a phone that’s (arguably) better than a one year old phone phone apple?

      Wow – that’s some achievement.

      Let’s see how the galaxy s2 looks in 6 months when it’s lost 60% of it’s resale value.

      • Guest2

        Let’s see how much the iphone 5 fails

      • Sam Machielsen

        Whats with all the bashing? You don’t like it don’t buy it. As a user I would like to know about the comparisons between the two phone that isn’t “Iphone looks better” , “Iphone feels better”, “S2 copied Iphone”.

        You sound like preschool kids.

    • Guest

      You can Brag that speed is better Blah blah Eg an app in iphone opens in 6 seconds it takes 4 seconds on S2. Display and Battery iPhone 4 is way ahead…. dont go by whats on paper.

  • manny b

    The way I see it, there are two types of personalities that relates to cell phone choice; folks who wants options and the freedom to choose from several different vendors, and those who want their choices made for them. With the Android OS, a whole world of options are available. You have the choice from several cell phone manufacturers and tailor your phone to your needs. You can upgrade memory, purchase extra batteries and have a myriad of applications available for purchase. Apple products have maintained their original market strategy that made them lose the commercial market to PCs. With their products/OS, the only option available is Apple.

    With Android, you are a free man. With Apple, you are a subject.

    • Link

      All you need is a free jailbreak

      • Zomby

        So, with jailbreak you’re able to buy an iPhone not made by Apple? You can add a MicroSD card for extra storage? You can change your battery if it dies? I din’t think so.

        Plus, having the possibilty to do something after hacking your phone vs being able to do it right off the bat isn’t exactly fair comparison is it? Android users can root their phones and get extra customization too but a fair comparison would be what can both phones do as provided by their respective manufacturers.

        • Nexsss1

          Man nice point but let me tell u that after jailbreaking your device it can offer you all the ” Freedom”android offers you, and you still get to use the simplistic iOS. I saw the gs2 and Laughed when I saw it’s menu icon. They are so big big and ugly.

          • IOS

            Anonymous 17 May, 2011 16:59
            well…first of all the android fans…go fr the real world instead of the paper world.
            wats the use of buyng a smartphone of arnd 550euros cost and still hvng to buy an spare battery.
            believe it or nt, android fons are a sucker at battery picture.
            i own iphone 4 and it battery easily lasts two days with heave gamng, wifi usage, cols and texts(counting overall to abt 15hrs of dedicated usage).
            Whats the use of having evn the best smartphone if it cnt supply the juice to its specs!!

            den hw many of u cn find a blutooth 3.0 compatible deivce to use d data speeds it offers.??!!!!

            den hw many of u cn evn make out the difference between a 1080p video and 720p video.

            moreover have u seen d quality differences.
            iphone 4 due to its backlit illuminated sensor works better as a quick snapper.

            Now, the biggest point.
            experts have not been able to find an iphone-killer smartphone yet.
            and in this case even after almost an year of iphone 4 gettng launched.

            grow up!!
            Accept that other platforms can have an hands-down advantage.

            At the end, what matters is how u use ur phone.

            Moreover no android phone hasnt been able to outrun the iphone sales.
            android as an OS may have better market shares but that is nt due to wat its fon offers bt due to the fact that as a market strategy, google is givng it for free to the manufacturers!!
            When the OS is free and you charge such an heavy price tag from phone, they should give atlst a 1 year old iphone 4 run for money which no deivce has been upto yet..!!

            And for those who just think 4.3″ super AMOLED screen is good due to its size and technology should once give a look to pixel count and if dey think pixels doesnt matter mch, den dey should not brag about 8MP of S2 over 5MP of iphone 4, leave the quality aside.

          • Brick

            Really what is the future? Slick, glass/aluminium next to buttonless slick-phones, or useless, clunky, plastic “bricks”?

  • manz

    Silly to compare phone that come from 2 different ‘era’….iphone rockssss

  • droid

    Samsung and Google cut down apple iphone head

    there is nothing to be honest from now apple iphone starts to lose market

    • Guest

      Keep Dreaming with just 2 Phones 3GS and 4 on IOS. Apple is able to capture the market. Android 200+ phones and still trying hard with a phone which is already a year old.

  • Link

    This is completely bias. Everyone can see that. Im not saying one is better in conclusion but whoever made this doesnt care about the facts, just thinks Sam is better than everything. Ill take more pixels over bigger screen anyday. And dont get all your buddies to thumbs down my comment so it cant be seen, its obvious thats happening.

    • Chad

      I agree that this is a bias opinion, however, I also feel like clicking the Thumbs Down button just because you mentioned it. I’m on your side, but at the same time I’m about to click that Thumbs Down.

    • Fred

      not only bigger screen but better color gamet and much better contrast. have u seen video comparison personally. Damn SuperAMOLED screen is amazing.

    • Call me stupid, but there isn’t a thumbs down on this forum. I’m pretty sure your fears are unfounded!

  • samir

    whatever everything copied from iphone.. any doubt..?

    • Fred

      well its like saying dell copied making laptops from HP or vise versa cuz they both got a screen and a keyboard. Its the world of technology and consumers, everything is fair fight

  • jason Kam

    Samsung definitely copied IOS look and feel.

  • Fred

    The funny thing is I have used iphones since 2008 and i currently own and iphone 4. same time i was given galaxy S as a gift and wat a breath of fresh air that is. I dont feel like a bird in a golden cage. Gave away my iphone 4 and using galaxy S. Cant wait to get my hands on gs2. Excellent job Samsung

    • Mohamed Shihab

      I wish I too have people who gift me stuff like a Samsung Galaxy S :)

  • Pourquoi comparer deux modèles qui n’ont pas la même date de sortie, ce n’est pas un match équilibré. Il faudrait justement le comparer au futur iPhone 4S ou 5. En attendant l’iPhone reste la référence : toujours copié jamais égalé.

    • Gugu

      parce-que iphone 4 est encore cher, et copié peut etre mieux, you idiot!

      • Bennywjh

        if everyone use english, do so. i dont know what r u talking about

    • Kpvergos

      If you can read English, you can write it too. Everyone else is, if you haven’t noticed.
      Just in case English isn’t my mother tong either.

  • Prabhu

    Very nice

  • Sneaker

    Looks like a cheap copy, like all the other Samsung devices. They are excellent display makers, but have no idea how to come up with an innovative design themselves.

    • hscac

      Just by reading your comments I know you don’t have a galaxy s. After you have a chance to own it, you will change your mind and say “Apple has no idea how to come up with an innovative design themselves”

      • Guest

        Really? Samsung has a innovative design….Explains your taste

        • Dafiitem

          you know??
          many part in iphone made by
          samsung ,,,
          now who’s the wins?????

          • Graffiti

            Yes, Samsung and iPhone used to (or still) work together that’s why no wonder the design are similar one to another. Don’t judge Samsung just because iPhone belongs to Apple, and you see Samsung position is under I Phone. Please…

          • Graffiti

            Yes, Samsung and iPhone used to (or still) work together that’s why no wonder the design are similar one to another. Don’t judge Samsung just because iPhone belongs to Apple, and you see Samsung position is under I Phone. Please…

    • you

      They made one of the thinest (yet powerful) phone in the world. That’s not innovative? Then I guess taking two pieces of glass and smashing them together and slapping a hudge price tag on it is innovative?

  • Smartphone lover

    Hey all.listen here i currently own a apple iphone 4 let me tell
    you something,the phone is great!! but 1 of my friends just purchased a galaxy s2 omg let me tell you something,the galaxy s2 is 10 times better than the iphone 4,no doubt..better,faster,smarter in each way ..Samsung all the way selling my iphone 4 as soon as possible


  • Aidan

    Unfortunately, your review (which I wholeheartedly agree with) doesn’t take into account things like build/design quality, OS response times and ease-of-use, range of apps, etc. I’d love to be able to switch over from my expensive iphone 4, but I have still yet to find anything that trumps the build quality and design. It boggles me that these other phone manufacturers still churn out these horrible chunks of plastic. Not to mention, bigger is not always better – I LOVE the size of my iphone, I don’t want it getting any bigger – if I want to watch films, I’ll use my tablet.

    • hscac

      Let me answer the question you have up there. I bought the iphone4 on the first day it released. Looks nice and I loved it. Oneday I went to Bestbuy and saw Galaxy S. When I compare them side by side the color and contrast just blow my iphone4 off (both to the brightest). I was amazed but still believe in my iphone 4. Finally I sold my iphone 4 because of two reasons: Proximity sensor problem (which causes me to call somebody else without me knowning) & well-known reception problem (why do I have to use a bumper when I don’t want to)?

      I switched to Galaxy S. I still own it right now. It’s light (in fact MUCH lighter than iphone 4), its durable (I dropped it about 4 times). So, Samsung build quality shouldn’t be a concern for you now (actually you should worry about the iphone 4 quality).

      I agree that bigger isn’t better. Originally I thought higher resolution is better (iphone 4), but realized lower res for galaxy s actually yield MUCH better viewing experience.

      Now, I think I have answered all your questions, and showed you Galaxy S is better than iphone 4 in many (not all of course) areas. Now be a good boy and switch to galaxy s(2) without further argument.

    • Andrewdrury7

      iphone5 will have bigger screen

      • Do you have a source for this information?

    • I respect your opinion on display size – bigger is not always better. However, I don’t know why people keep ragging on the plastic and build design. iPhone has a rampant reputation for physical malfunction – you drop it and it shatters. Despite whatever metal alloy Apple is using, I have yet to see a Samsung with a cracked screen or cracked casing! And with Gorilla glass, Samsung is also scratch proof! I know a guy who has gone through 7 iPhones all because of physical damage. I am the only person I know that has had more than one Samsung device.

  • Guest

    Samsung Galaxy S II my new Phone thats FINAL !!!!! Iphone 4 is nothing infront of SGS II Cheer !!!!!

