International giveaway of the ARCHOS G9 101 Turbo!

by: Darcy LaCouveeMarch 29, 2012

Hey guys!

You know we seriously love each and every one of you, right? At Android Authority, we’re a little crazy about two things: providing epic content and coverage of all things Android, day by day, and offering you giveaways and awesome free stuff, as often as we can.

So, without further ado, I’d like to invite all of you to participate in our latest international giveaway! This time, we’ve got the latest and greatest Ice Cream Sandwich tablet from ARCHOS – an awesome manufacturer that produces some very high quality wares – in the form of the ARCHOS G9 Turbo 101. We’re fans of ARCHOS because of their speedy update times for their existing hardware, and because they don’t charge you an arm and a leg to get a piece of Androidtastic action in tablet form. Further to that, this tablet is packing a $250GB hard drive, which makes it a serious storage powerhouse.

Here’s the specs: 

  • 1280 x 800 10.1″ display
  • TI OMAP 4 dual-core processor at 1.5GHz
  • 250GB HDD (plus a microSD slot) with dedicated 2GB flash caching system.
  • 1GB RAM
  • 720p front-facing camera
  • 1080p video playback
  • MicroUSB and Mini HDMI ports
  • Running Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box

So, for basically no effort at all, you can enter to win this contest, by doing two very simple things.

How to enter

  1. Like ARCHOS’ Facebook Page (do it in the widget below)
  2. Plus our Google Plus Page (also, do it in the widget below)
  3. Leave a comment below on what you think of Android Authority, and what kind of content you want to see, and what kind of giveaways you’d like for us to have!


a Rafflecopter giveaway
BAM! How easy was that? Follow this handy little widget here, and you’ll automatically be entered to win this awesome ARCHOS tablet!

Also, for the official product page, check it out here. The tablet goes regularly for $389.99, which is quite good for all the tech packed inside.

Let us know what you think of Android Authority and ARCHOS below, and good luck to all of you! Also, a HUGE thanks to ARCHOS for partnering up with us for this giveaway!

  • Mohamed Hussein

    Love the phone and tablet comparison tools, veru useful

  • Nii Lankwei Bannerman


  • Parikshit Lunawat

    Android authority is exactly the one i was looking for all latest mobile / tablets news in one place. Your coverage of news related to gadgets is cool and enough to know what latest is happening around in world of mobile technology.
    Hardly i feel that anything is missing or can be improved as i do not feel the need to go to other sites for more information.
    On giveaways.. you could giveaway mobile apps licenses…

  • James Semaj

    I like reading the articles on Android Authority daily to give me an insight into the latest happenings and news. Archos makes high quality and great products time and time again that makes life less stressful.

  • Dannie Won

    I am really in the market for a tablet, this would be awesome if i win it.

  • Dave Isherwood

    It’s great to find an Android news source that is international. Not just news limited to a specific country. If it’s Android News, then its on Android Authority.

  • It’s simply great:)

  • valentin1509

    Thanks for providing international Android news and an international give-away!!

  • Steve

    I just got the G9 8″ version and so far I love it. Update to Android 4 went off without a hitch and the tablet seems to work great. Much better investment than an iPad 3 at 3 times the price. I like your site for the timely information on all things Android and read it daily.

  • Vibhu1996

    I think this site is very useful and helps me find out more about my Samsung android phone

  • shridhar babu

    Everyday my Android tech news update begins with Android authority… No comments on the posts…

  • Adam Smith

    Whenever i’m checking up on twitter for the latest news i always stop and read Android Authority articles. There’s always plenty of information and it’s all a pleasure to read. I’ve not really dealt with ARCHOS tablets before but i have seen them in shops and have been tempted! After reading about it online it seems like a brilliant tablet and would be a great addition to my tech family.

  • Nir

    I start my day with reading the “Android Authority” RSS feed. You guys are great, just keep doing what you’re doing
    Everyday my Android tech news update begins with Android authority… No comments on the posts…

  • Bruno Coelho

    As a Android “lover” i must say, everyday, several times a day i checkout your site to know more about whats “kicking” on the Android World…. so for that Thank you.

