iOS 5 Hacked, Jailbroken Within 24 Hours

by: Darcy LaCouveeJune 9, 2011

Almost every time some one asks me why I have an Android phone, I tell them it’s because it’s fast, it’s highly customizable, and it’s a multitasking powerhouse. They almost always say the same thing, “Android’s not secure, like, all that malware and stuff.” It reminds me why sometimes it’s better to keep silent then be known for having a decent understanding of what today’s technology is all about.

But the truth is, all digital data is accessible. Nothing is safe. Not even your precious iPhone or iPad. Sure, Android has malware, and it probably always will. The same too exists for Apple, but in a different way. For the millions of people that have jailbroken their devices, there is malware. To anyone that uses a browser to check their email, facebook, or banking stuff, there’s sophisticated MOM (man-in-the-middle) attacks. The reality of the situation is that we, and our data, are only as secure as we are. Installing apps from an sketchy source? Downloaded a nice sounding anti-virus program called MacDefender for your Mac? Woops. My point is simply that we are often the reason why our data becomes compromised – not the OS we choose to use.

Anyway, to illustrate how inherently insecure iOS 5 is, we’ve just received new reports that it has already been hacked. This is no easy feat as it hasn’t even been released yet. iOS 5 apparently comes with 1500 APIs and 200 new features. Among them, approximately 10 have been dubbed “the ones to help Apple beat Android.”

Android-esque UI elements like notifications, and being able to access more information from the lock screen are among them. Still, it’s music to our ears to hear that iOS has already been hacked. A member of the iPhone Dev Team revealed through Twitter that iOS 5 was susceptible to an exploit, limera 1n, which targets a vulnerability in the iOS 5 boot software.

MuscleNerd, who pointed out this matter describing himself as ‘iPhone hacker’ on his twitter profile, said “iOS 5 jailbroken on ipt4g … via limera1n + tethered boot” on his tweet. He also posted two photos of the jailbreak OS 5, with one of them showing iPhone’s home screen as the proof.

Apple said it plans to release a final version of iOS 5 this Fall. That’s a long way away Apple fans. Good luck with that.

Hackers Tweet

  • 8PAQ

    Do you even realize that jailbreaking an iPhone means that you have to wilfully download jail-breaking software onto your PC and then connect your iPhone and then it will basically root it. Same thing as with Android phones. What people complain about when talking about Android malware is that their Android phones get hacked without people’s knowledge while they run one the typical lame Android apps they downloaded. Totally different thing from willingly jail breaking your own phone. The point is that Android sucks because anyone can upload some information stealing software to Android App Store and steal data from unsuspecting people. Apple has approval process in their App Store that prevents this from happening.

    Does this website even try to be unbiased and provide useful information or is this just a straight up Apple hating site for Android users with big case of iPhone envy?

    • Dan

      Dude man shut the hell up. Of course the author knows what he’s talking about duh. He’s just talking about how no data is safe, and no matter whether its from apple’s curated app approach, or from Google’s open one, the weakest link is always the users.

      Yeah sure this site gives Apple a hard time, but it’s Android Authority man. And since obviously you love the iPhone so much why do you come here and visit it? Sounds like someone has some serious Android envy.

      Don’t fool yourself – Android is very secure. Hackers all around the planet came to defcon and they hacked an iPhone in a very short period of time, but were unable to hack an Android so…..

      • 8PAQ

        I come here because this site does have some interesting Android news and I do love all good technology. I think Android is great. My point is that if you go to a iPhone/iOS focused website they don’t jump at every opportunity to trash talk Android. If anything sites like TiPb complain if iOS is behind Android in some way. Here the level of Apple hate and iPhone envy/insecurity is just ridiculous.

        • Darcy Alexander


          I hear you. Sometimes I feel its borderline religious, the whole Apple vs Android situation. The reality of the situation is, you’re somewhat right. Apple has been a market leader in the smartphone space for a long time, and clearly, all OS’ have benefited from the competition. It’s harder to get a sense of the overall picture when you’re really into Android all day.Sometimes, it seems like Apple’s loss is Android’s gain, or the other way around. Truth of the matter is, there is no such thing. Everything is going to keep getting better for both Android and OS. Regardless of the platform, i’m still passionate about the development of all mobile technology, from the different display technologies coming out, to the GPU’s, the SoC’s, all the latest stuff. I’ll try my best and do a better, more of a balanced, and platform agnostic approach and work harder at suppressing my fundamental dislike of Apple, even though it’s not really dislike, it’s just because they’ve done such an amazing job. I just disagree with some of their approach, but I certainly can’t deny that they’ve done an exemplary job, especially for their customers and investors alike.