    • get a life…..

      of course iphone 4 is nothing infront of sgs2…. but for god sake, iphone 4 is a year older than sg2….. try to compare iphone 4 with sgs… that will b a fair comparison!!

      • That has been done as well… tell me, how does the 4 compare to SGS? SGS is still a better device. Oh and wait… SGS is older than the 4! So that’s not really a fair comparison now either is it?

  • Jeff patterson

    Living in Mexco i originally paid a premium for an iphone 3 g, after a two year contract and as a graduation present for my son I was going to upgrade to an I phone 4 until i saw the samsung galaxy. Yes definately feels a bit cheaper but here in Mexico the difference of 300.00 u.s between one phone and the other i opted for the galaxy and so far no regrets.

  • Kez

    Well I’ve had both, honestly I have to say the samsung is a great piece kit, it’s faster more advanced, has a better camera and heaps more battery life, I do kind of like the ios operating system more though, some of the apps are a little dodgey on android as well

  • Yashovardhan Ruia

    I just love samsung galaxy S2. its simple but the best.


    Samsung Galaxy S 2, uou have to see it to beleive. Its awsome, gorgeous, mind blowing …. whatever u call it. Screen, its a treat to watch. Sound with headphones included in the box is outstanding giving u homethater like experience with option for 5.1 channel. Browsing speed, blazingly fast with flash support. It has raised the bar really high and this is the phone to beat from now on.
    You enjoy your hard earned money invested on this phone without any regret.

  • Dina

    can you check in to places with the samsung Galaxy II like you can with the iphone 4??

    • hscac


    • “Checking in” is a feature built into mobile software apps like Facebook. It doesn’t matter what device you’re using.

  • notafanboy

    why do people still compare the i phone 4 man its dated.. i have a S2 and i have to say and i am ultra critical nothing else compares right now, it blows my girlfriends sony arc away and i thought that was better than the i phone… the i phone construction is nice but its aimed at people that only care about looks nuff said.. one complaint is Samsung’s kies software its not all that and just a heads up if it tells you there is an update for your phone, before you even try to update it remove any extra memory cards you have put in, because if you have one in there it wont work

  • Longisland Iced TEa!!! >:U

    I see what people are trying to do all of the time.. they try to lure the apple users into thinking that android is better. I’ve tried android, I actually have to say that I don’t miss my iphone 4 so much. I tried my friends Samsung Indulge for about a split second. I fell immediately in love with the screen; It’s so vivid and crisp. Everything is so full of life, and it never fades. I used to think my iphone 4s screen was unbeatable because I couldn’t discern the individual pixels; I was so ecstatic about this fact. The various iterations of the amoled screens produce the most amazing arrangements of colors I have ever seen bleeding through a screen. This in itself sold the samsung phone to me a little, but I still loved my iphone 4, I wouldn’t let it go so easily, lusting over just a prettier screen.

    I gave myself credit for being loyal due to the fact that the camera on the iphone is very good. This article boosts the common misinterpretation between megapixels and picture quality. Therefore I have to make sure that whomever is reading this article knows that more megapixels doesn’t constitute better image quality. The sensor is what determines the greater majority of the quality of a picture. Megapixels are definitely important if you want to take a picture that you can zoom into or crop a mile in, but it wont mean as much if the zooming results in a picture that is not clear and crisp.

    You can imagine that every pixel on the camera is a plant (pixel) on a field (referring to the area of the CCD or cmos sensor). This plain contains 8 million plants (AKA 8 Mega pixels). The sun and sky can be recognized as the image that the sensor is being exposed to. Lets pretend that these plants grow instantly as the first ray of light hits them. The problem here is that the more plants you fit onto the same field, the more crowded they are. The more crowded they are, the less likely they are to receive enough sunlight. We all know what happens if plants don’t get enough sunlight (Just in case you didn’t know, they die). This does infer that if you have a bright enough subject, it equates to a more robust crop; every plant gets plenty of sunlight. But the sun doesn’t always shine so bright. The more and more plants we cram in to the field doesn’t change the mass of our harvest, but if we were to expand our field, the plants wouldn’t be hindered by the lack of light. The plants would grow strong and ripe for the picking. So, yes, the larger the sensor the better. The X megapixels could then, with a sensor large enough to handle all the pixels, be put into good use and actually capture light so that when you zoom into the 8 million pixels, they all are distinct and crisp and clear and directly represent what they are supposed to.

    That being said, I can’t wait to try the Sony Experia Arc and neo and any other phone with any notable sensors, or notable sized sensors. I love the way I can multitask with the android phones. I am dead set on leaving my iphone in the near future. I think the Motorola triumph coming this summer for virgin mobile will be a very cool for me. Not perfect, but with no contract, it’s an amazing offer. (I’m going to basic training soon and I can’t have a contract then lol) $25 a month for unlimited everything except for minutes (only 350 min). But there are ways around the minutes problem; the unlimited 3g access is definitely going to help me use my google voice account or my skype account to make really cheap unlimited phone calls.. put together probably gonna be right around $45 for unlimited everything including 3g. I can’t wait to buy the sgii when i get to tech school after bmt, that’s something worth a two year contract.

  • One thing to note that is the iPhone 4 was launched a year ago. The Galaxy S II came in just now. When Apple launch their next iPhone, it might take over Galaxy S II.

    • then why iPhone 4 is still 600€ free if it came out 1 year ago? They are both priced the same but Galaxy S2 is far superior when you look at specs.

      • Steve

        Because the iphone commands the market share to charge such prices. If you were Apple and cheaper phones were available, but people were still buying your phones, you wouldnt lower your price just because theirs are lower is your products still selling strongly and bringing in more money. Just seems crazy to suggest that they make less money when they dont have to.

        In fact, that would be like me telling your boss to pay you 30% less because someone working at another company doing the same job as you earns 30% less.

        • Good point Steve – except that Apple does NOT command the market share. Do the research… globally.

          • Jkaylol4u

            Take the iPhones marketshare against any other phone. Think about it like this, Apple right now is selling two phones and in terms of marketshare is just slightly behind the android marketshare that has around 200+ phones… That says a lot.

          • Jorapazu

            watch out the iphone was better than the competition until now. will see if this stays that way

          • crueleenke

            ya for now, but if more and more people will realize that iphone is just for profit, you will find that marketshare dont even exist. :D

          • Ikram

            You cannot compare the sales of a Toyota / KIA ( Android) to that of a BMW (Iphone) of course Toyota/ KIA will sell more cos they are cheap. Doesnt make them THE BEST thing…!!! Hope that explains.

          • Josh

            I don’t know how cars came into this. Besides, didn’t you reply on a message that says “android phone is newer”, so the iphone is older and more expensive and less powerful… doesn’t make sense to me. The only reason why the iphone costs more is because of the brand. Android is just a better value.

            So would you rather have a new, cheap Toyota that will last forever, or a expensive older BMW that will break down and be out of style at next year’s release?

          • Chlamysan

            i am not that much expert in mobiles but know something in cars. You can leave a Toyota engine without giving a service of 5 years and you will still have it running as normal. Try not to change the oil of the BMW on time :) ps I own both cars

          • Chlamysan

            i am not that much expert in mobiles but know something in cars. You can leave a Toyota engine without giving a service of 5 years and you will still have it running as normal. Try not to change the oil of the BMW on time :) ps I own both cars

    • crueleenke

      in your dreams, iphone will add only a few features because it cant afford to give consumer all they want. unlike samsung it overflowed. :D

  • Martin

    Had the S2 for a couple of weeks now after being an i phone user for some years and I got to say that the S2 gives me the same buzz that I got from my first iphone – only more so. The S2 is blisteringly quick for web use compared to the apple, easier to view and better specced. And cheaper on phone contracts. Re: applications – I found that a lot of my itunes favourites were present on the Android market, especially the more well known ones. Often they are free on Android and cost you on itunes. Sure the Android store lacks some of the more geeky or specialist apps (like astronomy ones for example) but since web use is so much easier that’s not a big loss. All in all about 50% of my favourite apps were on Android. The Android system is a bit more complicated than Apple but mostly because you are freed up to make your own choices and adaptations rather than being locked out by the maker. Also the S2 doesn’t have issues about working with Microsoft products, flash, adobe etc. I think there will always be iphone fans because its become a fashion accessory and has a loyal following. But Apple shouldn’t get complacent as fashions soon shift when better gear like the S2 appears.

  • Alex

    Ok common people really? Why are we even talking about this. The galaxy s 1/2 look exactly like the iPhone does. Let’s be realistic about comparison between the two. Samsung simply an ugly version of the iPhone 4. You’ve got the beauty of an iPod and a phone designed with glass and stainless steel and then we’ve got samsungs plastic of course with it’s ugly flat design and hidious battery life. Now iPhone 5 isn’t out yet but I’m sure there’ll be something that won’t be matched for even the next year foe example iPhone resolution on one of the smallest smartphone screens in the world, compared to some monster 5 inch Dell Streak phones on android that is still unable to match apples resolution. Let’s admit apple is innovators and will always have something new to gift us, I’m sure samsung is pissing they’re pants about next gen iPhone, iPad and even iPod as they’re desperate to get a glimpse of their devices. Apple doesn’t care about you people, they are successful for they’re marketing and products they will release the device when they wish to. Let’s not even go into who’s sold more phones as galaxy would die even compared to the s2 apple will be the leader. This reports a joke especially On a google android fansite.

    • Hani Saleh

      Guyz I think I phone is better even after seeing the comparison let me tell you why,

      the real special thing about I phone is the software and compitibility between the hard ware which will not make you think about the preformance wether its 512 or 2 gb

      by the way I already own them both because I want to try it my self and see which is really better even its too expencive to try that.

      no dobt that the Samsung is a copy of I phone with an upgrades which is still worthless for me, but I will till you only one reason to go for samsung its cheaper and you can use blue tooth better maybe and the screen is bigger and lighter but still I will till I phone is more fun to use.