    I would love you guys to create some kind of content releated with free “awsome” apps that run arround the Google Play Store for either Smartphones and Tablets, and that it would be updated in a daily basis.

    For the giveaways, i would sure love to see you give some kind of gadgets for android phones, cool stuff like robots or helis or some of that fun stuff.

    Hope i win… would love that…
    Best regards to you fabulous people…

    Bruno Coelho

  • Andy

    There are lots of competing publications like Android Authority. I think maybe you guys can try to publish some lists stories. For example, top 5 apps we love this week, top 5 productivity apps, 10 android news you missed…etc. Overall, you guys are doing great and i can’t wait to see what’s new from your editorial planning.

  • The best android news on the web :D

  • I actually only found android authority recently (maybe in the past month or so), but I have been loving it since. I added it to my Google reader and its usually my first read of the morning. As far as content, I love talk about new releases of Android, as well as talk about the SG3 (even though I just got the sg2 and am going to have serious envy when it comes out). Anyways keep on doing what you are doing! Thanks!

  • Amazing :)

  • I like the upcoming products news and the giveaways! And of course, I’d like to see more of them.

  • love the tech news from Android Authority, would like to see more tablets give away(android tablets)

  • To be honest i can to this website by mistake. but it wasn’t a mistake to stay :D

    i love the Android news and want to see more often android phones and tablets givaway.

  • thechints

    Awesome news and device, both.

  • Truly one of the online authorities when it comes to updates and news on Android. Including reviews, comparisons and reports on everything android. Android Authority is the best :)

  • michael cassidy

    Android Authority is a great source of all things android. I would love to see more up coming / rumored devices and the direction android is going. One thing that is not discussed much on most android related sites is the ability to customize, be it customized roms or apps that allow the user to personally tailor android to theirs own taste. This is by far the best aspect of android and is under sold.

  • Android Authority keeps me in the know. Always showing me the latest apps and hacks.

  • jammerz

    I just want to win!

  • Kumarpravir007

    Android Authority is doing the perfect job by making us aware of the latest and the newest news in the android market and about the other gadgets and news as well.
    I would like to see the latest being introduced in the markets and also about the other news about the gadgets prevailing in the markets.
    I would like to have the giveaways like samsung galaxy , i pad etc

  • AA seems to really want to give me a new toy. I like that!

  • The thing i love with is that you supply my daily dose of Android news directly on my lovely Galaxy Nexus.. Another good thing about the site is that you are fast with the news and i’m thereby first with the newest android talk with my geek freinds :P

    The most important news for me is news about updates for the Galaxy Nexus…

    And what giveaways you should have? Good question, this giveaway is great, but it could also be some Android figures to the desk in the office or something similar…

  • Heya guys. I love all of the articles, reviews, etc. My favs though are the ones on mods and 3rd party roms etc. Some of those devs are pure, straight up geniuses and every time I see a new forum that I didn’t know about, I’ll end up learning something I didn’t know. 9 times out of 10 that new info starts out coming from Android Authroity.

    Keep up the excellent work guys :{)=

  • Aris Gail Mendoza

    Android Authority so far had provided me information I need to know about my android phone and the technology and apps that I can apply and use in it. Just keep on sharing updates and news and for sure I’m one reading them. For the giveaways, I like the Samsung Galaxy Note. I just feel to doodle.

  • Android Authority is a fantastic source of Android news and goodness!

  • Darren Jagodzinski

    Android Authority has always provided me with valuable information about android, technology and apps, I subscribe via my RSS reader so I never miss an article. Working in the wireless industry requires you stay up to date and have a wide variety of knowledge about as much as possible, Android Authority make it painless. Keep’em coming!! I have recently started using ICS tablets and love the things you can do with them, like tablet talk and google current to name a couple, so more me the giveaways, TABLETS TABLETS TABLETS!! Thanks guys!

