Ingress update brings gameplay enhancements and bug fixes

July 4, 2013
    Ingress, Google’s cult hit augmented reality game for Android, received a significant July 2 update that should universally please.


    Ingress, Google’s cult hit augmented reality game for Android, received a significant July 2 update that should universally please. Those lucky enough to have made the closed beta can expect a number of improvements, starting with interface enhancements. Included are new Portal Hack animations and results view, a new Fire mode, better inventory sorting controls, and new player welcome messages. Requisite bug fixes are also in tow, including improved support for devices with high density displays.

    Here’s a full list of changes:

    • New Inventory sorting controls
    • New Portal Hack animations and results view
    • New Fire mode
    • Improved Health display on Portal Keys
    • New player welcome messages
    • Better support for high density displays
    • Portal Key count shown in Linking view
    • Bug fixes

    For the unitiated, the plot and gameplay of Ingress revolve around capturing territory containing “mysterious [sources of] energy” – portals. Essentially, two teams – the Enlightened and the Resistance – fight for dominance a massive, ongoing virtual game of capture the flag, using equipment and tools to gain advantages over one another. It’s an interesting concept, for sure, and definitely fun if you live near other players. (I, sadly, do not.)

    Looking for an invite? According to Google’s Ingress support page, your best shot is either visiting the game’s homepage, or getting in touch with an “Ingress Agent.” (Hint: they use Google+ a lot.) For existing players, the update is available from the Play Store now.


    • Peter

      It took me about a week to get an invite from the official ingress website. So I think anyone looking to get in should go through that first. If it takes longer than a week then I think you should look into g+ or maybe reddit.
      I am just a L2 but this game is an absolute blast, you should at least try it out if you’re not sure about it.

      • Kyle Wiggers

        Good advice. Thanks.

    • TheSaw

      I got an invite in less than 2 minutes after requesting on their website.

    • philnolan3d

      The game started to slow down for me when I hit Level 8 but all the new mods they’ve released made it pretty interesting again. I’m still out there playing every day when possible. Be aware, if you don’t live in the city the game can get pretty expensive with the amount of gas you’ll be using.


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