How does iOS8 change things for Android? Is Apple a bigger threat now?

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 6, 2014



This week Apple announced the biggest update to its software platforms in a long time. With iOS8 and OS X Yosemite, Apple did its best to plug some of the gaping holes in its defense against Android, and then some. Cupertino’s fantasy were in ecstasy when Craig Federighi announced custom keyboards, widgets, and cross-app sharing, but even Android fans had to admit that some of Apple’s announcements were very impressive.

Now that the dust has settled a bit, and we all had time to ponder, how will Android be affected by Apple’s improvements to its platform? Is the new iOS a real threat to Android? What impressed you the most? What do you wish Google had come up with instead of Apple? What annoyed you?

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Joe Hindy

It has been one touchy subject this week hasn’t it? It’s almost mind boggling how many people have taken personal offense to Tim Cook’s ravings on stage and it’s even more boggling as to how many people have taken personal offense to the improvements that iOS has made.

Nevertheless, there are some things about the announcement that I downright envy. The last couple of updates to Android have been very under the hood in nature. A lot of security enhancements and business-oriented things like cloud printing. Meanwhile, Apple is getting new consumer-level features that do actually look appetizing.

The feature that stuck out the most to me is the integration between OSX and iOS. The operating systems have the capacity to operate with or around one another on a level we’ve never seen between a desktop OS and a mobile OS. The ability to interact on that level and have it be a native feature instead of the result of a number of third party add ons or plugins is very attractive to me.

This stems from being a root user and a Windows user. Installing drivers is tedious and it doesn’t always work the first time which requires troubleshooting. Getting ADB drivers to work is an exercise in patience.

To put it bluntly, Android integration with desktop operating systems is terrible. Sure there’s HTC Sync or Samsung Kies, but those are like putting band-aids on a gunshot wound. It’s simply covering up the problem, not solving it.

Even though iTunes itself is a bloated piece of trash, the concept it represents is something I’ve always very much wanted on Android. I want to buy music on Google Music and download it. I would love a desktop application that allows me to manage my Google services outside of a browser. I would absolutely enjoy plugging in my Android phone to my Windows PC and have an elegant interface to manage it, my goodies. It would be even better if I could connect my phone to this interface and answer texts, emails, and phone calls using my computer.

The integration and evolution of computer-to-mobile is something Apple absolutely owns and truth be told, when I heard about the OS-level integration that lets you do even more with your iPhone and your laptop/desktop, I was quite jealous that I don’t have anything even close to that on Android.

Oh and Tim Cook can’t count apparently. That was kind of annoying. Otherwise, good for Apple. They’re catching up and they’re introducing features that catch them up to Android and with stuff like the OS integration, actually adding features that Google doesn’t have. Bravo, I hope Google responds at least a little bit.

Oh and the 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhones. That’s going to be interesting.

Robert Triggs

There’s nothing about iOS8 that could possibly annoy me in the way that it seems to have riled up some people. Competition over software is a great thing for consumers, as hopefully it will encourage Google and the Android OEMs to up their game once more.

However, Apple’s continual condescending attitude towards Android is hard not to find contemptible. Especially when Cook tries to talk about emerging markets like China and spews utter nonsense about malware or innovation. His comments have shown him up to be a corporate stooge rather than a visionary, I can’t take him seriously after that performance.

Looking past the cringe worthy presentation, which too many companies are guilty of these days, and the painful Dre cameo, iOS8 seems like a well-rounded update which finally brings iOS in line with many existing Android features, and actually makes one or two improvements over Android. The closer integration between OSX and iOS is probably my favourite touch. Then again, I’ve been using AirDroid for the past few years to do virtually the same thing. I don’t care for gimmicks like Samsung’s SHealth, so Apple’s HealthKit is equally lost on me.

On a more positive note, HomeKit sounds a little more forward thinking, embracing smarter homes is a great idea. Although, if Apple locks compatible hardware behind its own proprietary systems, as it usually does, then I won’t be interested.

Overall, iOS8 is a big meh from me. There’s nothing revolutionary in there, but it’s sure to keep Apple users happy and Google on its toes.

Gary Sims

As I don my flame proof suit and start typing, I am wondering if there is any way I can write about iOS 8 without using phrases like “Apple is touting old ideas as new features” or “It only took 8 major version releases for iOS to get predictive typing.” I will try my very best…

But let’s start with what is good about iOS 8. We must recognize that iOS is used by millions of people on a daily basis. Anything that Apple does to improve their daily smartphone and tablet experience is a good thing. And iOS 8 will certainly do that.

There are a couple of features which actually look quite good. If Apple manages to implement the new continuity features and make them usable, then that could be quite cool. Also the quick access to key people feature is nice. Having a list of favorite or starred people isn’t new, but putting it in such a prominent place in the UI is neat.

That was the good points… I often ask myself, has Apple lost its mojo? Steve has gone, Tim Cook is just businessman. He is an excellent CEO in terms of his business acumen, but he ain’t Steve. Is Sir Jonathan Ives going to fill the gap? I just don’t know.

