While Galaxy S3 owners everywhere are anxiously waiting for Samsung and its carrier partners to roll out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the device – which is rumored to arrive in late Q3 / early Q4 – Samsung has gone ahead and did release an over-the-air (OTA) update for the Galaxy S3, but unfortunately it just brings a new baseband to the device.

The update is available to international Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 users and measures just 1MB in size – the only thing the update addresses is the baseband of the device, which is now up to version XXLH1.

Why the need of a radio firmware update? In case you don’t remember, the Galaxy S3 is affected by a “battery drain issue” in certain international markets – which is not a real problem, as it has been explained.

This isn’t the first time Samsung rolls out stability updates for the Galaxy S3, and we especially remember the previous similar updates that were released in the U.S. to cripple the Search feature of the phone, following a couple of ban sales that Apple scored in the U.S. against the Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. The same dumb search update has been made available to international users, but Samsung later deemed the whole thing as a mistake and corrected the issue.

In case you have received the new update, let us know whether it fixes the “battery drain issue.”

  • good info, thx for the share Chris

  • i got the update, now updating and will surely be glued to this post to let you guys know if there are any changes

  • shane

    updating via kies, and how long its taking to download i suspect its bigger than 1mb?

  • Omar

    No update avaliable in my device, what is the problem?

  • spiral galax

    no update yet for mine whats goin on

  • Just updated and I was afraid to lose the local search function, but it’s still there. Now it’s hoping for an even better batterylife.

    • so far no improvement on battery life. anyway how much does your battery drain per hour on average?

  • let me know about your drain issues after the update

  • Labi

    Updated my SGS3. Cell standby time in battery info is still at a whopping 55%!! Update is definitely more than 1 MB.Baseband now at DXLG2 and Build at XXBLG9. SGS3 International unit.

  • Hataf Shahab

    what about the wifi issue of signals does this update solve that too?

  • mike

    will there be upgrade for non-international unit?

  • @chris smith it does not fix the battery cell standby issue? Guys i need help, with lowest dimness, gps n wifi off sync on for only twitter i dont use 3g and i just chat often on whatsapp…… and all the time i tend to clear my ram but still i drain nearly 10-20% battery per hour. Is this normal? please help.

  • Loque

    Got the update the other day. Battery life has been significantly improved. Plus I feel that the phone is now faster, smoother and more responsive. Happy with the update.

  • purpleprinc355

    is canada getting the update? i can’t find it on kies

  • rollyt

    The update did not fix the battery drain problems

  • Alvin

    Hi, I am currently in Malaysia, and i did not get the update. :( i am still one of the Battery Draining GalaxyS3 Customers?

  • Kenny Chong

    battery drain problem seems improved

  • Thunderbolt

    Why I download only 34.19 mb?pls anyone reply back

  • Carter0108

    This update gave me a battery drain issue. I got 2-3 days out of it before now it’s less than a day. Don’t fix what isn’t broken!

  • erok7fc

    i got the update. Didn’t really do much significantly BUT, my battery dies A LOT faster!!! I adjusted my settings, m,y background, etc, and it still drains so much faster than before. Starting to think it was a mistake to download. I heard the Jelly Bean update is suppose to help with that issue so I’m just waiting for that before I decide to return or not…..

  • Olah G.

    Got the jelly bean update. The battery went fown to 90% in 10 min after it was fully charged. I am from Romania. I am reggreting yhat i had updated to jelly bean. Loved the ics :(