Say “cheese”! Instagram for Android nabs one million downloads in one day

by: Bams SadewoApril 4, 2012

instagram android

Filter-crazy cellphone photographers have certainly been on a downloading frenzy over the last 24 hours, with the hugely popular and much anticipated Instagram app for Android scoring 1 million downloads in less than a day after being made available on Google Play. This is not surprising at all.

Given the huge pent-up demand for the photo filter and sharing app, it’s to be expected that amateur photographers around the world will lap up Instagram in order to show off their artistic side. When the developer opened registration for Instagram on March 24, more than 430,000 people signed up for it.

If you feel like you’re missing some filtered picture frame moments in your life, you may want to venture outside the stock camera on your Android device and give Instagram a try. The app allows you to apply various filters to your pictures, as well as giving you the ability to share them with friends and family on various social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare. You can even stalk follow pictures of your crush to see what he or she wears today.

To celebrate the launch, Instagram also revealed some statistics about its service:

  • 430K+ on Android Waiting List
  • 30 million+ Registered Users
  • 1 billion+ Photos Uploaded
  • 5 million+ Photos Per Day
  • 575 Likes Per Second
  • 81 Comments Per Second

Unfortunately, the fragmentation issue that is faced by many (not all) Android developers rears its ugly head once more. For now, Instagram doesn’t seem to be compatible with all Android devices yet, yours truly included. Moreover, the spanking fresh HTC One X doesn’t seem to be compatible either.

Instagram for Android has so far received positive feedbacks. More than just a straight port of the iOS version, the developers behind Instagram managed to improve some aspects of the app, such as the user’s Profile screen. Don’t forget to check out our review of Instagram coming soon.

  • eClipse

    I seriously don’t get the appeal, which is probably the point.
    I want my photos to look crisp and clear with bright colors – I’m disappointed by the lack of
    integrity of detail and integrity of older photos, not intrigued by it.

    • Penelopepehler

      That’s why you shouldn’t download it!!!!

      • Penelopepehler

        Ever think it might be your low resolution on your phone? It won’t look very good because it’s been an iPhone exclusive app for over a year now. There are tons of iPhone apps that go along with it.

  • Matthew

    Yeah but how many people have uninstalled it already? There’s at least one.

    • JZ


    • Peneloppeher

      I hope more and more uninstall it!

  • App Laudable

    I’ve just uploaded my review check it out to see what all the hype is about. I was only semi impressed, time will tell if the social side of it will take off with Android users. Personally I’d prefer to use Eye’em.

  • Penelopepehler

    Why Why Why? I don’t want to be a doosh with an iPhone but why put such an awesome app exclusively for the iPhone camera and give it out to Android? So frustrating. Not very excited for the low res Android photos