But one thing is for sure, when I watched the iOS 8 presentation I was left with the dreadful feeling that Apple just doesn’t have “it” any more. I mean just look at these so called new features: Interactive notifications, yes I have had those on Android for a long time. Predictive typing (or QuickType in Apple speak), again Android had that a looooonnnnngggg time ago. iCloud and iOS 8 photos with “Smart Editing”, I am not even going to comment.

I don’t have a problem with Apple adding these things to iOS 8, it should. Photos, Cloud Storage, Interactive Widgets, Predictive typing, these are all things that have been available for a long time on other platforms including Android, Linux and Windows. And not just from Google, but from a whole range of different suppliers.

Where I have a problem is that Apple makes such a big thing about it. They should just quietly add these features and then go on to announce the new stuff, the innovations, the stuff that will push Apple forward.

For example, at one point Craig Federighi was talking about the iPad’s email app. Up pops a photo of Sir Jony Ive, sporting Craig’s hair! “This would be a good time to demonstrate the quick delete feature,” says Craig. Just swipe the message across and it is deleted. Wow! Where did they get that idea from? True innovation! But the photo of Ive was funny, I must admit!

Here is a direct quote from Apple’s iOS 8 preview site: “What makes iOS 8 the world’s most advanced mobile operating system? It’s the details. The innovations. The complete experience.” Who writes this stuff? Apple adds Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/ to iOS, and then tweaks its messaging app to act like Whatsapp and the company has the cheek to say, “It’s the details. The innovations.”

What is even more worrying is that Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 6 later this year. If all Apple can do is copy what is already out there then I dread to think what the iPhone 6 will be. It can see it now. “The iPhone changed the smartphone and now we have gone one step further, now it has a big screen.”

Having said all of that, there is one area where Apple continues to be head and shoulders above the rest – its marketing. Only Apple could add old ideas to a new release of iOS and call it innovation. Brilliant marketing.

Bogdan Petrovan

Apple just took a huge leap forward in my opinion, and with the larger phones that are reportedly coming this year, it will really give Android a run for its money.

I don’t care much about who stole what and who was first. Truth is Android owes a lot to iOS, even if it’s been on its own way for the past couple of years, and I don’t see a problem in Apple borrowing features for its own use, from Google and from developers in the Android ecosystem. I am however annoyed Apple’s insistence to dis Android (and other rivals) on stage, which is hypocritical, dishonest, and sometimes downright silly. Plus, it really makes them look insecure.

Back to the features, I would focus more on the new stuff that Apple added to its platform, then on custom keyboards and sharing between apps, which are just ways for iOS to catch up with Android. The continuity stuff and the voice calling from Macs looks super interesting, and features like these will go a long way cementing Apple’s ability to lock users into its ecosystem.

Is Android in danger? Not really, but I do see Apple gaining some ground in the future in market share, especially in North America.

But Android is still the stronger, more feature rich platform in my opinion, and with Google I/O coming in two weeks, I think it’s only going to get better soon. The cross-platform multitasking (Project Hera) could be Google’s alternative to Apple’s continuity, and besides that, I think Android Wear will really make the Android ecosystem more powerful and more attractive. Not to mention Google’s ever growing lead in cloud services, which is Apple’s biggest weakness in my opinion.

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  • Corey Watford

    I love those choices in the poll s/ lol. How bout a “Competition is great, and this will improve both iOS and Android for the near future” really feel those choices are quite bias.

  • Aniruddh

    Almost everyone reading this blog, or any other blog related to Android/iOS is a ‘techie’. We keep track of the announcements, the releases, and the features. As the commentators pointed out, Apple has began implementing some of the features that have been in Android for a long time. One commentator on G+ went as far as to say that iOS 8 compares to Froyo when it comes to features.
    But does the average Joe, the consumer who is actually using the phone know that Android has predictive typing? These little things, that are important are overlooked. None of the advertisements I have seen points out these little software enhancements that make Android such a good OS. Everyone wants to tout their camera, their screen, their build quality because that is what is manufactured by them. No one points out these seemingly superficial details. Samsung has created some great anti-Apple commercials (especially the retina-thingy one) but why not focus on these little details?

    The only thing that really interests me is the integration. But I doubt Microsoft will be willing to work with Google and integrate Android with it Windows, though integrating it with Ubuntu is an option. But there are always workarounds. Chrome has a good user base and now supports apps that are not confined within the browser window. Why not take advantage of that and integrate Chrome deeply with Android.

    All in all, I think the biggest factor that comes into play with any business is marketing. And knowledge. Consumer knowledge. If consumers don’t know that you have those small features that make your life easy, they won’t switch. Reach out to them. Inform them. And I’m sure that if every OEM starts to focus on the little things and increase consumer knowledge about the different ecosystems, they will listen and respond.

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      I am not a “techie”.

      • Aniruddh

        I did say ‘almost’ all

        • cee

          What do you mean by techie? Do you mean the knobs who work in IT? They don’t know jack!

