iOS app launched by Google to control your Chromecast

by: Brad WardAugust 27, 2013


Google’s Chromecast dongle has been a huge success thus far, at least for Android users. iOS users haven’t had the luxury of the Chromecast app, but the tables seem to be turning, as Google just launched the Chromecast app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can grab the app from the App Store here. Of course, you may not have or even know what a Chromecast is.

It’s basically a cheap way to stream content from your phone, tablet, or even computer straight to your TV. It’s certainly becoming extremely popular, and it’s just another way that Google might be winning the fight for your living room. Not sure about the device? Check out our video review:

Alright iOS users, was the app helpful in setting up your Chromecast? Sound off in the comments!


  • LordCupcake

    This would be useful for me…if I had a Chromecast…or an iPhone.

  • kascollet

    I understand Chromecast is a cheap device (35$), but iOS/Mac users have had built-in AirPlay in their devices and computers for years. Yes I know Apple TV is more expensive (99$) but it makes much much more than the Chromecast and it even works with a simple app on any Mac. I’m not quite sure this will attract many people unless the local limitations are lifted (being able to stream from the device itself to the TV).

  • bob

    who writes this shit?

  • Daniel

    Chrome cast is in stock on bestbuy right now

  • Chromecaster

    The APP needs to have the capability for users to change WIFI networks if necessary without rebooting the entire Chromecast device.

  • Cristi13

    Hmm, let me see, there will be again wp users who will also want an app from google?

  • abazigal

    I already have an Apple Tv at home.

    Currently, I can airplay a show playing from my ipad or iphone to my Tv, minimise the process and still use my IOS device for some other purpose like surfing the net or playing a game, while the show streams in the background. And a fair number of video streaming apps already support airplay (definitely more than those who also support chromecast).

    You want to mirror chrome tabs, I too can display my safari browser on the TV using airplay-mirroring.

    Alternatively, I could stream a show stored on my desktop to my ipad using the air-video app, then airplay that show to my HD-TV. The result is that I can effectively stream any local content stored on my PC in another room directly to my TV. Last I checked, Google expressly disabled such a feature.

    Tell me again how Google is winning the fight in my living room by hawking cheaper but inferior hardware? Considering that Netflix isn’t even available outside of the US, I am not even getting what I am paying for with the Chromecast.

    Chromecast definitely shows the potential to evolve into something much greater if enough developers jump on board, but for the moment at least, I simply don’t see the point of owning one, unless you simply want a cheap means of watching youtube on your Tv (netflix will eventually cost you anyways, and useless outside of the US unless I take the trouble to VPN in and apply for a US-based credit card).