      • thant zin

        hay hani
        why ur talking non sense..according to customer they will not care whether it is copy or not.they only attention the performance . we can decide reasonably. just now u mentioned that s2 copied n upgraded the iph 4. that s mean s2 is upgraded iph4. so its better than iph4. u can compare every things with both ph.s2 is superior . i ph is just name only.. selling name. the worse thing is that everything is restricted. Bluetooth, matching software,camera,color,screen wide,weight,slim.web browsing time etc…do not stay only in small whole.just come out and see the outer world hani..

        • Riezman11

          Good one thant… well u gotta understand.. she’s a girl.. it’s always about the brand…

        • Jack

          iPhone 4 still on top of the best smartphone ever, look S2 is a device of 2011 unlike ip4 that built last year, but until now iPhone 4 still fighting for those new ugly android device. Where is now all the samsung device that was built last year?! They’re all dead, but iPhone 4 still alive. If iPhone 4 had better features how much more when the new one’s comes out!! Goodluck Samsung!!!

          • SU_ROOM

            you seriously dont have any knowledge ! galaxys s1>iphone 4
            and galaxy s2 >iphone 4s ,got it?

      • crueleenke

        Well, if you can use your phone like most of the knowledgeable people who wants to modify their phone like i do. you will say that iphone is useless, because like a PC you can’t use the pc like you want if it’s just pentium4 and not a dual core end, and that’s the same with smartphones, unless you’re just an average user and was just satisfied by the standard UI and program of the phone (which cannot be rooted and modified), iphone was really meant for you. so don’t really compare unless you’re a techie. And copy you said, if it is a copy, samsung will just be the same with iphone, but is not. samsung has more feature than your iphone. so it’s not a copy it’s an improvement. It’s like you heard your siste singing and it sound so awful that you will repeat the song but in perfect tune. If you copy your sister you will be both become awfull. nyay…… that’s not good. :D

    • crueleenke

      Well how many iphone versions are out there already? one by one they put new ingredient to the phone each release, is that what you are really waiting for to be excited about. we’ll see about that. for all i know, iphone 4 was not really good because of the steel casing that hinders in signal reception of the phone so the reason for another version of iphone to be released. Is’nt that just a waste of money?

      • crueleenke

        correction, steel rim

  • gilou

    first of all: you are comparing a phone witch hasn’t been released yet with a phone that has been out since june 2010 second of all: don’t you think the iphone 5 will have the same specs or better if not why releasing an iphone 5

    • I believe Galaxy #1 came out before iPhone 4 and it had better specs, so why would this be any different?
      And if you read carefully… most of the people posting here do have a gs2. It hasn’t been released widely yet, but they are out there.

      • Arslan

        I’ve got samsung galaxy s2, and i have to say the new hardware shows in some areas. It seems to be quite a bit faster than iPhone 4 in browsing, opening the camera, etc. But where it falls short is the design, buggy software and outdoor use.

        Design: The touch sensitive back button reaches to the very edge of the phone so it is always on the way. I keep shutting down the camera when filming. Also the fact that SGS2 actually is thicker than iPhone 4 (put them on a table side by side to find out) is weird since it being thinner than even the ipad was one of the key points in the launch. The back cover seems really weak and I wonder how many openings it will last. Sim, battery and sd are behind that cover.

        Buggy software: ok, so the launcher itself crashes from time to time, i’ve managed to get the phone jammed a bunch of times, the screen misses touches (while phone is figuring out something else), gps doesn’t always work, kicks itself out of wifi, … Don’t get me started on android market and the compatibility issues of a new phone.

        Outdoor use: Amoled is crap in the sun. Super Amoled is better but still crap. Super amoled plus is even better but still you have to have the screen in max brightness and maybe adjust the viewing angle or shade the screen with your hand to see what’s going on. Then we have this screen on a device that boasts one very nice feature which only works well in bright daylight and requires constant monitoring on the screen… 1080p video recording.
        The battery really won’t last long with full screen brightness and recording 1080p video. Take a lot of spare batteries on a shooting trip and hope the back cover lasts.

        I’m not saying the SGS2 is a total waste of money, but it just isn’t ready. It just seems like it hasn’t been thought through. It doesn’t quite have the same sort of “nobody has ever once tested this feature” feel which Nokia’s symbian based products have delivered, but it really can’t touch iPhone 4 in terms of use value and product quality. And it certainly doesn’t feel worth it’s price now.

      • Throne

        A friend of mine has a smart phone that looks just like those but it’s some unknown Chinese brand and has a TV with a pull-out antenna in it. TOP THAT OFF you Iphone and samsung fans :)

        • Asf


  • Amit

    This whole discussion is such a load of bull. All the comparison I need, I get when I simply pick up my iPhone 4. The sheer build quality is overwhelming. The phone feels solid and well built. I have not seen the S II but going by the other Samsung models, it is sure to be cheap and tacky, like most of other Samsung products. Next, Samsung loves to steal. Take the physical look or the OS, both seem highly ‘inspired’ by the iPhone. And people, you are comparing a phone which has not been fully released to a phone which is ruling the roost since the past 1 year… Wait till iPhone 5 comes.. I am sure Smsung would make something comparable… 5 years later!!!

    • Ramandeep

      i think amit u r absolutely right about this. i too have an iphone 4. it is a really solid phone. i am waiting for the iphone 5 to be launched. can u give me an idea of the price of the iphone 5 (approx).

      • Shashwat

        yes friend you are right , i am also waiting for iphone 5 to be launched . i think its expected price is about Rs 40000/-

    • Jbmoocs

      until you drop it and the glass breaks on both sides. dropped my ‘light’ samsung and not a ding!

      • romy kom

        Because it is made of plastic material, it can withstand the fall. it does not make it better. Beside the glass of the iphone can be fixed … at a price of course.

    • Newwaverunner

      I have owned the iphone and was not happy with it at all. Samsung builds a good quality product by far. The iphone has a glass front and rear and glass is just as cheap as plastic. If you drop and an iphone it is going to break the cheap glass and you are going to be hooped. The reason Samsung uses a good quality textured plastic for their devices is because its light and more durable than glass or aluminum. Everyone who buys and android or blackberry or iphone will put the device into a case anyway. I wish people would stop basing a device if its glass or plastic or other because its not about that its about the OS and viewing area.

    • Libin Koshy

      Who cares if the technology has been stolen. As a customer, all we need is the best performance for the money. If we get the same service, may be more for lesser amnt of money, its foolishness to go after the ‘brand name’.

      • Ikram

        Who carez if its stolen….? Lol Its like the cheap Chineese trying to copy the German cars. Just cos KIA copies the shape of a BMW. You cannot compare a KIA to a BMW. The KIA owners ( Many of them who cannot afford a BMW) keep chanting that a KIA is better than a BMW doesnt make KIA better or even comparable to a BMW.

        • Engelbert_1965

          KIA is Korean. NOT Chinese !

        • Sam Machielsen

          You might want to read the article once more. They aren’t saying the S2 is all about the image but also the performance. Young die hard fans really annoy me when they don’t put up a compelling argument.

        • moi

          you are right Kia might not have very ofthen mechanical problems like crappy BMW’s have

          • Slo Anu

            Kia is now under Hyundai and Hyundai don’t have mechanical problems :) It’s the best quality brand in the world today amongs car manufacturers ;) according to AutoBuild (german magazine)

    • Nexsss1

      Yeah man even I use the iPhone 4 and my friend has bought the gs2 but the whole feel of the gs2 is cheap and plasticky while the iPhone is arguably the classiest and the Best looking piece to date

      • Engelbert_1965

        Are you looking for the premium feel or the better spec?
        I buy phone to phone, not to show off. It’s the function. The battery. The durability. The ease. Imagine when you go abroad by plane and crashes somewhere, the only thing which can help you is your mobile with the durable battery and the durable casing, not broken. Would you still think of showing off ?

    • Youre an idiot. Palm and Windows had touchscreen phones before apple did. Apple made it better. Now samsung is making it better. Get over yourself and you little fanboi.

    • Anonymous

      Ever try dropping an iPhone 4 or 4S vs a samsung galaxy s II? iphones shatter, and the SII stays intact. So much for the iPhone being solid. That’s the difference in build quality. Oh and Samsung uses Corning Gorilla glass vs iPhone’s Aluminosilicate. Corning Gorilla glass is much more durable. I’ve seen so many people with cracked iPhones, never once seen an android cracked.

    • Anonymous

      LOL is an Apple fan REALLY talking about someone else stealing ? Wow, now Ive heard it all.

    • Slo Anu

      And apple didn’t ”steal”? Touch screen: Historians consider the first touch screen to be a capacitive touch screen invented by E.A. Johnson at the Royal Radar Establishment, Malvern, UK, around 1965 – 1967.The first touchscreen phone was the IBM Simon, launched in 1992. And mobile phone: Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola is considered to be the inventor of the first practical mobile phone. On April 3, 1973. Super AMOLED: it contains chatodes and anods: whell they have been around like forewer,… It’s meaningless to talk about steeling technology cos it is evolving by itself.

      • crueleenke

        Praise you, what a way to put it. it’s called improvement not stealing nor copying. :D

    • crueleenke

      Stolen!!! haha. you know they are like two bakeries, they both bake bread so naturally what else can you do with a bread you can accidentally discover new technique in baking in which is not impossible to happen to the other bakery. haha. im hungry with all these argument.

    • scorpio1989

      you cant say it as stolen because s2 is said as i1900 and if you go and check samsung i900, s2 is the slightly changed version of it and i900 came ou before iphone 3 so somehow apple is stealing the design of samsung smartphones….

  • Lee G

    Theres little point to this review if you do some basic research on both handsets.