    • Maranello Santiago

      Its brand perception that blinds people. We know part of it has to do with marketing. Such and such brand cant be better than Apple even if it has more features.

  • retrospooty

    @ R. Triggs. “There’s nothing about iOS8 that could possibly annoy me in the way that it seems to have riled up some people. Competition over software is a great thing for consumers, as hopefully it will encourage Google and the Android OEMs to up their game once more.”

    This is so true. I don’t get why people get riled up. I don’t get why this very article uses the word “threat”. If there were no viable alternative, any tech would stagnate. Competition drives innovation and lower prices, and we all win. There HAS to be competition. This is a good thing and it will help to push Google to keep improving Android and we all win.

  • Jayfeather787


    • RarestName

      I love using mine!

    • Gator352

      iTerd with iOShit 8

  • I thought your going to be a Apple lover in early sentences of this article, but damn.. I can’t wait for Google I/O and looking forward to the new Android..

    what?? I even didn’t say anything about Apple & its IOS 8 improvements LOL.

    • Gator352

      OOOOPS! :)

  • MasterMuffin

    It’s still just a 4″ threat ;D But seriously, iOS is no bigger threat than it was before

    • Guest123

      As long as iOS only runs on apple’s hardware and apple maintains only a few current devices it’ll always be second or further down the rung, but apple clearly can make enough cash in that position thus I guess it must not matter to them.

      • MasterMuffin

        For now it doesn’t

    • Matevz

      Its getting bigger… What happened to that “super perfect size for a thumb” apple was so proud of and bashing Android for huge screen sizes… Now they are slowly (slowly) adapting to 5inchers…

    • Jusephe

      Yeah I also think iPhone is a no threat to low-end phones.

      • renz


    • Gator352

      I could shit between two pieces of glass, add skittles for icons, and add a speaker that has nothing but fart ringtones to compete with apple…..and win!

      • MasterMuffin

        Are you a wizard? o.O

        • Gator352


  • Tiaan Kruger

    As an Android user: it was super MEH…. Nothing we havent seen before. Except the integration with desktop, that part is pretty epic. And its going to be hard for Android to mach that.

    As a developer: thank you! This opens up so many options on iOS for us developers. this is pretty damn huge

    If I had an iDevice: This is pretty big improvement, double thumbs up

    And as a general consumer: an innovative thing or 2, and forces google to do even more with Android. Meaning better and better stuff in general. Competition is good

    • mobilemann

      “Nothing we havent seen before.”

      then you didn’t watch the keynote. Why talk about technology, when you only use a fraction of it? what a joke.

      • Gator352

        Well it seems Apple up until this point hasn’t used any new technology worth a damn unless your an apple fanboy. And what they have implemented or about to implement is a complete rip off from other manufacturers pretending they invented it. They’re a joke.

        • mobilemann

          the last two year’s apple have seem to have done fuck all. That’s the reason so many people are actually excited this time around. You seem to think i care like these guys are sports teams, they aren’t, i don’t. There are a few things directly lifted from android (which is awesome, as they needed those features, badly) but that doesn’t bother me at all. Some really exciting new stuff too. And, it will push google to think about improving GPU performance if apple is getting better frame rates on existing hardware. We’ll see. I’m excited, because i’m a fan of technology, and not a little pussy.

          • daniel hariri

            you mean improving that A7 GPU? that thing a trash now… you are literally far behind trust me.. read more

          • mobilemann

            Its not, I don’t.:) why not post links to support your claims? I do here all the time.

          • Jim

            The 64-bit A7 blows away the best chips on any current Android phone. You sir haven’t a clue. Just go to and check out the Note 3 or GS5 reviews and look at how in most of the benchmarks the iPhone 5s is in (it’s not in all of them), it gets the highest scores even though it’s 10 months old.

        • Jim

          Pretending they invented it? At what point did Apple say or how did they pretend they invented things like predictive keyboards or widgets?? They didn’t. You guys imagine they do and then rip on them for something you imagined. They are showing off new features FOR IOS. NOT all new features the world has never seen.

        • cee

          HaemorRoid, if apple have nothing new, why did Scr-U-gle drop the sidekick for a cheap knock-off of ios?

          For every HaemorRoid, widgets were around on osx before google leased there search algorithm

          As I have been asking on this site for the last year can one of you name one innovation that google has ever come up with? No one has been able to name one!

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      It won’t be hard for Android to match desktop integration thanks to Chrome OS.

      • Tiaan Kruger

        Yes and no. You cant quite istall and run all the stuff you can on a normal pc. Ok, you can use VMs and other such trick, but its not quite the same. For a basic user it might be fine, power users not so much. It is definitely a step in the right direction though

      • AnonGuy

        Lol @ Chrome OS.

