Intel pushing convertible notebooks running Android, notebook vendor sources say

by: Bogdan BeleApril 19, 2013


Intel plans to push convertible notebooks running Android, notebook vendor sources say, quoted by DigiTimes. The company will reportedly be working with its partners to put Android tablet-convertible notebooks on the market, with the first manufacturer to launch a product said to be Lenovo.

PC sales have been declining lately, registering the worst drop in history in this year’s first quarter, a process accelerated by the fact that Windows 8 failed to produce the expected results. That seems to be the reason why Intel, which is not doing too good itself (the company’s profits have dropped 25% in the first quarter), may be putting its money on Android.

It’s hard to say whether Android could replace Windows at some point, but DigiTimes’ sources say that Intel does want to push convertible notebooks running it as much as possible, with its partners following suit. Lenovo is said to be the first to launch such a product (the 11-inch Yoga, already rumored for a while), as soon as May, followed by HP, Toshiba, Acer and Asus in the third quarter. The convertible notebooks will have to include a detachable keyboard (like Asus has used on the Trasnformer Pad Infinity, recently updated to Android 4.2).

As far as price goes, Intel has estimated an average price of around $500, the same report says, which would make them pretty tempting for most of us.

Do you think Android has a chance of becoming an alternative to Windows in the future?

  • Rohit Abraham Jose

    for sure… android rocks….


    I hope not…android sucks…

    • MasterMuffin

      Yea! iOs ♡♥♡♥


  • I think that chrome OS will replace windows some day :)

    • Cole Raney

      To tell the truth, I feel android would be a better replacement than chrome OS. Maybe if chrome gets enough features to actually rival Windows and Mac I would agree with you.

      • You’re right :) cause chrome OS is limited to few web-store apps ; I hope that Google will combine chrome OS and android together

        • Cole Raney

          That is what I am hoping for. If Google can make android into a suitable computer OS that has the functionality to rival windows, I think it would be a great thing. Microsoft needs competition. As of right now, there are no major threats to Microsoft in PC OS, other than mobile devices. Heck, I think it would be cool to dual boot windows and android on a PC if android could be made into a fully functional PC OS.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I love android, but I think it’s got a little ways to go before it could be a suitable replacement for Windows. Not just in application support/compatibility, but in general acceptance by businesses as a legitimate alternative.

    • Alejandro Rodriguez Mann

      Even though… I think its a good start for and to get into the PC world. My friend has the Asus transformer prime and he lives it. I think it’s impressive how he can ng switch so easily and run the same kind of apps. Go android!!

    • Android definitely needs some more features and improvements before it can fully replace Windows in business. However it is already a suitable replacement for personal use. Also Android is already being used in business environments as a supplement to Windows and I have no doubt that with future improvements down the line, Android will be suitable to replace Windows in business.

    • Cao Meo

      I think Android is very capable already, things like AutoCAD and film production may be too hard but document processing, accounting, email… are within the power of Android.

      I think Android must improve in security, different peripheral and database supports, and it’s ready as Windows replacement in most situations.

      • Awesome ! you summarized the whole situation in just four lines :D

    • The article said the target market is consumers. With that in mind, I think it will be a huge success.

      What do home users really need? Browser,media playback, PIM, email and games. Great games will be key to adoption.

  • Roberto Tomás

    if convertible means a tablet with a keyboard dock, I’m in. If it means I have to carry around the clunker everywhere I want a tablet, forget it.

    I wonder why they aren’t riding AIO’s more though. Now that they are starting to make AIO’s that are functionally televisions as well, this seems like the natural direction for Intel to go, Android or not.

  • Google must integrate android and chrome. Then improve it and optimize it for business, then android could replace windows

    • right but they should solve updates problem :)

  • Android is so far from being a user friendly desktop environment it’s not funny. A ton of issues are still not resolved after I pointed them out over two years ago. If this isn’t resolved then the move is a big fail.

  • Michael

    I could see it coming, I have been thinking of this for about few month now and I believe that if PC manufacturer want to survive they need to come up with Android notebook most HP and Dell. Android notebook is way to go and only way to bring Laptop back to garget lover. Notebook is more comfortable than tablet PC but due to bad battery life, over heat, to expensive for better notebook and Windows OS do not update to today standard, all come together and slow down PC market. if I could be adviser to HP or Dell i’ll tell them to go with Android Notebook now before is to late….

  • Side-by-side multi-tasking and they’ve got me.

    Icing on the cake would be a good web developer app – like enabling the Chrome desktop developer tools on Chrome for Android.

    I already work from home on occasion with a Nexus 10 and BT keyboard and mouse. Works nicely.

  • Sreekanth Krishnan

    An android and windows 8 dual boot enabled ultra book convertible with i7-extream processor, 8/16 GB of ram, and dedicated graphics card. That’s my dream. I’m ready to pay any premium price for this. And would love if its from Sony. ;-)

  • Benmartin1974

    Id been planning on buying a Asus Laptop for a couple of weeks. I read loads of reviews and this one was great , I received my order last month and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure.