Instagram brings 3D Touch-style feature to Android

by: Edgar CervantesDecember 9, 2015

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The ability to detect pressure in touch screens and turn it into functionality: whether you see it as a gimmick or not, we can’t deny we do need more layers of interaction to make smartphones flow better. We love our long presses and and right clicks, but these are input methods we haven’t bee exploiting to their fullest in the mobile universe. Sure, you can move apps around and pull up menus, but that can’t be it… right?

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The good news is it’s not so hard to replicate this feature, even if Android’s ability to recognize force and do something with it is not evolved yet. It can still be imitated with a long press. That is exactly what Instagram did with the Android version of the app (7.13.0).


In Apple’s implementation, Instagram is able to show a preview of an image when pressing harder on photo icons within the Search section. It works similarly in the newest version of the Instagram Android app, but you don’t have to press harder…. just press longer.

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The feature seems to work like a charm, but as it goes with these updates, they roll out periodically. You could either wait a around for the Google Play Store to push it to your device or you could opt to manually install this APK file.

What do you guys think of this added functionality, though? I feel like it still needs to evolve and become more adopted by the community. At this point it seems people are a bit confused by it. But that is why I am not too upset that Apple is making it mainstream first. Keep in mind the iPhone maker is not good at introducing new technology, but they certainly have a talent for making it popular.

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  • Little Man

    It takes no talent to make something popular. It sure takes millions of ignorant fans to support things they don’t even know what the heck they are.

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    • Kevin Robinson

      Yeah, it has the ‘platform’ to make it popular is probably more appropriate.

    • Ichibanmugen

      Not really, just remember only Apple releases IOS devices so they have full control on what features they want to release on their next release.. Android on the other hand is a different story, there are thousands of devices and brands worldwide, introducing a new hardware feature will have to be embraced by manufacturers and the software and it will still differ per brand/model. I bet all new iPhone releases will have this pressure sensitive display. Is it good or bad.. time will tell

  • Alex Ohannes

    That’s a shame. Instagram is just as ignorant as most of the public. “Force touch” functionality can be achieved via software in Android, and that has been the case since 2009.

    • nikitastaf1996

      Not exactly.
      1)3d touch as fast “long touch”..What we see above.
      2)3d touch as 3d touch.Completely different conception.Shown as a game on Apple presentation where hard touch zooms screen.

  • LastKings31

    So they basically just proved ios fans are stupid for paying apple more money for “force touch” when they can just add it as a feature?

  • Jugo

    Reminds me of that space-pen-pencil story.

  • My Galaxy Prime

    No one has nothing good to say? I can see how this can be useful especially in instagram. I don’t like how I’m basically blocking the picture just to see it up close close but that’s my own personal issue. Otherwise, cool feature

  • Jason Brian Chapa

    When I first saw “3d touch” my first thought was, what does this give you that a long press couldn’t? And this confirms it, nothing! thanks, Instagram