      • cee

        Chrome, haha

  • bob

    no one even mentioned swift or metal…

    jesus, Worldwide DEVELOPER conference!

    they werent introducing consumer features, they were giving a preview of new oses and introducing DEVELOPER features.

    fora full list of consumer features you’ll have to wait till september, along with bigger screens and iwatch. so basically we dont even know half the story…

    but i guess nor google nor android community doesnt really care for developers…

    • Kapil

      Of course we do! Without developers there will be no smartphones.

  • Anonymous

    I personally believe stock Android needs 3 things to make it perfect;
    1. Audio output via micro USB. There should be an Android standard so that way it works with all Android phones. I agree, Android desktop integration should be like that of a flash drive and for Mac, it isn’t.
    2. Instant messaging for sms/mms. Anyone else notice how crappy it is to send a video via messenger applications? Oh Ya you can’t!
    3. Allow for manufacturer skins to be download able via play store. Not everyone wants the style of sense or touch wiz but some features may be worth downloading.

    • Guest123

      I can think of a few more things Android needs before it is “perfect.”

      • Anonymous

        True but these are my biggest gripes and I feel they are pretty obvious improvements.

        • Guest123

          No argument about obvious. There are a few that are obvious that google has ignored for a while. . . maybe at I/O.

          • Gator352

            I agree with this. Google has ignored quite a few thing that need addressing. Seems as if some of their core apps are still in beta.

          • Guest123

            I tend to git ride or freeze most all google stuff on my device due to:
            a. 3rd party apps performing better. . .
            b. google’s constant abuse of the battery for my personal data, location, etc. . .

            and somehow I get along just fine :)

          • mobilemann

            greenify (with root) and WLD go a long way.

          • AnonGuy

            I actually find I have more Google “bloatware” on my phone than Samsung bloatware, though Verizon just blows everyone out of the park when it comes to that.
            The inability to get any decent setup going where their services work well with a desktop OS/desktop apps is why I just don’t use Google Services. I use Android currently because the iPhone is too small and Windows Phone doesn’t have the apps I need. But given what Apple announced, if they release an iPhone with a 4.5″ or better screen, I’m not going to think twice about deleting my Google account and moving over.

    • Aniruddh

      I maybe wrong, but microUSB doesn’t support multimedia output/input (maybe!).

      • mobilemann

        um, mhl?

    • Matevz

      Sorry but the last one is just not possible. OEM specific applications/ features are not cross-compatible… For example, you can’t use hover feature from Galaxy Note 3 on AOSP ROM, or camera or many many others… It just doesn’t work. OR you have OEM ROM or AOSP…

      • David Gabel

        Agreed. That’s because HTC’s Sense and Samsung’s TouchWiz are NOT skins, nor are they just launchers. Sense and TW are Operating Systems based on Android, much like how Ubuntu is an operating system based on Debian. Android is the core OS, and OEMs will take that platform and make their own proprietary changes to it and release theirs for their devices.

        • mobilemann

          well, debian vs ubuntu is FAR more different than touchwiz vs aosp. (think package managers etc.) I viewed them more as close forks.

          • David Gabel

            Perhaps. However TW is not stock android with a launcher and a couple of features, it’s a full ROM all it’s own just like CM or PA. That’s what i was trying to really say in regard to the ROM vs skin when it comes to OEMs and their spins of Android. It was on XDA quite a while back too in one of their videos.

    • abazigal

      Android skins serve as a main differentiator in a market where Android smartphones already largely run the same OS and tap on the same bundled services. I doubt Samsung would be happy with letting say, a HTC One user download Touchwiz features like smart-stay, if that means one less consumer buying a S4 or note 3 phone.

  • jamie

    iOS OSX integration is meh for anyone not already in apple’s ecosystem

  • Tyler Littleman

    I would have assumed that someone (presumably Google) had coined the term “widget” a long time ago.

    • Guest123

      That word has been around a long long time. . . however, the US government seems OK with trademarking common words these days.

  • Stas

    Apple presented features which have been on market for a while! Greater part of them are Android’s merit. Sole innovation I saw, was possibility in real time to continue previously started work on one device on another one without any efforts.

    • Guest123

      Like Google was doing with Wave before they scrapped it? Just less cloud centric?

      • mobilemann

        those products are very, very far apart. Real time collaboration (wave) vs. document creation flexibility i guess? its’ a weird one.

    • mobilemann

      @disqus_bRCWxDD8L4:disqus um, home kit and metal? lol @ kids.

      • Gator352

        Home Kit and metal are nothing. lol @ morons.

        • mobilemann

          metal is huge. Home kit is smart. You’re a cheerleader. It must suck to base what you like on brand preference.

  • unknown

    #crapple nothing impress me not one bit #teamandroid will stay strong and dominate

    • Kapil

      Enough with Crapple or samsuck (or any other name as a matter of fact). Companies spend weeks trying to come with a name only for anonymous internet commenters to spoil it. How about we respect the work apple has done and hope that google sees WWDC and is preparing some big announcement.

  • Kapil

    There is no option in the poll that states – Both are on par, it’ll be an interesting fight. So, you have to choose one as superior. Someone’s trying to start a flame war here.

