Galaxy S4 announcement lead to 29% increase in Samsung phone trade-ins

by: Mike StengerApril 25, 2013


On March 14, Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S4. According to data from CompareMyMobile, trade-ins for older Samsung phones increased 29 percent, while requests to see how much a phone was worth increased 127 percent. The data came from over 40 electronics recyclers in the UK.

As of April 24, Samsung devices accounted for 17.2 percent of all trade-ins. Since the announcement of the Galaxy S4, trade-in prices for previous generation phones have obviously dropped.


Here are the top five that dropped most in value:

  • Galaxy S2 – 23 percent
  • Galaxy S3 – 19 percent
  • Galaxy S – 10 percent
  • Galaxy Note – 7 percent
  • Galaxy Note 2 – 3 percent


As far as which Samsung phones are being traded in the most, the Galaxy S2 accounts for 4.2 percent of trade-ins, while the Galaxy S3 is close behind at 3.7 percent. If you currently have the Galaxy S3, and are looking to upgrade, Gazelle is paying $209 in the form of PayPal, check, or Amazon gift card. Best Buy is paying $236, and Amazon $210, but both are only offering payment in the form of a gift card.

With any new launch of a flagship device, it’s common to see owners sell their current device ahead of the official release. However, as we reported yesterday, Samsung says the Galaxy S4 is currently in limited supply. Customers who pre-ordered should be fine, but for those who waited till the last minute, it could be a struggle.

  • whoknowswhereor

    Wonder what I can get for the note 2

    • Larry Cornelius

      You are an idiot, the note 2 will have all the benefits of the s4 plus the stylus. It is completely assanine to think trading in your note 2 will get you a “better” device. Simply put the note 2 is the best you are going to get until around fall/winter this year.

      • Lol yea it’s great but it’s not as great as the S4 is. It will be on par somewhat when they decide to give the Note all of the new features. Oh and I have no idea how your going to get a Full HD Display on the Note 2. WAIT! I do know, get an S4!

        • note 2

          Or wait for the note 3 when it has the octa core chip with better battery and better optimization. Just like the note 2 was better than the s3, the note 3 will be better than the s4

  • Pamela Washington

    I want the SG4. I have the SG3.