Surprise, the new iPad is only slightly better than the iPad2. Where does this leave Samsung?

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 14, 2012

Samsung Galaxy  Tab 11.6

Phew…the Apple hypesteria is starting to cool off. Just a few more days, the inevitable reports about people standing in endless lines to get the “new iPad”, and we’re done. For a while…

Anyway, the last days have brought unpleasant news for iFans, news that are, I must admit, music to my fanboyish ears.

First, some enterprising sports in Vietnam have got their hands on a new iPad and ran it through some benchmarks. And, the mother of all surprises, the new iPad, fitted with Apple’s new dual-core A5X chip, is only slightly better than the old iPad. True, the benchmark used, GeekBench, doesn’t test graphics performance, which is the strong suit that Apple touted intensely during their press event. But, as some speculate, the claimed 4X graphics performance boost over Tegra 3 (still completely unsubstantiated, by the way) may be heavily offset by the high number of pixels (2048 x 1536) that the A5X has to push. Long story short – the new iPad will probably perform just about the same as the old iPad.

Now to the display – news broke that Samsung is the only supplier of displays for the new iPad, after LG and Sharp have apparently been sidelined due to quality issues. This means that Apple has become even more heavily dependent on Samsung’s displays (the Koreans also make the DRAM modules and the SoC found in the new iPad). That’s not a problem in its own – the well-documented “frenemy” relationship between Apple and Samsung has been going on for years. However, because Samsung is the only display maker left in the game, Apple is bound to encounter output problems. This is why I expect the iPad’s market performance to be affected by supply problems this year.

So, the new iPad is not as unstoppable as some analysts and bloggers would want you to believe. It’s time for Samsung to seize the opportunity. But can it deliver a tablet that can really challenge the iPad? Of course it can. In fact, that tablet, the rumored Galaxy Tab 11.6, is probably a lot closer than we think.

The Galaxy Tab 11.6 has to exist. Why? Because, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and the Galaxy Note 10.1 are clearly not designed to compete with the iPad. This leaves only two options standing. One, Samsung is giving up the fight, and settling for the morsels that fall from the Apple’s table. Two, Samsung is secretly preparing its latest attempt at an iPad-killer.

I think that the Galaxy Tab 11.6 has strong chances to sell better than its predecessors. Samsung will benefit not only from the iPad’s weaknesses, which I described above, but also by the wave of cheap Android tablets that is due in summer. The arrival of the Google Nexus tablet and of the ASUS MeMo 347T may be the spark that blows up the entire ecosystem, just like it happened with the original Droid and the smartphone game. And a stronger Android tablet ecosystem will only benefit the Galaxy Tab 11.6.

We’ll wait and see. For now, the new iPad is due on Friday, when experts of all shapes and sizes will analyze every last piece of silicon in it. Then, we’ll be able to guess better whether the iPad really lost its aura or it’ll own the tablet market for another year.

  • 21221

    Go Sammy !

  • Brian Anderson

    Hahahahahahaha. Good god, this is really, really awful (even for an admittedly biased pro-Android site)

    Stop pretending like Samsung tablets matter. Here is the tablet market as I (and many people see it):

    iPad — Probably the most sensible choice for a tablet, but iOS isn’t for everyone.
    Transformer Series — Easily the best Android tablet (but Android, like iOS, isn’t for everyone)
    TouchPad — Super cheap (if you can still find one) and fun to play with. Makes a good secondary / testing tablet.
    Anything by Samsung — Shitty iPad knockoff
    Xoom — Lol, no.
    Kindle Fire — Doesn’t really count, but still an interesting option
    Anything else — nope.

    • Yourdad

      you are an apple fanboy – and a cock

      half of apple’s internal component are samsung ya dumb shit

    • James Hwang

      The following is how tablet market share breaks down.
      1. Apple
      2. Amazon
      3. Samsung
      4. Barnes and Noble
      5. Asus

      Sorry to disappoint you. Asus is way down the line in terms of market share. Samsung has been the most popular brand of true android tablets. So people like their “shitty iPad knockoff” much more than Asus. And in terms of overall quality, Samsung tablets have been most competitive with the iPad, the only drawback being honeycomb. With ICS, Samsung has a much better shot of being neck and neck like it is in the phone market.

      • All you super Biased Apple Fanboys need to go back to your iCaves and hibernate some more.

        • Gatortpk

          The Android Fans seem pretty biased too. I wish Android was less fragmented, then Apple may work even harder to make iOS even better.
          I had to restart my iPhone once just last year! That sucked, being without a phone for about a minute (90 sec?). Google Voice would have answered if someone called during that minute though.
          There is no excuse for any phone to need to restart. I’ve never had the battery go dead though, so that’s never why the restart was in order.

        • Gdhdf

          Android fanboys are on GOOG payroll

    • killgayz

      ya damn stupid apple fanboy get your facts straight the internal component is really all samsung u dumb cock sucker get it into that apple lover fanboy head of yours.