    • Gator352

      Your right. It’s sad they didn’t put a “I don’t care cause apple sucks.” in the poll.

      • mobilemann

        for this level of obsession, did apple sexually assault you as a kid? just wondering why you feel the need to be so pathetic.

        • Gator352

          Stating sexual assault about anyone is pathetic and childish within itself you tool. I bet you masturbate to Steve Job’s picture every night.

          • mobilemann

            so you think making fun of someone sexually is pathetic, then you immediately make fun of me in a sexual way. Impressive level of stupidity. Go crush some candy in a strangers van.

            if you’re going to attempt to zing back, please try to be funny. Thanks.

          • Gator352

            Zinging some one about sexual assault is completely different than zinging some ones sexuality. I suggest you take a sex ED class or something similar to know the difference you fuck tard.

          • mobilemann

            again, i asked you to at least be funny. People who respond to me need to either know what they are talking about, or be funny. you’re just pathetic.

    • mobilemann

      clicks to respond count for impressions. They get paid more when people flame. Which is why people like me who come and shit on idiot fanboys with knowledge, while at the same time generating many page clicks for them, get free rein.

  • blairh

    “Where I have a problem is that Apple makes such a big thing about it. They should just quietly add these features and then go on to announce the new stuff, the innovations, the stuff that will push Apple forward.”

    This is nonsense. Apple has every right to boast any feature they want. Regardless if it’s offered on another platform or not. There is literally no reason to be quiet about anything new they offer of value.

    • Gator352

      Let’s all rejoice that Apple is copying features from other platforms and offering it as something of value, especially when they tout it as innovation. NOT!

      • blairh

        You are a clueless. And you think Apple ‘sucks’ which says everything. Both Android and iOS are great.

        • Gator352

          I am a clueless? You mean I’m clueless. And yup, I think apple sucks. I’m using a 5s at the moment and would rather have Icy Hot slapped on my balls by a 2 dollar hooker than keep using it….

          • blairh

            I don’t care if you think Apple sucks. My main point is that Apple has no business keeping ‘quiet’ about anything they offer in iOS 8. And implying that they should is nonsense. And your comments are ridiculous and crass. If you don’t like your 5S sell it and move on.

          • Gator352

            My point is, is that Apple took on Samsung for “copying” and “patent infringement” creating all sorts of buzz that Apple is A #1. Now that Apple is “copying” some things from Android, it’s somehow miraculous and the Apple fans should rejoice! Most of what iOS has, Android has had for years.
            And yeah, Apple sucks. Can’t sell my iTerd as it’s a work phone. But my other 7 phones are Android so I don’t need to go anywhere.

          • mobilemann

            i’ll buy it off you gladly. Surely $100 is better than having icy hot slapped on your balls? You’re a fanboy, who doesn’t like the device he’s using because of the logo on it. It must suck to be so simple:(

          • Gator352

            No I don’t like it cause it’s too basic and childish and not even close to being anything professional. Wait….I’ll spell it out for you…

            iOS is C.H.I.L.D.I.S.H.

            Get it? Got it? Good!

          • mobilemann

            so you’re going to sell it to me? I have an ipad mini (ret) and i find the apps to be about twice as polished, with 100% adherence to UI guidelines. features in many apps (plex, icam, ifttt, hell, i even had siri driven control over my flatscreen a full two years before i got it working through autovoice on android, let alone autovoice working through google now)

            You play candy crush. iOS is great, one day you’ll get over it. (and perhaps even realize how competition is a good thing)

    • mobilemann

      “This is nonsense. Apple has every right to boast any feature they want. Regardless if it’s offered on another platform or not. There is literally no reason to be quiet about anything new they offer of value.”

      THANK YOU.

      i can’t tell you how many time’s i’ve read that idiot statement. For AA editors to say it, is shameful. If any company didn’t do their best to look as far ahead as possible, that companies marketing dept would be fired. (rightfully)

  • ddd

    Apple is worst company in the market because they design all products but they don’t make inside of the products such as display is made from LG ips lcd and camera is from Sony, and processor made from one company. What can they do? Nothing at all. Their ios is far away from android software like everything. They present ios 8 and they already copy from android software and whatallapp. Apple workers are hypocratic and jackass, asshole in the market. They want to copy other company to get better than others. If google sue apple, apple will be bankrupt no matter what. They don’t make nothing but other company make for apple.


    • Silicon Valley, CA

      What a troll. Apple just pretty much destroyed Android’s lead in customization from a consumers view. I mean sure you can tweak whatever the hell you want in Android, but the average consumer considers that a pain. I am extremely impressed by an app’s ability to use its own UI inside another app. I think that just cleaned the floor with the Android sharing experience especially now that you can finally share to anything. Apple usually sticks behind and waits as they have throughout their history, and then they come and topple everyone else, and this year’s WWDC was no exception. Hopefully Google has some good stuff up it’s sleeve because from a consumers view whatever lead Google had has vanished, and in most ways Apple has taken the lead because they copied Google but they did it better and in a way that only Apple could possibly do.

