Intel CEO Says Android Vs. iOS Is Struggle Between Chaos And Order

by: MiguelMay 24, 2011
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Android is absolutely everywhere these days. Even Android robots (uh, robots using Android OS) aren’t too far off. But despite the heartening news that Android finally trounced iOS in the smartphone leagues, Intel’s venerable CEO Paul Otellini thinks the ubiquitous ‘droid is way too chaotic.

Steve and Paul

The damning comparison was uttered at an investors meeting where Otellini went on to let loose some priceless gems of wisdom. A few samples:

“At the end of the day, the more pervasive Android is, the more money Google ultimately makes.”

Additionally, “The notion of compatibility forwards and backwards, the notion of verification… is something you’ll see imposed on the Android ecosystem over time.”

There’s a powerful urge to go ‘Duh!’ after reading that, but give the guy a break. Oh, and he had sorta nice stuff to say about Apple too. If Android was chaos, why, Apple is a pool of tranquility by comparison. According to Otellini, Apple represented “order” and this is a good thing.

A full transcript of Otellini’s speech/discussion is unavailable, which is a shame since he appears to be a straight shooter type who isn’t afraid of making bold statements that stir powerful emotions. Besides, Otellini made these statements during an investors meeting, so the whole scoop is most likely all hush-hush.

Android still has a fighting edge though. As Otellini pointed out, Google is making a serious effort to rein in the fragmentation of Android by telling manufacturers to keep handsets up-to-date and clear any customization with Android’s head honcho first. This, Otellini believes, is the first tentative step toward the finishing move Android will deliver iOS in the near future.

On this trend Otellini remarked, “If you read the press about anti-fragmentation agreements, that’s exactly what’s happening today.”

Source: ITpro

  • avenuePad

    Wow. Can this guy’s nose be further up Steve Jobs’ butt? First Windows 8 ARM and now Android. Should I be taking this guy seriously? He just sounds like an self-important schmoe who has a vested interest in making Apple look good.

  • Today Android market is everywhere and it is growing popularity day by day which really a positive sign for Android market.Thanks for sharing this information.

  • bewater

    If that’s what chaos and order means to him, I guess he could very well call the USA v.s. North Korea is struggle between Chaos and Order as well?

  • Android is like Windows, IOS is like Mac OS. Ok, I agree that Mac is better, safer, faster, easier to use blah blah. But look, what OS is most used on earth? it’s windows no matters what Ifans say. Life always choose the strongest :D no matter what this Intel man says. And Android will be the Windows on the mobile system. I was happy to leave Iphone 3 and change to HTC Desire, and now even more :D

  • Markus Swanepoel86

    Everyone always says Iphone is the best, Android system is the best. I think let the facts speak for itself. And the fact is: Android packs the most features and doesn’t rely on marketing like the Iphone. That is the only reason they are successful.