    – Dual core 1.2 GHz processor vs a single core 1GHz (clocked down to default 800MHz) processor…GS2 wins!

    – 8mpxl camera vs 5mpxl camera…GS2 wins!

    – Super Amoled plus screen vs Retina display…both have great screens and offer different benefits to the user. I must admit, the Iphone 4 is slightely sharper which is obviously down to the amount of pixels used to display the graphics but the colours on the GS2 kicks the Iphone4 off the stage for instant pleasure to the eyes.

    I mean theres so much more to mention, weight of handsets, size of handset, size of screen, ease of use, price – etc…personally, I know in my heart of hearts, I chose the right phone because after fiddling about with both of them I was happier with the GS2. Apple also has an arrogance about it as a company aswell…this not only shows in their prices but thay are very restrictive with their OS and their market of products too which is why I would rather go with android. Its an open market and and an open invitation to fiddle and adapt the software to your own taste.

    For these reasons, I’m not even going to bother giving the Iphone 5 the time of day when it comes out…and yes, their will be a huge buzz in the market and in the media when it rears its “Apple arrogant” head, but its just another reason to get the GS2 because apart from being unique instead of being part of the pointless and expensive mass group of Apple sheep, I dont like waiting either and Samsung were pretty fast at improving on their pretty successful Galaxy S with the GS2.

    So just to finish, I hope you enjoy your suspense for the Iphone 5, sheeple!

    And Samsung, thanks for a great phone!
    GS2 rocks!

    • Apple vs android

      An important thing tho is that apple has great customer service.. Dunno about anywone else but in canada ALL providers have very poor CS.. So if u have a samsung you will have a hard time whem it comes to phn issues while apple is one simple call or visit to an apple store and your done..

  • Wade

    good article. The main error is the battery life. All tests I have seen show that the iPhone is miles ahead of all android phones (typically 7 hours against 5 hrs with heavy use). For the record I have iPhone 4 but will probably switch to the galaxy s2 unless the iPhone 5 is a big update (namely a 4″ plus screen)

    • Guest

      Buy an IPad BIG Screen

    • crueleenke

      you’re a one big moron, do you know why only 5hour to samsung? because of the usage. I use my samsung to be able to net over the wifi. I CONTINOUSLY use my samsung not just a phone but also a video player, in playing games and music, in studying( i am using an algebra calculator) texting, calling, discovering some new applications that can be used in everyday life(remote controlling). Bottomline is that i am not putting my phone to rest. Are you using your iphone the same way like i do? i know that iphone is not that much to be used so they were set aside from time to time, that’s why it has longer life. in iphone there is a standby time while in samsung there is none. :D think of that as a little difference.

  • TheboyGreg

    ….nah im sorry but.. the galaxy s 2 has a bigger battery on paper with its 164-whatever and the iphone has a 14-whatever…but…the battery life on the galaxy s 2 SUCKS! mein. my friend has the iphone 4 and i got the gs2…he’s listening to itunes for like 3 hrs straight and his battery life just goes down to about 96% percent while im just browsing the internet for like a couple of minutes…my shit goes down in the 80s real quick. the biggest con for the gs2 is indeed the battery life…it also takes too damn lonnng to charge…i mean, c’mon…it should be the other way around, quickly to charge and long to diminish.

    • Kenneth Soares

      Have you ever heard of a little thing called: “changing the settings?”

    • Eddom Lim

      And most important… you can’t compare the power needed between listen to mp3 and browsing the net… There are mp3 player which last for days, but there isn’t mobile devices that last for days if you keep the display turned on.

  • Moooomoo

    Let’s settle it this way.. I had an iPhone 4, sold it, and bought the Galaxy SII, the SII is MUCH MUCH BETTER! I bet half of you haven’t got any of these phones!

    iPhone are just so annoyyying! I HATE I tunes, it’s all money making rubbish!

    • Anonymous

      **Cant press the like button enough on this one**
      I felt like this sentence needs repeating, and can’t be elaborated enough!

      iPhone are just so annoyyying! I HATE I tunes, it’s all money making rubbish!

      • Anonymous

        Anyone who says that it’s all about money when comparing to an competitor is just blind. Ridiculously blind. Samsung is not for charity. I can’t believe this was even commented as an argument to hate Apple.

    • Anonymous

      Well seeing as you hate iTunes to start with, its not surprising you fall on the side of the Samsung … hardly a fair ‘review’ of the two.

      The Samsung has advantages over the iPhone 4 yes; but the iPhone 4 is approaching what, 2 years old now and when I sell mine to get an iPhone 5, not only will my device blow the Samsung out the water spec wise, the £300+ I’ll get from selling my 2 year phone on eBay will more than compensate for ‘putting up’ with a phone that doesn’t quite match the Sammy spec for spec. All that said, I wouldn’t swap; having owned both, I personally prefer the Apple.

      • Neileo

        Quit trying to make the iPhone sound better “approaching 2 years old now” is only just over a year old. I have owned both iphone, way too many ipods and now the galaxy s2. Before i had the s2 i would have said that the iphone was the best phone i had ever had but, I got really sick of being limited on what i could do with my phone. The fact you could only download movies or you had to convert them (which takes far too long) to get them on your phone, where as now is simple as drag and drop (which is what finally sold the galaxy s2 to me). Also apple underpowered the iphone 4 and are now paying catch up, which is sad as it is a beautiful device.

        • Anonymous

          Well, thats odd seeing as I’ve had my iPhone 4 for nearly 2 years now, the 3G before for 3! Might I suggest you get your facts right …. AND learn how to use a phone; because I don’t have to convert anything (movies) to use them on my iPhone; couldn’t be simpler … and even if I had to convert, a quick internet search will bring up the relevant software (such as Handbrake). Anyone struggling here is obviously a noob or an idiot! I’ve also had the S2 as I said; and if you prefer a plastic case, limited apps, messy OS then fine; but the iPhone 4 certainly isn’t playing catch-up, its the market leader … and wait till tomorrow when The 4S and 5 get launched … that A5 processor will BLOW EVERY phone out the water! Take a look here at the A5 speed … TWICE as fast as the Samsung!!!!! http://maypalo.com/2011/09/12/iphone-5-vs-samsung-galaxy-s2-processor-speed-benchmark-test/ Now go and learn how to use a bloody phone!

          Subject: [androidauthority] Re: iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy SII

          • Cherry Fanboy

            Iphone 4 was only announced on June 7, 2010 per wikipedia. Is it already June 2012?

          • Anonymous

            As my statement said, nearly 2 years!

          • Kmal8803

            How’s that iphone 5 working out for ya?

          • IATEURAPPLE

            You fool that’s only 16 months count properly at least. Also the link you referenced is comparing the GPUs not the CPUs and if you think the 1.0 GHz dual core A5 is better than the samsung 1.2GHz Dual Core Exynos CPU then you have something coming. Also market leader my ass have you seen the latest figures for market share. Lastly the SGS 2 came out in May 2011 which is 5 months ago and the brand new 4s has similar to worse specs which is shameful, I await your reply.

          • Anonymous

            Well if you wanna be a dick and argue over dates then go ahead.

            As for the speed, who gives a fuck about the CPU – it’s the GPU that delivers most of the end user experience and the 4S does that twice as fast as the Galaxy. It’s not also just about processors, it’s about the OS; so how about you carry on with your plastic Sammy while us MILLIONS of iPhone users carry on enjoying the best phone on the market that HAS got the largest Market shares (for a phone!). I’ve used the Sammy and it’s shite; maybe you should try using the iPhone for a while so you’re comments are more valid … Anyone can speculate on paper specs and rebel against Apple, try actually using both phones so (like me) you can put your money where your mouth is!
            Used any good apps lately?

          • chadley_chad

            i like my mac because of the pretty colors n i love paying extra for macs as apple must make them with elves and shit that justifies the price. I also love downloading music off itunes because its legal.
            Ps i suck mancock much love chad

          • Anonymous

            Wow – a gay wanker …. sort of sums up Samsung users!

          • chadley_chad

            Damn i just cant control my split personality its probably because i am a simpleton with an iphone!

          • Anonymous

            No, its probably because you’re a fucking idiot no matter what phone you have (if you can actually understand how to work one)

          • chadley_chad

            Fuck off you impostor just let me admit im wrong, i have had enough of you chadley 2.0 and i will win this war of small columns. Bring it on….chad2

          • Anonymous


          • chadley_chad

            lmao chad

          • Anonymous

            Yes, all glass phones are nice until they fall 3 ft onto the pavement. But thats why iSheep put PLASTIC cases on them, innit?!

            The iphone is simply playing catchup at this point. My 2 yr old Droid Incredible had features that Apple is calling “innovative” with the 4S. It’s a complete joke!

          • Anonymous

            I have a metal back on mine so it’s not an issue; but at least apple were innovative instead of being lame like every other manufacturer … and to say apple (the greatest innovator within the computer, MP3, tablet and phone market) are playing catchup is laughable (have you not noticed samsung stock being banned by the courts because they’re copying apple kit!) Might I suggest you stop wanking over spec sheets and actually try using an iPhone … I’ve used both an iPhone and the SII so my arguments are based on fact, not because I’m an apple or Samsung fanboy. Your droid got Siri, an f2.4 8M pixel camera, A5 processor (and GPU speed tested at twice the speed of the Samsung!), retina display, same qty of apps, same build quality and resale value … I could go on but you’re obviously too dumb to recognise the facts!

          • crueleenke

            Like you won in telling that your phone has an expansion for microcard insertion. hahah. beat that.