      • Gator352

        Oh shut up. I’m an Android guy but I’m using a 5s right the FOCK now. Customization? What? OOOOO! I can change the background and put apps in folders. I can turn fetch on or off and sync accordingly with certain apps. FUN stuff right there! Apps ability to use it’s UI in another app??? You have NO CLUE what you are talking about. They are talking about loosening some sandboxing restrictions so certain apps can talk to one another…..such as opening dropbox in the messaging app or opening any cloud storage in the email app natively amongst other things that Androids been doing for years. Apple sticks around and waits for Google, or other manufacturers, to come out with a feature to see if people like it. If they do then Apple steals the muther focker and implements it as a gift from God. Apple sucks ass and until you get with the program and understand what iOS is, you do too.

        • mobilemann

          then jailbreak, or go android if you want to tool around with the UI. (i have to root to get my android device how i want it, that’s also through an exploit, and basically the same thing. I like to keep one foot in both camps.

          And actually, you have no idea what YOU’RE talking about:D App extensions are not as limited as you think, however, i prefer not counting your chickens until those egg’s have hatched.

          “Apple sticks around and waits for Google, or other manufacturers, to come out with a feature to see if people like it.”

          yeah, like a true voice assistant? Like home kit? Like Metal? Like Family Share and Continuity?

          Face it, you, and half the other idiots who post here don’t give a flying fuck about actual tech. You care about the logo on the back of your phone, because you’re pathetic.

          • Gator352

            Listen here you tool. I got my 5s through work….but my Phone I use as my Daily driver is a NOTE 3 you moron. Home kit is just a set of API’s for Apple to…ahem….certify. Metal? Whatever. Family Share? I can do that and so much more with “stock” android than Apple would ever think of doing and Siri can suck my balls.

            I don’t care about the logo on my phone…’s my list of phones I own right the fuck now…:

            HTC One M7, Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy S4, Moto X, LG G2, and an….wait for it…. a 5s. And Apple sucks ass as much as you do.

            Just about everything since 2009 has been a copy of Android on iOShit. Face it, you just can’t handle your beloved Steve Jobs isn’t at the helm anymore snorting coke and doing PCP anymore huh?

            Oh and….Apple App extensions are a rip off and not worth the screen their printed on. So go back to mommy and beg her for more skinny jeans.

          • mobilemann

            metal is something android could really use, unless you don’t like GPU performance, which affects, every aspect of any phone. I use a note 3 too. I don’t care how many phones you own, because i don’t think you know fuck all.

            I’ve written jailbroken iOS launchers, and i’ve written widgets to control my home automation / TV / media server on android (which of course is fully voice automated as well); and i use my phone for work; i don’t just fap and facebook like you:D

            And you go on and on; i could have 2 fucks about apple; as a child would you think i have some brand loyalty, but i’m sorry kid, that’s for sad fucks like you:(

          • abazigal

            I don’t think Metal is something that would work well on Android. For one, Metal seems optimised for A7, and when you consider that Apple uses the same GPU from the same company (imagination VR?), it makes it very easy to code for as you are basically targeting a standardised set of hardware.

            It seems to me that any benefits would be eroded once you have to support multiple varying hardware for Android. Right now, Apple designs the CPU, but not the GPU, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is part of their master plan to control the design of their mobile processor from top to bottom.

          • mobilemann

            i feel like i should thank you for not just being an idiot like @Gator352:disqus:D While i do agree with you, there are only 4 mobile GPUs that i can think of (don’t kill me this is off the top of my head) PowerVR, Mali, Nvidia, and i’m not sure if Mali uses a custom solution or just uses Power and Mali?

            And i took it as more of a framework that GPU’s would be very integrated with, like OpenGL / DirectX but further optimized for a very small set of GPU’s. You make an excellent point however.

          • Gator352

            Your a tool. I love pissing off guys that think they know everything. :D

          • mobilemann

            You got caught told by someone who knows way more than you:) if fanboys made me mad I wouldn’t post here.

          • Gator352


          • mobilemann

            The point was you don’t know nearly enough about what you’re talking about to even engage. You need to go back to the kids table.

          • Gator352

            Yes daddy. Only if you stop touching my sister……

  • Furqan

    i think its for great apple but this is not to be cmpeted with android bcz in android mobiles usb slot pick by samsung and some other devuices and if apple shoudl stable in market then in iphone 6 usb slot and new video audio softwares is should be first priority for apple and change its software if it is same in next phone then i think samsung is forward

  • Furqan

    and second one that the apple should be install applications lock like in messages contacts in videos and audios software in ios in new version of ios 8 it is very nesseccary for apple

  • Maranello Santiago

    One feature Android should’ve had is to able to be able to respond to text without leaving an app. With that said, I’m not interested in IOS, nor Apple for the matter. Seemless integration with a PC OS would be cool, but maybe the nerd in me is OK. Setting some phones up to root is worse than others. Rooting the Note 3 is easy. The thing to be potentially excited about is what Android will bring next.