    • applelover819

      Obvious by the name, I am an apple fan and I’m sorry to say that you’re little (and for that matter big, yes i know some of your tablets are bigger… with half the pixels) tablets are at least for the foreseeable future just going to be “neat” knockoffs of iPads until Android gets there software fixed. It’s not enough to have good specs, which some android tablets do, you have to have software that works GREAT with your hardware. Until they figure that out expect Apple to stay on top. Well they probably will anyways…

    • Adamjonrosspalmer

      First off mate if Samsung tabs don’t matter why does this site exist. second i am not biased i see things as they are. Samsung 11.6 will be better than the new ipad (shittest name ever) because you can do so many things on it that an ipad can’t. For example my best friend has a 4s and my Samsung is better. we did a little tally price wise. in the last 3 yrs he has spent over 1200 pounds on apps and itunes. i have paid 0000 pounds. And i get way better apps for nothing thanks to snaps market etc. i don’t pay itunes anything and he pays 60 pound a month for his contract 2yr. i pay 17.50 for an 18 month contract. apple = idiot with more money than sense. he hates it than i can take over his Samsung tv with my Samsung phone and play videos and music off my phone wireless. oh yeah and siri only works if your on wifi and my phone has street view etc etc etc i could go on and on and on.

  • wonshikee

    Well my “1440” core desktop beats anything iPad anyway!

  • interesting analysis…

  • Jamomax

    ASUS all the way

  • 8PAQ

    Samsung is done. When will stupid writers on this site realize that specs don’t mean shit. It’s the experience that matter. Who cares if some Samsung iPad ripoff has twice as much memory if the apps suck and the OS feels half baked. Samsung can release a tablet with 8 GB of RAM and people will still buy an iPad.

    • OrangesAllTheWay

      Not me. I have too much respect for myself to sully my finger tips with Applesauce. I can’t stand “the Apple experience”. It is over-rated and way the frik over-priced.

      • applelover819

        overpriced? the only droid tablets that come close, well not close but don’t suck are at the same price point or higher than apples iPad. And now with the price of the 2 going down more and more will go to Apple

        • Dude, go back to your iCave and hibernate some more.

          • Gatortpk

            What’s this hibernation I keep hearing about? Almost two years ago, I saw Android version 2.2. I still see Android version 2.2 (and 2.3) in most Android phones today, two years later!
            Unless someone has an iPhone over 3 years old, it runs the latest iOS 5.1. iOS 5 just came out last October, iOS 4 out in 2010, iOS 3 out in 2009, etc. It’s a new version every year (with thousands of new APIs). No time to hibernate!

          • vinny

            fuck off u rich apple cunts. eat dick and learn that there is no winner or loser in the race for a better tablet. It all comes down to personal choice and if rich snobby apple cunts want to keep their gay fucking itampons, then let them. More Andoid goodness for us. Apple overprices all their products. Even though some Android tablets are the same or bigger in price than the itampon, there a so many more android devices to choose from. some people dont need 9.7″ and only need 7″. Is there a 7 or 8″ iTampon?? I dont think so.
            Fuck you Apple, and fuck the lot of you apple fanboys. Grow a brain.

          • Jfjhfj

            wow! folks on GOOG payroll are so desperate :-)

  • applelover819

    Slight upgrade? 4 times, 4 times, 4 times the resolution, quad core graphics, better camera better OS, dictation (that works, looking at you android), oh and a battery that can actually handle 4g. have fun with your 4 hour battery on 4g.

    • Ray Derp

      Bitch please! I have the 4g GTab 10.1…. And the battery is more than awesome…. It can work more than a day easy…. I gotta admit that Honeycomb OS is a bit laggy but ICS didn’t exist by that time and gingerbread wasn’t an option ;)

      • applelover819

        Maybe on wifi… Look it up not an all day battery on 4g, and even if it was then that’s it, congrats your battery is almost as good as apples.

        • Damien Lobb

          Go fuck urself iFan.
          We really don’t need you on this site.
          Heres where you NEED to be instead..

          choose whichever one bro, be quick, we don’t want your shitty iPresence around here.

          • applelover819

            Why go talk to a bunch of people that agree with me, the point of communication is debate, that’s the only way to draw a true conclusion, I say something, then you say no android is better because… And it helps to let me or you or whoever draw a conclusion, not “go fuck yourself and go away” that’s just you not wanting to admit I’m right

    • DasithWijesiriwardena

      How is it that you market quad core graphics but kock off samsung. Basically the A5 is a ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore. And Samsung makes the processor for Apple. Chances are there will be hundreds of new Tablet’s that trump iPad’s specs over the next year. Specs aren’t everything though. With ICS Android takes full advantge of quad core and dual core processors. So my guess is the next generation apps will be optimized for more cores on both iOS and Android and hence better performance on both platforms. There is no smartphone today that has a battery than can run for more than a day on heavy use. I use a Desire HD and a old iPhone 4 and both of them don’t have great batteries.