          • Anonymous

            get a life!
            Subject: [androidauthority] Re: iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy SII

          • GirlWithAClue

            You are such a fanboy. I guess it’s good people like you buy into Apple’s shite or they wouldn’t have business. They are always trying to market “new” or “innovative” things to their fan base, like Siri. Voice-command on a phone has been around forever. Siri is NOT anything new or special and all smart phones DO have something similar. Yes, the Galaxy SII does have a 8mp camera so I don’t even know why you said that. Also, apps aren’t really a huge factor for me when getting a phone. I only use the free/preinstalled ones, so the fact that Apple has more apps to buy is negligible. I’ve noticed the super popular apps (Angry Birds) are available on both anyway. On that note, Angry Birds is FREE in the Android Market and $1 for Apple users. (I even checked to make sure.) The casing of iphone vs. galaxy does not feel any different to me. Galaxy casing does not feel like cheap plastic. I can’t see much difference in the screen display, so again that’s negligible. And the higher resale value is only because iphones are in high demand by the sheeple who, again, fall for Apple’s shite. The part I really like is that the Galaxy isn’t restricted like all the iProducts. It’s much easier to use 3rd party anything. All the people in my university’s tech department would just laugh at you though. Anyone who knows anything about computers & gadgets will tell you iProducts are for simpletons.

          • chadley_chad

            Jesus, you’re a fucking idiot! Apple have such a business based on the products they create, not because people ‘like’ Apple! Voice command HASN’T been around forever and it was Apple who brought a simple to use practical and working version to the public; and now others are copying. Apps may mean nothing to you (so why not buy a cheap Nokia!) but they do to everyone else and it’s one of he biggest reason people buy Apple; because of the quantity and quality of available apps. Its only negligible to you! Angry Birds has only JUST been made available on other platforms whereas it’s been FREE (check your facts) on my iPhone for years. The iPhone casing is metal and glass, the Samsung plastic; and here’s a vast difference in quality (the Samsung flexes!!!!) your ending statement just proves you’re an idiot as you contradict yourself by saying the Samsung is easier to use then that apple products are for simpletons. It’s funny then iMacs /Pros and MacBooks are the choice for 99% of all photographic/audio professionals, the iPad holds over 79% market share and 7 out of 10 mobile owners have iPhones. Your last comment is stupid and I’m quite sure a load of bollocks … Likewise your tech staff are idiots … Although I’m 100% sure you made that up; else their on their own. Me thinks it’s you that’s both the Samsung fanboy and the Apple hater … Yawn, people like you are idiots and bore me!

          • alto_sax1968


          • Anonymous

            Well, hope you feel better for that … but really, theres no need to call yourself a wanker – I’d say you were more of a twat … but whatever :o)

            Subject: [androidauthority] Re: iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy SII

          • crueleenke

            Man who are blind here, it is really clear that apple is only concern about profit, if you really are that active in lots of doing in your life like taking pictures and video while practicing choreo so you would’nt be out of sync with the other members, when you suddenly want to know the length of your arm by downloading applications in the market that can measure it by only taking the picture of it and so much more. Plus i can control my desktop (yes PC desktop) with my samsung galaxy(that includes mouse navigating, file exploring and downloading and uploading and even typing on my PC from a distance, how? well it’s for you to find out :D ), samsung sells a phone that has numbers you can’t count on your fingers, plus the ease and admiration what a phone can do to you when you are in need of something that my phone can give. haha. lots of things. Peace man….

          • Anonymous

            Maybe you can find an app that’ll teach you how to speak English properly! Might I also suggest you try using an iPhone (as I have tried using both a GSII and an Apple!) before you spout lame comments which are not based on fact, more your moronic ideals. I’ve used both and found the Apple to be a better product. My iPhone communicates remotely with my iPad, my iMac and my cloud, I can control and access my Mac via my iPhone and any other Mac or PC … all via an app or virtualisation program – its not rocket science! There isnt anything a Galaxy can do that the Apple can’t or doesnt do better; so get a life and if you’re happy with you’re phone then great, I’m happy with mine, the Apple is a better phone, I’ve used both so I know, why don’t you get a life and stop wasting my time arguing about ‘my phone is better than yours’ … I have more important things to do than argue with sad fucks like yourself. Subject: [androidauthority] Re: iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy SII

          • Can you count you stupid sack of shit? I’m the biggest iPhone fanboy on the Internet, and I’m telling you, the iPhone 4 has been out for 16 months, a far cry from the 24+ you claim to have owned it for.

            The iPhone 4S pisses on the GS2 in terms of performance (not numbers, it’s how you actually use it that matters).

          • Anonymous

            I can; I can also read (which you obviously cant … or is it that you just cant understand things?) and insult people a lot better; you fucking idiot!
            Fanboy … more like a gayboy!!!!!!!!

          • crueleenke

            Again, beat this… the connectivity of iphone is limited to four types of connection the count this from samsung:
            1st: Galaxy S II
            Wi-Fi, NFC, 4G, BT 3.0, DLNA, Wi-Fi tethering and reverse thetering.
            2nd: iPhone 4
            Wi-Fi, BT 2.1, 3G

          • Anonymous

            Jesus, what a sad fuck … piss off and get a life!
            Subject: [androidauthority] Re: iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy SII

          • gruesome

            haha, bitterness….

          • Anonymous

            Please don’t mistake bitterness for the actual fact I find this person a sad fuck; I’m a bit old and wise to argue with some 12 year old about ‘my phones better than yours’. iPhone sales speak for themselves; but that by the wayside, I’m happy with my 4S and couldnt give a monky about any other phone or dur brain Samsung yoof :o)
            Subject: [androidauthority] Re: iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy SII

          • Anonymous

            galaxy s2 is 3x faster than iphone4s!!!!!!!!!!! if apple will use that of A5 chip,then what do u think? definitely samsung will create another bigger chip that will again ditched that iphones…… think 10x bef you state something then…

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, only speak English so had problems understanding your post!

            Think you said something like the Galaxy S2 is 3 times faster … which just proves what a dick with no idea you are … seeing as the 4S IS twice as fast (evidence here dickwad: http://www.techlotips.com/4758/iphone-4s-twice-as-fast-as-samsung-galaxy-sii/) Try and learn your products before talking shit! Sure Samsung will bring out a faster phone; then we’ll see the iPhone 5 … win again for Apple.

          • pogiofvancouver

            hello Idiot!!!! now what??? here are the iphone 5 now. so what happened??? are they beautiful like you? hahahahhaah poor apple lover tsk tsk tsk…. again ditched by SAmsung hahahahaha Apples iphone5 looks shit like you hahahaah eat it…

          • crueleenke

            Iphone is really in the catch up game… you can beat it for the meantime like 10 days when they provide a new phone, but guess what, it will only be defeated by a year by samsung. :D i hate iphone and the way iphone lover brag it like it’s really a great phone than any other else, except that it is really just an expensive phone.

          • crueleenke

            Man who are blind here, it is really clear that apple is only concern about profit, if you really are that active in lots of doing in your life like taking pictures and video while practicing choreo so you would’nt be out of sync with the other members, when you suddenly want to know the length of your arm by downloading applications in the market that can measure it by only taking the picture of it and so much more. Plus i can control my desktop (yes PC desktop) with my samsung galaxy(that includes mouse navigating, file exploring and downloading and uploading and even typing on my PC from a distance, how? well it’s for you to find out :D ), samsung sells a phone that has numbers you can’t count on your fingers, plus the ease and admiration what a phone can do to you when you are in need of something that my phone can give. haha. lots of things. Peace man….

    • Anonymous

      Well obviously Samsung is an charity organization. They sell all these phones just to give the profits to the poor.


  • Ash

    how to assess the battery life on iphone vs galaxy s2? ANY ideas on the reliability?

    • Guest

      dont go by whats on paper. iPhone 4 is better

  • i feel android is a futuristic operating system, it gives users the flexibility in usage, i love android and therefore i would prefer going for samsung galaxy s2, the only problem is the screen size, i don’t like large screen phone.

    3.5″ is perfect, apple iphone 4 has that? but that won’t pursue me to pick up ios device over android.

    • Romitdutta09

      MeeGo is the futuristic OS. Which the nokia n9 has.. bu sadly it is not realeased in India

    • Newwaverunner

      I find that the viewing area of the iphone is to small. The device looks like a Avon product that fits in your purse. I have the galaxy S2 and it fits fine in my pocket.

  • even though i’m using iPhone and would like to experience galaxy, may be then recommend to anyone. thanks for your detailed point of view.

  • MacFaggie


  • Gamble_sandman

    in my country u need to que infront of market just to buy iphone4 while sgs2 u’ll need to order 2week before u que..just think about it..i just hve sgs2 last month and i dont hve time 2 sleep…lol

  • Card_1_capture_2_sakura_3

    I think that the iPhone 4 is better I got one I use to have the samsung but I really didn’t like it the icons are really big and it hard to use .. When I bought the iPhone 4 it’s fantastic any way the app store games , social .. And even I can talk to my brother and my sisters by looking at each other from the front camera its really a cool iPhone .. It’s like nothing I’ve seen before and if it’s about to download from the web just download the ( downloader ) and that’s it I would like to write more things about the iPhone but no time bye bye

    • Well, all personal opinions aside – you say that the iPhone 4 is better and that you “used to have” the Samsung??? Obviously, you’re not comparing the same phone as being discussed here. No one “used to have” as GS2; in fact, most people have not yet had one!
      And all of the features you have mentioned here about why you like iOS are all things that Android offers too.

  • Great review.. in my personal opinion, even the first Galaxy beats iPhone 4. The only two advantages Apple had over Samsung was the Retina display (higher res.) and their device has a flash (certain models of the Galaxy S series do not). Expandable memory, replaceable battery, DLNA, tethering, 1080p recording and output are just a few hardware features to name that Apple does not have; some of these may never be incorporated because of Apple’s controlling policies. And in terms of software, when will someone give Swype the credit it deserves??? Swype alone makes Samsung’s devices better than the competition!

    • Hdjdudj

      Are u stupud apple stuff does not have flash!

    • SU_ROOM

      when did iphone started having flash? LOL

  • todd

    “Lesser of two…” as a man once said.