    • mobilemann

      rooting should never be hard. If rooting requires an exploit, then you’re basically in the same boat as an iOS user.

      • Maranello Santiago

        The LG Optimus L9 was something else. MOST difficult phone to root/unlock the bootloader i ever used. I was successful in unlocking it, but a lot of people failed, including me on the first try. Worse phone I ever had, as far as wanting to run custom roms/kernels.

        • mobilemann

          Sorry you had that happen man. I run a 900a, which has root, but not a (real) custom recovery (we have safe strap, which can flash other TW roms, but we can’t change our kernel)

          It can be very annoying.

  • monkey god

    The way I look at it is the more new stuff they pack into iOS8, the more stuff will eventually trickle to Android users. The useful parts anyways. And this works both ways.

  • shmoops

    I’ll tell you how i know ios 8 will change things for android….I’m seeing this type of article on android sites a lot since the keynote. For years I’ve seen nothing but snark after a new ios announcement and for the most part, it was warranted…I’ve also seen a lot of commenters saying they will give the iPhone a shot as long as the 6 is at least 4.7 inches.

    I had my two years w/ android starting with the galaxy nexus. I really loved tinkering and waiting for jailbreaks became tedious. But now I’m more concerned with overall experience. (A new baby will seriously cut down on tinkering and flashing time.)

    Ios 8 has leveled the field in some ways and continuity has helped them pass android in some ways. As for the missing features, well those are the things that are prob more noticed by root users, not the typical consumer.

    For now, I want ease of use and that’s why my next phone will be the iPhone 6. I’m using ios 8 right now. I had my ah ha moment today when I went to Starbucks today and my phone knew I was there and put up my Starbucks card icon next to the camera slider on the lockscreen. I swiped up and it took me right my card to pay for my order. Cut my usual steps in half. Easy and enjoyable. Just waiting on apple to send me an email saying I’m good to download osx 10.10 beta and I’ll get all the other features that will make my tech life more streamlined and enjoyable.

    Still looking forward to I/O. Love mobile tech and I’m always looking for Another company to make me want to switch.

  • AndroidBrian

    Android has had some of these features for awhile. Androids problem is they allow 3rd party apps to do some of there work. All these ROMs are great and Google is slow or chooses to never adopt some of these features. Replying to a message from a notification without leaving your app is something clearly almost everybody could use. This function has been available for a couple years on android. Google has never had this in there default message app. Users (mostly apple users) want these functions from there default message app and they don’t want to search for a third party app. They want the phone to be ready to use out of the box.

    IOS8 looks pretty good. I actually want to try it out. First time I’ve said that since I sold my iPhone 3g.

  • Lodovik

    It’s interesting to see how Android and iOS are converging toward each other. iOS is ultrasecure, to the point of being sometimes less practical to use. On the other hand, Android et wide open and this is causing numerous instabilities and security issues.
    Now, with iOS8, Apple seems to be less strict on sandboxing apps and they are implementing ways for apps to communicate between each other and share information and services. They’ll have to cope with more security issues but I think that it’s easier to start with a secure system and add more features than the other way around (like Android).
    On Android, Google is apparently closing the system little by little, removing the freedom that was its principal advantage. The external microSD is becoming less and less useful and security is tightening. Android is a free for all of OS versions, drivers, devices that is growing in all the directions at the same time. There is only one way to correct this and this will break a lot of apps and leave behind a lot of devices. It’s starting to happen since the last few versions of Android. There’s no question about that: Android will face a more challenging battle.

  • Groud Frank

    iOS 8 has just added or partially implemented some Android features that have been available for years and all of a sudden they’ve closed the features gap? Okay… There were two things that impressed me at WWDC. The first was the continuity feature and the other was the announcement of SWIFT. Continuity is something I “envy” and I think it’s very practical, useful and awesome. Google needs to capitalize on this. I don’t care much for Chromebooks and Chrome OS but Google needs to dip their toes in the Deskop game. Take a base like Debian or Fedora and make a great, fully featured desktop OS. You have the design prowess to make it sexy, you have the resources to make it good and you have the influence to push it hard to the world. Get on it Google!

  • abazigal

    I am surprised that no mention was made of features like extensibility, or their new metal API whatsoever.

    Likewise, I am even more surprised that for a self-proclaimed tech-savvy group of readers, there is very little discussion of the manner in which Apple has opted to implement these features, and the respective pros and cons of each. It seems that everyone is jumping on the “Apple copied Android” bandwagon simply because their features seem to share similar functionality on the surface, while completely ignoring their workings under the hood, which I feel is no less important. No offence, but this strikes me as being rather shallow and superficial.

    For instance, extensibility will apparently have apps communicating with one another via a sandbox, which is quite different from Android, where apps just share information freely. 3rd party keyboards is the most obvious one – you will still default back to the Apple keyboard when typing in secure fields (like alphanumeric passwords), network access is disabled by default, and features which affect the cursor, like swype selection, flat out won’t be available. It seems to me here that Apple’s own take is sufficiently distinct from Android’s that a robust and constructive debate can be focused around it, without having to degenerate into petty name-calling. Already, people can write a multi-page treatise on the merits and limitations of such a feature.

