Intel questioned in Samsung vs. Apple trial

August 16, 2012
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Another day, another round of volleys today between Samsung and Apple occurred as the tech world watched and listened to Ā the “Williams”. At the end of the day, Intel found itself an accomplice to Apple’s accused sins. The crew in Cupertino has unexpectedly pulled Intel into the brawl, based on testimony fromĀ Tim Williams about Samsung’sĀ ‘941 and ‘516 patents.

The gist is this: Intel makes a baseband processor -it dealsĀ packet transmission and power regulation for data channels on cellular devices- that it has its ownĀ separateĀ patents for. It uses them freely in whatever way it wishes, as it should, and as William Lee pointed out, that includes selling to Apple for inclusion in their products.

Lee has a good point that Apple didn’t design or manufacture the baseband processor, and William does as well, regarding his assertion that both the iPhone 4 and 3G models infringe on theĀ aforementionedĀ patents. The problem lies in what happened after this all occurred. Lee went on to take part in some thinly-veiled character assassination, making Williams reveal he had netted around a cool $1 million testifying for previous cases regarding this type of testimony.

Motorola and HTC were also shown to be Williams prior clients, as it were, as he took the stand against Apple. It’s worth mentioning here this is standard practice and payout for major witnesses in an epic trial such as this one.

This ongoing saga has all the makings of a tech soap opera. Do you think Apple still has the upper hand with today’s revelations? Will Samsung come out of this trial swinging with “patent truth” on their side? Sound off in the comments below!


  • Sangkath Sandara

    With all the money being pour into the courts, this might has well jump start the job growth..

    • John Chapman

      I believe it the beignningof the end for Apple

  • lero

    Tim williams has been paid 1 million dollars for lying and giving false informations…
    Thanks to the trial to reveal that SAMSUNG cannot ask for fees to Apple since Intel has paid his fees to SAMSUNG for the related products.
    What do you thing about SAMSUNG paying for a person to give false informations ?