  • Anonymous

    CAN’T wait to ditch my iPhone 4 for this beauty!!! Apple is about to be SPANKED, and most deservedly so. This thing is a BEAST. Can’t wait to make the leap from stupid non-innovative, oversimplistic, money-grubbing, mass-appeal/brainwashing blind-sheep-herding Apple to Google and Android. Good riddance Steve Jobs. Getting rid of my iPad 2 for a Galaxy Tab 10.1 as well. To quote the inimitable Captain Jack Sparrow, “Gentlemen…I wash my hands of this weirdness.”

    • Sam

      Sell your Ferrari for a KIA

      • Anonymous


      • Graffiti

        Don’t be so over estimate iPhone. It’s overprice and not that special just to compare iPhone as Ferrari to Android as KIA. It’s just just narrow. Just because it’s apple group that doesn’t mean it has to best the best in everything, right? Just open your mind a little bit…

      • SU_ROOM

        ya ferrari is android and kia is iphone

  • I am very impressed with how easy the iphone 4 is to use/learn. I did my homework before my purchase. I compared user reviews, phone specs, data plans,network issues and everything else you can imagine on every phone out there today.

  • Kyrie

    hi can’t help but find it quite a fair comparison article that you’ve written… however there are some points that i would like to offer my fair share:

    1) wider and thinner doesn’t necessarily mean better~ some ppl do feel that wider is not too gd because it gets in the way, while others feel that thinner means you can’t see so it’s better~ which means in terms of what you classified as “form factor” it’s pretty much 50/50~

    2) with regards to storage, if you are mentioning microSD cards, there are alternatives for iPhone 4 (http://createrenewrestore.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/usb-for-ios/)~ of course the argument about size (physical, not content kind of size) is debatable~ but i figured since we’re on the topic of addition parts such as microSD, the iPhone can do just the same… but more with other stuff like swiping of credit cards, bodily checkups or even attaching an SLR lens~ (http://createrenewrestore.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/iphone-dslr-mount/)

    3) a bigger screen size is the only thing that Galaxy S2 wins iPhone 4 in~ because Super AMOLED Plus vs Retina Display is debatable (someone please prove me wrong with stats, :D)~ plus based on resolution numbers, it’s pretty much impossible for a wider screen with lower resolution to win a smaller screen with higher resolution~ the only thing i can think of is brightness and contrast, of which Galaxy S2’s are set slightly higher for default than the iPhone 4 (assuming default is 50%)~ naturally, something is brighter will look better~ so at max brightness and contrast, Galaxy S2 wins iPhone 4~ but that doesn’t mean it looks better~

    4) if you ask me, the world of today is quite overrated when it comes to the internal hardware~ let me put it into perspective, iPhone 4’s boot up is approx 35 secs while Galaxy S2 is approx 22 sec (from 2 youtube videos, might vary depending on how overloaded their phones are though)~ so basically with the difference of 1.4 Ghz in processing speed (1.2 dual core = 2.4; 2.4 – 1 = 1.4), 512 MB RAM (1 – .512), you get 13 sec off your boot up time~ slightly significant to some, irrelevant to most~ so the ratio is approx 3:2~ let’s put this into your apps’ context now~ let’s say you have an app on the iPhone that takes 6 secs (i doubt any takes that long… but let’s be conservative…), how long will the same app take to start on Galaxy S2? approx 4 secs based on the ratio~ of course there are other factors with may affect it about 1-2 secs (just in case somebody wants to bring up this point)~ but let’s be real, do you really care that your apps run 1-4 secs faster? honestly… not really~
    but i can’t deny that IT IS BETTER~! just that not BETTER enough to be practical~ but hey, Galaxy S2 is at a cheaper price~ who’s gonna argue with that? no matter how you see it, it still wins~ :D just that it may not have won that much~

    5) imaging is where Galaxy S2 wins hands down~ but it’s gd to know that MP isn’t everything (especially for those who always use this argument about cameras)~ there’s also such things called lens, exposure, etc, which affects your picture quality~

    6) don’t forget that tethering has been on the iPhone for a long time~ :D

    • Vito Cassisi

      Your 4th point is fundamentally incorrect. The speed of a multi-core processor is not the sum of the clock rates of each core. Thus, your comparison of 1GHz vs 2.4GHz is invalid. Then you go on with the assumption that all applications scale identically, which is also incorrect. In terms of practicality, having a dual core is advantageous when running multiple apps simultaneously, particularly those with background services. It also paves the way for more advanced applications which can readily distribute their processing load over both cores. One current example is the web browser, which can download content on one core, whilst rendering the page on the other. It is ‘better enough’ to be practical, just compare the original GS to the GSII and you’ll notice it immediately.

    • madhu

      cmon.. gs2 is much better.. youre just not ready 2 accept coz youre one crazy apple fan.. tats y youre putting dese facts..

    • Anonymous

      I dont think your whole argument about memory cards hold *any* water. You are talking about an ugly addon that would look (in addition to ugly [again]) bulky and unattractive. The SII has a memory card slot, which doesn’t go beyond the device’s form factor.

      Its like me saying if i hook up my SSD to the laptop and then my Galaxy to it.., then I have an SSD attached to my phone. (which would, technically be correct as data exchange between my phone and SSD are setup at which point but,) the whole thing is flowed.

      If it doesnt fit neatly, it cannot be counted! in storage atleast.

  • Peter

  • romy kom

    Hello there i have got both phones and i am actually using them daily. The iphone 4 is better built and and has a premium feel to it. it is almost as if one is holding a piece of art in the hands, like a precious jewell. And the app store has got some programs that i use as a professional.
    The Samsung Galaxy SII on the other hand has got a bright, well saturated screen that is good and large to read and play videos. There are also plenty of apps on the android market. The battery life seems better than on the previous SGS. I love the customizations of the SGSII that are more infinite than on the iOS. Without looking cheap, the SGSII looks ordinary.
    Another problem is that i cant use the Galaxy II on my car`s bluetooth unlike the iphone.
    In a word i love both phones in a different way. And variety is good for us customers.

    • Sharmaraja

      well said there .. i like both as well in different way. well iphone lacks GOOGLE and google lacks QUALITY… iphone4 is just amazing with features, solid & cute handy .. where as S2 is amazingly different with battery life and some apps like TUBEMATE & my favourite GOOGLE MAPS. but i use internet package on iphone4 just coz of MOBILEME and PUSH NOTIFICATIONS .. if google had everything PUSH i would love using S2 more than IPHONE4 ..

    • Anonymous

      samsung galaxy s2 uses hi-version of blutooth ( yours was obsolete and old, … and galaxy can operates as a remote control to your car by aps or as anything. but,
      iphone is just a piece of shit like a gameboy or a nintendo game gadget

  • Anukool5s

    i have read a hundred comparisons between iphone 4 & samsung s2 and they all say tell a similar story that s2 is better . if anyone has read a review that says otherwise please send the link to that review. the only thing that i would like to ask is that which phone is a better music player coz we all know i phone has i pod in it so that makes listenin to music an awesome experience i want to know if s2 is as good as i phone in that dept. i would appreciate an honest answer mr darcy alexander. thank you

  • excuse me, but iphone 4 got wifi tethering

    • VR

      Wow ! Good to know. As if Samsung doesn’t have. The old Galaxy S had it already when iPhone 4 wasn’t conceived.

  • Is it just me, or is this phone TOO BIG? Pretty soon we’ll be walking around holding tablet computers up to our ears. I don’t want to watch movies on my phone. The iPhone is as big as I’d want.

  • Majed

    The only disadvantage of SGSII that its not iPhone

    • USER

      That’s actually the biggest advantage

    • Jdjhfhfukj

      stupid asshole………..

  • I just paid $22.85 for an iPad 264GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $674 which only cost me $62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, CentHub.com

  • Kevin Chiang

    Was this comparison for real?

    I’ve owned SGS II and the iPhone

    Let me tell you this. The SGS has an amazing display but I can tell the pixels apart. I mean it was bad enough when I have the same resolution on my Nexus S at 4 inches but now the same resolution on 4.3 inches? Come on Samsung! Bump the resolution up a bit! The iPhone has amazing pixel density and everything looks crisp sharp and bright however the contrast will not be as good as SGS. Some like contrast some don’t. Your decision.

    iOS vs. Android
    Honestly I really liked both. Android for all the shit you can do with just rooting it and the amazing possibilities but something about it… just not as smooth and streamlined as iOS. Android has great options and I like that I can just browse through my SD card. iOS however is smooth but without jailbreaking it’s not much fun… so when I jailbroke it there were a multitude of options including a HUGE free appstore named ‘Installous’. The amount of QUALITY apps not the cheap knockoff apps you will find on say….WP7 market…. is amazing. They are far more polished and updated then their Android counterparts. Anyways, both are good OS but iOS wins for me. Also with iOS5 coming out there will be even more functionality.

    Does this really matter? To me the ONLY thing that matters is which phone can maximize my battery life while giving me the smoothest and lag-free experience? I don’t care if it’s dual core, as long as it runs smoothly and fast then I’ll take it. Both phones win in this category, they are smooth streamlined and fast. iOS takes a 1GHz processor and makes the user experience amazing. Samsung takes a 1.2GHz dual core processor and makes it amazing.

    Camera wise? SGS wins here but there are many other factors. For most of you really…HOW IMPORTANT IS 1080p? LOL not to many of us….but still some. 720p vs 1080p SGS wins but not that important in daily life….however the front camera is a tie…IN MY OPINION. I personally think WOW 2MP front camera? Same as my laptop. But then again I think WOW 2MP CAMERA? YAY FOR DETAILED ACNE =) Lets face it…some of us appreciated bad quality photos as it hides some imperfections while still showing you ;) Hehe….

    Seriously? Samsung copied Apple? Lets not even have this war okay? Samsung was very ‘inspired’ by Apples iOS however iOS5’s notification bar is very inspired from Android’s….So lets just have a truce here okay?

