iPad 3 vs ASUS Transformer Prime with Android 4.0: Gaming FIGHT!

by: Ankit BanerjeeMarch 19, 2012

There is an ongoing battle for world domination in the field of technology, which is especially prominent in the mobile phone and tablet industry. As it’s customary in such epic fights,  the best of the best are pitted against each other, and we, the spectators, witness how the process of natural selection takes its course (Over dramatic, I know, but essentially true).

In this segment, we will pit one of the best Android tablets currently available, the ASUS Transformer Prime, against the newly released iPad 3. And, the battlefield of choice is gaming! Introducing the ASUS Transformer Prime with Android 4.0 vs the iPad 3, running iOS.

This battle is more a competition of the powerful processors running the two devices, the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor in the Transformer Prime, against the A5X processor in the iPad 3. The carefully selected games  are Pinball HD, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, and SHADOWGUN. Each game has been created by the same developers for both the Android and iOS platform, which makes them ideal for showing off the potential of both devices.

So, moving on. Let’s FIGHT!

(All videos are courtesy of the guys at Slashgear who have taken the time to produce them. The setup: Stands for the tablets to keep them still, and a tripod to keep the camera still)

Pinball HD

Pinball HD is the highest rated pinball game on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. As it should be, having no competition in this area, at least as far as HD gaming goes.

Both the Transformer Prime and the iPad 3 performed excellently while playing this game. This only serves as a testament to how powerful their respective processors are. The only difference is the Android device took just a tad longer to load the game. The game also seemed to fit the screen of the iPad 3 better, mostly because it is tuned to work with a massive range of display sizes in the Android version. Other than these minor factors, it is very difficult to pick a winner considering the gameplay itself.

Result: Draw (with just the tiniest of leans towards the iPad 3)

Did you notice the Pinball HD “FOR TEGRA” tag on the Android version?

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

Asphalt 6 is a premier racing game developed by Gameloft for almost every operating system around, including iOS, Android, Bada, WebOS, and Blackberry Playbook. It provides excellent gameplay with a large variety of maps and cars to choose from, never leaving the user bored.

The better graphics on the iPad 3 are easily noticeable, mostly due to the developers ramping up the graphics to suit the Retina-display of the device, for the chance to be the featured app on the Apple App Store. So, it is not an entirely favorable comparison for the Android version, running on the Transformer Prime.

Gameplay is again excellent on both tablets, with very fast response times, giving us another reason to believe that these machines are truly the best of their kind.

Result: iPad 3 (Since it has the latest version of the game with superior graphics, and till developers further optimize the game for Android)


SHADOWGUN, a third person cover shooter, is a hugely popular game on both platforms featuring surprisingly detailed visuals and animation. In this face off, the latest versions for both devices are loaded, SHADOWGUN for iOS and SHADOWGUN THD for the Android version.

This time around, the advantage lies with the Android device, in part, due to the developers again. The developer of SHADOWGUN, Madfinger Games, worked in close collaboration with NVIDIA to provide near optimized gameplay for the Tegra 3 processor – the Android version features added effects, more environment action, and even a few more bad guys.

That being said, gameplay was extremely smooth on both devices. Both had glitches because of the amount of extra pixels on the iPad 3, and the higher detailing for the Android version.

Result: ASUS Transformer Prime (until a graphically enhanced version for iOS is released)


During the announcement of the iPad 3, Apple claimed that the A5X processor would perform four times better than the Tegra 3. It is difficult to draw a conclusion from this incredibly fun but highly unscientific comparison. Both tablets performed admirably and kept up with each other, with the difference lying only in the game development itself. There will be other benchmark and tests that will push these processors to their limits, but mobile gaming isn’t one of them.

The only conclusion that can be confidently drawn here is a WIN for gamers everywhere!

  • wonshikee

    The higher resolution is clearly apparent in the photos. If both run smoothly, you should give the win to iPad 2S considering it’s pushing 4x the pixels.

    Tegra line always seem to be first to hit the market, but never in the lead for very long… hopefully we’ll see something impressive from the others.

    • see post above for.more detail, but ill take better effects / graphics vs higher resolution anyday.. otherwise its like playing nintendo wii in.1080p vs a ps3 or xbox at same resolution ..

      • Agreed. But Apple could have had the best of both worlds if they hadn’t gone so high with the resolution. They overshot. If they could have had a resolution between the iPad2 and the new iPad, it would have been much better in a variety of ways.

      • Top Gear

        You’re comparing a set of games that are optimized for the Tegra 3 and not the A5X. At least get that flying game that launched with the new iPad and compare its details to these Tegra 3 games. Biased review.

        And any gaming test between the two is automatically won by the iPad since it actually has GAMES that don’t suck and are numerous in numbers. I mean seriously, didn’t all these games launch with the Tegra 3? As in there haven’t been any new launches since? You gotta be kidding me.

        • just as it’s comparing a 2011 tablet with a “still hot from the oven ” 2012 tablet
          apple could come up with it’s best , i wouldn’t buy , it’s their corporate philosophy and push over attitude i dont like

  • Darktanone

    This is a nice early test, but as more optimized apps are released for the iPad, I believe we’ll see it distancing itself from the competition.

    • And more optimized software will come out for the Prime with ICS as well. Optimizations might make more of a difference with the Tegra 3 because of the 12 core GPU vs the four core GPU on the new iPad. Though I guess it depends somewhat on latency issues with instruction code. I’m not a game developer so I might be wrong.

      • Jared Johnson

        12 core GPU since when?

  • you all assume the ipad will get improved effects like the tegra3 versions, but the extra gpu power it has vs the ipad 2 are to push out the same details at higher resolution, so there probably will be NO new effects abilities with the new ipad…Take a lesson from PC gaming ;-) higher resolution sometimes means sacrificing effects to keep up with the same framerate of lower resolutions with better/more effects.. higher resolution isnt always the best experience..

    • Top Gear

      The A5X has much more powerful graphical processing then the Tegra 3.

      • maybe but the processing power is used at things users wont notice after 3h of usage

  • DumAmerican

    Blah Blah Blah! I conclude that Nerds Unite !
    We are all winners (except some nerds :( _)(_ )<—)
    Boys play with Android and Girls play with Ipads
    Framerate Flamerate ! And whats with all the 7 inch stuff out?
    Sound like Santa coming to kick the chimney down cause you been hacking into his laptop to change it so your on the "Good" list when it comes to Christmas . He cause you BuddY :
    Hes PISSED

  • Apple=CompletePackage

    One massive point to observe is that the graphics processor of iPad has to take care of Retina display, unlike the transformer. Still iPad is winning! Really cool..

  • Jjjjllll

    The only thing i am comparing is how many free games i am getting……..)
    They are both good machine.. I had both….

  • Xprise

    There is only 1 iOS tablet so all iOS games are optimalized for iPad

  • Decepticon Prime

    This is a case of Alien vs Predator. “Whoever wins, we lose”. The “we” is PC gaming as a whole.

  • Thremix

    All I know is when tetra 2 came out, it was the BIG boy on the block, super powerful, amazing! That not only lasted 5 months, but all tetra 2 tablets seem dated, old, and slow… They never ran android smoothly… While,the iPad 1 still performs adequately.

  • Kfd


  • wx

    A review to tell me that you guys dont know which one is best and at what things, well, neither do i, that’s why i came here in the first place, and that’s what a review should be for anyway, Why make a review then if the conclusion is that there are no conclusions?