  • I’ve only learned about this page from Rafflecopter’s twitter. Content I care about is fair hardware reviews, and giving away a proper tablet from time to time would be nice as well :)

  • android authority is always 24*7 ,i want to get news about android app game a phone,and i want to have internation giveaways of smartphone and tabs

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    I do read about Android often, and when I do I read Android Authority.

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    I always like To read yo pages.
    Give away more tablets :O

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    I love Android Authority, I always check your articles in my RSS Widget in my SG2 :)… I would love to see more INTERNATIONAL giveaways since there is much love worldwide and not only in the US.. I would love to get hands on that tablet, I’ve never had one… specially not an Ipad haha!

  • ravi kumar

    Android Authority is awesome website which provides all information about the android, we get to know good information and its posted very quickly. I would like to see a local category begin made to update the new Apps coming into support in that region like ASIA,Europe, America , or even country wise. The new tablets is good giveaway appreciated!!

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  • I love THIS giveaway. I’m a big fan of @Archos_US Tablets.

  • BillyJackHD

    Android Authority ROCKS!

  • Cristy Strauss

    This is actually one of the more informative Droid sites! As for giveaways – not sure. I know you can’t just give out all kinds of devices all the time :)

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  • Edu

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  • Ryan Sawyer

    Android Authority is the number 1 resource for Android News! Archos g9 101 Turbo – 250gb storage….no more need to be said xD

    As for other giveaways, the latest and greatest android tech will only suffice :P

  • Johanneshomeier93

    Android Authority is nice and very informative site! I like the Tablet/Phone -market overview a lot!

  • Miha

    I love the effort you guys put into here at Android Authority. My only wish is for you guys to keep doing what you have until now, that would make me very happy!:)

  • I think Archos is very underrated and makes some great products. Android Authority is a quality site that puts the content that I want to see right out in the open. Keep up the great work!

  • I love the indepth reviews, my children all have the g9 80 turbo. A great little tablet!

  • Se-Jeong Lyu

    I use androidauthority whenever I am looking to purchase a Android product. I still have not found one yet but but still read about them hear. I would like to see reviews or maybe comparison of hardware (phone,tablet) here. The latest scoop on popular apps would really be helpful. As far as giveaways, once in a while giveaway of tablets are OK, but maybe accessories for android devices?

  • Ignat Catalin-Alexandru

    Very good content on this site. It has good reviews and I love the way it is.
    I would like to see more international giveaways for phones , but especially apps.

  • Jasper John S. Cecilio

    Awesome information and updates about andriods!But unfortunately, I don’t have any andriod gadgets so if ever I win this thanks Darcy and AndroidAuthority!Goodluck to all!

  • Helran

    I like Androidauthority for the test and apps test. Nice way to discover apps and don’t make mistake when i buy product.Could be nice to have apps giveway also.

  • Travis Williams

    more tablet contests would be great

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    I really like the phone comparison tool…best I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work.

  • Katrine

    I like Android Authority because they like Android. Period!!!

  • honestly, my favourite thing about Android Authority is the design of your website. Its really simple and practical, plus your reviews are great!

  • Have an Archos 43. A quality item, for sure! While it has just 2.2, it utilizes its software much better than my Nextbook Plus 8, with 2.3. Android Authority, keep up the good work!

  • Android Authority is doing a great job with their current content. Keep up the good work. For a giveaway, this one’s just great. How about tickets to a convention for another contest idea?

  • Nice web site… Little suggestion, a topic that is not covered enough is Updates versus Apps. A huge amount of apps on the Goople Play are not updated for Honeycomb or ICL and make devises crash constantly.

  • sgo00usa

    Android Authority is my #1 choice for Android News and I also like the comparison tool and app reviews. I’d like to see more app reviews, Android related deals and hardware giveaways!
    Archos is a great, affordable brand. Some of their products are mediocre, but others are a great deal for the price!!

  • wonshikee

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    Also whatever happened to the Note giveaway? Not even an announcement of who won.