    Market Share
    Okay the cold hard fact is that Apple dominates the smartphone market share. Maybe not in the percentage area but the fact that it has 2 phones out right now and is taking a HUGE chunk and just slightly behind Android says something… Android has like what….100+ phones out and is just ahead of Apple? Also price? Apple keeps their price high and people KEEP BUYING! Says something about their products right? Still SGS is cheaper…depends on your budget =)

  • MZ

    i dont know which to buy!! im really confused :S, i need to buy one that lasts longer!

  • Stone

    I think it’s a bit Silly, to say the least, that you say “However, at two-thirds of the way into its life cycle it isn’t exactly the most ‘fair’ comparison.”
    It is “fair” What isn’t fair is that Apple bring out a new iPhone every year, instead of just releasing the technology they have reached, now. They probably have the iPhone 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 sitting in a vault somewhere. Ridiculous.
    Also, to say it’s “Two-thirds of the way into it’s life cycle” is also ridiculous. It’s Life cycle is not a year, is it? The new iPhone 5 comes out in a september, but the iPhone 4 is not going to die then. It should last a lot longer, especially for the price.
    What you should have said was, “The samsung Galaxy S2 is 6 months younger on the market then the iPhone 4” or similar..
    iPod’s had a death-clock when out of warranty to force people to buy again (Not necessarily iPod, but most people did).
    The idea of a new iPhone being released every year, is no different.

  • Sharafskater

    hey i heard iphone 4 will last longer than galaxy s2 so is it true????

    • Josh

      Probably not, the S II already sold more than the iPhone in many many countries.
      If you’re literally talking about how long the phone lasts before it dies, i’m not sure. Samsung and apple both have been reliable phones. Unlike some phones (*cough* LG)

  • Layuk65

    I like samsung Galaksi S II

    • Khegd

      1st get your spelling rite……………

  • Layuk65

    I like samsung Galaksi S II

  • Damn Apple Fanbois are out in force!! Attack their PRECIOUS and they’ll flock like rabid ravens to claw your eyes out! Crap, the reviewer said that the iPhone is already 14 months old. How many of you fanbois have had both devices? I did. The iPhone is great. It is a landmark device and is a well executes product, like most apple stuff. I switched to the SGS2 a month ago. Here are my thoughts.

    1) The screen is MUCH better on the SGS2. Not even a contest. If your idea of a better screen is 100 more pixels in each direction then you’re probably the type of folks buying 45 megapixel Point and shoot cameras. The color gamut (reproduction) of the Amoled+ blows the retina away. Blacks are silky smooth where the iPhone’s look grayish, in comparison…

    2) OS. STOP Saying Samsung/google copies apple. Apple didn’t invent icons or apps. Have you fanbois looked at the new *features* in IOS5… Ok…Notification center. Twitter, OTA Updates, WiFi sync… All on android and WP7. And still no true multitasking. Still stuck with a stupid non-customizable UI.

    3) Cameras are both OK. Don’t try to tell me it’s about megapixels (I’m a semi pro photographer) or whatnots… I’d take a 4MP with better ISO on my phone any day of the week over these silly 8MP… Only creates bloated pictures with no dynamic range and worse ISO performance.

    4) The iPhone app store has more stuff. Yeah, it does, more of the same stuff over and over. Instead of fruit ninja, you have Italian fruit ninja, Taiwanese Melon chopper and Chop chop that cherry versions to choose from. There are some exclusives, mostly stuff relating to hardware like car climate control and stuff like that. Meanwhile, on android you have great, thoughtful apps like SetCPU which gives you total control over your phone processing power and battery consumption.

    And and speaking of apps… I mean, Switftkey kicks apple’s keyboard butt.

    5) The iPhone 4 has a sturdier feel. I like the thin factor of the SGS2. All about preferences here. Both great devices to hold. Both have gorilla glass so stop with that plastic, glass nonsense. The SGS2 has a carbon fiber back which prevents scratching. One less glass to worry about. And yes, gorilla glass does scratch. If apple fanbois don’t believe me, remove that 3 inch think case you’ve got and put your money where your mouth is, carry the naked thing in your pockets for a month…

    6) EVERY person I know who has had an iPhone, had battery problem at some point in time. Usually takes 1 or 2 years. It is normal, these things don’t last forever. The SGS2 uses a standard battery available all over the web. Swapped in 20 seconds. Apple’s solution is to pay 99$ for apple care. Good for you fanbois… Good for you…

  • Mtjikuzu

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy the Galaxy SII, How much is it worth retail and where can I go?

    • Keshvira

      jalan raja laut………..at rm 350.00

  • bleeblahboo

    I think the Galaxy S II should lose when it comes to battery. I have a Galaxy S II and the battery lasted like.. 5h.

    • Your carrier probably has not upgraded to the latest firmwares. Helps out a ton. Or… do it yourself. Install SetCPU as well if you’re going to root.

  • Bulls

    iphone is best anyday…..it looks like comparing hyundai and audi…..whatever it is apple is the best….samsung is ok…

    • Josh

      What is all this comparing two phones like cars? It’s stupid

  • Bulls

    iphone is best anyday…..it looks like comparing hyundai and audi…..whatever it is apple is the best….samsung is ok…

  • Bulls

    iphone is best anyday…..it looks like comparing hyundai and audi…..whatever it is apple is the best….samsung is ok…

  • jksd

    wow….how stupid is this reviewer??? can’t even get his facts right.
    1) display– the screen resolution of iPhone 4 is 960x640px and the galaxy is 800x480px..and this guy says that the galaxy screen resolution could be better…open ur eyes bro and READ–960×640 is away above 800×480.
    2) connectivity– srs..u missed out 2 for iPhone. iPhone DOES have wifi tethering AND its got VPN connection
    3) price–so obvious that u side with the galaxy cuz u ranked galaxy 1 when u don’t even know way the hell the price is and say “we are quite sure it will cost less than the iPhone 4”. facts without evidence is pointless bro.
    4) imaging– lol?? the iPhone does 30fps full HD too..get ur facts right!!
    anyway apart from that the galaxys2 does seem better…but w8 for iPhone 5 which is apparently coming out soon :)

  • Anonymous

    got tired of iTunes, the piece of crap. Now my android rules. I’m one of those guys that dont keep a music collection.

    Everytime I had to add an extra song to my iDevice, I have to gather all my previous music aswell. Oh uh- fuck that now. Im rid of it.

  • I like how they are comparing a new phone to a phone which has been out about a year and a half. The fact that they are comparing the Apple to a brand new Phone is a testament in itself. What other Android phone can do that? Even with the loss it hands Apple there are some questionable categories. The two most glaring are the battery life and resolution. Seriously? Those two things are basically what Apple hangs their hat on every time they release a phone. You may beat it with processor power since that changes about every 60 days now and the fact that Android is about 5 new versions beyond iOS 4, but you can’t say battery life and display is better. That’s absurd. It’s a nice phone, but if I was in the market right now I’d wait to compare it against the new iOS 5 and iPhone 5. However, I wouldn’t expect a different result this is an Android site after all.

    Just to sum up, the real story here isn’t the comparison itself. It’s that the iPhone 4 can still even be compared against Samsung’s newest and best phone. Oh and can you say design rip off from Apple. This thing looks exactly like the iPhone. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Apple move away from Samsung as a supplier after the iPhone 5.

    • crueleenke

      Well lets see if iphone can really give their new phone a boost, i mean. let’s wait if they package the new phone with lots of new features all at once, when they do iphone wins. But for now samsung is the best because they are not short in giving out the best for their products.

  • arki

    I am a customer service agent for ATT and often times i need to call manufacturers such as samsung or apple or nokia and the worse customer service i’ve encountered is samsung’s>> i’ve had to deal with rudeness 3 times already with these guys apple has the best customer service i’ve encountered>> and dont take me wrong i am a nokia user>>

    • crueleenke

      Well youre not only stupid but youre a moron. hahah. how do you really think there could become a technical support job without anyone to support, that’s why more people are yanking about samsung is that more are using them. hope you learn that as strategy in market industry. im not surprised your just sitting to tender some hungry carnivore, you’re a prey. :D

  • Georgeoborgo

    apple shit

  • Sparrow

    compares the new and old is a shallowness of thought, all the specifications shown above no doubt that the SGSII won this round against iPhone 4 (that was built 1 year ago). If Samsung added more cool features and good specifications to GSII how much more when the new iphone comes out!!

    • crueleenke

      yeah, like they can afford to put in some new features in at the same time. hahah. it’s the problem of a “Not samsung” they sell the new features one by one, unlike samsung they put it all at once as if like if they can still add new feature and the phone can hold, they will.

  • I hope I’m half as excited to use the GS2 when I get mine as the author is to speculate about it.

  • Nickcho81

    I have a galaxy two myself. I think the galaxy 2 will be better than the I phone 5 too. I am not lieing I read it on the internet and on tv. in battle they didnt say that the galaxy came with a preloaded movie inception. also games like angry birds and fruit ninja are all free on the android market.galaxy is so much vetter than the iphone.

  • Nickcho81

    I have more reasons on,why the galaxy is better than the iphone 4 and 5. the speed on the galaxy when loading a video compared to the iphone is faster even though their both 4g. let me tell you guys this. this phone kind of copied the iphone but what you didnt know was that the galaxy basically ulgraded the phone like it was a better version. if you still dont believe me’ look at other comments in all sorts of websites. most of them say that the galaxy is better than the iphone.please leave comments.

    • crueleenke

      Well my very fist smartphone is omnia and that phone of mine got lost, i cried my whole world with it, but when i have to get a new one, i don’t have to use iphone to know that it is not a good phone, i only have to know the specifications, and that is all in choosing the right phone. Samsung does not come short when giving a flavor to it’s dish. they put it all as much as the phone can handle.

