Intel has the most advanced chip fabrication facilities in the industry, they design some of the best CPUs for personal computers, but they suck at making GPUs, and don’t even get us started about their attempts to enter the smartphone space. NVIDIA depends on TSMC to make their Tegra chips and their GPUs, with the latter widely heralded as delivering the best gaming experience today. Obviously these two companies should merge because they complement each other so well. In fact, if you search for “Intel buying NVIDIA” on Google, you’ll see that this rumor has been coming up every year since 2006.

Theo Valich from The Bright Side of News, who has been covering the technology industry for well over a decade, says he heard a rumor, with his own two ears, that Intel and NVIDIA are currently in negotiations. When and if the deal is complete, NVIDIA’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, will become the new head of Intel.

Should you believe him? To quote Theo:

“This rumor should be taken not with a grain of salt, but rather with a whole 18-wheeler truck filled with the said ingredient.”

Let’s face it, the PC market has peaked, the smartphone and tablet industry is booming, and Intel isn’t exactly in a good position to compete. Yes, Google and Intel signed a deal over a year ago saying that Android would run just as well on Intel chips as it does on ARM chips, but we can only think of one Intel powered Android device that mattered in 2012: Motorola’s RAZR i.

If NVIDIA does get a chance to use Intel’s vast resources, are they going to dump the ARM architecture? Doesn’t that erase pretty much all the work that they’ve done over the past few years?

We’ll keep an eye on this rumor, but don’t sit on the edge of your seat just yet.

  • APai

    hello mega-monopoly-corporation!
    goodbye dear competition, was good knowing you!

    • Edmalho

      LOL!! xD

  • ray01000101010101

    Right, I bet FCC will smack them so fast with lawsuit since Nvidia and Intel dominates GPU and CPU in PC market.

    • APai

      I do hope it happens, given that AMD gobbled ATI, I’m kinda hopeless about the outcome. Intel is desperate to get into mobile business. with all their might, they have so far been watching an entire new sector take off without them in it.

      I kind of enjoy the show though :) for too long wintel have had a strangle hold!

  • well that would be interesting… I have a 680 and i7 in my PC :D so i would love it if intel did this are optimized the living shit out of everything

    • APai

      “then all the competition will be wiped out…”
      …and we’ll end up paying twice as much for everything :)

  • Prox

    Crap I just sold my NVDA stock :( super sad face. The future of CPU’s involve built in GPU’s.