  • Frankie Foston

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    Android Authority is a awesome site to find good and useful information. I come to Android Authority because I like to stay on top of wireless news. I would like to see the Asus Meemo Tablet that is going to be released in April in a giveaway. :)

  • Jan M

    Awesome stuff!! Internationality rules – Tablets are certainly the easier choice here, but unlocked GSM phones are sweet stuff as well!! ;)

    Thanks a bunch AA! ;)

  • Laurentiu Amagdei

    Keep up the good work Android Authority! I like your giveaway and would like to see more tablet giveaways!

  • Cool and Clean, Speed is gold

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    Great and useful site – that`s the most important :)

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    Android Authority is THE place to go for any information related to android-based systems (cell phones, tablets, you name it.) Unfortunately I no longer have my tablet so I haven’t been keeping up with the android scene (had a honeycomb one, Evo View 4g 32gb), but if I win the ICS tablet in this give-a-way I will be forever grateful!

  • Bernard

    love gadgets and ap*le loyal but don’t yet own an android machine ever since! follower of archos facebook page couple a months ago but not desided to buy one yet,hope this is my break :)

  • Daniel Alvarez

    Android Authority provides me information about Android smarphones and related tech. I’d like to see more programming tips and more smartphones giveaways. Thank you very much!

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  • Android Authority is quick at providing information on matters that relate to Android OS, while keeping the future buyers at the. It allows allows for innovators to figure out new ways they can improve on what is already out here. Android Authority is one of the leading competitors in Android news so if you aren’t reading it, you are going to miss out on what is to be expected in our mobile tech…. and the chance to win a tablet!

    SO if you are reading this for your first time, I hope that you are asking yourself.
    What? What? What? What?

  • Colin Tuggle

    What I Think: Awesomeness!
    Kind of Content I Want to See: More of the same – I’m not looking for a big change to the content I already like.
    Giveaways: Product giveaways are always best, just like this one. I’m a fan of keeping up on the latest and greatest phones, so phones would be my preference. …Though an Android focused “Pimp my Ride” would be amazing. :)

  • AA…shares the same addictive nature as its namesake

  • When i need some apps for my android or some reviews that i know for sure that are well made i come here because i will definetly find what i’m looking for. Thank you guys!

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    android authority is quickly becoming one of my new favourite android blogs

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    i like android authority because i get up-to-date with the latest android stuff

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  • I never knew about and I just bought an archos G9 so I think my comment here would be totally unbiased. I think you guys should focus on everything from rooting a device to a section on programming android. I think the greatest reason I opted for an Android device rather than an IOS was the low learning curve and open source availability in programming my android tablet! I think a smart phone or tablet user should really be smart and modify his device totally to his liking by programming for it himself. What’s more I could help you in my spare time for this android programming section.

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    Really like AA because of the news and all this awsome giveaways!

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  • I hope I win, really been wanting a tablet for a while

  • I know that I can depend on you guys for up to date Android info. Thanks!

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    I would like to see post from readers that win an app or a device with its own perspective of the prize!

  • Aziz Farhi

    Android authority is my 1st website that i check everyday for Android based phones/tablets , it provides awesome and valuable informations about android technology , Apps updates latest phones and everything , since i’m a big fan of android this is where i always come to check the latest news, i really love the work you guys are doing and i appreciate all the efforts and the time you put into this , i wish you all good luck and my self a chance to win this awesome tablet :)
    Good luck with your work , wish you the best fellas , Peace

  • Even before I got my first Android phone (HTC Desire), I became a fan of Android Authority. I found this site because I was sick of iOS and i was looking out for the solution, and ever since I come to this site Everyday, and Few Times a Day…!!!
    The first thing I liked about AA other than its great content is the page layout. Its neat, titles are attractive, the images are in good size, descriptions are clear and fUn to read. I have visited to many sites similar to this..But I didn’t even wanna read them most the time because they looked like Boring newspapers to me…

    a small sudjestion: it would tablet owners (I wish to be..!) if you could pick some good apps from the Play store as still there is no good separation of apps as in the apple store..may be the “top 5 tablet app picks of the week” or so..and also ”top 5 phone app picks of the week” for the phones..

    about giveaways : wish there bee more Intentional giveaways, specially for tabs..!!

    Long Live AA…!!!