  • i’ll definitely go for Samsung Galaxy S II. i Phones are far overpriced compared to other phones having the same specs.


  • Anonymous

    The iPhone 4 is fast enough, sure, it’s clear that sthe GSII is faster, it’s also clear that spec wise the phones hardware wins. But I wonder quality wise, is the microphone on the GSII as good as that on the iPhone 4? Can I make skype video calls and talk from meters away from the device on a normal tone of voice and still be heard? I can do that with the iPhone, and that’s all I care about.

    I’ve been a Palm user for a long time before switching to Apple, and I switched because Apple has the same ideal as Palm only they do it better: every feature on the phone must be usable, in an easy and accessible way.

    Now the simple fact that almost one year after the launch of the iPhone 4 we’re still comparing new devices to it says something about Apples products. Of course the SII won, I still prefer my iPhone 4 where the fewer features I have work flawlessly.

    • crueleenke

      well i made my samsung galaxy s1 become like a walkie talkie and yes the microphone is good cause i used it in recording myself when practicing a choir piece so it’s ok. plus i think my samsung galaxy is just like a swiss knife. i still have something else to do with it when in fact im already using it everyday for almost a year and still i am discovering something new like you can actually used it in learning. i loaded it with algebra calculator, ebooks about some courses, i download here, i download there endlessly whenever i want. i play with it, i sing with it, i take pictures and videos with it, skype and viber with it, watch movies with it(when i went out of town) man so endless possibilities and that makes samsung the best. there’s still more… as i have posted previously, i can fully control my PC desktop, yes full control and from a distance without the wires. yes like a mouse navigation and keyboard :D, and i can controll an RC, yes an RC a remote controlled toy car. i play piano with it, i play guitar with it, i play drums with it. haha there still more…. all i have to do is think of what else it can do. so endless….

      • crueleenke

        correction it feels like im using it already for like a year….

  • Kon_playa

    Hi , iam from africa mozambique, and i own iphone 4 its great, but have his issues, i like the iphone because oh the design its the best design ever and will be for long time, but yhe only thing i dont like in apple its the way they manage their marketing , apple store its so fucking piece of a shit, we dont have store here, so i dont use my phone 40 % so why i have to buy something expensive if i can buy samsung galaxy 2 more cheaper? and my friend has one and its great i like the phone its so fucking amazing
    iphone = smart
    Samsung= Delicious

  • Sgtmig

    How come that an older, weaker, not so top notch iphone is suposed to be better than a new, slick, and top tech galaxy s2?
    I love the iphone, but lets be honest, something better has arrived in the market, and apple needs to rethink its strategy, like lowering the price if it wants to compete with samsung

  • mohan raj
  • Oo-oo-my

    Apple is good the reason i hate em is for over pricein their junk its a year old or 2 they r still selling iphone 3gs 719 aud iphone for 859 aud gs 2 is on the market under 600 aud apple is robbing us only reason i would buy an a iphone i dont psy smythin for apps thanks to installous

  • Umarmukthar Irfan

    can u compare to iPhone 5 plz. u have any Samsung or anything else

  • Dano909

    i love both products don’t get me wrong, but you are wrong with the dimensions spec. you have taken the lowest point on the galaxy s2, include the bulge at the bottom and its actually 9.91mm thick. half a mm doesn’t bother me but its just a point that I’m making. Galaxy s2 by far a excellent phone. used one but i use a macbook for work so the iPhone and mac go together.

    • Dano909

      on average the s2 is the skinnier device but because of its bulge it is that tiniest bit bigger

  • Gio

    I have a Galaxy Gio and I think it’s better than iPhone 4. U Mad?

  • Grandhir

    Obviously, Samsung is better. What do you expect from a site name androidauthoority.com

  • Yeah, that’s good one!

  • winner is samsung galaxy s2 i think

  • iphoneftw

    whenever the iphone beats the galaxy, you make it a tie. lol
    one thing is for sure, the iphone battery life and screen resolution are NOT equal to the galaxy’s.

  • nice comparison . samsung galaxy to better even it is better that iphone 4s !!

  • Rjp541

    Apples competitors are winded chasing what apple does comfortably.

  • kelvin

    i-phone good or samsung gud?

  • kelvin

    samsung galaxy, i-phone 4, xperia arc which better?

  • Artglasses

    if iphone 5 will released, i think that samsung still win because they will release samsung galaxy s iii in the beginning of the year 2012. i bet that when you compare iphone 5 and samsung galaxy siii, galaxy s iii has much better specification. consider the price of galaxy s iii must be cheaper than i phone 5. what do you think when samsung galaxy s iii has the same price as i phone 5? i think the galaxy s iii will be much greater than its normal specification. besides better than i phone 5, it will become the best phone ever made.

  • Riz

    Nice review… only thing better about the iphone is the build quality.. both the phones look similar. But that is justified by the higher pricing of the iphone. But S2 is a better PHONE!!..
    Better connectivity options than the iphone, faster, better customizations in the UI, oh common guys after all they both are phones… now its all gonna depend if you want it as a style statement or a better and reliable performer… there are ppl who customize even the look of the phone… samsung ppl even u can opt for a premium feel… and make the phone more unique… adios

  • Vishalkhari21

    these iphones are not of any use plzzzz fuck the brand……..
    they dont have any style any apps and if you will compare cell phones of other brands in the same price range … it clear shows that apple iphones are just useless to buy … they cant compete the phones of other brands in this price range …. they are just good to fuck

  • Jillian

    Can I load my iTunes onto this phone?

  • Anonymous

    and galaxy can operates as a remote control to your car by aps or as anything. but,
    iphone is just a piece of shit like a gameboy or a nintendo game gadget

  • Anonymous

    i have tgone hrough all apple products…. fucking crapped gadgets and fucked up easily…… ipod freezes and hangs-up, the best apple i have is my apple ipad 64gb 3gs wifi and like a god dude….perfect ,excellent and yes excellet….. i have galaxy s2 better than apploid ipone hahahaa lol

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 4S!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Sammyrules

    one word above all else. flash.

  • I think Samsung Galaxy S II is the supern devices and is front runner in techonlogical advancement. http://www.saholic.com/mobile-phones/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-i9100-1001674

  • Jailbreak iphone 4s. UnlockBoot.Com

  • 32

  • Skyhawk

    can we upgade samsung galaxy SII to Icecream Sanwich ?

  • Excellent comparison, almost clearing the confusion ;)

  • JoshS

    Interesting, but haven’t you jumped to a few of your conclusions?

    You say the Samsung CPU is faster, but I don’t see any facts on a CPU test. Of course the current iPhone 4s changes things significantly even more in Apple’s favor.

    The iPhone has more pixels on it’s smaller display. I conclude the iPhone can display more data, or the same data more clearly.
    IMO the Samsung only has an advantage for those whose close vision isn’t that great.

    You like adding an SD Card, I don’t IMO a flash drive is faster and more secure.

    How about the camera. The iPhone 4/4s have the camera lens out of the way in the upper left corner. This Samsung has the camera lens in the middle of the side, where fingers are definitely going to get in the way.

  • Simple_math

    the iphone4 has been out since june 2010, thats 18 months not 2 years


    the galaxy s2 has been on the market since May 2011, making it 7 months old now


    for those of you that need help with math, the iphone4 is less than a year older than samsungs galaxy s2

  • M4ui

    I chuckled all the way, and left bemused after finished reading the comment section. Couldn’t understand why some of us fiercely defending ip4/ip4s/sgsII, went great length to argue to which model it should be compared, bashing the brand he’s not using, you should compare IP4 against SGS coz SGS II is newer..man.. somewhere in the 98th comment i felt like reading apple’s board of directors vs samsung’s.

    Where in fact we are all consumers. Reminds me of the ‘my dad is better than yours’ argument i often hear among primary schoolers. Dont get me wrong, I do appreciate comments from you fine ppl,ad I believe so do many others, just all this bashing and name calling is..well sorry to say this, childish.

    Almost everyone thinks their wife is the prettiest no? (at least on the day they were married)

    Again, we are all consumers fellas.

    F*ck the corporate world (no im not high)

  • Sekarkrishnaraj

    Samsung gallaxy is the master but one thing i am not fully satisfied with front camera to have a video call

  • crueleenke

    I am very convince that, samsung really is a good company that does’nt focus on profit but on promoting the company itself by providing consumers all the necessary features and design in their products, especially cellphones. They did a great number in surpassing mostly all the features that other cellphone maker sells, and it is very clear that everytime others are putting in a new feature on the phone, they sell it one by one unlike Samsung that flavors it all in one dish.

  • Kanwarjit Bhullar

    guys i agree with you all so i will buy galaxy s2 now

  • Ben10

    i am enjoying my SII. what surprise me is that it’s the same as Iphone 4S…talk to the phone…

  • Android all the way

  • A diamond ring with a flaw may be worth higher than a pebble without having flaws.

  • Spudgarbacz

    Had my phone stolen this week, i was an iphone freak, had no option but to buy the Galaxy S 11, Plucking unbelievable, what an incredible phone, great to see IPHONE get knocked off its perch,The Galaxy S 11 is the best thing since sliced bread to put it mildly, “JUST THE DUCKS NUTS”

  • There are certainly a quantity of details for example that to take into consideration. Which can be a great level to deliver up. I present that the thoughts above because normal inspiration however clearly there have been questions for instance the one you bring up where a very powerful factor can be working in sincere excellent faith. I dont recognize if greatest practices have emerged around issues something like that, however I’m positive that your job is obviously identified because a fine game. Both boys and girls really feel that the impact of just a second’s pleasure, for that the remainder of their lives.

  • pzelf

    old story, the iPhone is so much better when it comes to usabilty!

  • Old discussion. In my opinion the iPhone 4 was better then, and the iPhone 5 is better now when it comes to usability ( and that is what counts)

  • pogiofvancouver