How “Wireless” Really Are iOS Software Updates?

by: Matthew SabatiniNovember 23, 2011
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Earlier last week, iOS users began to update to version 5.0.1. The newer version of iOS 5 is supposed to give increased battery life to the iPhone family. However, for some users, that was clearly not the case. Some of the issues were:

Cannot Update Without Wi-Fi

Cannot Check for Update

Cannot Install Update

Clearly, there are a few flaws in the iOS over-the-air updating system. However, these problems didn’t happen to everyone, but a good deal of people were experiencing some updating errors.

In addition to these errors, some also observed that one cannot update the device without being connected to Wi-Fi.  Apple’s main reason for doing this is not to annoy the heck out of you. The iOS 5.0.1 update file is bigger than 50 MB all by itself. If you don’t have unlimited data, that update will be taking a huge chunk out of your limit. On the other hand, if you do have unlimited data and you’re out and about, don’t expect to be getting this update until you get back to Wi-Fi.


Now that iOS allows for over-the-air updating, this is not much of a deciding factor in the Android vs. iOS competition. However, we have seen a few flaws in the iOS updating process in addition to the Wi-Fi mumbo jumbo. Finally, if you think this is a flaw in iOS, check out other security flaws that iOS reportedly comes with.

  • AppleFUD

    Apple sucks at software. They always have and it seems embedded in their DNA.

    People can say how “polished” apple products are but the reality is, they have yet to release anything without major problems, and the hilarious part to that is, they release one device at a time–one iphone per year! It’s not like they are coding for a plethora of devices, but they can NEVER get it right out of the box–by the time they get it working properly they’re releasing the next iphone and the cycle starts all over again.

    And they want to say other platforms are buggy?

    Last time I used a Mac–just a year and a half ago. . . it was the buggies POS I’ve used in a long time. Yeah, you don’t have to restart it because it just crashes and restarts on its own, very often.

    “It Just Works” My f’n butt!

    • Anonymous

      This is true of everybody. It’s the nature of software. Apple is considered good at software because they make intuitive UI’s and it’s smooth and efficient. Not because it’s perfect.

  • sakinah1

    Siri, why can’t iOS devices be updated over cellular networks?