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    I want to see more of this same content, hopefully with an even greater accentuation of the editorial or feature-style flair I love AA for. Giveaways? Well, I haven’t won anything yet, so keep up the device giveaways (especially the international ones!) and I’ll be happy to enter!

  • Radu B.

    One of the best Android news source!

  • I like Android Authority because of it’s non biased opinions on all things Android. What a valuable asset and informative site to all us Droids.

    Archos in my opinion is an Android Device manufacturer that lets you experience the Android “Experience” at reasonable prices using high tech components. I would love to get my grubby hands on the giveaway tablet ;)

    Keep up the Great Work!


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  • I like Android Authority because I like Android devices and here I can find a lot of information about Android and Android devices. ;)

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    and i love the archos G9.

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    Ever since I found this website while looking for android apps over the internet, this is the only source where I get information related to android. Everyday there are very interesting articles for me to read, and I spend quite a lot of time reading it at work :p My suggestion for the next giveaway is, of course, galaxy S III! or the next Quad Core tablet Archos will release! For the price and the specs it has in each product is a very good deal. ARchos will be a top leader if it keeps innovating and having prices affordable to people ;)

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    went to FB and G+ and I am not showing up in the count!
    When I use the widget it want to put my details to Rafflecopter, sorry ain’t gonna happen, I want to get to Android Authority and Archos, NOT Rafflecopter, so unless you pay with you details you can not enter.. SUCKS BIG

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    Tx for that!

  • I like Android Authority because of it’s non biased opinions on all things Android. What a valuable asset and informative site to all us Droids.

    Archos in my opinion is an Android Device manufacturer that lets you experience the Android “Experience” at reasonable prices using high tech components. I would love to get my grubby hands on the giveaway tablet ;)

    Keep up the Great Work!

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  • I like Android Authority because of it’s non biased opinions on all things Android. What a valuable asset and informative site to all us Droids.

    Archos in my opinion is an Android Device manufacturer that lets you experience the Android “Experience” at reasonable prices using high tech components. I would love to get my grubby hands on the giveaway tablet ;)

    Keep up the Great Work!

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  • Raymond Strack

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    Well, I’m not sure if what I’d like to see is already here, but I’d like to see how Android is being used around the world in unexpected places. I’m also dying to know what’s in store for the next version of Android; I really don’t know what to expect =P

    And I pretty much liked this giveaway because it is a tablet with ICS builtin. I really fancy ICS and I wish I won an ICS phone or tablet through your giveaways.

    I’m not sure I stand a chance, but… Good luck everyone! =D

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    this is my first time to hear about the Archos tablet, but with this specs, it’s really awesome to have one of them !
    the display is very enough, the dual-core processor should give us something faster than an average PC, the cache memory & the internal HARD DRIVE is very awesome for a tablet

    and the content are already good, and as i mentioned above, i am a fan of those “best of” posts, for more giveaways, you may surprise us :D

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    while smartphone current events is nice I feel the majority of readers come to hear how all the phones and tablets stack up head to head with one another, and features to look for in future phones. But, you guys are a great source!! I am in need of a new phone/tablet and you have helped me become a much more educated consumer


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  • Was always an apple fanboy but about 2 years ago on advice from this site changed to Archos and android, have never looked back and am now 100% Android through and through. The site is amazing and i would not change a thing thankyou for your sterling work so far keeping us so well informed. Android and Android Authority’s future can only get brighter.

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  • Hello. I’m Italian and I don’t speak english well, but I always follow your news and reviews, because I think that here, in Italy, we don’t have a site good as yours.

    Thanks for all.

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    • Hi Vic,

      I was really touched by your comment. Let me explain why. You see, mobile technology and access to information should be a right, not a privilege of the few. The beauty of Android is that it can run on incredibly diverse combinations of hardware.

      Manufacturers are often guilty of ‘orphaning’ product in the hope that they will attract consumers to their latest and greatest. That being said, they should and must support legacy hardware with the latest updates for at least 18-24 months afterwards, if technically possible.

