iPad mini vs Nexus 7: drop test time, tablet edition!

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 2, 2012

ipad mini drop test

Our international man of gadget destruction is back!

In September, Darcy LaCouvee travelled to bustling Hong Kong to get the iPhone 5 and pitch it in a ruthless drop test against the flagship of the Android armada, the Galaxy S3. Suffice it to say, we didn’t like how that test ended, but luckily the mighty Note 2 saved face for the Android camp just a couple of weeks later.

Now Darcy is back at it, but this time he drop tested two tablets, the category defining Nexus 7 and iPad mini. Both of these tablets can easily be handled on the go, but their size makes them somehow susceptible to accidents. Unless you are really careful (or use a beefy case), it can be easy to damage your precious device, with those shatter-prone Gorilla glass screens especially at risk.

So here we are, trying to show you what can happen when the unthinkable occurs. But we won’t ruin it for you. Just watch the video or check out the image gallery for a complete damage report.

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  • Lee Dyson

    Much as I enjoy watching these drop-tests, I’m not entirely sure of their value. Isn’t this just “conspicuous consumption” ?

    What happens to the devices you scrap ? Do you make sure the batteries etc. are re-cycled correctly, or just dumped in the trash ?

    Rather than dropping and scrapping these items, how about donating them to a local school or somesuch. I’m sure there’s an under-privileged kid somewhere near you who’d give one of their limbs to posses any one of these items.

    Just Sayin’ ….

    • zev

      of course there is no value, its just shitty shitty journalism. gives them clicks to their youtube channel and their website.

      its one reason why my resentment for android authority is growing…

      • Southrncomfortjm

        But here you are…

        • zev

          read my comment, troll.

          • Southrncomfortjm

            I did…. and?
            Also, your complaint about AA is the same for every other journalism site – they do stuff for the clicks, get over it.

          • RaptorOO7

            And yet Molly Wood at Cnet has a great show called Always On and in that she does torture tests of the latest tech which includes, drops, spills (or outright dunking into water for 30 seconds), freezing and heating up. This is to simulate real world conditions so you can get a feeling of what WILL happen to your device if you leave it in your car in the winter, summer, spill liquid on it or worse drop it.

            Clicks for ad revenue so what, they have an informative site, needs advertising to support it and its nice to see Apple shit fail miserably compared to others in the drop test.

    • Michał Ostrowski

      The kid would have the device robbed from him the very same day… Don’t impose the wealth on people who are not ready for it

  • the difference being… the warranty for my Nexus 7 was only $40… still making it cheaper than the iPod/Pad middle child…

    • Luke

      feel sad that you were duped into an extended warranty.

      • Some warranties are, so to speak, warranted. I purchased a 2 year Extended accident protection for my Nexus 7 for $24 (Walmart). If I were to drop the N7 and the screen broke, housing failed, or it malfunctioned as a result, it would get repaired or replaced.
        I think most warranties are imprudent, but not all.

  • hoggleboggle

    these drop tests are a joke and about as scientific as figuring out market share by counting the phones of people walking down a busy street for 10 minutes. would it be so hard to rig up a dropping device that ensures impartiality and consistency?

    • Kassim

      Have they actually ever been classed as “scientific” though?

  • Abe

    calm the f*** down pple its just a drop test

  • why can’t that fucker drop the damn things consist, the way the tests are done right now makes them pretty close to pointless.

    • Kassim

      Because gravity and other physical laws have other ideas.

  • man

    you guys should crash test cars

  • All of these drop test are ridiculous! They are about as useful as flipping two coins to find out which one is more inclined to come up heads with only one toss. Rubbish! Drop 100 devices from a carefully controlled and repeatable orientation and you might provide some useful data. Some people just enjoy breaking things.

    • Kassim

      I’m going to assume that you own and have been unlucky enough to drop your phones/mobile devices numerous times as have many others.

      What I’m wondering is this: was ALL the times you’ve dropped your phones identical? Did they all land in the exact same spot in the exact same manner? Or was it exactly as portrayed in the video – it simply comes crashing to the ground however it wants to, regardless of your feeble attempts to prevent it?

      As far as I am aware, these tests are not meant to be the “Euro NCAP” for mobile devices so, why in the world would they not do actual real world drop tests and resort to labs for that?!

      It’s nonsensical…

  • I think is test is much better made, though the conclusion is terribly biased towards the mini.


  • it should really be dropped accordingly. machine should be doing the dropping down. when we speak of dropping down front or face of the gadget it should really be dropping down its face to the ground as well as the back side, should be dropping down if backside on the ground. Yet, still the ipad showed strength and durability, body wise and its program. Yay! Long live ipad mini!

  • How I wish I can afford to purchase ipad mini, but in the meantime, all I have to do is to dream about it!

  • wow ! We linked your fantastic crash test on our blog http://www.appletvblack.com !

  • Kassim

    Why are people here constantly accusing these tests of being “scientific” and dismissing them as completely pointless in any way?

    These show (very basically) how the build quality of a variety of devices can be expected to compare to each other when put to this sort of torture.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but, to the best of my knowledge, no mobile device has EVER fallen identically consistently over a period of time in real life.

    Real world tests require real world conditions and therefore should be subject to real world physics.

    For. Crying. Out. Loud.

  • Captain Obvious

    Would be much more effective if you held the devices with only one hand instead of two. You could probably actually make the devices land face down, e.g., instead of wild-carding it with a two-hand drop.

    Of course, this anecdotal evidence is nothing more than begging for clicks. But it is what it is.

  • PeterBlood

    Personally I think dropping any digital mobile device should preferably be avoided at all costs no matter who makes it.

    Well my feckless Fandroid here is the review that lays to rest all your fruitless Nexus 7 boasting. Well of course it won’t because you always spin some desperate argument to the contrary. No fact will stand that contradicts your love of Android. The admission of any weakness and the slightest slight is unthinkable!

    Am I taunting you? Well yes, it’s just nice when the good guys win. ;)

    Read it and weep hard:
    InfoWorld reviews Apple’s iPad mini: Far superior; outclasses Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2


  • rjsh

    really stupid… doesn’t deserve any other comment

  • hey, personally i do not mind these drop tests, but for those who do i think ya should do something like giving the value of the tablets to charity or giving them away to us :p