July 5, 2010
AppStore HQ breakdown

AppStore HQ breakdown

A really interesting piece from the AppStore HQ blog has emerged. Sure, it is designed to promote their brand, but the findings are rather interesting. According to the company, iOS developers out-number Android developers more than 4:1. Around 10% of Android developers also develop for the iOS, but a measly 3% that develop for the iOS actually develop for Android too.

There has been talk of a ‘war’ between Android and iOS for the future of mobile smartphone computing. It would certainly seem as though this dichotomy is echoed in the development world too. Personally, I find this hard to get my head around, primarily because money is money, regardless of whether it is from iPhone users or Android users. Make a great application for the iPhone, Android users are going to love it too. That is a whole new market and one well worth exploiting if you are a profit motivated developer.

Ok, so we know it isn’t as simple as *pow* and there is the Android version of my iOS application I made. Plenty of companies do not have the resources to make the switch quite so easily. But with so much money floating around in the app development world, its got to be worth it though, right? Venture capital, anyone?

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.
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