      But with regards to pressuring the manufacturers, we certainly do our best. The landscape of mobile technology is getting to be so incredibly competitive that many manufacturers are starting to change their tune, and are adopting a much longer term approach. We will do our absolute best to fight for the interests of consumers, and to help support Android at large. We’re not afraid to voice our opinion to rectify an issue, and are always on top of the latest developments in the security of our Androids too.

      Thanks for the great comment and for participating in the giveaway. Good luck to you Vic!

      • Thanks Darcy for your kind words and support. Your work and dedication is appreciated.

        One other thing I would like to add is to ask your support to urge app developers to not ignore the many Android users that do not have phones, data plans or GPS enabled devices. For those who can’t afford a snazy phone with a data plan it is great to use WiFi but frustrating when an application is not compatible because it needs a data plan/telephone number or GPS. Some of the apps that refuse to run because of these faults have no real need for GPS or phone number etc.

        Thanks again for the Android Authority which is a great resource and also for this give away.

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  • Discover the latest apps and games. FREE and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet.


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    But I do have a few suggestions. The first one being that if you guys could have certain technologies fully broken down and explained to not so advanced users like me. My other suggestion is if you could also provide videos of hardware explanation to understand the key hardware features of certain Android devices.

  • I really love that you are able to admit that Android is not the last word on everything mobile os systems have to offer. Some of the other sites are dedicated -bashers and forget that to make the best products you have to evolve. Too many people forget that to stay on the top you have to move.

    As to changes – stay as you are.

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    Once again thanks for all your hard work. :)

    To answer the question on what kind of stuff you should give away… personally this giveaway is perfect. this kind of stuff is really eye-catching. i never even heard of this kind of tablet before you showed it. since you posted it, i read up on it. ITS REALLY NICE!! now because of you, i know know that theirs some pretty nice tablets out there. So i would advise you to do new and exotic stuff that people haven’t heard of.

    And if you actually read this, i would be very much obliged for some feedback, usually i feel like nobody reads anything i say. :) lol

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    As for giveaways, what about handsets/accessories not readily available worldwide? Might be interesting for people in the US to get their hands on a Xiaomi handset, for example.

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    On this note, the content I would like to see in Android Authority is one which makes the people understand technology in simple words. One where non-techie persons could appreciate and discriminate the pros and cons of a certain product. Including, of course, providing unequivocal and impartial reviews about the latest products.

    About giveaways, I would love Android Authority to host more international giveaways, so that more people across the globe could have the chance of winning. So thank you for this one, and thank you for your great work on providing us information. More power to Android Authority. I hope I win! :)

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    Giveaways like the most recent devices in the market and with some additional features will really interest the audience. Keep up d gud work and best of luck……..:)

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    I love Android and have a SE Arc sadly not running ICS. Im dying to get my hands on an ICS device.
    Would love to win, Thanks :)

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    Giveaway’s are always a Bonus !

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    I like the top 3/5/10 lists you do of apps and also the ability for readers to post their comments and suggestions as I have loaded several of the apps suggested onto my phone.

    A great give away could be the Samsung Galaxy S3 before it is that would be amazing.

    Keep up the great work.

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  • I think Android Authority is good. Ethernet content and Wi-Fi will be better for me. I like all kind of giveaways!

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    As an android developer myself i find this to be a great site to follow (via RSS, facebook, Google+ or twitter), has all the latest info before any other site. Keeps me up-to-date.. And of course talk bout all u knw @work, which helps me to get into good books with the boss..

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    I’d like to see regular updates to devices available on the market. How are older products fairing against new products. Useful tips on updating the OS when it becomes available.

    I’ve heard good things about the Archos devices, so am quite excited that I might win one!!

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    This is a shout out all the way from South Africa.

    Keep up the Fantastic work !!!

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    Android Authority…. I <3 it!!!

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    following you on twitter and g+ from long ago.
    but would love to see more support for other brands than the big names.. i am from india and there are a lot of smaller brands coming into the android scene. would love to have support for such phones as the big ones are not easily affordable here!
    but still a huge fan of android authority..keep up with the great work and a huge thanx for all the valuable info that you keep us posted with! :)

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