    It seems to me that Apple is clearly still innovating at the system level. They are deeply rethinking how these features ought to work in a modern setting, and developing it from the ground up. They recognise that users want options, but don’t necessarily want to give up security and privacy for it, hence their desire to implement it in a manner that makes the best compromise between open and closed (in terms of benefits).

    Discuss. :D

  • s2weden2000

    L 0 L..faPple boys

  • ddd

    Apple is worst company in the market because all apple products don’t make own like display made from LG ips lcd and camera is made from Sony, processor is made from one company. What can they do? Nothing at all.
    Their ios is far behind from android os and apple present ios 8 and they copy most of android software so they think that they are better than any other company. HELL NO AND THEY ARE HYPOCRATICS AND THEY MADE MASSIVE MISTAKE FOR IOS 8. If google sue apple then apple will be bankrupt no matter what.


    • abazigal

      What can google sue Apple for? If you want to be pedantic about it, many of those features first originated as 3rd party apps / extensions for Android. Google can maybe take credit for making Android open enough to make all these possible, but they certainly didn’t come up with the ideas themselves either.

  • Android Developer

    I think this video sums things a bit:

  • Rijoenpial

    People who use hangouts, and Google Keep, and Gmail, and whatnot, already have continuity… The phone call thing is just for very, very lazy people…And guess what, Windows has the ability to pair ANY phone to receive calls on Windows… Android, because of its open-source nature and multi-OEM releases, with multiple scree sizes, screen types, etc, has much more cross-platform connections than people think… I can start an e-mail on any platform with Gmail and continue it later on on another platform… It is called ‘Drafts’ on Gmail… Google Keep is the same… I can have notes, full texts, etc, anywhere, everywhere… And I do not need ONE OEM products to do so! THAT is why for me Android will always win, because you can have a SAmsung phone, a Sony tablet, and a Toshiba Chromebook and you are set! SO, all these ‘new’ features on iOS are just for iOS users and sure thing, their goal is to close people up in their ecosystem even further… I could not care less about MacOS, since most software I use is not compatible, nor the hardcore gaming I play… The rest, Android has it and much, much more starting on diversity, affordability, and market penetration and share increase… Nevertheless, I am far more curious about Google I/O where true innovationa actually takes place, not in the geriatric asylum at Cupertino… Cheers

  • Major_Pita

    Most of the improvements benefit iOS users who have Macs and are deeply plugged into Apple’s ecosystem. Neither of which are ever going to happen for me. If this made iOS a decent stand-alone platform that was desktop agnostic and could work with Windows or Linux I’d consider it…maayybee – if it never had to touch an Apple service or piece of Apple hardware. Not ever likely.

  • dro_ID

    Apple is a huge hypocrite copycat now…

  • AnonGuy

    I’m going to ditch my Note 3 if the iPhone 6 has a 4.5″ or larger screen. Haters are going to hate. If you think it was meh, then more power to you. But what Apple announced was a huge usability upgrade for their devices and mobile platform in particular. If that iPhone has a bigger screen, I’m out of here, and I’m never going to look back.
    Google should take a page out of Apple’s book. For one release, just one… Put the consumer first and really focus on usability and fill in the gaps in their APIs, Software, and Services.

  • Alex Hernandez

    I don’t understand the whole desktop integration, maybe I should watch the keynote. Anyways with android being so powerful I don’t use neither my iMac or windows laptop for anything other then quickbooks. I think the way googles cloud based software works it’s good enough integration for me, and I run a business from my android. Between drive, g+, photos, keep, hangouts, and chrome sync i don’t see the need for my phone to communicate directly with my desktop. Like I said I only need my desktop/laptop for quickbooks. Am I missing something? I’m not trying to say what apple is going to bring isn’t good, i’m just trying to understand it without having to waste my time watching a keynote.

  • gommer strike

    For all the things we can say that the features in OS8 are stuff we’ve all seen before –

    I wonder what things to come will be a direct result of this new Swift developer kit that Apple’s come out with. If Apple just keeps on making it easier and easier for developers…how will they react? What will they do?

  • indio7777

    Two words: Project Ara

    Google already smashes iOS 8; now it’s going after hardware from the ground up.

    Apple? Meh.

  • Dewayne Williams

    I Give It To Apple stepping the game up But just Think about what the ceo of apple had in plan u don’t Know what steve jobs Had plan but samsung is still around so when it come to software no one can bet them no way no how.

  • Jim

    When Apple shows off “new” features, they are NEW TO iOS. At no point does Apple pretend predictive keyboards and reply within notifications is a new feature for the world. Why do Apple haters insist on pretending Apple acts in a way it doesn’t? Of course they will show off new features with a smile, because they are great new features to iPhone and iPads!

  • bodyman

    whatever Apple do, Android remains the best mobile OS, google have more experiences than Apple is software