  • DroidMe

    Android tablets cant fight Ipad, if they keep the price so high compared what ipads costs these days and must lower the price to fight. Even Samsung release 11.6 tab and it will cost much more then the New Ipad cost. Apple have changed strategy to fight against android devices, since they know iOS is far behind android OS, so with pricecuts and iphone/ipads costs much less then it used to be.
    But android tabs, havent changed a bit, they still costs too much and much more expensive then ipads.

  • The iPad is nice and Samsung Tablets are nice to. And I can wait to see the new windows 8 tablets join the competition. Why can’t you iFanboys be unbiased like me. It’s great to see technology in the making.

  • discard fan of sammy

    If u likes HD GAMELOFT games and a fan of Samsung tab the best tablet is e Samsung galaxy tab P1000 cos u can play all HD GAMELOFT crack games but not on d other galaxy tab
    Popular games like SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION BRO IN ARM DEAD SPACE NOVA2 N LOTS MORE works beautifully on d galaxy tab P1000 BUT NOT ON D OTHER GALAXY TAB MODEL even after CRACKED devies not COMPATIBLE

  • fan of tablets

    Ipad n androids tablets which one will u choose?..ipad (new) not much different to ipad 2 but androids tab esp Samsung been doing a lot to improve their future products like d galaxy TAB 11.6 n galaxy S3 coming soon or later sammy really been doing their job didn’t let down for their diehard fans but what abt apple ipad new??????maybe its d brand APPLE tat all….

  • Damien Lobb

    They still need to improve the GPU vastly if they want to blow the iPadd away, either with the newer Mali GPU or the PowerVR MP4
    I personally think that Qualcomm and Samsung really have a great product with their S4 and Exynos CPU’s respectively.

  • DiarrheaOfAnneFrank

    leaves samsung up shits creek…

  • spiderman!

    Ipad mayb the apples days r googles working their ass off to make android better n samsung working on the hardware..together they will take down apple fer sure..mayb in a yr or they will.

  • Yannoulecomte

    Take off Ipad of the market and Samsung is first: but that’s not the way it is. Every single

    tablets are running after ipad, trying to get the same appeal as ipad does, but they can’t with

    their big thick tablets and all those big usb holes everywhere!!! So as I’ve just said, ipad is

    less usefull then other tablets because it doesnt have a usb port, but with the ipad camera

    connection kit you can! So those of you who hesitate, buy ipad. I had a galaxy tab, and i

    wasn’t enjoying it because i kept on seeing those ipad adds. Now, with my ipad, i really enjoy

    it and have no regret. I gave away my computer because i don’t need it anymore, i have ipad!

    And by the way, it doesn’t matter if ipad is made with samsung components: It’s how the

    company uses it. Apple made a great use: see how ipad is famous? Samsung didn’t: less


  • middleman

    Hi guys first of all I’m not a fan of apple n sammy tablets or smartphones WINDOW 8 ANDROID OR IOS……but I believe sammy will surpass apple ipad n iphone one of these day (soon or later) but surely not on galaxy s3 n galaxy tab 11.6 to surpass apple (near surpassing) I should give sammy 5stars cos they did their job well esp on innovations n technology tats sammy Gd in…as for apple its not tat ipad or iphone is no Gd but APPLE IS JUST LIKE A BRANDED GOODS EXAMPLE L.V ARMANI CHANNEL….surely everyone knows NEW IPAD N IPHONE 4S PROBLEMS…when new model ipad or iphone is release consumers just buy it blindly cos APPLE lo the big name n brand….to me I think apple had did their very best:-( if to compare surely ios apps is a big winner than android….like ios once u jailbreak all paid version like games music apps its free downloading but not on android u need to find the software version to suits ur device esp games…..for sammy tabs some good games it can’t support example BIA 2 galaxy tab 7.7 n 7plus device not compatibles…..if sammy wants to surpass apple not just rely on ur technology but also involve in apps like android Google play needs to work more harder help sammy surpass apple ios….of cos APPLE IS using sammy chips for their products as for now… future who knows……not only a Gd device with high res or Gd chips faster in speed can win u still needs good apps like ios to dominate the tabs war! SAMSUNG….

  • Aclayton

    Apple would be far superior if they ever took the time to perfect (or even better for that matter) their hardware and the software their devices use. Apple has this incessant need to release their products before they’re ready. This has been the case ever since they released the first generation iPod. It’s a marketing strategy that allows them to continue to sell “new and improved” products year in and year out, as they always leave room for improvement on their devices regardless of whether or not they have the capabilities of equipping said devices with the new, better technology. This of course is the case across the board (Apple, Android, ASUS, etc.) but it is the overpriced intangibles that make Apple the most frustrating. I’m inclined to agree with “Jesse Guthrie” in that it is exciting to watch this technology grow and become more and more readily available to the public, but if any of these companies had the customer in mind before the dollar sign (which will never happen in any industry ever) we wouldn’t have these debates, as people would be content with their tablets regardless of the manufacturer.

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