Introducing Android Authority Deals!

by: Darcy LaCouveeAugust 4, 2014
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If there’s one thing we love more than delivering great content to our visitors, it’s bringing awesome deals to you. With this in mind, we’re formally launching Android Authority Deals, where you’ll find handpicked deals on great accessories, bundles of apps, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and other stuff that will appeal to your mobile lifestyle. website.

Our deals store partner is a great company out of Venice, California called StackSocial. StackSocial is super cool – they have an incredibly talented team whose mission is to find the best deals for you and lock them down at below market prices. We love Android, and they love great deals, so we thought it’s a logical match!

You can expect new deals added weekly, so we recommend that you head on over to our deals store and create an account. You can then select what deals you want to receive alerts for and you’ll always be in the know. When you create an account, you also can enter into our $1000 in Google Play credit giveaway that is currently running in the deals store.


For all physical items in the Android Authority Deals store, we will state in the Terms & Conditions (at the bottom of the sale page) what territories are eligible for shipping. About 50% of the deals ship worldwide and 50% are limited to the United States. As often as possible, we include free shipping. Have any feedback or questions? Feel free to email them directly to Thanks!

Our promise to you

We will honor your time and work hard to deliver great deals that aren’t available anywhere else. We will never flood your inbox or feed with deals that aren’t relevant, timely, and worth your time.  If there’s ever anything you want us to go and lock down at a better price, then please let us know at Same goes for any tips, comments, suggestions or any feedback you want to provide!

Promotion –  For the first two weeks you’ll be able to save 10% just by using the coupon code “aadeals” when you order!

Thanks guys, check it out and let us know!

  • John

    Looks pretty cool. Would love to see good deals on name brand bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headphones, battery charges, microSD cards, app bundles, and other cool stuff like dat!! Good deals!!!

  • MasterMuffin

    What would I even do with $1000 Play Store gift card o.O Guess it would be time to start beating freemium games with some money :D

    Seriously though, this sound great. Not just the giveaway, this AA Deal :)

  • Luka Mlinar

    Interesting stuff :)

  • WantNewNexus

    Aint cool……

  • can’t cancel

    Just did this.. and see how it is constantly asking for new name and password set up… tried to cancel account.. .good luck.. don’t see it anywhere and it posted stuff onto my G+ (which Google blocked as not permitted.. glad it did)

    • Jordan

      Jordan from StackSocial here – we’ve never encountered this new name and password set up issue. We want to learn more about the issue and solve it for you. Please email and we’ll help you sort this out asap!

      • Tjaldid

        I’m having a problem with Twitter I always have to unfollow and then re-follow to get the entry in the giveaway

  • Mike Bastable

    Was all ready to get all over this but the deals seem sound, a nice mix of product,programs and skill packages, NOT soley focused on Android, nice surprise there…so all in all, a good initiative and it will be interesting to see how you support and develop this.

  • Jubei Roku

    Those Amazon deals are lies! Maybe this will be better..