          Still, sometimes I feel like people need to go to a place where they can be surrounded by Android goodness. That’s what Android Authority is all about. In a way, Apple devices getting jailbroken to enjoy some of the functionality Android already possesses is a bit ironic and should be celebrated by Android enthusiasts, don’t you think? I think Android is just getting started, and both it and iOS are going to be absolutely (more) incredible in a very short period of time.

          • 8PAQ

            Thank you for admitting your bias. I used to hate Apple when I was back in high school and the Macs and their users were getting on my nerves. I was always a PC user and still am. The reason I like Apple in mobile space is because it seems like they brought the USA back to the consumer electronics game. They beat Asian manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung at their own game. America needs a strong consumer electronics company. By giving away Android for free Google is actually hurting Americas chances in competing with Asian companies. Samsung or Sony or HTC have no chance of creating an OS that good on their own. Of course at the same time Android does benefit human progress in mobile space because it greatly increases competition and pushes Apple and Google to deliver faster and better products as soon as possible.

    • Christo

      I understand your irritation, although to be fair, exploits have been had for iOS that involved even less than installing an App on the phone. Also, the Apple approval process is anything but perfect ;)

      That all being said, I agree: iOS is generally more secure as a closed OS then an open one like Android.

  • Belbarid

    Wow- talk about the irony. Seriously, Darcy- every time you try to post something about mobile security you show even more how little you know about it. Jailbreaking is *far* from actually compromising the OS to gain access to data. Worms and malware are pretty much an Android thing, and even application ads that collect far too much info are worse on Android because other OSs (AHEM- BlackBerry) allow you to control application access to data.

    Catch a clue or step away from the keyboard. Either way, stop writing FUD.

    • Darcy Alexander


      I make no claims to be a mobile security expert. I didn’t state anywhere in the article that the hack actually resulted in compromising the OS to gain access to data. All I was trying to point out is that we, the users, are often the weakest link when it comes to the security of our data. Each and every OS has weaknesses, and no one should ever fully feel confident that their data is 100% safe and secure.

      • 8PAQ

        It’s hilarious how much iPhone envy and insecurity you have. You keep posting trying to prove that Android is better than iOS but you never do that with other mobile OSes? Why is that? Maybe because Android started as an attempt to rip off BB OS before iPhone came along and showed the world how things need to be done. Now that Google keeps trying and failing to simplify and polish their UI to match the high standard set by iOS that must be causing a great deal of insecurity in Android fanboys. It’s like you feel the need to prove that Android is worthy now because it started as such a lame rip off.

  • Steven


    Man you must have an iPhone shoved up your ass or something….You’re wayyy off the mark. Technically, Jailbreaking is hacking. Apple doesn’t want people to do it, but some iPhone users aren’t retarded and want a few of the treats their android counterparts have enjoyed for a long time.

    Chill out or go back to your Apple fan-boi paradise

  • Steve Jobs

    Uh oh, looks like i better get my PR team from hell on this.

    Darcy you will rue the day you messed with Apple! Be afraid! Very afraid!

  • Howie_in_AZ

    For an Android site there sure are a lot of Apple-related articles.

  • 8PAQ

    I don’t think Apple haters / Android fans realize how much you all need iOS to be as strong a possible. If Android gets 90% of the market Google won’t any motivation to develop it further and it will stagnate just like Windows did because Microsoft didn’t feel threatened. Actually, it might be worse than Windows case because at least Microsoft charges for Windows so they do care if people upgrade as much as possible. If free Android becomes near monopoly then Google will have no reason so spend so much money improving it.

  • Phenom

    Hahaha the more I read these articles the more I love that I have an iphone4. Every story on here is about “ANDROID ROOOLS WAY MORE THAN IPHONE!!!1!!1. You guys really have no clue that it’s android who wants to be like the iPhone..not the other way around. If you guys really believed Android OS is better than iOS you wouldn’t need to write all these bs articles trying to convince yourselves lol.

    • Bmurdog

      and they went crazy when rooting android came around